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Kyle woke up to a thundering headache, a nasty smell stuck in his nose and warm heavy arms holding him close to a smooth hard chest.

He blinked slowly, not completely comprehending his situation. He couldn't sit up because of the heavy arms. He could hardly think because of the headache. But with a little patience, he was able to make out a second smell beside the sharp acidic one wafting around him.

This chest smelled like Stan.

His body jerked involuntarily when last night came back to him. Stan groaned and tightened his grip, and Kyle shuddered nervously. It explained the arms and the chest. It didn't explain the headache - one glass of wine was hardly enough to give him a hangover this bad - nor the smell. Unless either of them had thrown up, nothing in Stan's room could smell this acidic. And even for vomit, gross as the thought might be, it didn't smell quite right.

The good news came when he glanced down. He was pressed flush against Stan. Flush, as in chest to chest. Not cleavage to chest, or built-in pillow to chest. Chest to chest. No boobies.

He hissed out a curse in relief, before tensing once again. Stan slept with him last night. All his wet dreams come true in one evening, but with a nasty twist. And now he wouldn't know whether that twist was the only reason it happened in the first place. No matter what he claimed, Kyle was pretty sure Stan was straight and only did all this because he'd been a woman. Ok, so he said he would've liked the dancing if he had been a guy too, but dancing with your best male friend is not exactly the same thing as fucking him across your bed.

He carefully tried wriggling himself out of Stan's grip, but every time he managed to get a little space between them the arms tightened around him. He sighed in frustration, trying a little harder until a soft moan startled him. Stan's eyelids twitched and his arms shifted - though not in a way that allowed Kyle to escape - and he snuggled his face to the top of Kyle's head.

A soft noise of surprise escaped the jock, and he pulled back slightly, his eyes fluttering open.


"Sorry!" He squeaked, digging his face into Stan's chest.

The other was silent for a moment, probably a little slow processing what was going on with his mind only just waking up. He surprised Kyle with a snort.

"You got me confused there for a moment. Your hair is weird."

Kyle blinked surprised against Stan's chest, before it dawned on him. Bebe and Wendy had straightened his hair. It probably hadn't jumped back into curl-formation yet.

"I thought something else would've confused you first," he muttered.

Stan rolled them over, pressing Kyle on his back and propping himself on his elbows above him. Kyle winced from the sharp pain in his head, and Stan gave him a worried look.


"From one glass of wine?"


"Not to startle you, but look down."

Stan blinked in confusion before peering in between their bodies. He stared for a second before his face brightened. "You changed back!"

Kyle winced, and Stan's face dropped apologetically. He slipped his hands under Kyle and rolled them over again, now making Kyle lie on top of him. As soon as he settled, his fingers threaded into his straight red hair and started massaging his scalp soothingly.

"Stan?" Kyle asked slowly, confused.


"Aren't you bothered by this?"

"Well... It would be nice knowing what caused you to suddenly change gender, but all in all I'm just happy the problem is solved now."

"Happy? What I mean is if you aren't bothered by this. We're naked, and I'm lying right on top of you. You've got a naked guy lying on top of you."

"So it would seem." Stan shrugged. "What's the big deal? Yesterday I had a naked woman on top of me."

Kyle lifted his head to give Stan a confused look.

Stan chuckled slightly in response. "Dude, are you for real? You thought I just did that because you were a woman?"

Kyle promptly buried his face in Stan's shoulder, blushing like fire and feeling guilty as hell. He had always believed Stan wasn't interested in him like that for sure. So did he really think so low of his super best friend that he thought it was completely normal for him to screw up their friendship just because Kyle had looked like a good lay?

"Hey, Kyle," Stan softly murmured, trying to lift Kyle's face again without stopping his massage on his scalp. "You really thought I'd do that? You thought... Weren't you serious yesterday?" He felt Stan tense. "You just did that because you were a woman?"

