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A joke. This had to be a joke or a crazy dream. Kise would be laughing at this. Aomine would have beaten the crap who did the prank. Midorima might have threw his lucky item to the so called prankster in annoyance. Murasakibara could crush him to bits, if it was possible. As for Akashi, let's just say you'll be facing the demon himself. The Generation of Miracles weren't that stupid, at least some of them, on falling for a prank even the hardcore ones. But NO. The situation they were currently in was not a DREAM nor a so called PRANK. It was reality.

"Don't come any closer." The Mysterious boy with gray hair, slightly darker than Mayuzumi's, stood his ground. The knives floating around, threatening and waiting to stab someone in the gut. The Miracles, for the very first time, had no plan or whatsoever in their mind. They were too dumbstruck to think a way out of here along with the sleeping Kuroko Tetsuya.

... Why hasn't he woken up from all this catastrophe?

Anyways, the intruder was still watching them carefully as his other free hand dared to touch the sleeping bluenet. All the Miracles cursed under their breath especially Mayuzumi. He was fully aware that if one of them made a single move, they'll get stabbed nonetheless. Hoping no idiot would do anything stupi-

"Oi! What do you think you're doing to Tetsu?!"

And thus someone had just made his death wish.

As on cue, numerous knives began zooming forward towards Aomine. If it wasn't for his quick instinct and reflexes, he would have gotten knives pierced through his body. He was just pinned to the wall with the knives pierced through his clothes. Lubky for him, he was still alive and not injured.

"Aominecchi!" The blond suddenly moved a bit causing Midorima to move because several knives were coming at him. The green head shoved him away as a knife pierced through his sleeve and pinned him to the wall. Blood trickled down his sleeve. Midorima winced as he bit his lip. He thanked that the knife pierced theough the side of his wrist only.


"Idiot! Don't move or-"

Too late.

A knife made its way through the hem of the blond's shirt. He yelped as he was surprisingly pushed down to the floor carpet stuck. Mayuzumi grunted in annoyance as he glanced at the two remaining survivors. One tiny move can cause the knives to kill at any moment. Was it him or were these knives couldn't kill them even if it wanted to?

Out of nowhere, a certain redhead got an enormous pain in his head during this unfortunate event that was happening. Akashi bit his lip as he resisted himself from moving. He knew moving was the end of his life. Well... not literally the end of his life. If the knives weren't fast enough, he could dodge them and beat the heck out of the so called magic person in front of them. But based on Aomine's situation, he knew he can't dodge all of them in one go. The pain increased in his head. Slowly, he lifted his hand to his aching head as he began to clutch it. He let out a groan as he then realized what he had just done. With the sudden movement, some knives began charging, attempting to strike the emperor. Akashi waited for the painful impact but nothing happened. He only felt a light, maybe not that light, shove coming from his side.


The redhead looked up and suddenly saw blood dripping

"Blood?" The former glanced up the person in front of him. His eye widened in shock as he felt his throat drying up. The one who saved him from being pierced by numerous knives, stood their with three sharp knives on his body. His stomach. His shoulder. His heart. The parts where he was stabbed. The Miracles stood or rather were pinned to the wall or floor stared in shock. Blood began staining the floor carpet.

It was... It was...!


Akashi let out a small gasp. What was that? A vision? An illusion?

"Aka-chin/Akashi/Akashicchi!" The redhead looked up and saw the incoming knives going right at his direction. As if he knew this was coming, which was true, he quickly dodged the triplet knives. The intruder looked so stunned that he didn't even noticed Mayuzumi move and tackled him to the floor. The weapons vanished into thin air as the controller began squirming from the phantom's grasp.

"That was close..." Akashi muttered as his eyes narrowed and he wiped his sweat with his hand. That was so strange. Did he just saw through the future? IF he didn't... surely that person would have died now if he didn't do anything in his will. While the leader was so focused on his thoughts, the other stood up right when the knives vanished as well as the ones that pinned them. Luckily for Midorima, he brought Kuroko's lucky item which was a handkerchief. He folded up his sleeves and wrapped it against the deep cut applying some pressure on it. He winced in pain but put on a passive face.

