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The Dark and Empty Spaces

In the dark recesses of space, a rocky landscape drifted past, a voice speaking in the darkness, "The Tesseract has awakened," it rasped, "It is on a little world, a human world. They would wield its power…"

A man stepped forward, out of the darkness and into the vague light that surrounded the landscape. He was tall, dressed in blacks and greens, with light eyes and long black hair. Loki, of Asgard. He stepped forward, before a shadowy figure as it held out a scepter-like object with a glowing blue gem on the end of it, a curved blade sticking out over the gem, pointed at the end, like a weapon. Loki looked down at it, feeling power course through him as he took the scepter in his hands…and smiled, this was it, this was the moment.

Now…now he had the power, the resources, to go to Earth, the place he had been striving to get to for so long, the place he HAD to go. Ever since he had woken from his own banishment, from being betrayed by his so-called brother and oh-so loving father, he nearly spat at the words, he had been focused on nothing else. His life had been taken from him, his title, his friends, his family, his home…but there was something else, something SO much more dear to him that had been taken as well, something important, something he would stop at nothing till he got back. He turned his gaze back to the figure, the figure that had given him this opportunity, this method, this…power, the power to do what had to be done, the power to step across space, to Earth. Yes…Earth, it had to be Earth. It was a small price to pay to do their bidding if they gave him such power and such chance.

"But our ally knows its workings as they never will," the voice continued, though he couldn't see the speaker in the darkness, "He is ready to lead. And our force..."

Small chatters sounded around Loki as he looked over, seeing a hoard of beings placing masks over their faces, aliens beings, as they prepared for battle. He smirked, an army, just waiting to be commanded.

"...our Chitauri, will follow. The world will be his...the universe, yours. And the humans, what can they do but burn?!"

"And burn they shall," Loki nodded as he looked down at the scepter, his gaze pulled to the swirling blue glow of the gem. He reached out and touched it lightly, "You have my world," he looked back at the figure, "I shall not fail you."

He COULD not fail, he could not fail this. THIS was FAR too important for mistakes, for regrets, for hesitation. No, he was beyond that now, the Chitauri had shown him the way, had freed his heart of the ties that had bound him and tied him down, the ties that had made him so weak he hadn't been able to save…to save HER. And now…now he had the chance to redeem himself to her, to find her once more, to save her in a way he hadn't been able to. And he would, he would find her, he would protect her, and he would keep her at his side always, safe, protected from his brother and those who would harm her, the…humans, he sneered at the thought, that would try to use her.

A small voice in his head that sounded like her whispered at him in the dark thoughts that swirled in his mind, reminding him that he had not seen Earth since he had told his brother that their fath…Odin…had died. The voice reminded him he did not know how the humans may have treated her, but it didn't matter. Humans were weak, and primitive and violent, and SHE had been banished there, to live among them…to live AS one of them. And she did not deserve that fate, no…not her, she had been nothing but a wonder all her life and now she was being punished for trying to protect her home. No more. He would end the banishment, he would find her again, he…he HAD to find her, he needed her, more than anything in the world, he needed to be with her again.

"We give you this one chance, Princeling," the voice rasped, "Use it wisely."

Loki looked at the shadowy figure, smirking as he gave it a nod, before holding up the scepter, encasing himself in a bright blue light before he struck it into the ground…

Earth, that was where he needed to go…

Because SHE was on Earth.


In the middle of a rather advanced room, on Earth, a tall, intimidating black man with an eye-patch on one eye, stood, staring at a machine that was set up on one side of the room, a glowing blue cube wedged in the middle of it. Scientists were rushing everywhere, trying to get objects out of the room, to get their equipment evacuated, while also trying to help an older man shut down the machine. A young man in black stood beside the black man, watching the cube as it began to pulsate, everyone discussing the cube and talking about how the energy levels were spiking, about how something was going wrong with it all.

"No one's come and gone," the young man was saying, "And Selvig's clean," he nodded at the old scientist, "No contacts, no IM. If there's any tampering, sir, it wasn't this end."

Selvig moved to a computer, checking the cube. The fear and concern on his face was evident to all of them as he glanced at the cube in worry.

"At this end, Agent Barton?" the black man asked, turning to the young man beside him.

