Reyna was a leader first and a demigod second. No, wait. She was a warrior first, a leader second, half-goddess third and half-human… well, somewhere down past 'decent cook' and 'TV connoisseur'.

This had never been much of a problem until she found herself sharing a joke with Jason one evening. Their duties finished, pretty much, they had chatted about the day and something someone had done made them both laugh. It was one of the few moments at camp where she could remember feeling relaxed, like she had when she was very, very small.

When she first noticed feelings for Jason – and at first she really did think she was unwell – she had partially dreaded but partially longed for those moments. She tried to keep it professional, especially in public – and it wasn't much of a task because being a praetor was her sole focus. It warmed, well, her soul.

Until she noticed the impossible number of families living at Camp Jupiter. Then part of her wondered if maybe someday she could pass on the baton and do something peaceful, like teach sword fighting. Someday. Gods, he made it so easy. They knew each other's battlefield capabilities and leadership traits like they did their own faces. Part of her even liked that rebellious streak. But he was so hard to work out, most days. Who was the person behind the soldier?

Somehow, without even realising it, she had decided to find out.

Then he left. Disappeared. Was taken. 'Left' implied he wanted to go. Looking back, she had no idea what he wanted. She thought she did. But when he disappeared, when he left her, she closed him off in her brain. Her heart hurt, always, but leadership came first. She kept her camp together and it was only very late at night that she would consider her own feelings.

Then Percy had turned up and, gods, he had got attractive. But then they'd both changed so much in four years. So had Annabeth, she reasoned, and she knew that was who he was with now. Even as he turned her down, he gave her hope. If Percy remembered Annabeth, could Jason remember… could Jason remember her?

When she had met him – when he came home – it was like meeting someone from a dream. She knew him – but it became a nightmare when she saw Piper.

It wasn't Piper's fault. She looked almost as uncomfortable as Reyna felt. But Jason loved her. It was so, so obvious and Reyna had never thought she would want to be the daughter of anyone other than Bellona. They made it look so simple. So did Percy and Annabeth. Hell, so did Frank and Hazel, little oddballs though they were.

Maybe it was just Reyna. Venus had warned her it wouldn't be easy but had she realised that her own child would make it so hard? Or was it time to face the person who really made it hard?

Maybe it was Reyna's lot to retire peacefully alone.

She had her camp. That was the important thing.

Didn't refer to the books because I don't own most of them - please let me know if I messed up! Inspired by one of Minuiko's Tumblr answers about Jason and Reyna. Reviews would be great. :)