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I'm Leaving. Have I fucked things up again? I'm dreaming. Too much time we'd have to spend. And its hurts, wounds so sore - Now I'm torn. Now I'm torn. - Bullet For My Valentine, Hearts Burst Into Fire.







The voices in Kori's head were talking again.

What were they talking about this time? They told her how disgusting her eyes were, it wasn't her fault that her eyes shone such a vibrant green. The voices reminded her that the public were talking about how freakish they were behind her back. Her heart broke, it wasn't her fault that she was born like that.

She looked on the news. Robin, beaten to death by The Joker. Beaten, bloodied, bruised and left for dead. Kori shed a tear… not because of his death, Oh X'Hal, it was a sad affair to be left in such a state by someone so sadistic. She didn't even cry because Batman held his sidekick, blood trailing down his sides as he silently mourned. The dynamic duo was no more, and yet Kori did not feel for this separation.

Kori should have listened to the voices in her head. They were right.

They always were.

They told her when and where the death of Robin was going to take place, but Kori couldn't bring herself to save the sidekick. If anyone knew about the audio hallucinations, people would think she was crazy. Then if people learnt that the voices spoke nothing but the truth,

People would stay away from her.

Freak. Loner. Crazy. Yup, Kori knew that's what they would say. Her eyes were abnormal enough as it was, she couldn't go through that torment again. She had nowhere, she had no one. Kori was truly alone. With that, a shallow smile appeared on her face – she knew that was the truth. Who would want to comfort poor Kori Anders? She's been alone for majority of her life.

X'Hal – that entity definitely made sure Kori's life on Earth was a misery story.

Kori stared at the television, still focusing on the death of Robin. She listened intently to see what else was true about her predictions. Robin had recklessly charged into battle essentially disobeying Batman and his orders, the final blow was delivered with a crowbar, Batgirl had been paralyzed with a gunshot to the lower abdomen… She had even predicted Nightwings public statement saying that Robin wasn't dead, but was in fact just in a coma.

You know why Nightwing would say that.

Kori shook her head, I wouldn't know why. You say Robin is dead, but Nightwing says that he is only in a coma.

Batman needs to appear unbreakable. He will find a new sidekick, there is no Batman without a Robin. That's how the public sees them.

Bruce Wayne would disregard the life of his adopted son and replace the mantle of Robin so easily? What a heartless thing to do.

It's Bruce Wayne, everything is either about the safety of others or strictly business. If it wasn't for Catwoman, there probably wouldn't be anything else.

Yup, and the voices told Kori who each superhero was. Many of them were all successful businessmen, apparently Superman worked with the new journalist infamous Lois Lane. Kori laughed at the thought of the strongest person in the world typing on a computer all day. Oh well, definitely each to their own.

I've got a feeling something huge is going to pop up.

Things normally do. I feel so vulnerable that I cannot do anything about it.

But X'Hal grants you the ability to fly at the speed of light, to shoot balls of energy from not only your arms, but your eyes. You have strength with that compared to Superman.

I was granted the ability to shoot my bolts not by X'Hal, but by the Psions that tormented me for my childhood. In addition, my long seclusion made me hear you in my head. X'Hal has forsaken me. Where are my friends and family that once stood with me?

That knew how to shut the voices up. Kori didn't shed a tear. This was a feeling she was all too familiar with, instead, she sat in the confinements of her own silence as she laid down on her couch. She felt a small Maltese x Shih Tzu jump on her chest, bowing her small head upon her mistress' breast. Kori stroked her head, she knew when her beloved Silkie could feel her pain, and being the loyal dog she was, she crawled into her Ruby locks, snuggling against her ear.

Kori cradled the dog. At least she had something that would show her unconditional love.

That was one thing in life she was grateful for.






Richard Grayson took off his sunglasses, it had been a week since the death of his beloved younger brother.

He may have had an attitude problem – Jesus above, he knew how to get on Dick's bad side whether he was billionaire playboy Dick Grayson or the infamous Nightwing. But really, a death in the family was definitely uncalled for. Beneath that hard exterior, he loved his brother more than anything, he just had a rough upbringing. Those walls didn't come crashing down, so he became a destructive, angry delinquent who was just lost.

Dick knew Bruce saw potential in him. Did Bruce put a lot of pressure on the second Robin? Did his expectations cause Jason to break? He knew these questions were circulating within his fathers' brain. With Bruces' stoic look, he knew he was taking this the hardest.

"How are you feeling?"

Barbara gave a heaving sigh. She couldn't say much.

"Like I just got shot with a gun."

Richard gave a small smirk. The night Barbara found out she was paralyzed from the waist down, she went frantic. His heart went out to her. He held her while she cried in his chest, he could feel her pain ripping at him and as a friend, he wanted to take all that pain away.

As a friend.

