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Summary: Rory and Jess wont stop fighting so Luke and Lorelei make them move in together.

*Rory and Lorelei walk down the sunny main street of Stars Hollow the second day Rory was back from Washington. Rory is still upset and jealous about seeing Jess make out with THAT girl. They walk into Luke's. Lorelei is just happy that Luke finally forgave her. The bell rings and*


Luke: No

*Rory starts looking around for Jess, and just sits back and watches the drama *

Luke: It will kill you.

Lorelei: I will die happy

Luke: fine, I don't have time to argue just go sit down and I will bring you your usuals.

Lorelei: How do you know our usual?

Luke: You've been coming in here everyday sometimes a few times a day for 16 years.

Lorelei: But what if they've changed? You know Rory was in Washington for 6 weeks they might've corrupted her.

Luke: You've corrupted her

Lorelei: Well I do try, but you never answered my question, what if our usual have changed?

Luke: Fine, what do you want today?

Lorelei: The usual

Luke: SIT!!

Lorelei: Sheesh, chill out maybe you need some coffee.

*Jess walks out from the back room whistling and smiling until he sees Rory*

Luke: Jess bring them their food

*Points to Rory and Lorelei's table*

Jess: No

Luke: Yes

Jess: No

Luke: Yes

Jess: No

Luke: No

Jess: Yes

Luke: as you wish here you go.

Jess: Oh man I can't believe I fell for that, DO NOT TELL ANYONE

*Jess grabs the plates of food and slowly walks up to the table*

Jess: Here you go

Rory: Hey

Jess: yeah


Jess: Well that was more than what I got before you left from Washington

*Lorelei doesn't want to intrude in their business and walks up to Luke who is watching the fight like everyone else in the diner. *

Rory: I was confused

Jess: Yeah well there isn't anything left to be confused about now, is there

Rory: What do you mean?

Jess: We both know you are just a tease

Rory: And all I was, was a conquest

*Luke who has had enough* Luke: ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT, Rory, Jess, Lorelei upstairs. Everyone else get out of here, meals are on the house.

*Rory, Jess, and Lorelei slowly walk up the stairs looking like they are sent to the principles office*

Jess: What got up his ass?

Rory: Oh don't start talking; we are in trouble because of you

Lorelei: Come on you two, I've have just about up to here with the arguing. I'm with Luke on this one. Jess over here (points to the chair) Rory over there (points to the couch)

Jess: Hey, don't tell me what to do this is my house.

Rory: It's Luke's house.

*Luke walks up to the apartment, a frown on his face*

Luke: OK if you two don't stop arguing now I, we (looks over to Lorelei) will have to do something drastic

Jess: Well its all her fault

Rory: How is it my fault?

Jess: You're the one who ran away?

Rory: I didn't run away, I flew away. I took a plane

Luke: OK, I've had enough, but don't say I didn't warn you

Lorelei: He did warn you

Luke: Lorelei..

Lorelei: hey I was supporting you

Luke: Because we see each other everyday, you will have to be able to get along. You starting tomorrow will spend all you free time together.

Rory, Jess, Lorelei: WHAT?

Luke: You heard me you're moving in together.