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I am sorry every single day of my life.

I'm sorry my birthday was so close to yours. It must have sucked to have had your own for eight years and then suddenly have to share.

I'm sorry I followed you around so much. You were just so cool…

I'm sorry I kept bothering you and Mallory when you were trying to do your homework. I wasn't trying to be a pest. It's just that I'd never seen hair as red or as pretty as hers.

I'm sorry I snitched on you for sneaking out with that guy Tim. I really was just being a pest that time.

I'm sorry I broke Dad's favorite coffee mug and blamed it on you. I'll never understand why you let me get away with it.

I'm sorry I ripped the arms and legs off of your Barbies. I was playing war. It seemed like the right thing to do.

I'm sorry I told Mom about that D in Chemistry. If it helps, Mrs. Canizaro flunked me out of that class.

I'm sorry you got stuck babysitting.

I'm sorry I forgot to unplug the popcorn maker.

I'm sorry I ran out of the house.

I'm sorry I didn't go back in.

I'm sorry I was such a little monster.