Kyokai no Ken

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Pairings: Naruto x "Holy Girls"

Tags: AU, Violence, Gore, Character Deaths, Ecchi, Minor Xover (With Nasuverse)

-Kyokai no Ken-


Let us tell you the story of a boy.

A boy who from an early age was cursed by a malevolent God who despised the boy's ancestors to no ends. The curse itself was by no means normal, it was not one of those simple curses that brings forth misfortune, illnesses, or immediate death but rather it was worse, it was a curse that took away not the boy's luck, nor health, nor life, but rather it was an evil curse that took away the boy's purpose.

The curse stripped the boy from the destined greatness set for him by his ancestors and instead of all the prestige, glory, and success a feeling of unending void forever lingered within the boy's existence. Thus from a young age the boy became broken, a distorted person who lacked a sense of purpose, lacked and sense of meaning in life.

He was what many considered damage goods, a distorted person who missed a few gears, a person unfit for society, a boy unfit for even his own family. Though they did try mind you, try so hard to fix whatever it was that was wrong with the boy. They went to hospitals around the world, they consulted doctors of varying fields and professions but nothing, not a single thing could explain what was wrong with the boy. This in turn caused his family, his clan to push him away, to send him off to where they thought they could fix, and if medicine cannot cure the boy then a miracle brought about by faith was their only choice.

His family sent him to a family friend who was acquainted with the church and it was there that the young distorted boy spent most of his early days.

For days on end, the boy lived only for the sake of living.

For days on end, the boy learned only for the sake of learning.

For days on end, the boy fought only for the sake of fighting.

For years the boy lived and empty and hollow life.

That was until the day the boy met her.

That beautiful girl.

It was always the women that brought the best out of men, and despite his lack of purpose the boy was still of male persuasion. She changed him for the better or worse.

Thus the boy and girl met, at first the boy did not get along with the girl as she unlike him had a greater purpose in life, she was destined for greatness, destined to do good things with her life. While he, well he was just a boy, a prodigious yet flawed boy who viewed the world in oranges and blues. Though despite their obvious differences the flawed boy still managed to become friends with the girl. A friendship that lasted day on end, a friendship that bore fruit to one of the most beautiful sight that the boy has ever seen.

He saw a smile, a serene and happy smile full of warmth, happiness, and compassion. A simple smile that gave him a sense of unparalleled content and satisfaction that at that point in his life was completely alien to him.

It was that kind and loving smile which brought a warm feeling to the boy's chest momentarily filling up the great void that dwells within. It was at that moment when he the boy who had no purpose was finally able to find a purpose in his life.

Though childish and immature the boy devoted himself to the idea that making others smile and bringing them happiness was his calling.

Thus he became a trickster, a mischievous boy who did his best to make the people around him smile. He did his best to make people smile even at the cost of his own pride and standing in the world. After all why should he care about what others say? As long as they were happy then he too was somewhat happy.

But then with the knowledge of happiness the boy also came to know sadness, agony, grief, hopelessness, and despair. More often than not the cause of these emotions that assailed his friends were none other than beings that were said to not exist, the natural enemy of the church. Monsters and Devils.

With the idea of happiness and sadness lingering with his mind, the boy renewed his efforts to bring more joy and happiness to his friends, allies, and family from the church. To bring joy and happiness to others and especially those close to him even at the cost of his own life.

It was an unhealthy and foolish obsession that the boy carried on soon becoming his dream, ideal, purpose, salvation, and unknown to him also his damnation. However despite the boy's efforts as he grew up within the ranks of the church, the boy eventually found out that not everyone could be happy. Yes, as he matured he learned that everything in this world came at a cost.

For one to win another must lose.

For one to live another must die.

For one to attain happiness another must drown in sadness.

To his young and immature mind that simple idea translated that for his friends to continue to live happy and healthy lives than others must die, but as child he was taught that taking the life of others was a grave sin so at first he was confused on how to act upon his developing oath. However with the guidance of several figures in his life he was slowly pushed towards the path of a warrior much like another girl he met long ago. Therefore, rather than devoting himself to make everyone around him happy the boy opted to become a sword.

A sword the cuts down unhappiness and brings forth joy. A sword drawn and wielded for the sake of his allies.

To maintain the happiness of those around him he must continuously bring forth misfortune and grief to the lives of demons, devils, heretics, and monsters who bring nothing but sadness and suffering. With the blessing of the church he could kill without having to commit the grave sins that he was sure will earn the hate of his friends, no he knew that when they find out of his calling they will be happy and they were, this brought a smile upon his face.

The boy was willing fight for the sake of his friend and allies.

The boy was willing live for the sake of his friend and allies.

The boy was will die for the sake of his friends and allies.

Unknown to him he took the path of a bloodied sword.

That was the path he chose for the sake of keeping those around him happy.

Yes, so long as they were happy...

Then he too was happy…

Such is the self-destructive path of a fool…

-Kyokai no Ken-

I have pursued my enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed.

I shattered them, so that they were not able to rise;

They fell under my feet.

For thou hast girded me with strength to battle: thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me.

Thou hast also given me the necks of my enemies;

That I might destroy them that hate me.

They cried, but there was none to save them: even to the LORD, but he answered them not.

Then I beat them small as the dust before the wind: I cast them out as the dirt in the streets.

Psalm 18:37-42

-Kyokai no Ken-

Chapter 1: Thy Faith

Play Naruto Shippuden Movie OST 14 -Violent Fluctuation

The moon was shining ever so dimly as a battle -no more of a slaughter- raged on beneath the cloudless night sky.

