My lip twitched into a frown when Finnick Odair's name was called out, I knew it was coming seeing as Finnick was the only male victor from our district. I nodded when Finnick smiled at me, a way to tell me not to worry; it's hard not to worry. I'm a worrisome person; Finnick has been like my little brother since I mentored him before he won when he was fourteen. President Snow called for the victors to be re-reaped into the Hunger Games, everyone was angry. We were promised to live in peace yet here we are, our names in a glass bowl, waiting to live or die.

When Annie's name was called, Mags' hand went up as she volunteered herself making me be the mentor, again. Watching as my tributes struggle to survive in the so called 'games', Watching me lose one or both as I beg the sponsors to send food, water, medicine for their survival. Sometimes I wish I would have let district two kill me when he had the chance but I remembered my family and I fought back, harder than I had all game, winning the fifty-fifth Hunger Games.

When I walked to our quarters back in the Capitol I was brought into strong arms bringing me out of my daze, smiling as I smelt the sea salt on his skin. "Hey Fin." I whispered, hugging him tight. "Are you going to be okay out there?" I asked, my eyes drifting to his girlfriend who was on the large screen, tears in her eyes as they talked about Finnick.

Finnick looked at the screen, blowing a kiss to her before looking back to his mentor. "I have to be, for her, for you." Finnick said smiling. "We're fighters, remember." Finnick smiled as he winked.

I smiled when Mags ran her hand through my hair, mumbling about it being so long. "You know I won't cut it, so stop trying." I laughed as Mags shook her head. "It'll be different this time." I sighed as we walked through the building. "There will be one or none, this game master won't let two win again and I want it to be one of you." I said looking at Mags and Finnick, my frown on my face as Mags pointing to Finnick.

My eyes scanned the crowed of tributes, locking with Haymitch's for a brief second sending chills down my spine causing me to shake. I glance over to Finnick as he smirked. "What?" I asked glaring at him. Finnick laughed shaking his head before nodding at Haymitch as they went to their room.

"Who are they?" Peeta asked me as my eyes followed the dark brown hair out the doors, turning my attention back to Katniss and Peeta.

"District four," I said taking a sip of liquor. "Mags, the elderly woman won the first Hunger Hames, such a nice lady, she volunteered for Annie this round. Finnick, the Capitol darling won the sixty-fifth games, the youngest at fourteen."

"What about the other one?" Katniss asked looking at me, a smirk on her face when my lips twitch into a smile.

"That's Sawyer, she won the 55th Games, and she's cunning like a fox. She was trained by Mags and she helped train Finnick." I smiled as a flashback of when we were younger.

I smiled as my hands found their way to the lower back of Sawyer, her brown eyes meeting mine as a smile graced her lips. "Would you like to dance?" I asked her, my lips brushing her soft skin, smiling the ocean on her.

"I'd love to." She replied nodding as I guided us to the floor, bringing her closer to me as we swayed to the music. "How are you doing Haymitch?" She asked me, her eyes full of concern.

I smiled, as cunning and ruthless she was in the arena she was kind and loving with a heart of gold outside of the ring which made her a big target while in the games but she made her way out just under a year ago. "I've been better but I'm holding up." I spoke as she looked at me curiously.

Sawyer nodded, laying her head on my shoulder. I leaned my cheek against her head as my hand rubbed her back, the scar on her shoulder still there from her games. "You look handsome tonight." She spoke quietly.

I smiled and kissed her head. "And you look gorgeous, love." I spoke, smiling when she looked at me, her brown eyes bouncing from my eyes to my lips. I took it as my invitation to press my lips to hers, pulling away slowly before looking around. "Can I show you something?" I asked her as I held her hands. Sawyer nodded as I walked, tugging her behind me.

"This is gorgeous Haymitch." Sawyer whispered in my ear as we laid on the grass, looking at the stars shinning in the dark sky.

I smiled and kissed her shoulder as she laid her body across mine, her hands reaching to the stars, I intertwined my hands with hers, kissing up her neck when she moved her head to the side, giving me more skin to press my lips against. "Not as gorgeous as you." I whispered before our lips met, fireworks in the sky as I made her mine for that night.

"Haymitch!" Katniss shouted as she hit me.

"Calm down princess we can talk more later." I said rolling my eyes as we made our way to our rooms. I needed to make a point to talk to Sawyer about making our tributes allies.