"N-no!" He winced at his own outburst, clinging harder to Stan. "No. I... I was serious. I am! I just..." He was silent for a moment, trying to force away the tears building in his eyes before they could make his voice crack. "I suppose... I never had the guts to believe you might be serious."

"Kyle, I love you." Stan stated plainly, making Kyle shudder.

"Are... are you sure?"

"A hundred percent."

Kylse sniffled a chuckle. "Me too, dumbass." He lifted his face to look at Stan's happy smile, catching something unusual from the corner of his eye. He turned his head, looking at the strange candle burning on Stan's desk in confusion. The black and red threading pattern on the outside made it look suspiciously occult.

"Candle?" He asked confused.

Stan turned his head, looking equally confused. "Doesn't look familiar to me."

"Then how did it get there?"

"I dunno. Let's put it out. How's your headache?"

"A little better," Kyle slowly rolled off Stan, thankful for the head massage. Stan shifted and stood, walking over to his desk to blow out the candle. Kyle ogled his naked ass unabashedly.

"It has a note," Stan turned back around, only to chuckle at the sight Kyle made right now. Red painted nails, straightened hair in a thick mess around him on the pillow, make-up still on his face but partially smeared. "You should wash up, dude."

"You fucking serious?" Kyle rolled his eyes, carefully sitting up not to upset his headache too much.

"The note's from Kenny," Stan continued, looking a little confused. "He says the problem should be fixed now."

"Does that mean it was Kenny who turned me into a woman all along?"

"He looked like he seriously had no idea at first, though. Maybe he just found the solution?"

"A candle?" Kyle gave him an incredulous look. "How did he even get the idea of trying a fucking candle?"

"How should I know?" Stan shrugged and set the note back on his desk.

"Well, whatever." Kyle stood, a little wobbly. "I'm going to wash this muck off of my face."

"I think my mom must have something to remove the nail polish in the cupboard above the sink," Stan told him.

"Sweet. I'll be back in a bit."

He scurried out of the room, shyly covering his genitals - as if someone was around who hadn't seen them before. Of course Stan's parents were gone, but it didn't make him less uncomfortable about running nude through the house.

He found nail polish remover easily, and fumbled a bit until he got out some toilet paper to rub it over his nails. It irritated him how stuck it was, especially in the edges where he really couldn't get out the last bits of red. At some point he decided to give up, and started to try to remove the makeup from his face.

Which was a pretty optimistic thought in itself. He rubbed his skin red with water and soap, but he couldn't get the black lines from his eyelids no matter what he tried.

He fell back to sit on the closed lid of the toilet. Is this why some women were always wearing makeup, and others never? Because it was impossible to take it off?

"Are you okay in there, Kyle?"

Kyle jumped at the sound of Stan's concerned voice, and immediately felt self conscious. He was still buck-naked and now with black smears all around his eyes, red smears still present around his mouth.

"Uh, I'm fine! Taking it off is harder than I thought, but I'll be right out."

"O-okay." He heard Stan wander off again and he sighed.

Kyle grabbed a tube of lotion from the shelves, rubbing it on his face furiously before dumping his head in the filled sink, scrubbing as if his life depended on it. When he came up gasping for air he looked like a panda, but most of the smears were gone.

He scrubbed one more time before draining the sink and going out. He peeked into the hallway to check if Stan wasn't around, and snuck quietly back to Stan's room to find a bigger towel and something to wear.

What he hadn't expected was the jock to still be there. In full glory, too. Kyle quickly covered his privates and curled in on himself.

"No breakfast?"

Stan looked up at him, smirking. "I couldn't let my chance of seeing you walking around like this go, now could I?"

"Perv!" Kyle huffed and stalked to the bed, sitting down quickly so he could pull the sheets over his lap. "Don't you have anything for me to wear?"

"I could give you a shirt?" Stan ogled him, smirking.

"How about some underwear?" He asked testily.

"But Kyle," he leant over, breathing warmly against his cheek," I liked the panties you were wearing yesterday."

