Messy. A Grimmichi fanfiction.

Yaoi: Don't like don't read.

Summary: Ichigo is just not having his lucky day. Retarded boyfriends, annoying sisters, meddling friends and a crying arrancar are probably just the beginning.

Genre: Romance and humour, may be a bit crack-y

Disclaimer: Sadly, I'm not brilliant enough to come up with my own characters.



It had already been four months, Ichigo realised as he frowned at himself in the mirror. Four months since he found his enemy at his front door, bleeding and probably dying. Though he supposed that even then Grimmjow and he hadn't been exactly enemies anymore. Grimmjow had been paying him visits for more than two months before that, giving him some information about Aizen. Which wasn't much, since the Espada himself didn't get much information either. Just orders. They had become some sort of friends along the way and Grimmjow visited more and more, though those visits weren't always innocent. Ichigo supposed they actually started to get more 'innocent' when they went from just fucking and fighting to actually talking. He began to appreciate the Sexta more and more, leading to even protecting him when Nnoitra tried to kill him.

After the battle, Ichigo tried to convince the Shinigami to not kill all of the remaining Arrancar. They had only agreed to keeping Nelliel alive though, who was apparently living with Yachiru now.

Dangerous combination, those two.

He hadn't been able to talk them out of searching for and killing Grimmjow without revealing too much about the two of them though. Saying he had been relieved when Grimmjow showed up bleeding at his door wasn't nearly enough. His father patched him up without asking too much questions, just asking if his son was sure. After a hurried "yes please dad hurry" Isshin helped Grimmjow, even letting him stay, not bothering to ask why they didn't need an extra bed.

It was a month after that, when their 'fighting-fucking-andabitoftalking' actually turned into a relationship. Three more months later, Ichigo was glaring at himself in the mirror, hoping that the hickey on his neck, which looked a painfully lot like his boyfriend's teeth, would disappear.

"I hate you."

Two arms wrapped around his middle and he saw Grimmjow grinning at him in the mirror.

"Not entirely you don't."

"Shouldn't you go to work?" Grimmjow had been working at Urahara's since he had gotten his gigai. The blond man had had the guts to tell them he wouldn't ask too much questions or tell on them if Grimmjow helped him in the store. He still asked too much questions though.

"Yeah yeah I'm going." Grimmjow pulled his arm and Ichigo let himself to be turned around. Grimmjow put one hand on the sink, the other sliding down to a hip. Ichigo leaned in, pushing forward a bit and let himself be kissed, returning the favour with enthusiasm. He just moved his hand to blue hair, deepening the kiss, when he heard his sister's voice.

"Gross. Do that somewhere I can't see it, okay."

Sweet, sweet Karin. Always waiting to ruin a moment. Ichigo wasn't the slightest surprised when he saw the smirk on her face. "Shut up. And I'm still angry at you." He poked Grimmjow's chest. Grimmjow laughed.

"Yeah sure Berry." He pecked him on the lips, moving over to ruffle Karin's hair. "See you tonight." He threw a hand over his shoulder in a half wave.

Sighing, Ichigo looked at his little sister, who was snickering softly.


"You have a hickey, Ichi-nii."

Mortified, Ichigo slapped his hand over the hickey and chased Karin out of the bathroom. After that, he quickly grabbed his bag, looking in the mirror one more time, hoping nobody else would notice what Grimmjow had done to him yesterday night.

"Later!" He heard three different goodbyes being returned to him as he walked out of the door. He was glad his family and Urahara were so supporting. He really was. But damn, they could be annoying. He hadn't told his friends though. He didn't know how they would react. Inoue was the only one who knew, walking on them when they had been lying on the couch, watching television. She hadn't even been that shocked, making Ichigo wonder how well the girl knew him. Grimmjow told him it was probably because she had been in love with an Espada herself, which only made Ichigo feel guilty. He had made her come for dinner the next day and had apologised for what happened to Ulquiorra. She had blushed and though her eyes turned slightly wet, she had smiled and said she understood. He knew he did what had to be done, but hadn't liked the way the battle ended. He shouldn't have lost his control. The girl deserved some happiness.

About his other friends, Ichigo was less sure. Keigo and the others probably didn't know exactly who Grimmjow was, but he was still very much male. Rukia was also in town and Ichigo had been lucky he was able to convince her to stay with Inoue. The fact she hadn't noticed or seen Grimmjow yet was also pure luck. He supposed she wouldn't be too happy about, and not only because her supposed best friend had a boyfriend who once punched a hole through her. Ichigo frowned at the memory and picked up his pace. He was going to be late at this rate.

