It seems like most of you want them together, so this chapter is kind of lemony.

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Chapter 3


The next morning I get out of bed, enjoying the freedom of not having to dress for the arctic. I get ready for work and leave a note downstairs. I need some time with the girls so I decide to go into work early to see who's up. I log into my Facebook account, open our group thread and type a message, hoping someone responds.

"Guess where I stayed last night?"

A couple of minutes go past before I get an answer.

"I'm listening."


"Masen Edward's house."

"No way!"

"Wait, is that the IT guy?"

"Yes, she's banging him."

"I am not banging him!"

"Why not?"

"Yeah, why not? I thought you liked him."

"Because I work with him. Am I being stupid? I still don't feel ready."

"You're not stupid but you are ready. How long has it been?"

"Too long."


"Why did you stay there if you're not having sex with him?"

"I almost had sex with him."

"What did he do?"

"I think it was him mentioning 'protection' while we were still clothed that did it."

"No I mean what did he do when you turned him down?"

"Turned you off."

"Made me suspicious I suppose."

"He wasn't angry, disappointed?"

"Maybe disappointed – not angry."

"((big hugs))"

"He's DISHIE, isn't he?"


"Just do him and work out the details later."

"He already said he wants something more serious."



"How long have you known this guy again?"

"8 weeks"


"OMG. Where is he now? Is he there with you?"

"No, I'm at work and he's at home. I left early. Maybe... escaping?"

"I know it will be okay Iz"

"Gotta go and grab a shower but try not to think about it at work, okay?"

"Me too, I'll be back later. Thinking of you Iz"

"Thanks – love you guys – I feel better"

"Iz, just think about how much you LIKE him before you work out if you could LOVE him."

"That's good advice."

"Bye dolls, work awaits!"

"See you girls. Thank you."

I didn't even tell them that he has a nice house, a good job; didn't even mention the killer smile or that everyone likes him.

I lean back in my chair and think about how much I like him and I know it's a lot. I've liked him since the day I arrived and he was sweet to me. It was later that we realized we had respect for each other's way of working and then I gravitated towards him without even knowing, staying after work every night with him. God he must think I've been throwing myself in front of him all these weeks and as soon as he takes a step to confirm what we have between us, I chicken out. Fuck.

There is just one more thing I need to find out about him and Miss Nosy Nancy Angie will know the answer. I grab a cup of tea and return to wait for her.

I startle her when she finds me already at my desk. "Jeez, Izzy, you're early!"

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep, Ang."

"Well I've got a million month end reports to collate today. I hope they're okay," she says, admiring her new wide screen as she boots up.

I don't dare say I was here with the IT guy when everything went through successfully.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure, Izzy."

"You know how you said that Masen likes me?"

"Oooo, are you getting interested?" She cocks up a brow to wait for my answer.

"Ang, I was wondering if he's been involved with anyone here before?"

"No. Actually, I heard he has a girlfriend but he's kind of private. Look, I'm sorry; I thought I was being funny the other day. It's just that he always says hello to you and only you. I thought there might be something going on between you two. I'm really just jealous."

I shake my head and ask, "Does he ever strike you as arrogant?"

She shakes her head and answers, "Who, Masen? He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He's a doll really. You are interested, aren't you?"

"No, he's probably taken." I hope this comment makes her think I don't know.

She sighs. "Probably, I wish he said hi to me every day. He's very…"

"Morning all!"

She looks up and I turn to face into the corner of my workstation, my heart beating out of control.

"Hi, Isabella."

I glance up and say, "Hi, Masen."

He walks up to his office and I swear it's as if nothing happened yesterday. He's busy all morning, on the phone, visiting workstations and helping, laughing with people and charming them. I, on the other hand, am a mess of emotions, watching and wanting to lay claim to this gorgeous man before someone else does, knowing he won't wait forever for me. I don't break for lunch. I'm starting on a new design when my desk phone rings and my boss calls me into her office.

"Come in and sit down, Izzy," Tanya says with a smile. It's genuine and I don't feel like I'm in trouble. She hands me a letter and I quickly scan it before frowning at her.

"But I have another month to go."

"We don't need you on probation any longer, Iz. You work well and you're making us money so we'd like you settled before I leave. They're not replacing me so Jane will take over the clients and you keep doing what you're doing. She won't poke her head into the creative stuff."

"You're leaving?" I ask, knowing I have no idea what goes on in this office.