In the middle of a graveyard, several corpses were laying a strewn, sliced, smashed, battered, frozen, and destroyed. They were all that remained of the loyal vassals of a proud vampire who carried the name of Tepes.

Ashen silver hair was waving about fiercely despite the lack of wind as the proud vampiric noble found himself fighting for his life against one of his kinds most natural enemies. No it wasn't the likes of the lycan of olds that the creature found himself against but rather the simplest of all his foes.


Fragile by nature his enemy was supposed to cower down upon his wake begging for mercy to which he was supposed to respond by killing his opponent with merciless brutality and utmost condescension.

But that was not the case.

For his enemy was far beyond what he expected.

Clad in priestly white vestments his two adversary appeared out of nowhere and forcefully stopped him from enjoying his nightly ventures of hunting down virgins to rape them to no ends and suck out their bloods until they were nothing more but dry husks.

In less than a minute after their appearance, his court of minor vampires and ghouls numbering hundreds were cut down to just him remaining, and by the way the battle was going on he was sure that he too would follow the footsteps of his allies.

Him a proud vampire of the great lineage of Tepes losing against two mere mortals.

Just the thought ignited the fiery inferno of rage and hate that he felt within him to no ends.

Claws sharpening, canines lengthening, demonic wings flapping about along with black malicious aura cloaking his entire frame the vampire roared out in endless rage as he charged at one of the two beings that dared to humiliate him, a bespectacled adolescent exorcist with spikey blond hair and cerulean blue eyes, cold unnatural blue eyes.

Like a matador to a bull the vampire's target easily moved away from his raging charge. With footsteps barely audible and movements almost impossible to catch even by the sharpest of mortal eyes, three sabers of pure light appeared in between the each of teen's knuckles totaling six blades of light upon each hand.

The vampire's wings waved about elevating him higher and higher into the night sky until he was far from the exorcist's reach. "You detestable human! Know your place!" the proud vampire shouted as he suddenly dive bombed through the air, shooting himself towards the exorcist.

"I know my place." The bespectacled exorcist whispered as his eyes followed upon the vampire's trajectory carefully looking for a perfect timing to counterattack.


A sonic boom passed by nearly blowing the exorcist away as he barely evaded being plowed through by the speeding vampire.


Another wave of wind shot against the exorcist's body as the teen was barely able to evade a swipe from the vampire. Three small claw like gashes appeared on the teen's vestments drawing out blood while the noble from the immortal house of Tepes continued his maddening assault.


With his superior capabilities the vampire landed another swipe with his prolonged claws wounding the evading exorcist's shoulder.


The vampire's fierce wings crashed against the exorcist's stomach forcing the teen to lurch forward.


A punch to the jaw launched the bespectacled teen high up in the air enabling the Tepes to land a flurry of strikes that the exorcist barely managed to avoid and block with his holy swords -most of which broke under the strength of the vampire's assault.


With a high-arching axe kick the vampire sent the blue-eyed blond crashing towards the ground creating a small crater beneath the wake of the blow.

"Hahahaha! Having trouble keeping up human?" boasted the airborne vampire as he was surrounded by a larger amount of dark miasma.

"…" The injured exorcist didn't bother to respond as he slowly stood up from the crater. His entire frame was marred with cuts and gashes that continued to bleed, along with the bruises that darkened with each passing second. Yet, for some reason the bespectacled exorcist looked barely phased by the assault. Yes, despite his grievous injuries that without a doubt have killed a normal man the teen acted rather indifferently, it was as if the exorcist didn't care about all the damage his body received. In essence, that wasn't far from the truth.

"Tch." The vampire clicked his tongue in frustration as his opponent showed no signs of fear or even panic despite being injured. "I bore of you and your existence… I guarantee that with this next blow you shall die. That is your future you whelp." The creature of the night stated before he came flying down towards the exorcist spinning downwards, creating the impression of dark crushing drill that will mow down all that was unfortunate enough to be caught by the attack.

The bespectacled exorcist closed his crystal blue eyes.

Ever since he was young the exorcist's eyes were always noted to be superior then that of a normal human. His eyes allowed him to pick up and track fast-moving objects along with enabling him to pick up on even the most subtle of details. With his eyes he could even see the flow of the life energy of the world allowing him a greater advantage in tracking down his enemies along with avoiding life threatening attacks from enemies whose speed far surpasses his own. Many hailed him for his eyes that he apparently inherited from his ancestor but he cared little about it. To him this eyes were just a tool, one needed for his endeavour of ending the lives of heathens.

It was because of his powerful blue eyes that the blond exorcist was able to observe the vampire's, speed, power, attack patterns, endurance, from the slightest to the most exaggerated of movements his eyes has seen it all. "I can see a different future…" the teen whispered as another set of swords appeared in his hands four in each hand totaling eight which replaced the blades broken by the vampire of the house of Tepes.

Without even needing to look the exorcist knew that he had exactly five seconds before the vampire would reach and mostly likely kill him with the incoming attack. He could see it within the eye of his mind, percentage wise he only had about a 5% chance of winning and defeating his adversary who was clearly superior than he was but the exorcist knew that as long that one percent exist then he could still pull of a victory.

With his eyes still closed the teen started counting down to the inevitable.


He calmed his nerves, his breathing was shallow and steady in preparation for his next course of action.


