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Seattle, september 9th 2005

The rain was pouring down on the petite brown-haired girl as she walked through the streets. At 15 years old, she had reached her breaking point. Every day was a battle. There was no one who cared her about her. Not her mother, who had just married her 5th husband and barely even noticed that she was there. Not her teachers, who would always tell her to ignore the others. And especially not the others. The other kids at her school. She was the target of their bullying for as long as she could remember.

It had been the same all the time. When ever her mother remarried, she had to move to another town. With that came a new school and every time she hoped her life would change for the better, but it never happened. She would always be the victim. It was like she had a kick me sign on her back. Her newest school, here in Seattle was especially bad. She was used to being pushed around and all the name calling, but in her new school she got beaten twice already and no one helped her, even the teachers looked the other way.

Last week her book bag got stolen and her mother got so mad, that she got beaten at home too. Sometimes, when she had a particular bad day, she would think back to happier times. Back when her father was alive, well he wasn't her biological father, but Ray Steele was the closest to a father the girl ever had. He was her mothers second husband and he loved her. She even stayed with him after they divorced, but after a year he passed in an accident and she had to stay with her mother again.

She had never felt loved or safe again. After today, she knew she would never feel safe again. It started out as a normal day in school. The usual being pushed around in the hallways, the usual name calling. Nothing she hasn't learned to deal with over the years, but that changed after school. She wanted to do her homework in the library, when finished her homework it was getting late, so she hurried to her locker and that was when three boys from senior year grabbed her and pulled her into the boiler room.

She begged them to let her go. No one heard her screams and when they left she just curled up on the floor. She had no idea for how long she was lying on the cold floor and silently cried. In this moments her last hopes of a better life died. She had nothing left. When she got up, she didn't care that her shirt was ripped open and that blood was coming from her nose and lip. She just wrapped her arms around herself and started to walk with no direction at all. And then she saw it. Like the light at the end of the tunnel the bridge came into her sight of vision.

She walked faster with new purpose. Tomorrow was her birthday, but she didn't want another year of this hell that she called her life. It would all end tonight.

The young man drove his car through the rain and all he could think of was how much he hated his life. It has been a fight from the start. Surviving his first years with the crack whore that was his mother and her pimp, who would beat him and use him as ashtray was hell. When he was adopted he never felt worthy of his perfect family.

He wasn't perfect. He was nothing, just the same little shit the pimp used to beat and abuse. He used to brawl as a teenager and was a constant disappointment to his otherwise perfect family. That was until she came into his life. His mother's friend, who taught him control by demanding his total submission.

He gave his submission willingly, eager to finally be worthy of his family. To find his place in life, to be anything but the worthless piece of shit, he felt he was his entire life. She taught him well, stopped his drinking, the fighting and that in turn made his parents happy, though they never knew what has brought this changes in their son.

If they had known, things might have been different now. But, it was his choices that brought him to where he was now. She promised her help, help for him to start his own company, but once he dropped out of school, she kept promising to give him the money he needed and never did it.

Today he went to her home again and all his hopes and dreams got shattered. He loved her and thought in her own way, she loved him as well. Once he entered her house he found out he wrong he was. He heard her talking to his husband. They were laughing, talking about her stupid boytoy who still thought she would give him money, when all she cared for was the sex.

When he step into the room, there was no regret or any emotion on her face. She just kept laughing at him and told him how fucking was all he was good at and that he should consider this as his career choice. He was crushed to hear her laugh at him, hear her say these things about him and left the house. That was the final straw for him. All those years he believed she saved him, when in reality she just used him.

He would never be worthy of his family. He wasted his on chance of making them proud by dropping out of college. He had no idea where to go from here. He wouldn't give all those people who wanted to see him fail the satisfaction of seeing him work in some burger joint or have five jobs just to meet months end. He always wanted to proof them wrong, but today he was proven wrong. He was the failure the all said he would be.

He kept driving with no direction at all until he saw it. It was like the light at the end of the tunnel. The solution to all his problems. He drove faster, wanted to reach the bridge and finally end it. He was doomed from the day he was born, so why not take the easy way out and just end it today, he thought.