Richard noticed the looks Barbara gave him on and off the field. With her in this condition, he couldn't up and leave her. She was at her weakest, and he knew Barbara would drop everything in an instant to be there when she needed to be picked up. Now she couldn't use her lower body, it was like her whole life had ended – he could definitely see the hope slowly leaving her eyes.

"Things will get better."

Babs bowed her head, tossing her light locks in a high bun. She sure had damaged her hair enough with all the tears she had spilt – she would be surprised if she had any tears left to shed.

"I'm useless now, Dick. What could I do now? I can't go in on the field when you guys need me, I can't run, walk, jump… Hell, I don't even know how I'll look after myself without my basic mode of transportation!"

Dick found his hand caressing hers. Though he didn't want to send the girl mixed messages, he knew that was she was going through was life changing. It was something he will never be able to understand, so for the meantime, all he could do was be his shoulder to cry on. He could do that without breaking the girl even further.

"We will figure something out. It will get better, trust me."

Babs leant up, throwing her small arms around his neck. Dick gave a small smirk of his own, the charm of Dick Grayson always worked on everyone.

"Thank you Dick, I don't know what I'd do without you."

After watching Babs slowly cry herself to sleep, Dick gave a stroke of her head before kissing her forehead. He needed to now console his now broken father. Never would Bruce admit that he was wrong, nor what Jason did was right, but like any other father – he would be hurting. He didn't think Bruce was capable of hurting until this very moment. He kind of wished this never happened, if anything, it was a heart breaking situation to see your custodial in.

Jumping in his Astin Martin, he let the songs of the radio soothe him and give him strength. Alfred aside, he knew he would have to be the rock of the family. He didn't mind as much, it gave him the opportunity to find strength in places he never thought existed.

Pulling into the manor, he was greeted by an ever so poised Alfred who took his coat. He had a cup of hot chocolate waiting for him. Dick gave his thanks.

"Where's the old man?"

Alfred let out a sigh, "The Master is isolating himself in work, he says that he does not wish to be disturbed unless it is an emergency."

"Did you manage to kick some sense into him?"

"It is Master Bruce. He reasons with nothing but logic."

"I take that as a no."


Alfred took his leave. With things the way they were, Dick had to reside in the manor for the time being to make sure everything was okay. Walking up the stairs, he decided to go and have a lie down. He walked past Jason's room.

Just as Dick was about to enter, he heard a heavy breathing from the opposite side. I thought the old man was in his library?

Leaving Bruce with his moment of uninterrupted peace, he allowed his father to mourn silently as he began to walk away, trying not to disrupt as if to say he had heard Bruce weep for his son. He didn't want to see his father so broken, and Dick was pretty sure Bruce didn't want to be seen so vulnerable. With that, he went into his room with a small grimace of the brow. Lying down, he turned to face the wall, coming into visual contact with an all too familiar poster.

The Circus of The Flying Graysons.

Hmm. At least I know Jason won't be alone.






Walking down the street, it was Kori's day off. She decided to try and be proactive and get out of her house.

Putting her holo-ring on, she put Silkie on a leash and went for a walk in the park. Both her and Silkie saw the beautiful flowers beginning to bloom around the concrete fountains. They were the most gorgeous pansies she had ever seen, they had ranged from a rainbow of colours. She couldn't resist, she had to take a picture with her beloved dog in front of the flowers. Now she could tell Donna that she too could be a photographer.


Speaking of which, there stood the ebony haired beauty wearing a white loose singlet, black ripped jeans and some wedges. She had a thin winged liner, some blush and matching gloss. If she wasn't a photographer, she could easily take Kori's place as a model.

"Donna! Oh, how glorious it is to see you!"

Pity, she's your only friend.

I do not need an abundance of friends, just true ones.

Sharing a hug, Donna broke the embrace and handed Kori a regular soy vanilla latte. Kori took note of the grande sized cappuccino with extra shot written in the notes side of the paper cup.

"I see you have had another busy night once again."

"Guess you saw the extra shot part. You know me too well."

Sitting down on the park bench, Kori let Silkie run off her leash as she began to chase the pigeons that were swarming near the public bird bath. Keeping note, Kori made notes about Donna's life. To help her get through life, Kori would model occasionally – just freelance stuff. To be honest, Kori was amazing in front of the camera, she had personality behind every shot and she definitely had the body to fill it. Because of her work, Donna is a young successful photographer who is very well off. Donna split the money with Kori, allowing Kori to live as freely, but sitting at home listening to the voices in her head did things, so she picked up a waitressing job.

"Jesus Kor, you should model. I can build you a portfolio, you'd be hired in an instant."

Oh that's right, Donna doesn't know you're from another planet.

Please, I implore you to quieten down.

"I do not feel comfortable that I will be hired. I fear that I am too foreign looking to be accepted in this modelling industry."