His senses extended, taking into account not only the sound of his approaching demise but also the stillness of the earth and the blowing of the wind.


His grip on his blades tightened, his mind worked into overdrive as he replayed his plan again and again looking for possible flaws and fixing them if possible.


The exorcist's knee's bent down as he channeled most of the energy in his body called Chakra towards his limbs. The ground slowly cracked underneath his feet as he readied himself for the jump of his life. His plan was fool-proof, all the variables has been taken into consideration.

"Your future is…' he whispered as the countdown continued dwindling inversely with the now fierce and deafening sound of the vampire's incoming attack.


Power exploded from his legs propelling the exorcist up towards the sky as high as he could.

"Death…" He whispered as he thought about the future that awaited both he and the vampire. If he were to fail then he was going to die, if the was to succeed then his opponent shall perish.

It was now or never, every movement from here on out must be precise and within the range of his calculations to make a mistake was to die a horrendous death.

There was no room for errors.

He had one shot.


As if pulling the trigger of a proverbial gun the teen's eyes shot open revealing his cold blue eyes unto the world. He could feel the wind clashing against his body proving just how high he jumped, snapping his head down he saw that a few dozen feet beneath him was none other than the spiraling mass off darkness which was the silver-haired vampire. The man from the house of Tepes was currently grinding the ground where the exorcist stood mere moment's ago.

Just where the bespectacled exorcist wanted the heathen to be.

In a span of a few seconds the exorcist's arms flickered in a speed far surpassing the boundaries of humanity.

At first he threw all eight of the holy swords towards the vampire.

Then he threw another eight that appeared from his sleeves.

Then another eight and then another and then another.

In a span of a few seconds no less than a hundred holy swords were raining down on the vampire.

But it did not end there, for the very next words that came out from the exorcist's mouth proved to further push the vampire towards defeat. "Hyaku-Shi no Ame (Rain of a Hundred Deaths)"

With the uttering of a simple phrase the hundred holy swords showering the vampire all glowed an ominous blue before they were ignited and engulfed by a dazzling wreathe of azure blue flames that flickered ever so fiercely against the evening wind.


The sound of several swords cutting through the air echoed ever so slowly as the sword's allowed the laws of gravity to ensnare them bringing them down to the earth where their target awaited.

The best way to describe the attack was to call it a rain of sharp fiery blue death, a testament to the exorcist's skill, a creation of a literal rain of flaming swords blessed by the power of light for the sole purpose of slaying the damned.

It was stunning visual appeal to all that would witness the beauty of this attack. However for the one who was at the receiving end of this blow then the image of a hundred burning blades would forever be engraved in their minds as the sight of the approaching inevitability of death. That much was certain for the spinning vampire who was the incoming fiery rain of death as the sign of his demise.


A large cloud of smoke surrounded the ground as the flaming blades of light exploded upon the rough earth bringing forth a maelstrom of fire and destruction.

Silence permeated the area after the hundredth or so blade fell from the ground ending the rain of death.

Not long after the end of the attack the dust cleared revealing unto the descending exorcist the several wounded form of the vampire.

Gone were both of his wings along with the entirety of his left hand, sword were sticking out of his body, several burning holes marred the frame of his chest, legs, and feet, his entrails were hanging out of a large gash in his stomach.

Blood was everywhere.

That attack would have most certainly killed any lesser demons, but he was not the same. He was a proud vampire of the house of Tepes, a house whose weakest members were considered on par with High-Class devils.

He could not fall here, at least not fall without dignity.

With an unearthly roar that shook the entire graveyard the wounded vampire remained standing ever vigilant despite being pelted by no less than a hundred flaming holy swords.

"YOU BASTARD!" shouted the vampire as his wounds failed to regenerate due to the holy presence within the swords the continued to poison his system. By then the Vampire knew he was most likely going to die but he was not planning to die alone.

He was taking that human with him.

The blue-eyed exorcist landed on the ground, two holy swords immediately appearing within the grasp of his hands readying himself for the next stage of the battle.

His initial assault was a stunning success in his mind the chances of victory grew from a mere 5% to a stunning 85%. Now all that was left is to incapacitate and slay his foe before the man could manage to escape.

The vampire charged in with reckless abandon, although injured the vampire's speed surpassed that of a seasoned exorcist but to his eyes, no to him who has properly adjusted to the speed of the vampire's assault easily avoid the thrust of the silver-haired vampire's hand spear.

The tomb stone and the next twenty or so behind the blond however were not lucky as they were destroyed by not only the initial thrusting attack but also by the sheer penetrative wind pressure that the attack produced.

The 85% chance of winning in the exorcist mind quickly dropped to 50%, he was not expecting the vampire to retain that much of his strength even after getting impaled by several holy swords which should have seeped his strength. At first he was planning to make it into a battle of attrition and just evade steadily until his opponent was no more but those plans soon went out the window. This was no battle of attrition, it all boiled down to one simple winning objective, whoever lands their attack first wins.

With new found vigor gained from his approaching demise the wounded vampire continued his maddening assault.


The diamond hard elongated nails turned to vicious claws of the vampire's remaining hand clashed against the divine blades within the exorcist hands. With one swift motion the vampire quickly pulled his claw back and threw a devastating kick that the bespectacled exorcist barely managed to block by crossing his two swords of light across his chest.


The two blades shattered as the exorcist was launched through the air, the maddened vampire hot on his trail. With a flick of his wrists a set of four holy swords appeared in his hands. Blue eyes never leaving his target the exorcist threw all blades towards the vampire.


