The Final Battle

"Come on, Puck." Sabrina yanked her armguards in place, checked to make sure her hair was securely held, and touched her sword for reassurance.

"Hold your horses, Grimm." Puck yelled. On the other side of the armory, he was strapping on swords, hiding daggers, and concealing wands in his sleeves. He probably wouldn't need any of it, he knew, but… Better safe than sorry.

"We have to go before they get impatient and come to us." Sabrina reminded him, squashing the roiling nerves in her stomach. If she lost, she lost. But she might win. Might. A part of her brain whispered. What were her odds, anyway, against a fighting giant like Atticus? What if she did lose? Then what? Would the army give up? Would the Scarlet Hand take over the world?

Then again, what if she won? Wouldn't the Scarlet Hand be gone for good if she used St. George's sword? Didn't Bella promise that she could kill anything with the sword and magic? And she had Puck. There was some pretty powerful magic in him, if Bunny could be believed. And that witch knew her stuff.

Sabrina pinched her arm, stopping her mind rambling. She was going to win, she had to. She beat him before, she reminded herself, and alone. This time, she had Puck. That would help.

"Sabrina?" Daphne poked her head into the armory, a wand clenched in her hand.

"Yeah?" Sabrina managed a thin, worn, nervous smile in her sister's general direction.

"I, uh, wanted to wish you good luck." Daphne fingered her wand. Sabrina recognized it as her favorite one, the one that often malfunctioned with hilarious results. "And, um… Tell Puck to be invisible. They only want you. They'd kill him without a second thought."

Sabrina blinked at the younger girl, taken aback by her foresight. She smiled again. "That's a great idea, Daffy." She stood up and ruffled her sister's hair. "I'll tell him, if he ever gets away from the daggers." She raised her voice slightly.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Puck clanked into view. Two swords were on his waist, knives strapped to his arms and thighs, and another sword was belted to his back. "They're not winning. And it made me look cool." He answered the girls' questioning looks.

Sabrina laughed, and Daphne snorted.

"Don't die." Daphne hugged them both quickly. "And you'd better leave now, or else Mom and Dad aren't going to let you."

"We're leaving now." Sabrina nodded to her sister, trying not to think that this might be the last time she saw her. She and Puck strode out into the sunlight, through the gates, and towards the enemy.

~Sisters Grimm~

"There he is." Sabrina whispered to Puck, pointing with a muddied hand. The fairy craned his neck and nodded. The entirety of the Scarlet Hand seemed to stretch for miles, glittering and moving. Like a nest of ants, Sabrina thought. Their breath puffed in white clouds in the air, and Sabrina could feel snow crunching beneath her.

"I see him." He mumbled back. "Now what?"

Sabrina didn't look at him, her eyes focused on Mirror. "We walk up to him, Harry Potter style." She stood. Puck clambered to his feet next to her, dusting snow off his pants.

"Harry Potter? Didn't he get killed when he tried that?" He asked, wrinkling his forehead as they watched the Scarlet Hand members realize they were there and begin to scurry around. They looked more like ants than ever now.

"Yeah, but everything turned out alright." Sabrina nodded, affirming Puck's thought.

"You're the death day queen." Puck shrugged, and leaned over to kiss her. The cold pulled at them both, but, for a short moment, they were warm.

"What was that for?" Sabrina asked as they pulled apart.

All the light was gone from Puck's eyes as he stared down at the army. "Just in case." Sabrina swallowed.

"Make yourself invisible now." She murmured, and reached out to take his hand and squeeze it. "We don't need a just in case." She smiled, one hand on her sword. She hadn't worn gloves, they made her clumsy. But now she wished her hands were warm.

Puck nodded, muttering something under his breath, and faded away in front of her. If it hadn't been for the warm presence of his hand in her's, she would have thought he left. "I'm warning you, Grimm. When my magic finale comes, the invisibility will drop. Faeries can only perform one sort of spell at a time."

"Come on. Let's go kick some Scarlet Hand butt." She said, before leading the way down the hill.

The army met them as the ground leveled out. They jeered and spat, but didn't make a move towards the 'Grimm girl', instead standing aside to let her pass over the trampled snow.

Head held high, Sabrina walked among them, glaring at her target. Mirror stood in the middle of the huge mass of soldiers, smiling as she approached.

"Starfish!" He smiled and waved, as if greeting an old friend, not someone who would try to kill him. "I'm so glad no one stopped you from being a self-sacrificing heroine. It would have put a wrench in my plans, since I want most of your friends alive."

"They tried." Sabrina returned, making a concentrated effort to just keep making small talk.