"Yeah. The Cube is a doorway to the other end of space, right? Doors open from both sides."

As though hearing his words the cube itself started to spark.

"What's that?" Selvig looked over as it sparked again and again, the sparks getting larger each time it happened

…until a brilliant beam of blue energy shot out of it, across the room, growing in size as though to make a portal of some sort, energy rising above it as well, gathering on the ceiling of the base. There was an explosion that sent everyone ducking for cover, blinding them for a moment at the brilliant light that enveloped the room. When they looked up again…there was a small crater on the other side of the room, part of the floor destroyed from the blast…and there was a man with the scepter standing…no, kneeling…in the middle of the explosion.

Loki had come to Earth.

Guards moved closer to him, their guns raised, ready to attack, as Loki merely looked up, grinning menacingly at them all, dark, unnaturally dark, shadows under his eyes, eyes which looked nearly crazed as he turned them around the room but also…eyes that were full of pain and a manic quality that seemed so…out of place on his face, or out of place to anyone who had known him before.

He slowly stood as the others got up and looked at him in equal parts awe, horror, and shock, "Sir," the black man shouted, stiffening as he saw the scepter-like object in Loki's hand, saw the blade on the end of it, but also saw the glowing gem that seemed so much like the Tesseract as well, "Please put down the spear!"

Loki looked at the scepter in his hand, before tilting his head sharply to eye the man in the eye-patch who had dared command him, watching him for only a moment as though sizing him up…before he pulled the scepter back with a jerk, firing a blue beam of light at them. Barton shoved the black man away, avoiding the blast that blew up a machine behind them.

The guards immediately opened fire at Loki, rushing at him, trying to take him out, but the man was ready and fast, impossibly fast, and quite prepared, very skilled, clearly a man who had had a lifetime of training on combat. He leapt into the air, flying right for a guard, and knocking him down before he turned and threw two blades at two other guards that were racing for him, taking them down, firing energy from the scepter while also attacking with his bare hands, taking down guard after guard after guard, not stopping, not pausing, not even seeming to be considering what he was doing, just…attacking automatically.

Barton stood slowly, eyeing the man, noting how he was fighting, frowning at the way he was doing it. It didn't appear to be…in defense, it wasn't even like an attack really. It was more like…a man on a mission, working his way through the ones who stood in his way, not even caring if they were attacking him or not but just doing what he'd been tasked to do. He'd seen another person fight the same way, undistracted, taking out everything before them on their path to their target…but she was in Russia right now.

He waited for a chance, waited till the man was distracted, before he rushed at him with a gun…but Loki merely spun around, as though expecting the attack and grabbed Barton's arm so tightly that he winced and paused, unable to continue his attack.

Loki eyed him for only a moment, before smiling, "You have heart," he seemed to realize, a fact which he seemed quite…pleased about…as he reached out and pressed the tip of the curved blade of the scepter to Barton's chest. He watched closely as black veins raced up the man's neck, Barton's eyes turning black, before fading, the color seeming to be absorbed into his irises and turning them a glowing blue, the same color as the sphere in the scepter. He smiled wider at the man, letting go of his hand as Barton just…put his gun away and stood there, ready and waiting.

He let out a small, pleased, laugh at that. It was working, just as the Chitauri had promised. And this man…he could tell, he had been able to read it off him, he was a good man, a loyal man, one who would obey orders and do as commanded IF he thought the orders right for the cause. It was a man who would defend and protect those who needed it…and that was JUST what he needed. Because when he found her again, he wanted her protected, always, even while he was off doing what the Chitauri had asked of him, what he owned them to do. He wanted to know she would be safe, she would be cared for, and that no harm would come to her while he wasn't there.

He hadn't been there before, he hadn't thought to give her this sort of protection in the past, and she had paid dearly for it. He should have been there. He should have protected her. He shouldn't have ever let her go, but he had. And it was a mistake he paid for and agonized over every day of his life. But no more, because he would find her again. And when he did…this man would make a fine bodyguard for her, a protector. Yes…this man was just the sort to be able to do what was necessary to protect those under his care, which was JUST what he needed.