Several gut wrenching sounds of muscle getting torn apart and getting scrape echoed loudly as a multitude holy swords skewered the charging vampire. In all intents and purposes the vampire was already dead, as all eight of the holy swords crashed against his body four of which imbedding in his heart while the other four was scattered along his abdomen.

Normally this would have killed the vampire there and then, but this one was different. Not minding his wounds the vampire brought his hand up before slashing it downwards in a fierce and devastating chop that slashed the blond diagonally in the chest.

The holy swords the blond drew out and intertwined in order to block the blow shattered easily, the breaking of his blades was accompanied by the tearing of his skin and muscle resulting in a squirt of red ichor that sprayed beneath the night sky. The creature of the night then twisted his body and landed a debilitating round house kick that sent the exorcist crashing towards the ground.


The vampire from the house of Tepes smirked as he licked the blood of his fingers tips. It was not enough to fully heal him but it was still good enough to stall his death for a few more seconds. With his wings already rendered useless the ashen haired vampire landed on the ground, his eyes never leaving the small crater that formed beneath the exorcist.

"Now stay dead!" the Tepes roared out, glaring a hole towards the crater observing for any signs of further life. "Tch" the man clicked his tongue.

He wished the battle was over there and then so that he may pass on, however much to the vampire's frustration the exorcist still stood up. The exorcist's was injured badly, his body bruised and battered, a large bleeding cut appeared upon his wounded chest, a trail of blood falling from the side of his mouth which was adorned by his busted lips, one of his blue eyes were closed, yet the exorcist seemed barely phased even in the face of his life threatening injuries.

He was unnaturally calm even in the face of death.

"The chances of victory has dropped to a ten percent…" calmly whispered the bespectacled exorcist. "Make that five percent." He added as he looked and found that his right arm was hanging limply by his side, he was not an expert in medicine but by the looks of it several of his bones were probably broken. He sighed internally. "I guess my teachers were right when they told me that vampires were not to be trifled with. I may have gotten too cocky but I'll manage." With a flick of his still working hand a single handle of a holy sword appeared from his sleeve, a blade of light appeared over the shoulder of the swords as he held the blade firmly in his hands. He turned his head towards his opponent his chilling blue eyes meeting the vampire's crimson orbs for the first time during the entirety of their death match. "Come let's finish this battle vampire-san."

"You don't need to tell me you mongrel." A dark miasma of demonic/vampiric energy surrounded the vampire noble's remaining hand further sharpening his claw. "I intend to kill you now!"

"Sorry, don't plan on dying anytime soon." Replied the blond as his eyes concentrated on the vampire. With his eyes he believed that he could see everything. With his eyes he could see his victory.

It was the sudden passing of the gentle wind amidst the now ruined graveyard that signaled the final clash between the vampire and exorcist.

The two charged at one another.

There were no fancy skills involved, no flashy magic tricks, it was just a full head on charge between the combatants.

As they approached each other the vampire was first to act, lashing out his claw the ashen haired noble aimed to decapitate the exorcist, slicing through the man's neck with but one clean thrust of his hand. That proved to be his down fall, just as the deathblow was about to land, the exorcist spun around the last moment, his head barely evading the killing blow as his body continued spinning towards the vampire's unprotected body.


With a quick swing of his blade the exorcist sliced through the vampire's remaining arm as if was paper. Shifting his grip on his sword the exorcist aimed the saber of light's tip towards the vampire's head before trusting it forward in hopes of killing the bloodsucker there and then. However, luck proved not to be on the exorcist's side as the vampire saw the attack coming and managed to bend his neck to the side making the sword lose its target.

In the hopes of retaliating the vampire opened his mouth, his fangs elongating as he attempted to bite down on the exorcist's neck only to find that the blue-eyed teen released his sword, ducked down and rolled away from his bite.

However before he could bite the blond the vampire was beaten to the punch by the exorcist who bit his right bicep in order to lift up the limping limb, the exorcist then took a quick step in getting through the vampire's defense so that both of his hands touched the ashen haired man's body, his working hand landed on the man's chest while his limp hand landed over the man's already badly wounded abdominal area.

"Sayonara.." the exorcist whispered as a small trail of blood dropped from his throat showing that he only avoided the vampire's killing blow by a hair's breath.

"Che…" was the vampire only reply.


From the vampire's back erupted no less than several dozen holy swords wreathe in azure flames. More sounds of flesh being torn echoed about, only this time it was accompanied by the sound of sizzling and burning.

There was no deathly scream of pain.

The vampire just fell on his knees several flaming swords burning through his organs and slowly poisoning him with their holy essence, while the blond exorcist kept standing ever vigilantly despite the punishment his mortal body has received.

The victor has been decided.

-Kyokai no Ken-

The seriousness of the situation was soon broken upon the sight of a smiling blond-haired teen with green eyes cheerfully eating a hotdog as he sat atop a tombstone several metres away from the now ruined graveyard that was filled with blazing holy swords, a torrent of blood, and a lot of corpses. "Naruto this is taking too long…" the blond complained in between his bites calling on the other exorcist who just fought tooth and nail against the vampire noble.

The exorcist now known as Naruto quickly responded, his voice showing no signs of neither pain nor exhaustion. "Don't worry I'm about to finish this guy off."

