p style="text-align: center;"emHi everyone and anyone who actually still reads any of my stories, sadly I haven't been able to write anything in like a year. /embr /emI honestly think it is the fact that there hasn't been a second book of the host, which is sad, but I really honestly don't see/embr /emwhere she could pick up a place, but at the same time I do. I think for a while, its going to be up to the fans to basically think of/embr /emwhat happens. The story is going to change a little bit, because Im not in the same mind frame soooo... Anyways, im sorry for /embr /emgoing on and on for no reason at all, when all you want to do is read./embr /br /Headache. That is the only thing I have right, and its killing me. I can feel my thoughts swaying inside of my head trying to recollectbr /their placements after that wonderful blow to my face. Although, it isn't very nice to completely hit someone who was just tryingbr /to lighten the mood a little bit. If I knew that I was in the middle of never back down, I would have gladly walked away or attemptedbr /to walk home. My eyes register that it is completely pitch black and that there isn't a light anywhere around. I can feel my heart startbr /to thrive a little deeper into my chest, I can almost hear the lonely thump of it working. Trying to tell yourself to calm down is harder thanbr /it seems when you don't know where you are. My hands finally take over as I feel dirt and branches still below me, there's a sticky substancebr /all over my hand. It takes me a second to realize that I have my phone in my pocket, and that Im not a complete lost cause. I slowly raise to my feet, br /scared to move too fast for my own good. When my phone comes to life and I have some light I can see my own blood smeared all over my hands, my br /panic is uncontainable as I look for any wounds. "When you start to panic, in that exact moment is when you are going to die." My uncles words rangbr /through my head like an old song that I heard when I was a child. br /br /"Wanda? Ian?" Those were the only words that could come out of my throat before my voice hitched. My feet were slowly dragging as I made my waybr /through the woods. They felt cold and empty, like my thoughts. I had no idea if anyone was okay, my location was a blur. My nerves were slowly walkingbr /their selves closer to freaking out than I would like. br /br /"Where are you guys?" I couldnt tell if it was yelling or a cry for help anymore. My ears couldn't hear anything in the distance, this has to be the worstbr /thing that could have happened. br /br /"Melanie?" Of course I heard his voice. The main reason of why Im here right now, why I cant find my best-friend. I could hear heavier footsteps in thebr /distance. Anger surged through my veins. This is his fault right now, all of the blame should be on his /br /"Im right here." That was a growl, there was no way those words came out /br /I felt him before I saw him. I tried to ignore the fact that my heart started to beat a little faster than usual. Dont forget, he's a trouble maker. Hes the reasonbr /you're here right now. He couldnt control his anger, he has a bad repuatuion. Every single reason why I need to get away from him sprang through mybr /head. Sadly, I couldnt find a reason not to ignore him in this /br /"Where are they? You do realize this is all your fault. Your still the childish little boy that has to fight, god I thought you changed. I actually thought thatbr /you weren't some bad boy who knows his past is wrong. Your not. And Im not staying here any longer, I'll walk home if I have to. " Rude? sure. br /Sadly, that's how I'm feeling right about now. br /br /"So it's my fault I sent them home after it all played out? I'm sorry for putting them first, and they're not even my friends. Get in the car,br /we can have this lovely little talk inside of it, not out here like two five year olds." I can feel the anger and hurt radiating throughout him,br /sure I did go off the edge without letting him explain. The universe-1, Melanie-0. br /br /The car ride was awkward and filled with tension, a little too much of it literally. I can tell that whatever I said had surely made br /something inside of him click, and it wasn't good. He was just a cold hearted person in the end, he tried to make mebr /think otherwise for his own benefit. As I sit here on my bed, the only thing I can do is shake my head at the thought of himbr /actually making a difference in himself. Of course you should never change who you are for someone, but this wouldbr /be very beneficial in his part. My eyes roll as a pillow finds its home onto of my face. Im about to fall asleep whenbr /my phone startles me as it vibrates. I answer it with apprehension, which is silly because its only /br /"Don't you think your being a little harsh?" I can sense her nerves, she doesn't want to bring this up, but its girl code to. br /br /"Do you think I'm being a little harsh?" I don't mean to sound so sharp, but of course that's the way it comes /br /"Honestly?" br /br /"Obviously." br /br /"Yeah. Its not like he invited those tool bags to come and crash a party. He was clearly just trying to take youbr /out to have a good time. I mean, it doesn't have to be perfect every time. I think it was just one big mistakebr /that should have happened, but did. Everyone's safe, and your basically crying over spilt milk. You basicallybr /freaked out on him as soon as something wrong happened." Well, don't go easy on me Wanda. Clearly she doesn'tbr /understand how scared I was for her, maybe it doesnt matter to /br /"So your going to take his side? Just like that? You barely know the kid but your saying that I am in thebr /wrong in this whole situation, but it doesn't matter anymore. Do you want to know why it doesn't matter?br /Because any little thing we had is over. Its great to know that your going to side with him right away."br /I dont give her time to reply to my rant, my finger already disconnected the confrontation. The stress is boiling br /inside of me, everyone keeps pushing me too do different things. I groan as I hear the door to my room beingbr /knocked /br /"Mel? Its Jeb, can I come in?"br /br /"Yes.." Maybe he can actually give me a good opinion in this whole ordeal. br /br /"Whats going on?" I can already hear the concern in his voice as he moves to sit on the edge of my /br /"Boys, and stubborn hopeless romantic friends, oh and the usual homework." I can even get started on the fact thatbr /I haven't completed my chemistry report yet, but I guess my personal life comes /br /"If hes not trying, then hes not worth it. And you know Wanda's just trying to do what she thinks wouldbr /make you the happiest." The fact that his statement is one hundred percent true makes my bones chillbr /slightly. Maybe freaking out was a bad thing, but I don't see Jared here trying to say sorry, or even trying tobr /make slight conversation. Actions speak louder than words. Whatever thing we had is clearly done on his /My head actually starts to hurt a little as tears threaten to spill over the rim of my /Universe-2, Melanie-0,still. br /br /p