Kyle's face practically popped steam, and he swatted at Stan violently. "No way am I wearing that again! No fucking way Stan!"

"What if I won't allow you to wear anything else?" Stan grabbed his wrists and forced him back until he had to use all the strength in his abs not to fall back onto the bed.

"Then I won't!" Kyle spat defiantly.

"Good." Stan's smirk descended on the nape of his neck, and Kyle let himself fall down with a whoosh. The raven quickly crawled over him, sucking lightly on his neck.

"You're not weirded out by this?" Kyle asked again, still feeling insecure.

"I was more likely to feel weirded out about yesterday," Stan promised, moving his kisses up until he captured Kyle's lips.

The kiss was as passionate as it had been the night before. Kyle couldn't detect any hesitance, any insecurity in the way Stan moved against him. Only hot needy lips on his and a cocky tongue sweeping its way through his mouth whenever he got the chance.

A hand slid up his body, from his thigh to his shoulder and back down. Kyle arched against the raven, moaning appreciatively.

"You didn't shower yet," Stan murmured, kissing down his jaw.

"I only had a tiny towel," Kyle tilted his head to allow Stan access.

"You should shower. You really should."

"I'm sort of being held down though." Kyle gasped when Stan flicked a finger over his nipple, gently nibbling on his jaw.

"I thought, maybe I should make you properly dirty before you can get clean?"

"Am I not sweaty enough from yesterday?" Kyle's breath hitched, his fingers clenching on Stan's bare shoulders.

"Hmm. No." Stan moved down to kiss his collarbone, giving it small nips with his lips and teeth before choosing a spot to suck on. Kyle moaned softly, pressing his fists down on Stan's shoulder to get him closer. Stan made an appreciative sound and gently licked the red spot he'd created, before continuing his trek over Kyle's chest.

Kyle squeezed his eyes shut, feeling dizzy with excitement. Stan was kissing over his chest, softly suckling here and there, and Kyle was sure he must have noticed his heart thumping as if trying to escape. But Stan merely latched onto a nipple, sucking, licking, nipping, until Kyle whimpered and squirmed.

"You're much more fun this way," Stan voice was dark and raspy, making Kyle's cock twitch like it was a physical touch. He looked away in embarrassment, knowing he was full hard now from just Stan's kissing and voice.

"You do this with guys often?" Kyle quickly asked, trying to cover his embarrassment. He frowned as his own question dawned on him. Frankly, Stan had seemed experienced with bedding women last night, but the way he said he preferred Kyle like this insinuated he did it more often with men.

Stan moved up, touching their noses together to look into Kyle's eyes with honesty. "No, I haven't done this before with a man. What I'm doing, I'm doing on what I learned on the internet."

Kyle gulped. "Then why...?"

Stan grinned, albeit a bit sadly. "Why I prefer you like this?" On Kyle minute nod he continued. "Because like this, you're Kyle. Yesterday... You may have been Kyle inside, but it was more difficult to see that. I like things better when they are kept simple." He pecked Kyle's lips. "Now it's simple. It's undeniably you, inside out, from personality to face. Maybe not the hair."

Kyle huffed, reaching up to put his hands on his hair as if that could hide it. "I don't even know how to get it back to normal."

"The front is curling again," Stan pointed out, nuzzling into it playfully.

"Really?" Kyle poked around, noticing that indeed, the front hairs - still damp from him dipping his face in the sink - were back to dense curls.

"Fuck, you're so cute," Stan chuckled, quickly capturing Kyle's lips before he could protest. He ravished Kyle lips, and Kyle mumbled in protest. A tongue swept into his mouth, engaging his in a fight for the right to kiss or speak. Stan made sure to explore every bit of Kyle's mouth, sliding over his gums, pressing against his tongue and trying to touch his palate. Kyle tried for another muffled protest until he was suddenly left gasping, Stan's hand on his thigh right next to his erection.

