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PAIRING: AkaKuro. MayuKuro. GoMxKuroko.

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"Tetsuya. Winning is everything. That is all that matters."

"Please do not get in the way, Kuroko. I had enough trouble coming from you."

"You're such a burden, Tetsu. Why won't you just get out of someone's other business?!"

"Kuro-chin is so weak and fragile. I wonder how can he keep up with us?"

"Kurokocchi. Please get out. You're a hindrance right now."

Their voices began cringing inside his head as it continued to be faint until nothing was heard. He was a shadow after all so he just wanted to disappear and. . .

"It hurts. . ."

. . . forget them. After what they did to him, he wants all of them to disappear from his life. The pain. The tears. The winning. He wants all of it to disappear.

Victory. What was the meaning of that word? What is victory? Is victory all they wanted?

"Why did you leave me behind?"

Winning is everything. That was their motto but was winning really everything? Does it lead you to happiness or simply sadness?

"I am merely a shadow. A shadow that cannot be seen nor hear."

He was consumed by the darkness itself. The depths of emptiness conquered his eyesight as he felt his consciousness falling. A silent tear dropped from his cheek as he whispered silent words before fading away.

"I don't want to remember."


The sound of the alarm clock rung at the whole room of a certain shadow. The curtains were drawn not allowing the sunlight to past through slightly. A small shift came from under the blanket as an arm poked out and reached for the alarm clock that innocently stood on the night stand. A mop of light blue hair poked out from under the soft cloth until the whole head was out. Blue orbs opened drowsily as it blinked continuously. A small yawn escaped from his lips as he sat up. Kuroko Tetsuya, an 18 year old boy and a singer, stood up from his bed and drew the curtains away letting the bright sunlight go in. He went to do his daily routing on every average morning. Take a bath. Wear his clothes. Fix his bed. Go downstairs and eat breakfast. Walk outside for-

Wait a second. . .

Kuroko scurried over to the mirror and let out a groan. His bedhair was still there and a big mop of mess too. Grabbing a comb from his drawer, he started combing his amazingly messed up hair to get it from standing up. Surprisingly, he doesn't even know how he gets this cases of bedhair because he doesn't move around too much in his sleep. The bluenet furrowed his eyebrows in frustration as he continued combing down his cowlick. After a few minutes, he managed to get his hair at its normal state. Finally satisfied, he went for a quick shower and finished all his daily routines. He slung his bag over his shoulder then exited the house as he locked it.

"Arf! Arf!"

His baby blue eyes trailed down to his feet as he met similar ones. A small ghost smile formed his lips as he slowly bend forward and picked him up.

"Are you ready to go, Nigou?"

The little ball of fur barked gleefully as he playfully licked the latter's nose. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he placed the small husky puppy in his hood. Nigou was always pleased when he was in his master's hood. It felt comfortable and warm for him since they first met. Kuroko found the husky in an alleyway when it was raining heavily. The poor pup was freezing to death only a piece of newspaper covering him. Kuroko, who adored small animals so much, approached it but the puppy sensed him and started growling despite the shivering state it was in.

Don't worry. I won't hurt you.

Of course, the pup at first didn't trust him but when he saw those baby blue eyes soften, he calmed down a bit. Kuroko picked him up and covered him with his jacket even though he was getting wet himself. That was the start of their friendship. The bluenet gave a small smile as he walked through the streets. After a few minutes, he reached his destination as he stared at the tall building.

"Good morning, Tetsuya."

The said boy looked behind and smiled. A teen with gray hair approached the small teen that strictly resembled the latter, minus the height.

"Chihiro, good morning."

Mayuzumi Chihiro, Kuroko's partner in music and brotherly figure, stood by his side and ruffled his teal locks much to the shadows's annoyance.

"Stop it."

"Alright. . . Let's go in." he spoke.


As they entered the building, they were greeted with "good morning's" and polite bows like they were VIPs. They made their way to the elevator. It was a good thing the elevator was empty because Kuroko and Mayuzumi might be forgotten again like the last time. They were waiting for the elevator to open its sliding metal door. After a few seconds, it finally opened but there were a lot of people inside yet there was still space for the both of them. Just as they were about to go in, the door suddenly began closing again. Annoyed, Mayuzumi placed a hand on the side making the doors stopped moving. The passengers were stunned because they didn't saw the two shadows at all. That's why, they declared that they'll come early so that were no people in the elevator so much.

Anyways, they waited for the elevator as it went up to the 30th floor. The silence between them was practically normal since they do "look alike." When the elevator reached its destination, the duo stepped out and ventured through the hallways. The only ting that can be heard was the steps of each foot walking on the concrete floor. They stopped at a blue door that had a gold plate on it. Mayuzumi placed his hand on the door knob. He looked at Kuroko and stared at him. Kuroko got the message and nodded. The gray head nodded slowly and twisted the knob. Now, the time has come for them to do it for the first time.


In the entrance of the same very building of the two shadows entered, a black limousine stopped in front of it. Young teenage girl began swarming the area as they waited for someone or somebody to come out of the limo. The chauffeur opened the door and the girls began screaming and flashes of camera began contaminating the visions or the images or whatever you call it.