He nodded to himself, before he turned, doing the same to another agent as he stood, almost not noticing the black man remove the glowing cube, the Tesseract, the object the Chitauri seemed to want desperately, from a machine and place it in a case, trying to leave.

"Please don't," Loki called, turning to him, perfectly calm, perfectly at ease, as though he hadn't just attacked and incapacitated a room full of soldiers.

He did give a brief pause at that. He had never been the one that was a soldier, that was the one who attacked like that. That had always been Thor. But he had never had cause to attack like that before, and now he did. Because these men and women…they possessed the Tesseract, and that was something he needed, that was something he had to retrieve in order for the Chitauri plans to come to fruition, in order for him to be allowed to stay on Earth. These men and women…they were only standing in the way of him getting back to her, of being able to get to her.

And he would never let anyone stand in the way of them again.

"I still need that."

They had no idea how much he needed that. It was part of the bargain, part of the deal. He knew what it was, more so than these prattling mortals, and he needed it, the Tesseract, back. He had been sent to Earth, yes, but he could be pulled back at any moment if the Chitauri thought he was not fulfilling his part of the deal. He needed the Tesseract to stay, and he HAD to stay. He had his own mission to see to, his own quest, his own treasure to obtain.

"This doesn't have to get any messier," the black man stated, turning back to him but not letting go of the case.

"Of course it does," Loki remarked, "I've come too far for anything else. I've come too far for what I seek and I shall not let a human such as YOU," he sneered, "Stand in my way. I am Loki, of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose."

The MOST glorious purpose.


And that was his purpose now, to find it again, to restore it, to cherish it and protect it from all the evils of the Universe that he had seen on his quest to find it, to find HER, again.

Selvig pushed himself to his feet at that, staring at him, "Loki, brother of Thor?"

It was clear on Loki's face that the mention of his 'brother' was not a welcomed one. If anything, he seemed near loathing of it, and why shouldn't he be? After everything Thor, his so-called brother, had done to him, had taken from him, why should he EVER think fondly of that name? Thor was a traitor, THOR was the betrayer of the family, he had proven it so through his actions on Asgard, "Do not speak of him around me," he hissed at the man, his mind filling with images of the last time he had encountered the man, what he'd lost because of it, "He is NO brother of mine!"

"We have no quarrel with your people," the black man spoke, trying to be calm, negotiating…or perhaps trying to bide his time as the energy he could hear crackling above him, still gathering on the ceiling from the explosion, built.

Loki gave a scoffing smile, "An ant has no quarrel with a boot."

"You planning to step on us?" the man's eye narrowed.

But Loki shook his head, "I come with glad tidings, of a world made free."

"Free from what?"

"Freedom," he said, a…mad quality in his voice and eyes, as though…he truly believed that, but the way he said it, the words he used, were…off, somehow they were just off. For a single moment, the black man was reminded of propaganda, of someone being told something for so long that they began to believe it themselves, for a moment at least, before it was replaced when Loki continued, "Freedom is life's great lie. Once you accept that, in your heart…" he quickly turned to Selvig, placing the tip of the scepter to his chest as well, taking control of him too. It wasn't even that the man, controlling him, would harm Thor (as clearly the man had known his 'brother' before) but because he knew the man was working on the Tesseract, trying to create a doorway, and that he would be useful later, "You will know peace."

"Yeah…" the black man eyed him warily, wondering just how much 'freedom' HE had given up to come to that revelation, not much if HE was the one who wanted to control everyone else, "You say peace. I kinda think you mean the other thing."

"Sir," Barton walked over to Loki from where he'd been standing, looking up at the cloud that had formed above the explosion site, the energy STILL gathering, "Director Fury is stalling. This place is about to blow and drop a hundred feet of rock on us. He means to bury us."

"Like the pharaohs of old," Fury didn't even bother to try to lie.

"He's right!" Selvig called, checking the readings of the machine, "The portal is collapsing in on itself. We've got maybe two minutes before this goes critical."

Loki nodded, not at all worried, "Well then," he gestured to Barton, who pulled out a gun and shot Fury in a single instant, giving the man no time to try to move.

Fury dropped to the ground in pain, releasing the case as Barton merely walked past, picking it up as he, Selvig, and the other agent followed Loki out and into what looked like a small room where the vehicles were stored.

