New Meetings

Sabrina Grimm, daughter of Henry and Veronica Grimm, was ready for some change. Exciting, cool, amazing change.

She was the definition of golden girl: beautiful, straight A's, and good with people. She had been captain of the cheerleader squad, popular, and had dated the cutest guy in school. Teacher's called her wonderful, her fakey friends adored her. It was every girl's dream. And it was boring.

It finally changed when her boyfriend broke up with her. No one ever knew of the inner conflict she was experiencing, just that she got quieter. No one knew how much that boy had meant to her. Come down to it, no one really knew Sabrina.

Which is why, a month before high school graduation, during supper, Sabrina dropped the providential bombshell.

"I'm not going to Harvard." She said clearly as her father took a sip of water. Henry sprayed the water across the table in his surprise.

"What? Sabrina, are you feeling okay?" Veronica put down her fork and knife and leaned across the table to peer at her older daughter.

In the background, Daphne and Basil, Sabrina's sister and brother, blinked, and exchanged glances. Unlike their parents, they had sensed something was going to happen when Sabrina had sat down for supper. Her back had been straight, a smile on her face. And their parents wouldn't let them take cases. Now who was right?

"Yes, Mom." Sabrina contained her urge to roll her eyes. "I don't want to go to Harvard any more. I want to go to New York University."

"Why?" Henry chose one of the many questions dancing the tango in his mind. Sabrina had been thrilled to get her acceptance letter into Harvard! Hadn't she?

"Harvard is going to suck out my savings account and put me in debt for years. But NY offered me a full scholarship for all four years. I need to take it." She explained.

Veronica looked over at Henry. Henry looked over at Veronica. "Well… It's your money." Henry decided, and Veronica nodded. "You have thought about how it will impact your future, right? This isn't a whim?" Sabrina shook her head.

"You should do what you think is best." Veronica agreed. "You have sense, I think we can trust you."

"Thanks." Sabrina smiled at them, before beginning on her meatloaf. A smile tugged at her face for the rest of the week.

~Sisters Grimm~

Four months later, Henry cut the engine of the Camry in front of the New York University office building, and turned to face his daughter. "You're sure this is what you want?' He asked, eyes searching her face.

"Absolutely." Sabrina nodded, climbing out of her father's car and tucking her purse under her arm.

Henry sighed, and crawled out. He followed her to the office, where a sign pointed them to admissions. Henry opened the door, and trailed Sabrina in.

A small, plump woman with white hair and red glasses sat behind the desk, typing on a computer like the end of the world was coming, and this might save her.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" Sabrina sat her purse on the counter. The woman looked up, a smile on her face.

"Hello, dear." She pushed her swivel chair away from the desk and folded her hands in her lap. "How can I help you?"

"I'm Sabrina Grimm-"

"Oh, the full-scholarship student!" She smiled widely. "They were very happy when you decided to come here last minute. I'm Mrs. Higgins. Is this your father?" And Mrs. Higgins shook hands with both of them, before turning back to her desk and opening a few drawers and taking pamphlets out of them. "I'm afraid you didn't get a dorm room match, because you were admitted so late. But she's a scholarship student too." Mrs. Higgins prattled happily as she typed some papers from her computer. "I'm sure you'll get on fine."

Sabrina and Henry both nodded. Sabrina figured she'd just ignore whoever it was if they were annoying. Henry figured she'd be a positive influence.

"Here you are. A map of the school, a bus schedule for shopping, and some other odds and ends. I hope you enjoy it here!" She waved as the Grimms left with a thank you thrown over their shoulders.

"So, where to?" Henry asked as they climbed back into the car and he started it back up.

"The dorm, I guess." Sabrina shrugged, already perusing the papers the woman had given her. Her dormitory house was helpfully circled with thick red marker, with a note under it that said 'Building 23, wing four, dorm 12'. It was the farthest dorm from the actual college. Sabrina guessed it was because of her last minute admission.

Henry glanced over at his daughter. He could hardly believe she was grown up and going to college already. It seemed like only a few days ago he was driving her to pre-school. He looked back up. His eyes widened, and he slammed on the breaks.