"Don't mind me," Stan smirked at him before shifting backwards, down Kyle's body over the bed. Kyle's eyes widened when Stan only paused for a couple of pecks over his chest and stomach in his straight line to his crotch.

"S-Stan!" He protested.

Stan looked up at him imploringly, at the same time wrapping his hand around Kyle's erection. Kyle gasped and threw his head back, both for the stimulation and the embarrassment. He'd never live this down. Things were so much easier in the dark of the night and the buzz from a little alcohol and a club.

He felt a hot breath on his penis. But unlike what he was expecting - fearing? - all he got next was a little chuckle. "Do circumcised cocks always look this way?"

Kyle snapped his fist onto the sheets, spitting angrily. "S-shut up!"

"I hear they are less sensitive. Does that mean you wouldn't really care either way if I do this?"

He felt Stan lapping at the tip teasingly, and he shuddered. "S-stop being an asshole, Stan."

"Hmm. As you wish then." Kyle gasped when a hot mouth enveloped the tip of his erection, quickly sliding down halfway. He felt Stan's throat twitch around his tip before the guy moved up again, releasing the now wet cock to the cold air.

"That's harder than I thought."

"Stan," Kyle whined, threading his fingers into raven black hair.

Stan moved down again, suckling experimentally before trying to get as deep down as possible again. Kyle moaned, his hips twitching in a desperate attempt not to buck. Stan kept his lips on his tip this time, looking at his face imploringly as if not believing he was doing it right. Kyle just groaned and tried to press his face down again, just to get more of that warm mouth around him, and the wet suckling and the general bliss of Stan giving him head.

The boy ran his tongue over the underside of the redhead's erection, teasing close under the head until Kyle twitched and moaned again. He was doing a great job trying to drive him insane. Kyle never received a blowjob before, and only in his most frantic fantasies did he ever dare thinking about it. But here Stan was, bobbing his head up and down over Kyle's length experimentally, as if trying to find the best way to eat a large lollipop.

Stan's dark blue eyes peered up at him, and he felt frozen in the other's gaze. Stan's eyes were mischievous, but definitely terribly horny. His eyes might be the biggest turn on since he started the heavenly blowjob, and that had to say something.

With a soft pop Stan's lips released his straining erection, a thin thread of saliva breaking between them.


Kyle gave a strained nod.

"Can I... Can I do what I did yesterday? But this time... This time the way I was supposed to do it with you to begin with?"

Kyle bit his lip, feeling slightly nervous. Of course he wanted Stan to do that. But it was going to hurt, wasn't it? It was a lot easier to a woman, vagina's were built to accommodate a complete baby after all. But an anus wasn't exactly made to enter from the outside, and he was afraid of the pain.

But it was Stan asking him this. Asking him with a sweet and accepting look on his face, saying he'd take rejection without complaint. And although afraid, he really did want to.

Damn those puppy eyes.

"Y-yes." It was barely a whisper, but Stan smiled in relief.

Stan's hand extended towards his bedside dresser, but his lips closed around Kyle's tip again, keeping the redhead distracted. Kyle bucked his hips lightly and threw his head back, moaning loudly as Stan's lips lightly nipped down his length. He heard the plastic sound of a bottle popping open, and let out a breathless snort at the unromantic sound of squirting.

"No better suiting sound for something that's about to go up your ass, Kyle," Stan said mockingly reprimanding, before tonguing the underside of his cock again.

"S-sure," Kyle managed to bring out, hands combing through Stan's hair encouragingly.

Stan rearranged Kyle's hips slightly with one hand, before pressing his ass cheeks apart. Kyle's whimper in embarrassment turned to a full whine when the jock also moved back from the heavenly sucking, to watch his hole twitching nervously. His expression was intrigued, and Kyle turned his face away with the slight wish he could bury himself in a hole now. Stan shouldn't be looking at him with a face like that. It was his damn butthole.