"You! You pitiful human! Don't you there look down on the house of Tepes! Know that even if you strike me down hundreds of my kin shall continue to exist! Mark my words one day the wrath of my family will fall upon you foolish mortal in full force!" the wounded vampire roared out, his body already falling apart and turning to gray ash.

"So?" was the bespectacled exorcist's simple response before he sliced the creature's head off with yet another blade of light that he held in his still working hand, causing the vampire's body turn in to ash bringing forth the end to the man's life.

"May God have mercy of your soul." The teen whispered making a quick sign of the cross before taking out a vial of holy water that he poured over the vampire's ashes to make sure it was dead. Better safe than sorry.


A venomous scent of death mixed with blood and iron wafted the area as the vampire's body slowly burned while disintegrating to nothingness. As the vampire's body met its fate the exorcist turned towards his fellow blond, blue eyes gleaming through the darkness in an almost uncaring manner. "How about that, we evoked the wrath of a whole vampire family upon the two us…"

"I don't really mind… but it will be a hassle to kill all of those things…" was the lazy reply of the other exorcist.

"Really Dulio? I was under the impression that you can freeze all of their collective asses for shits and giggles." Exclaimed Naruto as he started walking towards his partner who voluntarily sat out the fight so that he can battle the vampire one on one.

The possessor of the second strongest longinus the Zenith Tempest also known as the strongest exorcist Dulio Gesualso smiled at his friend's words. "And I was under the impression that you'd slice all off them up without a care in the world." He quipped referring to his fellow blond's habit of solving most of his problems by cutting the up with his swords.

"Against a horde of hundreds? I know my limits. Although if I was born with a Longinus like you the Strongest Exorcist then it might be different." Naruto chuckled as he leaned on a nearby tombstone.

"Oh? Why would you say that? I was under the impression that you could cut down hundreds with a wave of your True Holy Sword, oh great descendant of the second sage."

Naruto smirked "Touché." He paused for a moment as a cool breeze clashed against his frame. What a chilly night it was. "So when is the cleanup crew arriving?" he asked his long-time friend.

"Since I already called them while you were having the fight of your life then I say they'll be here by dawn."

"Good" the bespectacled exorcist nodded. "I really don't want to deal with the populace panicking upon the sight of burning swords and large chunks of ice in their graveyard."

"Don't forget about the corpses."

"True, true"

Dulio chuckled "By the way about truly holy sword… how come you didn't use it?" asked Dulio while pointing at the sheathed sword strapped behind Naruto's waist.

"I don't always want to rely on it…" He replied as his eyes glanced upon the sword on his waist. In his childhood he thought of it as nothing more but a family heirloom but much to his surprise it was apparently a holy sword who chose him as its wielder.

"But you could have made this battle so much easier!" declared Dulio.

"We're you not happy that I defeated the vampire?" Naruto asked in response.

The Strongest Exorcist rubbed the back of his head. "Well I'm actually happy that you defeated him."

"I won and you're happy, that's all that-" Naruto replied rather quickly only to cut himself off as his ears picked up on something. It was the sound of flapping wings caught not only his but also Dulio's attention, effectively stopping their conversation. Turning both of their heads to the direction of the noise the two exorcists found what looked like a pigeon flying through the night sky.

"A carrier pigeon?" mumbled Dulio, his eyes lingering on a small piece of paper attached on the bird's legs.

Naruto extended his left hand towards the bird prompting it to land on his extended limb. "Does no one in the church know how to use a phone?" the bespectacled teen complained as he quickly untied the small piece of paper tied on the bird's feet.

"I know how to use it." Dulio said proudly as he reached for his pockets and pulled out a brand new cell phone complete with touch screen and all.

"You don't count since I've taught you how to use one ever since we were partnered up."

The strongest exorcist pouted as he placed his phone back into his pockets, "Buuh you're no fun."

Naruto suddenly went silent, his blue eyes gazing intently upon the message held within the simple piece of parchment.

"Is it another mission?" Dulio couldn't help but ask as he watched his partner remain silent for a few minutes most likely reading through the contents of the message multiple times.

The bespectacled blond exorcist merely nodded in response to his friend as he pulled out what looked like a small crimson coloured cross from the piece of parchment before said parchment was suddenly engulfed in blue flames.

"So where are you going Naruto-san?"

"Orders to go back to headquarters first for debriefing… but the message says to prepare myself for a mission to Japan under the orders of one of the Seraphs."

Dulio whistled in an impressed manner "Orders from the top huh? Those are rare these days."

"This means something is amiss and must be dealt with swiftly."

"Mhmm" Dulio nodded while his head processed the implications of his partner going away for another mission. A light bulb quickly appeared on top of his head "Oh! You said you were going to Japan Right?"

Naruto nodded in response. "Yeah, back to my birth country."

"I haven't been in Japan in a while, actually the last time I was there was when the two of us killed those three Kishin."

"I still remember that I was about to deliver the last blow and you stole the kill from me."

"Mah mah, you were taking too much time."

"No you were just too lazy. I already killed one of them and was about to kill my second one but you just suddenly decided to freeze everything into oblivion."

"I took time to carefully analyze their attack patterns before dishing out divine whoop ass… you just got impatient like always you lazy butt."

"Whatever." Dulio rolled his eyes before a light bulb suddenly flashed on top of his head. "Neh Naruto Can you bring something back for me?"

"If you promise not to freeze our next enemies to death then I'll bring you some mochi." He replied, tone flat as ever.


Naruto nodded, a small smile marring his face as he pushed himself off the tombstone. "I'll see you around then."