She chuckles and nods, "I'm marrying the boss, Izzy. I won't have to work and we both want children quickly so I'm going to look after us... you know... at home. We haven't made an official announcement yet, but I'm sorry I thought everyone knew."

My voice catches in my throat and all I can get out is, "Congratulations and thank you."

As I turn to leave she says to me, "Oh, and do us all a favor. Put poor Masen out of his misery and go on a date with him will you?"

I feel my eyes widen as I back out of her office, hearing her soft giggle. I go back to my desk, trying not to show I'm almost hyperventilating, paranoid about everyone who glances up as I pass.

They all know. I'm the only one who's clueless.

I sit back down and go over the conversation. The best news is that I have a permanent position so I don't need to stay in that rat trap any longer. Fraternization in this office is clearly not frowned upon if they all know Tanya is marrying the boss and it looks like everyone here knows that Masen has a thing for me. Funny that no one except Angie ever said anything. I guess it's because I'm not particularly chatty with anyone here and I consider why that is.

It's obvious that I have shut myself off from not just men but friendships in general because I've been here for eight weeks and not once have I been out with anyone from this office socially. I've traveled home a couple of weekends in that time but the rest I've spent rugged up in my hole of an apartment writing fantasy or on Facebook.

I've let Mikey and the boss' daughter win, haven't I. I've moved away like a dog with its tail between its legs and I'm still not embracing the new life I left to find. These thoughts make me so angry I could scream and I know it's time to do something about it.

I try to concentrate and I'm absorbed in my new design job for a while, finally looking up to find everyone has left.

Masen must notice me come out of my cloud because he appears, leaning on the edge of Angie's workstation. "So what happened this morning, Isabella? I notice your things are still there, so are you coming back or not?" He has obviously been stewing on this for a while from the frustrated look on his face.

"Yes, I am coming back," I say with a new confidence.

"Why did you leave like that without even speaking to me?"

"I'm sorry, Masen. I know it was rude but I needed to think."

"Isabella… please tell me I didn't scare you off."

I close down the job I'm working on, tidying some stray paperwork before I look at him and answer. "No, I just needed to work out how much I really do like you."

His eyes narrow at me as if there is a hidden meaning in what I've just said. "You like me?"

I stand over him and nod as I say, "A lot."

A tiny smile appears on his face as he looks up at me through his eyelashes. "Enough to try that kiss again?"

Ah, what the hell.

"I'm not sure I can resist you when you look at me like that."

A gush of air comes out of him and that killer smile returns as he stands and closes the gap between us, cupping my jaw in his hands and looking into my eyes with an intensity that's thrilling. "Christ, you're gorgeous."

The kiss is both tender and passionate, like he's testing if I really mean it, but when I moan and run my hands up his back, he intensifies it and shows me how much he was holding back last night. He slides his hands down my ass and just as I'm losing myself completely to the fantasy, he pulls back and takes a step away from me, looking slightly shocked and breathing as hard as I am. I just stand there, silently wanting him to take the lead.

"Come with me," he says, holding his hand out for me, and I don't hesitate to take it. He leads me into his office, picks up his swipe card on its lanyard and pulls me out gently. He swipes the door to the server room with a devilish smirk on his face and holds the door for me to enter. I look at him cautiously and he kisses me sweetly, saying, "Don't worry, no one can get in here." Then he dangles the swipe card as if to prove it.

It's much cooler than the office and I don't know if the goose bumps are from the server room's air conditioner or the fear of the unknown I'm suddenly feeling. I'm now wondering if Masen's lead may take me further than I'd anticipated.

"What are we doing, Masen?" I ask nervously.

"We're going to start the backups," he answers, touching my chin with his finger and tipping my face up slightly.

I want him to kiss me but he guides me to stand facing a monitor and keyboard in the middle of the rack of servers and comes up behind me, taking over control of the computer around me. His arms are just touching mine and the front of his body is up against me as he runs his nose down through my hair. Then he moves away and picks up a bag from a chair, unzipping it slowly. Looking directly into my eyes, he pulls out a clear plastic case, opens it and leans down behind me, inserting the tape in the backup unit. When it slips in, his hand runs across my hip on the way back and then he takes the next case, leaning down even lower this time, sliding up my leg on the way back.

He does the two on the left without touching me or even looking at what he's doing because his eyes are still boring right into me.