He jumped slightly when a slick finger prodded at the puckered skin, and he saw from the corner of his eye how Stan flashed him a gaze to check if he was alright. He bit his lip nervously, feeling the finger turn gentle circles around the hole before carefully pressing in.

It was weird. Not painful, but definitely weird. The slickness of the lube made him shiver, the strangeness of the exploring finger set him to whimper softly. He noticed how Stan kept looking up to his face, looking concentrated and worried. His finger pressed in, slowly curling and twisting to explore the space.

It was sure to be a little cramped in there, with Kyle's nervous twitching and clenching.

Even so, he felt the finger pulling back so a second one could prod inside. He let out another whimper, though not from pain yet. Stan was being really careful, as if petting a new born kitten or something. Or perhaps more like he was fingering the inside of a rabid dog's mouth.

His eyes were completely focused on Kyle when he pressed in a third finger. Kyle cringed slightly, this one was quite uncomfortable. Stan's movements slowed even more, gently swirling inside and carefully curling. Kyle wasn't too happy anymore, and seriously hoped this part would be over soon. Stan seemed to look particularly worried with Kyle's waning erection.

Suddenly Kyle arched, a violent gasp filling his lungs when Stan's fingers curled into a place he hadn't touched before. He let out a needy whine as his trembling body sank back onto the sheets, his eyes wide and focused on Stan. The jock's look of surprise morphed into a grin, and he shifted to ease his access to that specific point.

Kyle moaned loudly, his hips bucking towards his black haired lover when the other teased the soft tissue right next to his prostate. Kyle was fully hard again in no time, panting and squirming, grinding down on Stan's fingers every time they strayed to stroke a different part of his insides.

"Fuck," Stan muttered, driving his fingers in a little faster, starting to pump them in and out for real while looking mesmerized at the way Kyle's body twisted and turned on the sheets, deep moans reverberating now from both their throats.

"S-Stan!" Kyle gasped out, stretching out against the jock, forcing his fingers as deep as possible. He whined loudly when Stan reacted by pulling his fingers out.

He thrashed on the bed, hands finding their way back to Stan's head and giving him a desperate look. He needed more of Stan, he couldn't stop like this. He couldn't do this. He growled and hooked his leg around Stan's hips, nearly toppling the guy over as he messily slathered his rock hard erection with lube.

"C'mon Kyle," he muttered, lowering himself and setting the tip of his cock against the twitching hole.

Kyle jerked the leg hooked around the other's waist, pulling him forward violently. Stan kept his aim and slid in halfway from Kyle's pull, until the redhead arched in pain, gasping and dropping his leg to the bed in shock.

"Kyle? Kyle, are you okay?" Stan sounded worried, his hands coming up to stroke Kyle's face. He threw his head away from the dirty lubed up hand, setting his teeth in the thumb of the other.

Stan winced, but didn't pull his hand back, allowing Kyle to bite. Kyle hadn't expected the pain anymore. In the back of his head he realised that was the reason he was hesitant to begin with, but Stan's fingers had been so good. He had been too far out of it to realise that the jock's large cock might be a little different than three of his fingers. His sphincter was clenching and unclenching automatically, and even in his pain he noticed Stan biting his lip desperately. But his twitchy ass didn't let down on the pain quickly, and so he bit and bit and bit again on Stan's thumb, until his teeth left dark red indents in the skin and his own trembling turned into Stan's trembling. Only then he released the thumb, looking up apologetically.

"Kyle?" Stan practically whimpered.

"Go ahead," he whispered, trying not to clamp up again when Stan shakily obeyed. The rest of the way stung, but it didn't feel as bad as the first bit. Stan looked straight out desperate to start moving, his whole body shaking as he tied to restrain himself. Kyle decided to have mercy on the poor boy and ignored the throb in his ass, bucking his hips up against Stan.

Stan growled and dug his fingers in the skin over Kyle's hipbones. Carefully he started pulling back, and Kyle breathed in sharply at the strange feeling. The raven moved back in just as carefully and Kyle keened.