"Yeah, see you next time Naruto stay safe and bring back some mochi."

"Hai Hai." Replied the bespectacled exorcist as he started walking away from the boundaries of the graveyard.

"Oh and Naruto…"

The exorcist stopped his trek and turned towards his fellow blond. "Yeah?"

"Shouldn't you go to the hospital first?" Dulio pointed out.

Naruto raised one eye brow while looking down on his body, white clothes now tainted red, right arm hanging limp, several severe bruises and cuts, a few broken ribs. He was also bleeding rather badly from all the wounds he received from his battle against the vampire. "Huh… you're right… I didn't notice that…" he whispered, his tone rather flat but also showing a bit of surprise as if just noticing that injuries on his person. "It appears that I'm losing too much blo-…" before he could even complete the string of words coming from his mouth the blond suddenly collapsed face first towards the ground unconscious.

"Oh shit! Naruto!"

-Kyokai no Ken-

[A Week Later]

The sound of bells ringing out in a harmonic manner proclaiming the coming of the noon could be heard every so often from within one of the many churches within the Vatican. It was a small and humble church, a construct made of wood and bricks built upon the blood and sweat of the many lives that served as a foundation for this specific church. This church was one that did not stand out like other churches in the vicinity primarily because it is located near the edge of the state far beyond the reach of the masses, although the various runes, sigils, and mystical arrays carved within the church's pristine white walls that covered the entire building in a form of barrier of invincibility did also help to pry away the eyes of the populace.

Within the halls of this lone and mystical church two priests stood in front of a wooden door. Just two old men clad in priestly robes and wielding blades of life. They were but a few of many who have lived their lives protecting and guarding this most holy of parishes. In simpler terms the two were nothing but guards for the door which lead to the room where the boss often resided.

"Have you heard?" one of the two priests, a man with greying features asked trying to break the ice in order to alleviate himself from the hellish punishment known as boredom.

"Hmm?" the other priest, one with white hair symbolizing that he was older of the two mumbled rather lazily.

"You know the Sword of the Church right?"

The second guard priest nodded. "Yeah, who doesn't know about him."

"Sword of the Church is apparently a descendant of him!" excitedly said the younger of the two.

The older priest's eyebrows furrowed. He was familiar of who the Sword of the Church was, who wasn't? Everyone who lived in the darker side of the church knew of the man and his feet and but who was the 'him' his younger friend was referring to. "Him?"

"The Man who defeated a demonic god and saved the world! You know the sage from the old tales of the Rikudo." Proudly exclaimed the graying priest.

The older priest's eyes widened in surprise. "A descendant of the six paths? Which one the first or the second?" he asked almost rapidly well aware of the old legend regarding the great saviour who slayed a god and transcended humanity.

"The second, the second."

"Oh! The future definitely looks brightly for the church!" The older of the two roared out in laughter. This was pure gold for an old timer like him. "Let's just hope he doesn't quit from the church like that other descendants those holy sword users such a waste such a waste."

The younger priest snorted "If you're talking about that brat who descended from a dragon slayer? Bah foolish boy quit our order and has vanished from the face of the earth. The same goes for the Strongest Holy Sword user, he just suddenly vanished."

"Yes, but let's not go off topic. Since I can see you are privy with some of this information can you tell me how the Church managed to get our hands on such a gem? From what I heard the clan of his descendant were rather detached from society."

"He was exiled." was the answer of the younger priest.


"Yes at the tender age of four the boy was exiled and sent to the care of the holy church where he was looked after by an Executor who later recommended the boy for immediate training after finding out that the boy was not only talented but was also chosen by a holy sword."

"Yes I have heard some rumors about him wielding a holy sword but by god! A natural born holy sword wielder? I never would have thought that I'd live to see the day of not one but two being chosen by the sacred blades."

The younger priest smiled as he nodded happily. "Yes, I heard that Griselda Quatra trained him along with the Durandal girl and that prodigy who inherited the Longinus. Hehehe rumours say that even the whore from those heretical inquisitors and the great paladin of the betrayer had a hand in training him, of course those are all rumors."

"Rumours huh? At this point they might as well be considered as truths. After all you've probably heard the story of the boy's skill with the blade. That just had Alexander and Ciel written all over it. Hehehe and did you say longinus brat?" The older priest scowled as he recalled his experience with Dulio. "Ugh that insufferable brat… he lets his stomach and pallet think for him rather than using that brain of his" shook his head steering his thoughts away from the one entitled as the strongest exorcist. "Tell me, who was this Executor who discovered the Swords when he was a child? I must give him my utmost of thanks for his discovery."

"That child… what was his name… he was the son of the supervisor of that one heretical ritual those mages fight tooth and nail for. Last I heard of him was that he was killed in combat against one of those heretics. Apparently he was an acquaintance of the boy's family. We we're lucky taht he sent the boy here before he was killed in line of his service." Replied the younger of the two.

"Ah, I know of the lad such a poor soul to die so early. I shall pray his soul." He nodded allowing himself a short moment of silence in respect for the deceased. "So tell me have you seen what the sword of the church looks like? I've only heard about his features from rumours and have never really met him in person."

"They say he is of average height, skin slightly tanned, has spiky blond hair, cerulean blue eyes, he is always wearing a pair of indestructible glasses, he wears a necklace made of magatama beads, and finally they say he always keeps his holy swords strapped in the lower part of his back most of the time."

"That is a rather detailed description."