"Be that as it may, you make enough on one shoot with me than you do 4 months' work as a waitress. Am I missing something?"

Kori bowed her head, these voices gave her confidence that of an insecure teenager. She hated her eyes, her freakish natural hair colour, how she is orange, how she doesn't have eyebrows… All that was covered with a holo-ring. If only her true self could be accepted in this society. After much thought, Kori concluded that there was not one person in this solar system that knew of Kori's heritage.

And so they shouldn't, she didn't want people to know she comes from a forsaken planet, stripped of its honour and pride.

"I cannot perform as well unless I am comfortable with my photographer. That is why I like to perform for you as I know you."

Donna knew there was more than that, but looking at the hesitation on her best friends face, she chose to leave it. Kori looked down at the ground, giving a small jolt as she heard the voices in her head voice their opinion. She was pleased that her ring covered her natural Tamaranean instincts, because her eyes began to glow that neon green as her audio hallucinations became louder, creating realisations. Kori tried to move her mouth to engage in civil conversation, but the voices grew stronger in power, restraining Kori from acting normal.

You know who Donna is, right?

Yes, she is a true friend. That is all I need to know.

Right, ask her if she knows a person named Diana Prince.

So she could question my sanity? I think not.

"Kori, are you okay? You seem quiet." Donna took a small noting to Kori's face, it was becoming extremely pale. Donna could also notice a small frustrated frown burrowing her eyebrows. She could tell something was up.

"I am fine-…"

No you're not. Should I reveal who you're in the presence of?

"No! Don't tell me who Donna is! She is a true friend, that is all I need to know!" Kori dug her fingers in her hair, shielding herself away from Donna's concerned look.

"Of course I'm a true friend Kori! What's wrong? You're not acting right…"

True friends don't lie. She's a superhero like the rest of them. You'd probably be able to guess it if you looked hard enough.

"She is not a superhero! She is normal like everyone else!" Kori was beyond the point of being frantic. She couldn't speak to her voices in her head quietly without hearing her own voice. Unfortunately, this was the only way she could reason with these spoken words circling her head.

"Super… hero? Kori?" Donna hesitated for a bit, pulling her hand back with a face that spoke of realisation and shock. She had been so secretive for these past years, she tried so hard to protect those she loved, and innocent people - like Kori, her face was prime example of innocence. But seeing her in this new light, Wonder Woman promised that this façade would never face in the public, but at this point…


"You're Troia?!"

And with that, the voices took control of her motor function to speak. All hell broke loose, and all Kori could do was sit there with tears streaming down her face.

"Wonder Woman is Diana Prince, she is your sister. You two descend from Themyscira as Amazonian Princesses. You were created as a playmate, but Dark Angel abducted you-…"

In a split second, Kori found function in her right hand as she slapped herself as hard as she could across the cheek, forcing the voices to back away from her motor functions – but the damage had already been dealt.

Looking at Donna's face, she sat there with an expression that said she had no idea what to do. Mixed emotions ran through her at light speed, and all Donna could do was sit there, questioning who this person she once called a best friend was. She thought she hid these secrets so well, no one – not even Terry knew. He only figured it all out after she confided, and she could tell he was genuinely surprised by her revelations. Yet, here the two girls sat. Donna lost with what to do.

Donna's superhero persona had risen with the change in her eye. She was no longer the best friend Kori knew.

"Kori, I don't know how you know all this, but I'm going to have to take you back to-…"

"NO. You cannot! I will not be held captive again!"

Donna used her superhero might to restrain Kori, but Kori used her own force to disarm the Amazonian warrior. Chasing after her beloved pet dog, Kori scooped the dog in her arms as she began to run. However, Donna was not about to give up that easily. She had picked up her flight, closing in on Kori.

However, Kori could do that too. Only a lot faster.

Pressing off the ground with her heel, the only happy feeling she could ignite was the only feeling she could ever generate. It was not something she had experienced, but the thought of it gave her comfort knowing that one day, Kori could be truly happy. To be welcomed in the arms of another, not as Kori Anders, but as Koriand'r.

Tears ran down her face.

She dreamt of being loved by one.

And that dream was enough to leave Donna bewildered in a distinct energy contrail, looking as if it were coming out from her hair.

Donna frowned, there was no way she could catch up to her now. Her once best friend left flying that near to the speed of light. To say she was shocked was by far and understatement. She felt pathetic for letting an innocent civilian fool her.

The issue at hand was by far what she had expected. This girl knew who she was. She didn't think Kori was the type of person to go off and tell everyone – but then again, she had just found out that Kori was probably an Extra Terrestrial herself. She didn't know what to do, but she knew one thing was certain – If Kori could possibly know this about Donna, what else did she know about the rest of them?


Donna couldn't leave the fate of the League in the hands of a small waitress. She needed to be reprimanded.

"Diana? We need to hold an emergency meeting. Make sure everyone is there."