"Now let's get it going." I feel him behind me again and my head presses back onto his chest. He's working on the keyboard and using the mouse, and I am watching but my brain is not taking anything else in except the feel of him. Then his arms encircle me and his nose is in my hair again, breathing in deeply.

"It's active. Press alt tab Isabella." I do as he says and the screen flips over to the view of another server. "Click on the green arrow for me." I lay my head back again as we wait and his hands find a place on my ribs just below my bra as his lips touch my ear. "Would you let me touch you in here, Isabella?"

"Touch me?" I need to clarify what I'm accepting and I badly want to hear him tell me.

"Mmm, touch your skin, appreciate you, feel how you respond to me. I can't fuck you because I don't have protection but I do want something."

Jesus, he doesn't waste time when he's encouraged. It's just… probably the sexiest thing anyone has ever said to me and I'm not going to say no.


"I love that word coming from your lips." He moves my hair back and runs his own lips down my neck. It's not actually a kiss, more of an investigation, but there's no tongue and I feel like I want it. "Now alt tab again and click on the arrow just like you did before."

His hands move up to squeeze my boobs with exactly the right amount of pressure, almost hurting, and I push back onto him, crying out quietly.

"Oh God I want to see them. May I?" he purrs, already undoing the buttons of my shirt.

"Mmm," I answer with closed eyes, starting to feel very hot between my legs, the coldness of the server room forgotten.

"Again, Isabella, do the same thing for the next server." The only reason I can concentrate is that I don't want him to take his hands off me to do it himself.

As soon as I'm done, I feel him peeling the shirt off my shoulders and his hands follow it's descent down my arms. I have no idea what he does with it and I couldn't care less. Now his hands ghost over my boobs and I feel him sliding the bra straps down as he grazes my neck with his teeth. His touch is sensual and yet masculine, domineering yet gentle, and I swear the breathy sound that comes out of me must be a dead give away that he's got me.

He's the perfect mix of fuckable.

"Last one, gorgeous. Finish them off." Somehow I manage it, pulling myself out of my haze to start the backup on the last server as my bra is undone and his hands are on me, squeezing me, rolling my nipples as if I'm instructing him how to drive me wild. Then both hands reach down to my pussy and he almost lifts me off the ground, moaning in my ear.

He turns me around, staring at my boobs in appreciation, takes the bra and leans down with fiery aquamarine eyes, using the tip of his tongue, tasting my nipple without losing eye contact.

I watch like it's an out of body experience.

'Jesus," he whispers, with wide eyes blazing as he starts to undo the buttons of his own shirt. He has it off in no time and now it's me appreciating him, panting for him, but I don't dare touch him. We just stand there staring at each other.

"Let me see what it would be like to fuck you in here," he says in a commanding voice and he moves me backwards, never taking his eyes off my boobs. "Turn around and bend over the table."

I comply and he hovers over me, pressing his erection onto me and wildly moving my hair out of the way, over my head and down around my shoulders, exposing my naked back.

He groans into my ear, his hot breath on my neck. "This is what I'm doing to you later, Isabella, and I'm doing it hard. I've done you just like this so many times in my head and tonight it's going to be real."

"Oh God," I call out and grab a fistful of his hair, holding him in place, wanting more of that voice in my ear as one of his hands roams from my boobs, down between my legs, and up again. He holds himself up off me with his other arm.

"Is this what you write about; sinful things? Do you have fantasies you want to play out?" he asks me, pulling my nipple so far out it hurts.

"Yes!" I almost scream it.

"Then think about me inside you right now, pumping myself into you, slapping your skin against mine, my hard in your soft. Can you feel it?"

"Oh fuck."

"What does it feel like? Can you come for me like this?" He presses all his energy right onto my clit at that moment and I do come; shocked at it suddenly happening like that, shaking and swearing as I ride it out. I release his hair and he sinks down to lay open mouthed kisses across my shoulders as my breathing starts to slow down.

"Isabella, you've just given me an exquisite image that will linger every time I come into this server room." He lifts me up and sets me down on the table. "Let's go home and make some more."

I let my head fall back and then look at him, breathing out one slow last breath. "Yes." It's the only word in my head at the moment because I cannot think of a single reason I would refuse him.

His killer smile radiates from him and he looks so cheeky again that it's hard to believe he's the same man who just played my body like that. I now know that Masen Edwards is all sorts of men rolled into one delectable package I'm going to enjoy unwrapping.

He hands me my bra and shirt and we dress, lock up and leave as usual. It's the strangest feeling doing the same thing we do every day when everything's different. We don't passionately embrace in the lot, however. One finger glances across my hand and he says, "See you back there?"