The student who had just been jay-walking across the street smirked at him, winked at Sabrina, and continued his leisurely pace across the road. They stared after him.

Sabrina was first to recover, picking up her fallen papers and stacking them neatly in her lap as Henry slowly started the car moving forwards again.

"If I ever hear of you doing that," He started, and Sabrina looked across at him, her eyes laughing.

"You'll drag me out of here and make me get a job flipping burgers while you wax on about my horrible life choices." She smiled.

"Well, maybe not that bad." Henry said slowly. "But then again, it seems like a great way to teach you your lesson." He cruised down the road.

Sabrina laughed.

~Sisters Grimm~

"Here we are. Home sweet home." Sabrina dropped armful of suitcases on one of the bunk beds. The other one at the opposite wall showed signs of recent use. The sheets were rumpled, and a green and blue dinosaur blanket was a tangled up mess in the middle.

She took it in. Huh. Her roommate must be a tomboy.

She turned her attention to the rest of the room as Henry set the last few boxes next to her chosen bed. Beige, nubby carpet, white walls with thumbtack holes, four dressers and two large closets. A door leading to a bathroom and another leading to a small kitchen sat at either end of the room.

Henry straightened, and dropped a hand on her shoulder. Neither said anything for a long moment. Then Sabrina looked down at the boxes. "I better get busy." She sighed.

Henry glanced at his watch. "And I better get moving." His hand slipped from her shoulder. "Goodbye, Sabrina." He hugged her.

She hugged back. "I'll call every week." She promised, a hitch in her voice.

~Sisters Grimm~

Sabrina slid the last shirt into the top dresser drawer, and pushed it shut with a sigh. She was done unpacking, and running out of busy things to do. She glanced at the large, ugly clock one of her friends from home had given her at graduation that she had hung above the door. It was five. It was perfectly legitimate to make supper now.

She headed to the kitchen, and opened the small refrigerator, taking out the cheese and milk, then opening a cupboard and pulling out the box of noodles she had stowed in there earlier. She was lucky NYU had let her bring in her microwave, hot plate, coffee maker, and a minfridge Veronica had gotten from the clearance in Sears two weeks ago. She didn't want to eat cafeteria food, no matter how many good reviews it got.

Humming, she began on her macaroni and cheese. She paused just as she was about to put the margarine in the pan. Should she make some for her dormmate, whoever she was? What is she was allergic?

Sabrina shrugged, and dropped in the appropriate amount of margarine. If her roommate had a special diet, she could provide for herself. If nothing else, Sabrina could eat the leftovers for dinner the next day.

~Sisters Grimm~

Sabrina had just finished washing the dishes when she heard the door open. Her nerves twisted. Please, oh please, let her be nice, she prayed.

A boy with curly blonde hair, green eyes and an emerald hoodie sauntered in, and paused to stare at her. His eyes dropped to the food still on the table seconds later, and he crossed the kitchen to take a plate from the cupboard, then heaped his plate.

"Sweet." He mumbled around a mouthful of food. Sabrina stared at him. Was he her roommate's boyfriend? Even if he was, he was really rude. He came in without saying a word to her, and began eating her food.

Sabrina sat down across from the boy and folded her hands around her cup of tea, and waited for him to finish eating. When he finally pushed back his chair and belched, she took her opening.

"I'm Sabrina Grimm." She stuck out a hand for him to shake but he ignored it.

"So they finally gave me a dormmate." He wondered, looking at her. His eyes seemed to search her face, and she got the uneasy feeling that he knew more about her than he let on. He burped again. "You can cook?" He asked.

Sabrina felt like rolling her eyes. She had just made a meal he devoured in five minutes. She could probably cook. Instead, she nodded.

"Great. Stay away from me and cook, and I won't pick on your ugly mug too much."

Sabrina's temper was rising. "What do you mean, you finally got a roommate? And just who do you think you are?"

The boy grinned cockily, his eyes lighting up. "Your brain is really slow. We're roommates. Stay on your side of the room, I'll stay on mine. And I'm Puck. Robin 'Puck' Goodfellow."

~Sisters Grimm~

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