Warning, I started writing this at like 1 am and haven't revised anything. I was getting impatient with the lack of Elsa/Anna fics. OH yeah, also a warning, this is an Elsa x Anna fic, it's sisterly, yes, but also incesty.

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Three meek taps on the door stirred Arendalle's queen from her sleep. Groggy and slow, Elsa rose, "Yes?" she said in a barely audible sleepy whisper, then louder, "Yes?"

"Um…Elsa? Are you awake?"

"Anna?" Well she was awake now, more or less. Elsa slid out of her bed and made her way to the door, pausing as she clutched the doorknob and stared blankly at her ungloved hand.

"I mean if you're not awake I can go, I mean I will go, it's totally no big deal, I shouldn't have disturbed you in the first place, you need your beauty sleep. Not because you're not beautiful! I mean being the queen and all has to take a toll and-"

"Anna," Elsa says snapping out of her daze and opening the door, she looks over her sister in concern, the younger wore a pastel green nightgown with a robe thrown on half hazardly, hair messy and sticking out every which way. The moonlight streaming in through the now open windows illuminated Anna's frazzled expression, paling her usually summery features, "did something happen? Are you alright?"

Embarrassed, Anna looked down at her feet, twisting her hands nervously, "I'm sorry it's really not a big deal, I just…I was just thinking about what happened with me freezing and Hans and got kinda scared and couldn't sleep and so I thought I'd come see you like, like when we were little, but it was dumb, I'll go back to my room now, sorry again…"


Anna had started to turn away when Elsa's hand flung out to grasp Anna's forearm, and both girls gasped in surprise, Anna whipping back around to face her sister.

Elsa let go and leaned against the doorframe, opening her door a bit wider to offer Anna entrance, "Would you…would you like to talk about it?"

The younger looked longingly into the bedroom, "Are you sure that's ok? I won't bother you?"

Even after her act of love for her older sister, neither of them really knew the other, they were still testing the waters of their relationship. It was strange to love someone so intensely and know next to nothing about them at all. Just considering it made Anna feel once again like love was something foreign to her, it was still something she didn't much understand.

The queen smiled softly, "You're not bothering at all." Anna smiled back at her and nearly bounced her way into Elsa's room. Her sister following behind and shutting the door, then after lighting a candle to shed some light on their midnight meeting, sat delicately down on the edge of her bed and patted the spot next to her, motioning Anna to sit beside her.

With a grin Anna jumped onto the bed and sat, legs crossed on the duvet glancing around Elsa's room. Unlike her own bedroom, Elsa's was clean and tidy whereas Anna was messy and disorganized. Despite the royal décor, the room was more minimalist, colored in shades of cool blues; a contrast to Anna's room, which was colored in exuberant pinks and greens.

Realizing that she was ogling like an idiot she smiled sheepishly at her older sister who had been calmly watching her. "So," Elsa started awkwardly, "Where did you want to start?"

With a deep breath, Anna launched into a long, animated recount of the events from several weeks ago, adding her anxieties and fears, then going into detail about the false feelings she'd had for Hans, the frightening experience of freezing solid, at which Elsa started to look upset, so she quickly changed the subject to her current relationship with Kristoff and how funny he was and strange and nice, but also a little thick headed, "And I don't know, maybe I was wrong about him too. Maybe I do keep rushing into love and it's just not as great as I thought it would be, I was alone for so long I just want to feel loved."

Once her words caught up with her Anna fell silent, realizing how awful and selfish that must sound to Elsa. Elsa who had even less human contact than she herself, forcing herself away from everyone, including the people she loved most for fear of harming them. Rarely talking to anyone, never even touching anyone, no smiles, or hugs, or any affection of any kind.

Anna opened her mouth to apologize when Elsa let out a cry, "Oh Anna!" she moved forward to hug her sister to her, the younger squeezing back, neither let go. "All this time you've been so lonely and all because I couldn't control my powers, I thought I had to stay away from everyone, instead I pushed you away when we needed each other the most."

From the shaking of her shoulders Anna knew Elsa was crying and she held onto her tighter, "No Elsa, it wasn't your fault. I'm just glad we can finally be together now." She pulled away just far enough to look at Elsa's lovely teary face, her bangs were kept pushed back although her braid was undone and her pale blond hair flowed loosely around her shoulders and cheeks. Elsa had always been far more elegant and beautiful than her, with her fair complexion, long lashes, and deep blue eyes. It used to make Anna feel inadequate, but now she loved being able to look at her sister's face. Placing her hands on either side of the queen's face, Anna wiped away the tears streaking down her cheeks and leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek. Elsa's skin was much cool against her lips and fingers, her tears like iced water.

Elsa smiled and moved to kiss Anna on the cheek as well, in contrast to her own; Anna's freckled face was warm. She leaned away from the younger, "Would you like to sleep in my bed tonight, like when we were small?"

Anna nodded vigorously before flinging the covers up and diving underneath them. Smiling to herself, Elsa blew out the candle on the nightstand and settled into her bed next to the princess, back to back.

"Psst, Elsa." Anna whispered, not five minutes after the candle had been blown out. Eyes still shut, Elsa replied, whispering back, "Yes?"

The bed creaked as Anna turned in the bed to face her sister, the elder felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned over as well to meet a just barely visible smiling Anna. "Yes?" she repeated.

"I just wanted to see your face. I'm glad it's like this now."

Elsa reached out and took Anna's hand in her own, "Me too."