A shuddery smile appeared on Stan's face, and he repeated the movement to coax the sound out of Kyle again. The redhead decided to grab at his lover, trailing his fingers over the other's chest in a silent plea. He could feel hot tears run down his face, but he was pretty sure they weren't out of pain.

Stan's movements slowly - torturously - picked up speed every time he pressed in, making Kyle whine and squirm until he set a proper rhythm. The redhead panted, each thrust forcing the breath out of him along with small moans and whimpers.

"God, Kyle. You're beautiful."

"S-shut up," he whimpered, bucking up against the raven.

"I-I won't last long," Stan muttered, his pace increasing even further.

Kyle shook his head, unable to respond. Stan shifted slightly and Kyle let out a hoarse cry, arching almost violently off the bed this time. He only just saw the shocked expression make place for a shit eating grin as he saw stars, Stan taking his cue to start pounding in that angle, stimulating Kyle's prostate roughly. Kyle cried and blubbered by now, tears running down his face as his hands swept through the air, trying to get a hold of his lover who was too far off to catch. His moans and whines only served to turn Stan on even more, the movements increasing speed until it was just violent spastic jerking. Stan joined the sounds in heavy groans, pressing bruises into Kyle's pale thighs.

Just as Kyle wailed one of the raven's hands snapped up to his erection, sending the redhead with just one stroke over the long approaching edge. Kyle cried on pants, his body bucking as he released generously over his own stomach.

"Kyle," Stan breathed as he hunched over, the contraction of Kyle's body being his undoing. His knees slipped and he dropped heavily over Kyle, barely catching himself before squeezing the life out of his scrawny lover.

Kyle gently pressed against Stan's shoulder, helping the exhausted man to roll over.

"Holy shit," Stan panted as he settled on his back.

"Yeah," Kyle answered unintelligibly. He had to admit, this was way more awesome than what they did the day before, and that had already been pretty awesome. He supposed it was just better to do intimate things with a body you knew and trusted, instead of having a gender you never had before.

"That was so much better," Stan repeated his thoughts out loud.

"Yeah," he answered again, blinking up at the ceiling.

Stan turned his head to look at him, but Kyle kept his wondering gaze on the ceiling. He still hadn't completely computed how amazing it was.

"You realise you're mine now, right?"

Kyle turned his head in surprise, meeting Stan's dark eyes.

"You're mine, and I'm not willing to share," Stan added matter-of-factly. "Next time Kenny gropes your ass he'll get punched."

Kyle snorted. "Don't be too hard on Kenny, it's his way of communicating."


"Yes, yes. I understand." He smiled, happy to have the raven return his smile in satisfaction. "Just know I'm not willing to share either. I love you, you asswad"

"Says who, hm?" Stan smirked, rolling back on top of Kyle.

"Gross, dude." Kyle frowned. "Stop smearing my jizz between us."

"We were going to shower anyway." He pecked Kyle's downturned lips.


"You can't let me wait here with drying cum on my stomach while you take a nice hot shower."

"I bet you I can!"

"I won't let ya," Stan smirked again, staying put on top of Kyle as he tried to wrestle himself free. "Besides, who else is going to scoop all that cum out of your butt? Or would you prefer to walk around the rest of the day leaking my jizz?"

Kyle's eyes widened. "Sick! Get off of me!"

"Only if you shower with me."

"Fine fine! We can shower together, but you're not going to 'scoop' anything out of my ass. Keep your hands to yourself, you fucking perv."

"Yes, yes. As you wish."

Now who would actually have believed that?


Kenny flopped back down on his bed, sulking.

"Not even a text. Can't believe those two!" He rolled over, staring at his phone disgruntled. "After all the trouble I've been through. I had to survive Kyle's sexy butt on my thigh, I had to let Stan punch me in the face, I had to crawl into their room in the middle of the night to light them a fucking candle, and all they remember is each other?" He rolled over again, kicking his feet against the side of his bed.

"Why don't I get some ass here?"

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