The younger priest chuckled "Well... I'm actually part of his fan club… I can't help but to admire someone who delivers judgement upon the damned."

"Amen to that my fellow priest."

"Amen!" the younger priest cheered out as the two of the descended into a fit of laughter.

As the two laughed they failed to realize a sixteen year old, blond-haired young man wearing glasses walking towards them. He was clad in priestly white robes and white bandages that wrapped around what was most likely several wounds in his body.

The blond eventually stopped a few steps in between the two guards who were still gossiping and ignoring his existence.

The teen sighed as he pushed up his glasses with the palm of his left hand. "Excuse me." He said no almost screamed to get the attention of the two elderly priests.

"What do you want?" the younger priest asked as he glared at the newcomer who interrupted him of his fanboying ways.

"I'm here for an appointment today."

The older priest raised an eyebrow, he knew that the boss had an appointment scheduled for the day but was it really with this flimsy looking young lad. "Can I see any proof?" he asked.

The bespectacled blond simply reached for his pocket and pulled out what looked like a small crimson coloured cross before handing it towards the older priest. "Here." lazily said the teen.

"You may go in." the older priest said after inspecting the cross, not that he did much inspecting since he knew at first sight that it was the legitimate seal that the boss often used.

"Thank you." Whispered the bespectacled teen as he resumed walking towards the doors which the two priests protected.

"You look familiar, do I know you?" asked the younger priest just as the blue-eyed blond passed him.

"No, I don't think we've ever met." Naruto replied as he pushed open the wooden door and soon disappeared on the other side leaving the two guards/priests to their gossiping.

-Kyokai no Ken-

Naruto walked inside the room, a slight smile tugged the side of his lips. It hasn't changed much since he first entered through those very doors when he was five or six years old. It was still as plain as ever, barely furnished with just a few wooden book cases, a small fire place, a desk, and several chairs within. Overall it was a really dull room.

Shifting his gaze the exorcist's eyes landed on a man sitting on a chair behind the simple wooden desk. He was the very same man who welcomed him to this institution years ago and it looked as if he hasn't aged a day.

He was an old man of middle-eastern descent with short swept back silver hair that matched his equally silver yet extremely powerful eyes. He would pass off as a kind old man if not for the single scar that ran down his left eye and the fact that despite being somewhere in his seventies the man retained a rather large and muscular frame that dwarfed Naruto. He swore that for a moment in time he actually thought that the man was secretly a giant or at least part bear to be huge like that.

"Hello Naruto…" the man greeted with a rather gentle tone.

Naruto slightly bowed his head and returned the greeting to his current superior officer, the current leader of the faction of the church where he belonged. "Hello Master Garule"

The old yet muscular man raised an eye brow upon seeing the bandages on the bespectacled teen's body. "You look a little banged up."

"Got pummeled and almost killed by a vampire no big deal."

"And where is Dulio? I was under the assumption that I asked the both of you to report back here."

"He suddenly got some info about a rare type of Curry appearing in India." Naruto rubbed the back of his head and looked rather sheepishly. "He bailed on me at the airport instead of the flight going back here he flew rode the one going to India and truth be told I thought I saw my sensei going on board the same flight."

The older man let out a sagely chuckled as he cradles his hands on his desk. "I see I'll deal with Dulio later. You're sensei however... well she's out of my jurisdiction so I can't do anything about that." The silver haired man brought out what looked like an old type writer which elicited a small sweat drop from Naruto.

"Um Boss."


"Where's the new PC that I brought you a few months ago?"

"It was broken so I gave it away."

"You couldn't figure out how to use it didn't you? Seriously what is up with all the members of the church being technologically inept?"

"It's because we value the old way of live Naruto. Now that aside would you be so kind enough to give me a report about your recent mission?" the older man placed his huge digits on top of the type writer. Naruto didn't know even know how the huge man could push those small buttons with his freakishly huge fingers.



"You spaced out on me."

"Ah sorry about that." The bandaged exorcist straightened his body in order to look more presentable and professional. "Mission Classification Rank S: Slaying of a Noble Vampire for the Tepes House was completed with difficulty. After arrival in the scene Dulio and I gathered information until we found that the Vampire used a graveyard near the town as a base of operations. Immediately getting the information the two of us attacked their hideout. The battle itself involved both me and Dulio fighting a total body count of One Hundred and Fifty Seven Ghouls and minor vampires as well as fighting a Noble from the House of Tepes. With his clearance Dulio allowed me to battle the vampire on my own and after a battle to the death I ended up as the winner, then shortly after that I received your message then passed out because of my injuries. That is all."

Only the sounds of the typewriter could be heard in the room. "Hmm I see…" the older man whispered as he typed up the details of the mission.

Naruto internally yawned.

He always hated this part since it was boring, really boring, turning his head from side to side the blond exorcist tried to find something to entertain himself with for the nest few minutes or so since his boss was a slow typer. Eventually Naruto's eye brows rose as his cold blue eyes gazed upon the words written atop the folder.

Venatione Veneficae

Upon realizing the meaning behind those two simple word's a cold shiver ran in the blond's back. 'It couldn't be.' He thought as several memories flashed through his mind, for a moment he could see the face of a kind and pure girl just as the sounds of typing finally seized bringing him back to reality.

"Now it's time for your next mission."


"You remember the Holy Maiden that fell from grace?"

"Yes, I was the one who was tasked to guard her during her time in Italy." Naruto quickly replied to his superior.

"And how did that turn out?"