"I thought so. How is Daphne, anyway? I forgot to ask you last time we saw each other." Mirror frowned, like he was disappointed in himself.

"She's fine. Marvelous. Probably helping to make coffins for you and your followers right now." Sabrina nodded.

"That's lovely. The fairy didn't stop you? How disappointing. I was hoping you two would be together by now. It makes wonderful blackmail."

"Does it?"

"You bet. Many of the wars in history were actually over love. Different kinds of love, but love." Mirror sounded all too confident. "I suppose your cold is better? You shouldn't have tried to run away in the middle of winter." He continued.

"Are we going to start soon?" Sabrina asked, fingering the hilt of the sword Bella had given her. Mirror glanced at it.

"It was nice of your friend to die to give you that." He mused. "Pity she died for nothing."

Once, Sabrina would have stood there in shock, and glared at him, tears leaking. But after months of living with Puck, a new strategy took over. She unsheathed the sword, whipping it out fast enough to make the air sing as the silver cut through it, pointing itself towards the Master. "Nothing?" She asked, as Mirror's own sword seemed to fly from its scabbard.

"Nothing." Mirror affirmed, Atticus' eyes growing hard as he charged.

Behind Sabrina, unable to do anything until magic was needed, Puck watched, hands clenching and unclenching as an elaborate dance choreographed itself. A twist, a turn, a swiftly averted upper cut, a stab. He couldn't do anything yet. The words mocked him, reminding him of his uselessness over and over as Sabrina narrowly avoided death and tried to kill the Master.

Nothing. Anything he might do was useless, anyway. Sabrina had to kill him with the stupid magic sword while he zapped him with some super powerful magic once a large enough wound was created. Which, granted, wasn't very big, but with Atticus's flawless defense and offense, it would take forever. It was taking forever now, each movement seeming to advance in slow motion as they exchanged blows.

Sabrina's hair pulled free from its ponytail and whipped in her face. She bit back a curse as she felt it swish around her. Now it was in the way. Mirror, Atticus, whoever, charged at her, and she leapt back, spitting out hair. His sword gave a good two-inch trim to one side. And she had worked so hard to grow it out.

They paused, swords on guard, circling each other.

"You could have been a princess." Mirror reminded her grimly, cutting at her with a perfect figure eight.

Sabrina parried. "I didn't want it." She bit back.

Mirror nodded, making a downwards stroke, and using his height to his advantage to nick her shoulder when St. George's sword didn't make it up fast enough. Sabrina cried out, her hand fluttering to press the small, deep cut, before it remembered that it needed to be on her sword hilt. "I see that now." Mirror said, taking his opening and stabbing as Sabrina defended herself.

"Should've killed us all when you had the chance." Sabrina glowered, puffing, blowing her blasted hair out of her face.

Mirror actually paused this, a frown curling his face downwards. "I never wanted any of you dead." He protested.

Sabrina lunged, and was blocked. "And I suppose that's why Granny isn't here anymore?" She mocked.

"It was necessary." Mirror's eye were sad, even as he fought his old friend's granddaughter.

Puck blinked. It was necessary to kill an old lady with weird granddaughters?

"Necessary?" Sabrina apparently had the same difficulty wrapping her mind around this as Puck did.

"She had to die to harden you. To make you into the killer you are today."


"Look around you!" Mirror stopped fighting, and Sabrina, as if possessed, ceased her slashing motion. He gestured to the army, silent around them as they watched the proceedings, stamping their feet against the cold.

"How many of your own kind have you killed for humans?" Mirror asked angrily. "Humans who will never accepted you, recognize your sacrifice? Humans who die as fast as they are born?"

"We were all humans at one point." Sabrina snarled.

"Wrong. I was never human. I was created to be a king."

"You are a SERVANT!" Sabrina screamed. "That's what Bunny created you for. To serve her in her quest for perfect beauty and to keep her magical collection safe."

"And you are a murderer." Mirror insulted, white in the face.

Sabrina lunged. Mirror, still off guard, didn't block fast enough, but pushed the sword aside, creating a long, jagged wound when he would have had a neat stab wound.

"Now, Puck!"

A ball of pure magic, unbridled and unformed, burst into light in Puck's hand as his invisibility faded away. He lobbed it, as if he were pitching for a baseball team. He smiled as he watched Mirror's eyes widen as the ball approached at high speed. There was no way to deflect it. He couldn't dodge. He was dead.

The golden ball of light slammed into Mirror's chest, fizzling into the blood of the cut as he fell, eagle spread, onto the ground, and lay still.

~Sisters Grimm~

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