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Summary: Rory and Jess won't stop fighting so Luke and Lorelei make them move in together.

AN: This story is completely out of character, but it is the way I want it to be.

Jess: OK, lets get to bed future Mrs. Mariano

Rory: I like that.

Jess: I love that.

Jess carries Rory and drops her on the bed. They get under the covers, with Rory's head on his chest. After a few minutes they are fast asleep, with smiles on both their faces.

**************************************************************************** **************

The clock is flashing 2:30 and the alarm went off.


Rory: ughhh.

Burying her head farther into Jess's bare chest.

Rory: marmuphphph

Jess: marmuphphp? What?

Rory: who set the alarm clock?

Jess: I did

Rory: well I can't marry you anymore.

Jess: I had to.

Rory: whyyyyyyyyy?

Jess: well if we're getting married today, we have a lot of planning to do.

Rory bolts out of bed and sings

Rory: I'm getting married, I'm getting married, oh my god, we have so much to do. Why didn't you wake me up earlier?

Jess: but a minute ago you were mad at me for waking me up.

Rory: details, baby, details.

Jess: so what do you want to do today?

Rory: well I think we should get married.

Jess: I think that's a good idea?

They grin at each other from across the room.

Jess: Well if we're getting married today, I better shower.

Rory: I'll come with you.

Jess: I don't think so.

Rory: Pleeease?

Jess: If you are in my shower, I will get nothing done.

Rory: fine. I'll call around for chapels and stuff.

Jess: Ok future Mrs. Mariano.

Rory: Ok future Mr. Mariano.

Jess: but I'm already Mr. Mariano.

Rory: What did I already tell you about details? Now go on and have your shower, I want to take one after you.

Rory is flipping through the phone at the wedding page when there is an incessant knock on the door.

Rory: grrrrrrr. Who is it?

Lorelei: mom

Rory: ummmm one sec, I'm in the shower.

Rory runs into the bathroom

Rory: Jess!

Jess: I knew you couldn't stay away from me.

Rory: shhhh!

Jess: Why?

Rory: my mom is outside

Jess: what does she want?

Rory: I don't know, just be quiet while I get rid of her.

Jess: You're not going to tell her are you?

Rory: I want my future husband in one piece thank you very much. Especially for our wedding night.

Jess: I would like that too, just get rid of her quickly.

Rory starts walking toward the door

Jess: RORY!

Rory: what?

Jess: your clothes, and your hair is dry

Rory: right, see we work well as a team.

Rory quickly starts shedding her clothes

Jess: do you want me to turn around

Rory: we're getting married today, I think you can stay. But you should help me.

Jess: OK turn around.

Rory jumps into the shower, gets all wet, pulls on a robe and runs to the door.

Rory: Mom!!!!

Lorelei: Hey sweetie!

Rory: what's up?

Lorelei: aren't you going to let me in?

Rory: ummmm, sure.

Lorelei: So it seems like Jess bailed on this little vacation of ours.

Rory: heh heh, really?

Lorelei: yeah, you don't know where he is doing you?

Rory: pshhhh, like he tells me anything.

Lorelei: so anyway, what do you want to do today?

Rory: I kind of just want an alone day.

Lorelei: Come on, I want to party!

Rory: Mom, we can do that tomorrow.

Lorelei: party pooper.

Rory: I promise tomorrow we can party.

Lorelei: fine., hey can I use your washroom?

Rory: well it's really messy, your room is just down the hall.

Lorelei: why are you so smart?

Rory: So I'll see you tomorrow?

Lorelei: why don't we have dinner tonight?

Rory: We'll see, I'll call you.

With that Lorelei walks out the door and down the hall.

Jess: she gone?

Rory: yeah!

Jess: so you want to get married now?

Rory: sure, just let me get a shower. Will you call the wedding places?

Jess: ok future Mrs. Mariano.

Rory: I'll see you later.


20 minutes later Rory walks out of the bathroom dressed in jeans and a t- shirt.

Rory: so ready to get married

Jess: are you?

Rory: more than you know.

Jess: So I called around, and we can get married on the beach where Emily Dickinson used to vacation. They even have wedding dresses and suits we can rent, but the only time they had available is 12:30.

Rory: That's perfe. that's only in 2 hours, we have to go!

Rory pulls Jess out of the room in a run.

12:31 Rory is walking down the aisle in a plain white dress, her hair blowing in the wind. She smiles and Jess who is standing near the officiate. He is wearing a shirt with a tie loosened at the neck. Rory gets to Jess and can't control herself and kisses Jess square on the lips.

5 Minutes later

Officiate: Do you Jess Alexander Mariano take Lorelei Leigh Gilmore to be your lawful wedded wife, in sickness or in health, till death do you part?

Jess: I do

Officiate: Do you Lorelei Leigh Gilmore take Jess Alexandre Mariano to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness or is health, till death do you part?

Rory: I.I.I

Jess: Rory..

Rory: are you sure we should do this? I mean what about our families, don't you want them here?

Jess: Rory, as of today, and right now you are my family. You're the person I care the most about in the whole world. Make me the happiest person in the world and marry me.

Rory: ask me again.

Officiate: Do you Lorelei Leigh Gilmore take Jess Alexandre Mariano to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness or is health, till death do you part?

Rory: I do

Officiate: By the power vested in me, I now present you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

An hour later Mr. and Mrs. Mariano walk up to the front desk of the hotel

Jess: we'd like the honeymoon room.

Rory: we just got married.

Receptionist: well congratulations! Well how will you be paying for this Mr..

Jess: Mariano, and with a credit card

Rory: how are we going to pay for this?

Jess: don't worry, I've been working double shifts at Walmart.

Receptionist: Your room is 312, and enjoy your stay.

Jess: Right this way Mrs. Mariano.

Rory: thank you hubby.

Jess carries Rory over the threshold

Rory: You know the one of many perks of being married?

Rory said with a smirk on her face.

Jess: Come here

Jess and Rory and standing in front of the bed, Jess's hands lightly caressing Rory's face. The kiss becomes more and more passionate. Rory's legs wrap around Jess's waist. They tumble on the bed.

Jess: I love being married.


Lorelei and Luke are walking past the receptionist

Luke: You're not getting a tattoo

Lorelei: Yes, I will

Luke: No you wont

When they hear the receptionist talking to the concierge

Receptionist: can you bring this complementary bottle of champagne up to the Mr. and Mrs. Mariano, in the honeymoon suite?

Luke: WHAT!!!

Receptionist: excuse me sir? Is something wrong?

Luke: did you say Mariano?

Receptionist: yes I did sir. Is something wrong?

Luke: I can't believe my sister got married again, without telling me.

Receptionist: Oh, it's you sister?

Lorelei: Do you think we could bring it up to them, congratulate them?

Receptionist: I'm sure that would be OK, one of my people would had to accompany you though, is that ok?

Luke: yeah.

The concierge is walking up to the honeymoon suite, Luke and Lorelei are a few meters back. He knocks on the door. Rory opens the door.

Concierge: Mrs. Mariano?

Rory: Yeah, that's me

Lorelei: RORY?!!!

Rory: MOM?!!!!

From inside the hotel room

Jess: Mrs. Mariano, who's at the door?

Luke: JESS?!!

Lorelei: MRS. MARIANO?!!!!

To Be Continued.