"The mission was deemed as a failure. The Holy Maiden healed a devil and was thereby excommunicated and banished from the church." He answered the memory of not only his failure but the time he spent with such an innocent and cute girl were still clear in his mind.

"Good you seem to remember your past mistakes. I want you to know we were lenient towards you because that was your first and only failure on an otherwise spotless record." The older man grabbed the folder. "These orders comes from the top, with clearance from one of the great Seraphs." He threw the folder at the blond who caught it with ease.

"…" Naruto opened the folder and started reading its contents, he remained mostly impassive, and his features were not betraying whatever impression he had about this mission.

"Would you do it? Will you carry out the will of our lord?" asked the silver haired man, his eyes stuck upon Naruto as if they were peering at his very existence.

The bespectacled exorcist closed the folder and placed it right above his superior's desk.


Naruto knelt on one knee, his head facing towards the floor. "I am the sword of god who brings judgement upon the world. Humanity's weapon against the damned, you need only to point me to the right direction and I will bring forth divine retribution." The teen replied quickly in an almost mechanical manner.

The older silver-haired man smiled. "Good, go forth and may God be with you on this journey."

"Amen." Naruto replied as he quickly got up and made his way towards the door while hiding the fact that he was clenching his fists to the point that they were almost drawing blood.

His mission was relatively simple, an easy one at that. He just needed to kill one person, a heretic exiled from the church. A person that he knew oh so well, the very same person who gave him a purpose in life. The girl with a kind and gentle smile.

He should have known after seeing the words Venatione Veneficae.

He was being sent to a witch hunt.

He had to kill Asia Argento.

-Kyokai no Ken END-

EN: This Naruto is born in the Highschool DxD verse as a descendant of the Original Uzumaki Naruto and a woman who will be kept secret for now. This means a certain faction of a certain organization maybe interested in him. He is siding with the church at the moment but may leave later on and join another side. As of now the main plan is to keep him human much like the members of said faction of a certain brigade. Personality would be mostly like his ancestor with a dash of coldness, seriousness, and a huge character flaw (He is extremely flawed) much like his ancestor's yearning for acknowledgement and penchant for fulfilling nigh impossible promises. His role in the Highschool DxD verse can be likened to that of a Wild Card.

His fighting style is based on Ciel from Tsukihime, Alexander Anderson from Hellsing, and Archer from FS/N. His one handed Kenjutsu fighting style using his true holy sword is based on several styles from different games/anime. Also he is more of a technique and speed type of character rather than a power type making him more of a glass cannon. (He can take hits but in the end his body is just that of a normal human.)

The entire second part of this chapter (his duel with the vampire) serves as a depiction of his capabilities. Fighting prowess wise he can take on at least a low to mid high class devil but in all essence he is still a human and he can be easily killed and injured by even attacks from fellow humans or low class devils. The next chapter will present another battle to show the contrast between him fighting high ranked devils and fighting those who don't take him seriously since he is just a human.

Jutsu/Magic List:

Hyaku-Shi no Ame (Rain of a Hundred Deaths)- An attack that involved raining pointy deaths at your opponent. In essence it is a simple attack but in reality the speed needed to release a hundred blades in a span of a few seconds borders superhuman levels.

Character Profile:

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Classification: Human (Descendant of a Hero)

Titles: Sword of the Church, Demonbane, Third Coming of the Sage, Hound of the Vatican, The Paladin.

Affiliation: The Church, Dulio Gesualdo, Griselda Quatra, Executors, Uzumaki Clan (Exiled).

Appearance: Bespectacled youth with spiky blond hair and deep blue eyes. He is often seen clad in his either black or white priestly vestments.

Equipment: Mass Produced Holy Swords, Various Holy Scriptures, Holy Water, Holy Cross, Rosaries, Reinforced Priestly Vestments, Three Sacred Treasures of the Second Sage (Sword, Mirror, Necklace).

Abilities: Chakra Usage, Presence Concealment, Presence Sensing, Kekkai Jutsu/Barrier Magic, Teleportation Magic/Jutsu, Fire Magic/Jutsu, Holy Magic/Jutsu, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Reflexes, Expert Swordsman, Expert Marksman, Expert Hand to Hand Combatant, Proficient in most types of weaponry.

Stats and Parameters:

Strength: C+

Endurance: B-

Speed: A+

Technique: A+

Magic: B+

Luck: E

Special Abilities:

Eye of the Mind (True): B+

Heightened capacity for observation based on experience. With this skill Naruto is capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning.

True Holy Sword Wielder: A++

One of the chosen ones who are able to wield the blades forged by God himself. The Holy Sword uses holy power as its source, it is extremely powerful against Devils. Small scratches from Holy Swords are enough to cause lethal damage to Devils. By having this skill Naruto shows that he was not only chosen by a holy sword but also had the capacity to use the swords effectively. The higher ranked this skill, the higher the efficiency is at using the sword.

Descendant of the Sage: C

Heightened physical and spiritual capabilities due to being part of the lineage of the Sage. With this skill Naruto is able to perform feets far beyond the capabilities of normal men. He is able to at some extent use an old energy source known Chakra to reinforce his body as well as power up his attacks.

Background: Descendant of the original Naruto Uzumaki and by extension also the descendant of the first Sage of Six Paths. Due to a series of unfortunate events at a young age of four Naruto was exiled from the Uzumaki clan and was adopted into the church where in he spent most of his childhood and eventually started off his career as an exorcist/executor.

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