"We need this vehicle," Barton man pointed at a pickup, speaking to a young woman, another agent, as they passed.

The woman frowned, spotting Loki, "Who's that?"

"Didn't tell me," was all Barton said as he headed for the pickup truck, Loki merely walked past her, not bothering to try and convert her as well, before he crouched down in the back of the truck, one hand grabbing onto the side as the other held the scepter tightly. Selvig moved to sit in the passenger's seat, clutching the case with the Tesseract to his chest.

"Hill!" Fury shouted over a radio in the woman's hand as she began walking away, "Do you copy? Barton...has turned."

The woman turned, her gun out and ready to try and stop them…only to see that Agent Barton himself had already pulled his own gun and was firing at her. She ducked back, rolling behind a wall, peeking out to see Barton jump in the driver's seat and speed away, Loki still on the back, a hard expression on his face.

"Get the Tesseract!" Fury shouted at her, "Shut them down!"

And the woman ran to a car, speeding after them, trying to catch up, her eyes on Loki the whole time as he was the one with a clear weapon…which was proved true when he fired blasts at the other cars that had joined her in trying to stop the hostiles from escaping. She tried to get close, tried to stop them, even fired at Agent Barton…but the man was too skilled and the base was too fractured from the Tesseract's reaction, it was starting to crumble around her.

And before she knew it, it was too late. The last thing she saw was Loki's smirking face as they drove out into the open, the ceiling collapsing on her just as she reached the exit, trapping her.

The pickup truck escaped more than just the collapse of the base, but Fury in a helicopter as well, it speeding off into the night, as the chopper raced after it. Loki looked up, watching as Fury appeared, leaning out of it with a gun aimed at him. He merely lifted the scepter and released a blast…right at the chopper…


Kona gasped awake as the dream played out in her mind, wincing and rubbing her head as she felt it starting to fade, like it always did. She hated when it did that, when her dreams faded, they were…comforting, most of the time, they were the one of the few comforts she had left, and yet they always disappeared so suddenly, just…fading, barely letting her grasp it before it fell through her fingers. She didn't understand how it was possible though, for her to dream of people, to actually see them and imagine their faces and…colors…if she had never been able to see anyone.

She was blind, had been her whole life or very nearly apparently.

Her first memory was waking up in a hospital, scared, alone, but then a lovely nurse had tried to help her, tried to help her make sense of what was happening and understand what was going on. It appeared that she had…tried to kill herself, or so the doctors claimed. But…she couldn't help but feel like that was wrong. Even now, even a year later, she still couldn't shake the feeling that that was NOT what had happened to her. She sighed though, the terrible truth was though…that she didn't know what exactly that was. She didn't remember landing in an alley before some children, she didn't remember falling, she didn't remember jumping or anything that came before waking up in that room in the dark. She had to admit though…she didn't know what else it could be.

Ever since she'd woken up, she'd tried to 'get on her feet' so to speak. She had no idea who she was, where she was from, what she had done in her life before she had 'jumped.' The nurses had been very kind to her though and, once a psychiatric evaluation had been done on her and determined she was not dangerous to herself or society, she'd been released. But she'd had nowhere to go. She'd ended up in a shelter, or that's what she thought it was called, before she'd found herself wandering back to the hospital again. The nurses had helped even more, had told her of a position at the hospital that she'd be able to do, basically just tending to patients, helping them walk to and from certain rooms and appointments, changing their bed sheets when they were out of the room, small things that anyone could do with their eyes closed…which she was unfortunately bound to do the rest of her life.

It was odd though, because…her first thought when the nurses had offered her the position was that…the humans had been very kind to her. She didn't understand why she'd thought of them as that, as…humans when SHE was one as well. But she shrugged it off and had fallen into a sort of routine. With her 'job' she'd been able to get a very small, very cheap apartment in New York. She didn't get paid much but it was enough to keep her apartment, as small and as dirty and grimy and in disrepair as it was with its lack of hot water and heating that didn't quite work right. And it was enough to buy groceries every week, it wasn't like she ate much with just her. At the moment, it was all she could hope for because she didn't know if she had any family, if she had any friends, what could have happened in her life that had driven her to do what the nurses thought she had done.

