Melanie Stryder;

She was what you could almost call perfect. Her light brown hair fell perfectly to her shoulders. She was wise beyond her years, and everyone knew it. Everyone could see how much devotion for school ran through her veins, how much she craved to be successful. Sadly, things in life don't always work out the way we want them to. Her parents, who are wealthy, are never around. She doesn't mind it, they were ignorant anyways. Her focus is her uncle, and her little brother Jamie. Oh Jamie, he is so naive. He doesn't see the harsh way the world turns, and he doesn't accept the fact that his parents would choose an expensive wine over him. But the love for her little brother coursed hard through Melanie's veins. She has a best friend named Wanda, who is nothing like her I guess you could say. Wanda is sweet and loving, while Melanie is strong and stubborn. Melanie is very much loving to, but there are walls to be broken down. She has yet to ever find someone who could warm her outer levels and let her love flow like hot lava. Wanda is dating Ian, a kid who's heart settles deeply in Wanda's hands. You would that with everyone being so young, you couldn't find someone to say forever to.

Melanie groaned, it was the first day of her senior year. She had successfully gotten through high school, along with her parents needs to push her to be perfect. Melanie knew her parents were long gone in some other country, doing who knows what. The harsh reality hit Melanie as she heard her phone alarm grow in volume, she regretting setting it that way. Sadly, she would have to leave her dying uncle alone while her and Jamie went to school. He was a sweet man, her uncle Jeb. She was close to him, for he was more of a father figure than the man who's blood runs deep within her veins. She knew her little brother didn't have to be up for a while, but he enjoyed seeing his sister in the mornings. She was an upper class man, always the top in her class. She was on the soccer and track team, clearly spreading herself a little too thin.

Melanie's point of view;

I groaned as i stood up from my bed,the heat greeting my body. It was warm outside, and the sun shined through her window. I stretched my body, throwing my arms up into the air. I was used to getting up this early, but that doesn't mean i enjoyed it. I drug my tired numb limbs over to her closet, finding some shorts and throwing a tank top on. I figured the school would be a little chilly so I quickly grabbed a cardigan, making my outfit a little more comfortable. I heard my phone vibrate, it's most likely Wanda asking me what she should wear. I rolled my eyes, she really tried to hard some times to impress Ian. It didn't take a scientist to see the way he looked at her, he was always so impressed,even if she wore sweatpants. I brushed my hair out and grabbed some flats, heading downstairs. I quickly wrote Jaime a note for his first day of 7th grade, I don't like the idea of him growing up. I checked my phone and grabbed my book bag and walked outside, making sure to lock the door. I didn't mind driving to school by myself, it beat rising with Ian and Wanda. I mean they were cute and all, but it gets a little old some times. I turned the key on, and made my way to school. I couldn't help but sing a long to my favorite songs, I needed to be some what happy before I went to school. I pulled into the school, parking beside Wanda. I stepped out of the car to see them making out against her car. I rolled my eyes, but I caught a glimpse of someone. Jared. He was the usual asshole, with a bad reputation. The rumors told me that he successfully put someone in the hospital, and almost knocked up a 16 year old. I shuttered at the thought of someone being so, well bad. He was walking out of his car, with the group of the others. I'm surprised he had friends, but he did. He was the kind of guy that girls only looked at, they wouldn't make a move on him. Surely, he didn't have a problem with making a move on every girl that he seen. I rolled my eyes as he walked by, smoking a cigarette.

"Wanda I'm going inside."

"Okay I'll meet you at your locker." She said as she kept making out with Ian. I rolled my eyes once again, and walked up the stairs to see Lily standing with Wes.

"Hey, what's up?" She asked me as I made my way over to her.

"Going to my locker, you guys want to join?"

They both nodded as we made our way into the school. It didn't bother me that this was our last year in this school, it actually made me proud. I've worked as hard as I could so I could maybe get somewhere and get a wonderful job. I got to my locker, and lily had a frown in her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked her as I looked at the combination written down on a piece of paper.

"We don't have lockers beside each other anymore." She frowned as she kissed Wes goodbye.

"Then who is beside me?" I asked as I looked around. Lily waved goodbye as I faced my locker once again. Then a smell filled my lungs, a manly smell. I took a deep breath in as I looked to see who the great smell was coming from. I could have mentally killed myself when I seen it was Jared, standing there with a group of guys. I quickly shut my locker and made my way to my classes.

It was my last class of the day, and it was all going pretty good. Me and Wanda had most classes together, because we were on the same academic level. I walked into the class with Wanda, and took a seat kind of in the back with her. We were talking when the sound of the teachers voice broke the chatter.

"Good morning class, you all know my name. I just want to say I hope we can all have a good year here in science." He said before he got interrupted by someone walking in.

"Oh look who cared to join us, Jared Howe. I heard about you, and I won't tolerate being late. Three lates and your out." He said while Jared rolled his eyes and sat down behind me and Wanda.

"I hope we have a nice long friendship." Jared cockily said as he crossed his arms. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at how rude he was. Why would someone ever bother to come to school if they are going to have a bad attitude about it?

"So we are going to be doing a little project called impress me. I want you all to make something a partner I assign you, and you two have to make something that impresses me. Now if your going to make a volcano, it better be amazing." He said, I wasn't really focused on him though. My eyes kept glancing to the figure behind me. He was sitting up with his arms infront of him,clearly not paying attention. The sight of his attitude just made me angry, how could someone be so negative? The rude look he plastered on his face surely ruined his good looks.

"Ms. Stryder, what was I saying?" He said as he looked at me. I knew everyone was scared of him, but it didn't phase me. Although I had no clue as to what he said.

"He's going to give us partners." Wanda mumbled under her breath beside me.

I couldn't thank her enough in my head.

"Your giving us partners." I said, not missing a beat. I didn't need him to think I was going to slack off, and him not like me. He just smiled and nodded at me, as I looked down.

"I hope were partners." I said to her as he started calling names off. I at least wanted to get either lily or Wanda, preferably Wanda.

"Lily and Wanda." He called out, crushing my wants.

"Sorry Mel, you'll get someone good." She said before she moved to a lab table with lily. I couldn't help but feel like something annoying was going to happen.

"Melanie and Jared." His voice boomed out.

Of course, I was right. I groaned as I turned and looked at Jared.

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