Hey, it`s Angel Veins here bringing you Don`t Get Nowhere To Go. This is my first Looney Tunes story and I hope you enjoy it. R&R! I`d appreciate it very much!

"I`m so gonna kill you."

"Well you better hurry up before these guys do it first."

The rabbit and duck moved backwards once more as the villains came closer to them guns, pitchforks and other weapons of torture gleaming in the dark. Every single villain had an evil grin on their face, hands clenching tight and sweating around their weapon.

Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Beaky Buzzard, Cecil Turtle, Gossamer, Pete Puma, Witch Hazel, Neon Noodle, Wile E Coyote, Marvin the Martian and Taz. They were all there. Grinning madly.

The two were forced backwards, backs hitting the cold wall behind them. A wall. They were stuck. Trapped now. Maybe not.

Bugs' brown eyes picked up on a nearby alleyway. It was tucked into a far corner. He sidestepped a bit to his left, trying to see more of the alleyway. As far as he could see, it was misty and led to somewhere unknown.

The grey rabbit directed his eyes back to the armed villains. They were closer now. The rabbit nudged the black duck beside him. Muttering silently, he told the duck of the alleyway. He seemed keen and interested.

Telling Daffy to wait on a signal, Bugs breathed deeply. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Now.

The rabbit grabbed the duck`s hand and yanked him off the wall. He started running, Daffy in tow, towards the alleyway. The villains gave chase, weapons clanking as they started running. Bugs dragged Daffy behind him, rushing down the alleyway.

Then the two separated, Daffy now running for himself. The two ran, faster than ever before. Panic written across their faces, sweat running down their bodies, villains giving chase.

The two bolted, rushing along the long but narrow alleyway. Footsteps and guns sounded in the close distance. More panic. Serious, a whole lot of it. There was shouting, hitting the ears of Bugs and Daffy as they ran. Never had the two experienced anything like this. Sure their villains were always after them and trying to outwit them. But not like this. When they usually came after the two it was only a brief encounter; it only lasted a little while. And it was in broad daylight. This was night.

Now it was going too far. They had been at this too long. They felt like they should stop, face their villains. But fear overtook. It was too late. Or was it?

And now the villains were getting closer, ready to tear the rabbit and duck to pieces. Ready, aim, fire...

All shots had been dodged so far. The aims were getting better, faster. And in the middle of bullets flying, mist gathering and panic and fear spilling, the grey rabbit stopped. Daffy continued running, only stopping when he realised his partner wasn`t beside him.


The rabbit looked at him, glaring. "We can`t keep running Daff, we`ve gotta face em!" The rabbit turned to face the villains. "We`ve got no choice"

The duck considered persuading Bugs to reconsider, change tracks. Nothing. He can`t do it, he can`t do it. Another thought. Yes. Yes he can. And he will.

Daffy broke out of his thoughts, gaze landing on Bugs who was standing with a confused look on his face. There was not just confusion, but concern as well. The black duck breathed out, eyes blinking. Bugs' mouth twitched into a small smile. Sort of pleading.

"We can do this Daff. We can." We can. Yes, we can.

Daffy walked beside his friend, a relieved smile making it`s way on to Bugs' face. Now they wait. The wind blew low, half hard. And they waited. Waited for the villains to finally catch up. It didn't take long. The footsteps hardened at the sighting of the two and weapons clanked louder at the running pace.

Then it stopped. They all came face to face. Two against eleven. Very fair. There was no lowering of weapons as the villains stepped one step closer to their enemies. The rabbit and duck took one step back, being deadly cautious. They had a right to be. It was now that they would have to plan their next move. And fast. No time to mess around. This was serious, and for a toon...that wasn`t right at all. Not one bit.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Now. The rise and fall. Battle of vain. Flee. Fight.

The stars and moon seemed to be watching, tracking their every move. An audience, witness to a battle. Pleasant. Not. Bugs and Daffy knew that they would either win or lose this battle. The villains knew that they would either win or lose this battle.

Then let the battle begin.