I can't help but say it. "Goodnight Masen."

He grins at me and says, "It definitely will be," and gets into his car.

As I'm about to start the car, my door opens and he leans in and kisses me, then asks me if I'm sure I know the way. I nod but I'm not even sure I know my own name I'm so breathless. As he walks back to his car, he throws his keys high into the air and catches them. He's so damn cute that I find myself ogling him with a huge smile on my face. I feel like he's mine.

As I'm driving, I'm reliving our little get together in the server room. It had so much going for it: initially, the fear of anticipating what he was going to do to me, the erotic way he teased me into showing him how I responded to his desires for my body, and then finding out that sex in a semi-public situation could bring me to orgasm fast. Christ it had everything, and he hadn't penetrated me, hadn't asked me to fulfill any of his needs.

Now I'm not sure what he expects from me. He said he wasn't a monk and he obviously knows his way around a woman's body so it's intimidating and exhilarating at the same time driving towards the unknown.

As soon as the sensor light on the porch is triggered, the front door opens and he's standing there smiling. "Welcome back, Isabella," he says into my hair as I walk past him into the house and instantly feel the electricity between us. The sensation of being lured into something is there but it's not unpleasant; more like being drawn towards him like he's a sexual energy generator and he's powering me. There's soft music playing and the warmth once again is amazing.

"Do you want something to eat? I know you didn't have lunch."

"Were you watching me?"

He rolls his eyes and then says, "Yes I was watching you. How about some soup?"

"I'm not hungry… for food."

He catches on and licks his lips. I see his Adam's apple move deliciously.

"Want to see my new fire, Isabella?"

"Yes... I do."

He breathes out, making a whimpering sound, and leads me into the living room. I've never been in here before and I marvel at the beautiful stone fireplace and the fire that casts a glow, illuminating the high ceiling. It's the only light in the room and the effect is incredibly sexy.

I realize he's watching me take this in and I smile at him. He crosses over and takes one of my hands, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles, and says, "I want you to feel comfortable here." He kisses it and I watch him, spellbound, desperately wanting his lips on mine but craving the feeling of anticipation more.

"Shall we sit down? The couch is very comfortable."

He sits and I wait for a moment looking from him to the fire, not knowing what I want to do. I can see he's picked up on my hesitation but sitting down next to him there doesn't feel right. I watch a slight frown appear on his forehead so I make up my mind, slip off my shoes and straddle him.

"Perfect," he says, letting out a gush of air before running his fingers through my hair and kissing me, holding my head gently. The kissing heats up as his erection grows under me and the sounds coming from him become more desperate each time I grind onto it.

I think about our activities in that cold server room and know I have nothing to fear. He admired what he saw from my waist up, I'm wearing decent underwear and I'm groomed, so I pull back and start to undo the buttons of my shirt. He lets his hands rest on my hips and leans back on the couch as his eyes follow the progress of my fingers, releasing each button from its confines. When I pull the shirt off he leans forward slightly like he's about to take charge and then leans back again to watch my striptease.

When I pull down the straps slowly and release the back of the bra, he never takes his eyes off what I'm doing while he works on removing his own shirt. He looks like he's in a semi-trance and we haven't spoken for minutes but the tiny movement in his eyebrows and his hips pushing up are communicating his intentions clearly. He wants to fuck me and he will, given half a chance.

He manages to remove his shirt as I take the bra down my arms and his killer smile is back. He squeezes each boob tentatively and then lifts me, positioning a nipple at his mouth, and he shakes his head slightly before launching an attack with his tongue. It's so overwhelming that my head falls back and I have to hold on to the back of his head.

"You like that, Isabella?" he asks, feeling the flesh of my back.

"Yes… I love it," I answer breathlessly, not even opening my eyes.

"Good, 'cause so do I," he says as he turns his head and it feels like he's sucking half of my boob into his mouth, causing me to cry out.

He leans me over slowly until I'm on my back and he's lying between my legs, holding both boobs, sucking on one nipple while using his thumb on the other. I can't stop pushing my chest up at him but I wish he was higher because I need his lips on mine as well.

"Kiss me," I cry out and he takes his hands away. I look down and watch him put his arms under both of my thighs, lifting my legs and the hands come straight back to my boobs. That's when we start kissing with lips barely touching – the kissing is almost all tongue. His erection is grinding me into a frenzy and the moans coming out of me are damn embarrassing. I feel like I'm going to come again and we're only half-naked.

