Chapter 3

Twilight looked at the castle they arrived at the large moon and sun carved doors. They walk in as they see an earth colored mare walking in circles in impatiently, like waiting for something to be done with.

"Everything is fine Epona just a bit of a bad strawberry was all", they heard Princess Celestia say to the earth brown pony, known as Epona, as the she stopped her pacing then happily trotted own the hall.

"Oh! I didn't know you six were coming", exclaimed the princess of the sun.

"Sorry if we didn't tell you, but… we just wanted to know what that lightning bolt left us?" the lavender mare said.

The princess of the sun gestured them to follow, so they did. She stopped in front of door as she opened it revealing Epona and a beige stallion arguing if he should eat a strawberry again.

"You need to eat it!"



"EAT T!"


Then she stuffed the strawberry into the stallion's mouth as he chewed fast and swallowed quickly, as a hare escaping from 'being' dinner.

"Link Epona I'd like you to meet Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie , and Apple Jack", Celestia said real quick trying to get them to know each other so she could finish her breakfast soon. Then before Link could say something she was out in the dining quarters finishing breakfast.

"Umm… hi?" Link and Epona said in union.

After the, main, six said their hellos they all started to settle in a bit of storytelling.

Rainbow was no doubt but amazed at the part when Link said he was fighting a dragon in the skies.

Pinkie was amazed about almost every party feature.

Twilight was amazed on a how a man named shad was reading about the sky people.

Fluttershy liked ilia since she cared for animals.

Apple Jack like all of ordon for the harvesting.

Rarity liked every bit of it, just because the handsome stallion Link was telling it!

Then it came to Epona's turn to tell her story about the battle to save Colin and the joust on the bridge which they won twice!

"Link swerved to the right side of the mublin as he slashed at it with the master sword. Oh! And I swore I saw a tooth come out when he fell off the bridge and we saved Colin!"

They clapped or 'clopped' as they finished the story.

As twilight was telling the story about the pink clouds raining chocolate milk Link and Epona nearly laughed their faces off.

"What's so funny?" Twilight asked.

"Cotton candy clouds raining… chocolate… milk!" Epona said trying her best not to laugh nor cry from laughing too hard the beige pony nudged as he sat up already interested in the story more than the mare next to him.

She continued their adventures and by the time they finished Epona had fallen asleep and Link wide awake with the moon up and sun drowning into the never ending sea of stars.

Link's POV

Link looked out the window as he saw twilight raising then falling into the endless night sky.

'I wonder when I'll ever see Midna again.' The hero thought as he kept looking out at the twilight.

The seven mares walked out of the room, including Epona. Link seeped into the large bed as they blankets covered half of his face, as he looked out at the beautiful night sky. He closed his eyes as he drifted into a peaceful, yet horrifying, dream/nightmare.

In the morning he awoke to a large cake in his face.

"Huh?" he said in a muffled cake voice.


He heard a familiar mare's voice as he moved some cake out of his eyes to see Epona, the six other mares, and the two princesses. They smiled happily, especially, Epona. She wore a, huge, smile that was larger than the others. The o mighty hero smiled just as large as his steed.


"What do ya mean 'Thanks?'" Epona said with a bit of anger, but that soon settled down to a hoof ruffling the birthday stallion's mane.

Once he got out of bed they headed out so they can enjoy his birthday.

First they went to Sweet Apple Acres. It reminded Link and Epona so much of Ordon Village back in Hyrule. Link and Epona suddenly dashed through the apple trees as the medium sized tri tried to find and follow them.

Link and Epona galloped at full speed as they looked at each other between the trees as they attempted to switch doing a flip. Success! They did a flip so can be on opposite side of the trees. They stopped and saw the other right behind them.

"You two sure do run fast, as a jackrabbit!" exclaimed Apple Jack.

Rainbow nodded as she landed, from flying at least trying to catch up with the mare and stallion.

The princesses nodded as they said their farewells and they headed back to the castle.

Link and Epona decided to go with Twilight to her home, at the library. Link whistled slightly under his breath as he stared at all the books and spell books on the shelves.

"Nice place…" the hero and steed said in harmony.

Twilight giggled and thanked them. She showed them the bed room and they both decided to sleep on the floor. Epona found a comfortable spot as she turned in a circle three times before laying down like a puppy dog.

Link got to sleep in a sleeping bag. He laid down comfortable down as he yawned and fell into a dream filled with horror and a bad since of humor.

Twilights POV

She looked at him with a worried, interesting, and bewildered look on her face as she fell into a peaceful sleep as she planned out the next day.

'First we'll visit Rarity's place, then Pinkie's, then Fluttershy's… she fell asleep before she could finish her thoughts.

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