When Ichigo arrived he saw he walked faster than he thought. He still had a few more minutes, a relief for a few seconds, until Keigo jumped up from his chair, attaching himself to Ichigo's body.

"IIICHIGOO MY FRIEND!" Ichigo hit him in the face with a fist, a bit awkward because of the angle. "Hello Mizuiro."

"NOO why do you ignore me! Ichigo I..." He paused. "Is that a HICKEY?" Mortified, once again, Ichigo slapped his hand over the hickey for the second time that morning. He blushed red till the tips of his ears.

"Ooooh, Ichigo you naughty boy." Of course Rukia heard.

"Drop the stupid act for once." Ichigo grumbled, still blushing. She crossed her arms and smirked. "From who is it?"

Ichigo sputtered a bit. There was no denying it was a hickey. It was way too damn obvious. He was going to kick Grimmjow's arse if he came home. If he even survived this.

"That's none of your business." She pulled a face and seemingly just wanted to retort, when the rest of the class seemed to catch on, leading to a rain of questions and even some disappointed reactions. He even heard an "Aaah I wanted to be his first." Why did people even assume he was still a virgin till yesterday?

"WHY DID YOU LOSE YOUR INNOCENCE?!" Sometimes, he hated Keigo.

"Was she any good?" And Mizuiro.

Even the pat on his shoulder from Chad could not calm him down.

"Who said this was the first time?" Ichigo snapped and walked to his chair, sitting down angrily. He ignored the looks and whispers, and especially Rukia's smug face.

The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful. Ichigo ignored most of his friends' questions, and stares from other people. You'd think there was something more exciting going on than the discovery of Kurosaki Ichigo having and actual sex life, but apparently not. Ichigo sighed as he drank a box of juice. Break was almost over and everyone was in the classroom again, chatting among themselves. He should have known his peace wouldn't last long. It never did and today just wasn't his lucky day.

A loud bang came from the doorway when Grimmjow burst through, holding a crying Nelliel, while looking thoroughly panicked. Ichigo's first thought that something went horribly wrong, but then he noticed the lack of blood. From the corner of his eyes he saw some of his friends jump up to fight, and Rukia had already reached for Chappy. The only thing stopping them was probably the wailing Nelliel and the fact Grimmjow looked like he might piss his pants. Or actually, jeans, which must seem quite weird to them too.

"ITSYGOOO!" Nelliel jumped from Grimmjow's arms. It wasn't until she attached herself to Ichigo's leg he noticed she was wearing the gigai Urahara made for her some time ago.

She began wailing and snottering in his shirt when he picked her up. He decided to ignore his friends for now, since he would've to explain later anyway.

"She came crashing into the shop, crying loudly and she hasn't stopped and she just won't stop screaming your name. Put her in that..." Grimmjow waved, trying to mention the gigai without saying it "...and brought her here." Ah. That would explain Grimmjow's panic. Ichigo knew he'd come to care about the tiny arrancar and he hadn't been able to calm her down.

"Damn annoying too, do something about it!" And that too, of course. Sighing, Ichigo looked down at the little girl in his arms, who had calmed down a bit. She looked up with teary eyes. His teacher didn't seem to be interested in continuing the lesson, instead she was watching them. So he decided to just ask the girl.

"Nell what happened?" She sniffled and hiccupped before answering. "Kenny sayhe woul' kill Itsygo when hessees'em." The words were stringed together and she was talking worse than normally because of the crying. "Kenny?"

"Kenpachi." Rukia chimed in, still glaring at Grimmjow.


"Who's that?" Grimmjow seemed to be ignoring the fact that half of the people there were quite willing to kill him. His panic had faded and he was only looking slightly annoyed now. Ichigo held Nelliel closer, shifting her to one arm.

"The huge guy with the spikey hair." Grimmjow snorted.

"Teach, I'm going." He held Nelliel up a bit higher as if to show her why.

"Uh yes sure. Good luck with your... Kid."

"Not mine." He retorted quickly. He didn't need more rumours starting.

"Grimm, let's go." He turned to his friends, not knowing what to say. "I uhh..."

"Kurosaki-kun. I can explain a bit and we can come by later if you'd like?" Inoue, a human angel. "Yeah thanks Inoue." He nodded to her and rushed outside.

Grimmjow was laughing as they hurried down the wall.

"Did you SEE their faces?!"

What a mess.


This is it for now. I'll add more if you guys like it :D Rating may even go up then, but we'll see. Please let me know your thoughts, and if you think I should continue. Personally, I had much fun writing this.

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