He senses what's happening so he lets go of my boobs and slides his arms out to rest his fingers at the button of my slacks while watching for any indication that I'm going to stop him.

"Go ahead," I pant out and he smiles, sliding the zipper down slowly before his fingers reach into my panties and he feels the result of everything he's been doing to me. I watch his eyes close and he hums before he pulls the slacks and the panties down together with me quickly lifting my hips and my legs to help.

He looks at my pussy as if he's going to eat me down there for a second but he sees my eyes widen and stands instead after one hand ghosts between my legs. He puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a condom that he hands to me and then he starts to undo his belt, still looking directly between my legs. His slacks and boxers come down in one movement and his cock springs out, surprising me. I know just how he felt a few seconds earlier because I instantly want that beautiful thing in my mouth.

I sit up and it's right there in front of me, begging me to lick it, even just kiss it, but I settle for grasping it. When I start to pump, he begins to lose himself in the sensation and I feel it throb in my hand.

He looks at me anxiously and commands, "Isabella, the condom, rip the condom wrapper," so I do as I'm told and roll it down over his impressive size. He beckons me to stand and as soon as I do, he lifts me so I'm back on the couch on my knees with my hands on the arm. "Are you ready? Support yourself because I feel like I'm going to lose control, okay?"

I nod, but shit. I want to cry out for him to lose as much control as he needs.

He fingers me to check if I'm wet enough and calls out "fuck" before he enters me slowly, running his palms over my boobs. "Is that all right?"

"Yes... it feels incredible." There's no need to lie to this man – he knows how to fuck and he has first class equipment to use.

"Kiss me, Isabella." I turn my head and we start another round of hungry kisses when one of my hands pulls on his hair again. This is like a version of what we were doing in the server room, except that we're naked, fucking and kissing this time.

I feel his hand start to move down my tummy and then his finger slides over my clit as he settles into an increasing pace.

I'm determined to enjoy this and not come so quickly but my body won't co-operate, suddenly pulsing all around him as he cries out and stops to enjoy it before continuing even faster. I need both hands on the arm of the couch now and I want to push back but I'm afraid we won't keep time and I want nothing to spoil this perfect screwing.

He flings all my hair over one shoulder and buries his face in my neck, sometimes kissing but mostly just swearing and grunting. I love the sound of it. I also love the sound of our skin slapping together, another promise he made earlier tonight. He's becoming more frantic and his strokes are longer, harder and faster. He has multiple fingers on my pussy now, soft then hard, scraping and circling, and he moans as he feels me clenching him tighter.

"I don't think I can hold off much longer, Iz. Can you come again? Please come again for me."

"Then kiss me!" He launches his mouth on me like a hungry animal and I feel it coming so fast I scream into his mouth. I'm pulsing, he's pulsing, my heart is hammering in my chest and he loses all rhythm, fucking me all over the place before he stills and cries out himself.

"Fucking hell!" he yells, almost collapsing on top of me, his forehead on my shoulder. We stay that way for a minute while we catch our breath and then he pulls out but stays in the same recovering position.

He groans and gets us up, taking a blanket from the side of the couch and placing it down for me to sit on while he goes to the bathroom to deal with the condom. I sit there and stare at the beautiful fire, wondering how I got so lucky. I have the nicest guy in the world treating me like a princess and he fucks like a steam train, giving me three orgasms already this evening. I honestly feel like I'm in one of my stories.

Masen comes back holding two glasses of red wine and it's good, not too heavy, just delicious like him. We deconstruct the sex we just had, telling each other how good it was and that's how we spend the entire weekend, fucking all over his house, talking, laughing, eating and drinking.

When Monday morning arrives, I realize that Masen doesn't really start at ten. His counterpart, who I found out is a programmer and doesn't do any of the support work, is on the phone to him early, getting him to sort out problems as they occur.

I drag myself into the office and start work as I always do. He arrives an hour later, and when I hear his, "Morning all!" I try not to smile, knowing we intend to hide our relationship. I don't know how long we can keep it from our colleagues but we're going to try… for now.

"Hi, Isabella." He walks past and turns slightly, shooting a gorgeous grin my way as I sigh.

"Hi, Masen." The smell of the shower I just shared with him trails along after him and I notice a few people look up.

"Here we go in three, two, one," Angie says to herself and his keys go up in the air.


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