But there was always one thing that calmed her down and comforted her when she felt overwhelmed by the realization that her entire life was blank before a year ago. It was her dreams. It was the man in her dreams, with his tall frame and black hair, his pale skin and light eyes, and his…his warm smile and brightening laugh and…strong arms. She dreamed of him so many times but she couldn't recall ever having met him. She didn't understand why she dreamed of this man when she didn't even know his name. She was sure it was said quite often in the dreams, but…she just couldn't seem to hold onto it when she woke up. She didn't even really remember much of the dreams either, but…she got bits and pieces of it. She remembered what he looked like in her mind, she remembered…warmth, a…palace, gowns and ceremonies and books and…a throne.

She let out a little gasp when something small and warm and furry jumped onto her lap before she smiled, reaching out to stroke the ears of the kitten that had settled on her legs. The kitten had been there, in the apartment, when she first rented it. She hadn't had the heart to turn the little thing away and had sort of adopted it, keeping it as it was the kitten's home first that she was moving into. And…she was glad she had decided to keep it. It didn't eat much so she always made sure to get milk and small bits of cat food for him every week…she actually didn't know if it was a boy or a girl as she hadn't been able to take it to the vet. She…couldn't afford it at the moment, could barely make her rent and buy her food, but the kitten was small and…it kept her company. It seemed to be healthy enough. It made her feel less alone, to have the kitten there, she just…she felt like she hadn't ever really been alone before and now she was…she felt like New York, despite being found there and living there…wasn't her home, that she was lost and afraid and by herself but…at least she had the kitten.

Which was now meowing up at her, making her laugh, "It was just the dream again," she told him, petting him absently, "But…it was different this time," she shook her head, trying to think of a way to explain it…not that the kitten would understand either way, but…SHE was confused as well.

The dreams had always been different, in different places with different events and different people at times…but they always featured the man. Every night she dreamed of him. But every night it was in some sort of palace or a meadow or a library, with him dressed in such regal clothes she would've almost thought him a king if not for the sour feeling that came with it, like the man himself didn't like the thought of being king. She always felt…safe and warm and…and loved…when she dreamed of him. Sometimes she felt like she could even remember the sound of his voice, never what he said to her, but she felt…happy when he spoke to her in the dreams.

The kitten meowed again, pulling her from her thoughts, as though he were waiting for her to explain what was different about it.

She stroked his ears, last night, that last dream was…not the same as the others. THIS time…the man had been there, but…in a facility of some sort, like a research lab or something. And she knew that he wouldn't stay there, that he was going somewhere else, "He was in New York," she murmured, "Or…he's coming to New York. He…he appeared in a flash of light and people were…" she frowned, she couldn't really remember what was happening.

It had made her feel like he was confused and disoriented, like he was searching for something he wanted, something he was looking desperately for, and that people were getting in the way.

She let out a sad laugh, "Maybe he's come for me?" she sighed, feeling…sad and happy about that at the same time.

It could be true, maybe…maybe he WAS coming for her, but the thought that the man had come through time and through space and through the stars and from his tall palace just for her? That he'd gone all that way just to come and find her and bring her home (wherever home was)? She felt like it was an impossible dream.

She wasn't anything special, just…a poor, blind girl with amnesia.

She was hopeful that was what it was though, that maybe her dream might come true. She hoped he was there for her, that he'd come to find her, because it was the same man from her dreams and…she just…she felt like she wanted something back. Whenever she woke up she felt like that, like she wanted something desperately but she could never remember what it was. She felt so alone that she wanted it (whatever IT was) back, she wanted him back, she wanted him to come back and yet…she always awoke without him, in her bed, alone, it broke her heart to realize she was still there, in New York, with no one, to realize that they were just…dreams. That he was just a man in her dreams.

Still though…maybe it might come true one day, because the man in the dream just then…he wasn't in his palace, he was in New York, he was coming to New York. Maybe it was a sign that she would find him again because SHE was in New York too.

She hoped so.

Because…whoever he was…she missed him terribly.

She sighed as the kitten began to fuss, "Alright, alright," she got up, the kitten in her arms, "Let's get you some breakfast Loki."

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