The girl stared into the water below the bridge and prayed that she would see her father when all was over. She was just about to climb on the railing when she heard a bitter laugh behind her. She turned around and saw a boy, maybe a couple of years older than her. He was beautiful and looked as sad as she felt.

"Looks like we both had the same idea. So, do your thing, ladies first" he muttered gesturing for her to jump first.

She continued to look at him and wondered why he wanted to do this. "We could jump together" she offered. She had no idea why she said that, but maybe it wasn't as scary as it seemed now, if she had someone who would do this with her.

He looked up at her and stepped closer. She took a step back, afraid he would get angry, but he gasped when he saw her face in the light that came from one of lights on the bridge.

"How old are you?" he wanted to know and she sighed. She didn't want to talk anymore. If he wasn't going to jump with her she would do it alone. She turned around again and tried to climb on the railing, but with her sore body, the fact that it was slippery from the rain and her clumsiness, it wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.

The boy watched the girl trying to climb on the railing and something in him told him he couldn't let that happen. He grabbed her and placed her on her feet a couple of steps away from the railing. That was when he noticed her ripped clothing and the blood on her nose and lip, but it were her eyes that really touched him. She had the most beautiful eyes. Huge blue orbs that seemed to stare right into his dark, tortured soul.

More so, he could see the same pain in her eyes. It was ironic, he came here determined to end his life and now looking at the girl who clearly had the same purpose he wanted nothing more than to keep her alive. She was too young to die, too beautiful to just give up before she had even began to live.

"Why are you stopping me?" she sobbed and he looked at her shivering in the cold rain. He took his jacket off and placed it around her slim shoulders. She was so tiny, it covered her knees.

"You are too young to end your life" he said and she snorted. "And you are old enough to do it?"

"Well I'm 22. I'm an adult and can do what ever I want. You haven't even began to live."

The girl looked at the boy and all she could think of was that she didn't want him to jump off that bridge. She had no idea why she suddenly cared so much about the faith of a complete stranger, but she did. And suddenly an idea formed in her mind.

"So, 22 is the right age to decide to die?"

"I guess" he shrugged and she nodded slowly. "Then let us make a pact. Right here, tonight."

They boy was intrigued and to his own surprise he realised he would do just about anything to stop the girl from ending her life on this bridge. He watched her look at her wrist watch and sigh again.

"It's midnight, my birthday. I wanted to be with my dad by now" she muttered sadly and then she looked at him again. "Lets make a pact. We will promise each other to try. I mean really try to turn our life around. And 6 years from now we will meet here again at midnight. If we still want to end it, we do it together. If not, we just talk"

"Why midnight?"

"Because six years from now at midnight I will turn 22. You said at 22 it is the right age to decide to end it. You have to promise to really try to turn your life around and so will I. Are you in?" She held her hand out to him to seal the deal and without thinking he took it.

They both felt the charge between them and just stood on the bridge, in the middle of the rain holding each others hand for a while. Neither of them believed in faith or destiny, but it was just that what had brought them together at that night.

"I guess we should leave now. Can I drop you of somewhere?" he asked not wanting to leave her on the bridge in the middle of the night.

The girl looked at him and thought for a moment until she made up her mind. She had just promised to try to turn her life around and in that moment she knew what to do first.

"Yes, the nearest police station." she said. The boy nodded, led her to his car and held the door open for her. The drove in silence to the nearest police station and he parked out front. The girl was just about to take his jacked off when he stopped her.

"Keep it. It's cold outside."

"Are you sure?" he nodded and the girl frowned for a second, then reached to the back of neck and opened the necklace she was wearing. She took it off and held it out to him.

"My dad gave it to me for my 6th birthday. He said it is a talisman. Maybe it will bring you luck" she said and he took it. She smiled at him and got out of the car.

"Wait, what is your name" he called after her.

"I'll tell you in six years" she called back and with one last wave she disappeared into the police station.

The boy took a deep breath and looked at the necklace in his hand. He had six years to turn his life around, maybe that was enough time to proof himself to the world.

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