"Alright. Let's get down to business." Aomine said as he cracked his knuckles and strode over to the annoying brat who dared to lay a tiny finger on their precious friend.

"As much as I want to beat him as of now, I suggest you do that after our interrogations with him, Aomine."

"What was that, tsundere?"

"Shut up and listen, Ahomine!"

"Who said you were-"

"Silence." The two stopped their bickering an kept quiet as the redhead walked over to the intruder. "Shintaro's right. We can handle him later. Right now, we have to talk to him and what are his intentions to Tetsuya."

"Aka-chin, Kuro-chin wouldn't wake up." Murasakibara said as he and Kise tried to shake the bluenet up from his slumber.

"What did you do to him?" Akashi faced him as he narrowed his eyes at the teen menacingly. The said person gulped at the harsh stare. Mayuzumi handcuffed him from behind as he forced the other to stood up.


"I-I... put a sleeping spell on him." He yelped as he saw the death glares coming from them one by one. Even Nigou was growling angrily at him. "I-I'll wake him up! I swear!"

"Like hell you are! Who do you think we are falling for that?! We're not letting you go!" Aomine snarled as he glared at him coldly.

"But Aominecchi, he's the only one who knows how to wake Kurokocchi up."

"Oh come on! Does everything I say wrong?!" Aomine said as he growled and paused for a moment. "Don't answer that!" Everyone, except for Akashi, shut their mouths as if they were going to say something.

"As I was saying, wake up Tetsuya. Chihiro, let him go."

Mayuzumi silently glared at the small teen for calling his first name so casually. He took off the handcuffs and crossed his arms up to his chest. The intruder massaged his wrist as he strode over to the sleeping bluenet. He leaned forward closer and blew on his face as blue dust came out and went to Kuroko's face. The shadow's nose twitch as he let out a sneeze. His azure hues opened up as he sat up, yawning. "Chihiro? When did you get here?" He blinked as he saw familiar faces except one. "Excuse but why are you all here inside my bedroom? And more importantly my house. Also, who is this?"

"Alright. Now spill. Who are you?" Aomine asked as he scowled at him.

"Oh that's easy." The teen took off his hoodie as he revealed his face which made the spectators' eyes widened.

"My name is..."


Meanwhile, somewhere at the streets of where the restaurant, Maji, is located. A tall dark redhead teen was eating a huge mountain of burgers with a raven head inf ront of him watching him eat all of it.

"Taiga. You do know what our purpose is on going from America to Japan, right?"

"Yeah, yeah. We go find that idiot and protect him before he does something stupid." Kagami Taiga, the guitarist who works with Himuro Tatsuya, one of the singers at the Seirin Corporation. The corporation's head building is in Japan but there was another building at America where the two were recruited.

"So do you know where they are?" Kagami asked as he finished another burger. Himuro nodded as he said, "Of course. What do you expect from my abilities?" He smirked as he looked out of the window and gazed at sky.


"You're what?!" The youngster almost fell on the floor from the sudden outburst except for one Akashi though who was having this dumbfounded look on his face. He nodded meekly as he gave out a nervous laugh.

"I'm Kuroko Teruya. Kuroko Tetsuya's younger twin." It was unbelievable to believe it but standing in front of them was the evidence itself. Never did the Miracles nor Mayuzumi, since they were so close when they were kids, knew about Kuroko having a twin especially an identical one minus the hair color. The bluenet was also shocked about this as well. Teruya's facial features were the same for the former. He had those baby blue eyes but he had gray hair like Mayuzumi's but a bit darker plus he was wearing glasses.

"I don't recall having a twin myself." Finally, Kuroko said something that everyone wanted to know.

"Well... Looks like Mom and Dad hid it pretty well, I presume." Teruya replied as he gave a sad smile. "Even if it was a meaningful reason for me to disappear from your life..."

At that last remark, Kuroko felt a sudden sadness in that boy but he needed to be cautious if this was true or not. For all his life, he only grew up as an only child but... Why did they kept it from him especially from his whole entire life?

"I guess I have to explain further than usual. I'm not much of a talker sometimes."

"He really does act like him." Everyone thought as they fixed their eyes on a certain shadow, who only gave a big question mark at their stares.

"Let's begin, shall we?"

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