"Kyaaa~ Kise-kun!"

"Aomine is so cool!"

"Midorima-sama! Please be my lucky item!"

"Please accept my snacks, Murasakibara!"

"Akashi is so handsome! Please marry me!"

And the fangirl compliments went on and on. The leader of the group, Akashi Seijuuro, simply ignored them as he strode in front entering the building. His fiery red hair and heterochromatic eyes, one gold and one flaming red, were the major attractive points for each girl as well as his looks. Despite having the title as a leader, he is the only son of the owner of the Akashi Corporation. The Akashi Corporation is said to be the most powerful and successful business in all years. It held a huge alliance that you won't brush away like that easily.

Anyways, right behind the redhead was a green head that was taller than the latter. The former had a stuffed white fox on his bandaged left hand as he walked past all the screaming fangirls. Midorima Shintarou is the vice-leader of the group, as what they called him in his position. He wore glasses that made him more intimidating and had that smart aura around him. His narrowed green eyes made him more intimidating. He has this fetish personality believing in luck especially with the program called Oha-Asa.

A blond came after with a charming smile and waving his hand at the girl around them, mostly all of them fainted from his smile. Kise Ryouta, the bubbly and happy-go-lucky teen of the group, is the most charming person in every book because of his modeling career. His bright yellow hair and gold piercings eyes went well with his personality even though the others or his so-called group mates find him annoying and irritating, much to the blond's childish whining.

Behind the idiotic blond, a tall blue haired tanned teen walked with a lazy look on his face. He had his hands in his pockets as he walked past the screaming crowd. Aomine Daiki is the third tallest of the group, next to Midorima. His dark blue hair and dark blue eyes made his looks more dangerous and intimidating. He is very fond with the sport, basketball, and was often featured in the Basketball Monthly. He plays basketball in his free time due to his career in public. His group mates often call him with the nickname "Ahomine" because he is really stupid in logic as Akashi would say it.

Lastly, the tallest of all of them. Murasakibara Atsushi is the purple head of the rainbow group. He is somewhat lazy and kind of looks mature but he is actually a big baby in the inside. You could say he's the childish of them all next to Kise but he is actually nice and sometimes shares his snacks and respects Akashi and only him for some reason. He really likes snacks a lot and take them away from him, let's just say it's not a very rare sight to see.

With that done, all five of them together as known as the most popular boy band across the globe, "The Generation of Miracles."


"Are you ready, Tetsuya?"

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to do this, Chihiro."

"We've done this a couple of times. I'm sure you'll do great. Have a little faith in yourself."

Kuroko nodded as he closed the door behind him. Mayuzumi watched as the latter approached the microphone with the headphones on and next to him was the stand for the lyrics. The bluenet gave him a wary glance. The gray head gave him a thumbs-up and reassured him through telepathic messages. He glanced up and checked if the recording light was on. He nodded his head in affirmation and began checking the mixing console if everything was set. Satisfied with everything completely set, he started the music as Kuroko began to sing his heart out. Mayuzumi comfortably on his seat as he listened to the bluenet's voice. It was a very pleasant to his ears. His rhythm and timing of voice blended well with the music but most of all, he mixed them with his feelings. It was an excellent tune and here comes his favorite part of all of them.

Our connected pass opens up the line to the future

We've been through crooked paths, trial and error
Our strong and boundless days are here
With overflowing passion that is not made of nonsense,
let's fully paint the court with shining footsteps

Mayuzumi sank back on his chair as he closed his eyes and continued listening to the song the bluenet was singing.


The Generation of Miracles strolled down the hallways with Akashi leading them. Every person took a glance at them and some were whispering or murmuring. They completely ignored the stares and continued walking.


"Yes, Ryouta?"

"Why are we here again?" the blond asked him. Akashi sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I had told you many times during the ride, Ryouta." he said in an irritated tone. He was completely drawing out his menacing aura because of Kise asking the same question over and over again. "I don't want to repeat it anymore."

Kise shivered at the tone and decided not to ask anymore or keep his mouth shut.

"But since the others weren't paying attention earlier. . ."

Everyone flinched and started sweating buckets.

"I'll let Shintarou repeat it."

Midorima adjusted his glasses and explained, "We're here to record our new song soon to be released, understood?"

"Yes, Midorimacchi/Mido-chin/Midorima."

Akashi nodded at the green head and started approaching a blue door to his right. He twisted the knob and opened it. As they were about to enter the room, a singing voice greeted them. Somehow, the voice was quite familiar. Hm. . . Wonder who it is? That thought pondered inside every Miracle. Without any thought, they made their way inside and found a gray haired teen with clearly emotionless eyes. Those eyes looked so dead, they thought. Mayuzumi looked up and his eyes widened a little.

"You. . ."

The line to the future

The song suddenly ended with the tune reaching its end. Kuroko, not noticing the others, went out of the room and stared blankly at the newcomers.

"Tetsuya. . ./Kuro-chin. . ./Tetsu. . ./Kurokoicchi. . ./Kuroko. . ."

The bluenet tilted his head to the side in confusion while Mayuzumi gave a blank face as usual.

"Who are you? Do I know you?"

The question smacked them all in one go as their eyes widened.


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