Harry must be told!

Professor Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress and Head of Gryffindor, was sat in her office, just arrived back from St Mungo's hospital after being attacked by Delores Umbridge and her cohort. She was somewhat trouble, but couldn't put her finger on what was happening. She sat there staring at a photograph of a young lady with red flowing hair and emerald green eyes.

"Lily, something tells me that your Harry is in trouble…" said the professor to the image of the lady who was Minerva's favourite student. She was mediating on the image when a bang was heard on her door.

"What in the name of Godric is going on?" she yelled, but her face fell when she saw her precious cub levitate in with three students. "Oh my...Longbottom, put him on here" she said as she transfigured a desk into a bed. She notice Hermione and another girl come in, both looking concerned.

"Professor, Harry's cracked. I think events have finally taken their toll on him" said Hermione, holding Harry's hand. She was holding onto it as is she was worried he was going to leave her. She was now crying freely. "My poor Harry" she wept. Neville was too busy trying to comfort the girl that had followed them. Minerva took her wand and placed on Harry's temple and a silver substance came out. She placed it in a vial and poured it into a stone pensive. She peered in and saw the events of the night and was horrified.

"Harry must be told for goodness sake!" she thundered. "Albus has gone too far!" She walked over to where harry lay. She took one look at him and gasped. She placed her hand on Harry's forehead and said "Ennervate". No reaction. "Mr Potter" she said gently.

"Harry, mate, snap out of it. Come back to us, man" said Neville, worriedly.

"Harry" whimpered Hermione. "Brother, please wake up, I need you!"

"Harry, my heart" said the other girl. "Please, you deserve better, let us help you. Come back to us". With that, Harry opened his eyes and sat up, breathing heavily, whilst everyone else cried out "HARRY!" He was shaking, eyes widened in panic, only to find he was sat on a bed with his best friend holding his hand. He grabbed Hermione and pulled her into a hug and he openly cried in her embrace. Hermione was relieved to say the least.

"Harry, are you alright?" she sobbed, but she panicked when she heard harry choke.

"Oh, Mione" he stammered. "I have to k-k-k-kill him. I have to kill Voldemort or be killed by him. He killed my parents because of me and now, I, I..." and it all became too much for him as he sobbed. Every heart in the room broke. "And on top of that..." he began.

"You've been betrayed, Mr Potter" sniffed Professor McGonagall, looking sadly at Harry. Harry looked at her. "I know what Mr and Miss Weasley did to you and what they are planning. Percival and Sirius tried to warn me."

"Yeah, Harry, but that not all, Dumbledore isn't as light as we thought. He has used you" said Neville. Harry gulped and looked worried. He looked at the strange girl in the room, but he felt that he recognised her. He stood and kept looking at her, racking his brain as to where he knew her from.

"You were there when I fell, you came when no-one else would." He looked at her with sincerity in his eyes. "Thank you. But who are you?" The girl walked out of her spot and smiled.

"I am not surprised you don't recognised me, Harry. Memory charms and time can do that. I am Daphne, Scion of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Greengrass" she said gently as her sapphire eyes met Harry's emerald eyes. Harry then had a flashback.

He was playing with a blonde haired girl with beautiful sapphire eyes and a dazzling smile, even at a young age. They were laughing and running about, when the girl came face to face with a snake. She screamed in fright, until Harry banished the snake. "Don't wowwy, Daffy, I'll save you" he said gently. The girl kissed his cheek as a gold light emitted from them both.

When the flashback ended his eyes widened and glistened in recognition and he held out his hand to her. "My Daffy?" he whispered. Daphne nodded and gave a watery smile. "That's right, my Harry". Her eyes twinkled at him.

Just then, Peeves came floating through the wall and peered at Harry. "Harry, two spirits are here to see you, my son" and with that two figures appeared. A man and a woman. Minerva recognised them.

"Harry, my sweetheart!" said the female spirit. Harry fell to his knees. He knew who it was.

"Mum!" he gasped. "Yes, dearest, it's me" she smiled at him as the male spirit move forward. He grinned at the young man.

"Hi Prongslett! Good to see you!" he said. All Harry could do was moving his mouth.

"Uncle James, Aunt Lily!" smiled Neville. The figures smiled at him. "Neville, godson of ours, my how you've grown!" remarked Lily.

"G-g-godson?!" wheezed Harry. "you mean to say…"

"That Alice and frank Longbottom are two of your Godparents, Harry" said James.

"There's more isn't there?" groaned Harry.

To be continued…