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Collect Them All Challenge [Druella Black]
Inspiration: "Marry me, he said. God he's ugly, but fortune is ours."-Emilie Autumn


"Marry me."

The question was not sudden, nor was it unexpected that did not however mean that she was by any means ready for such a question. Barely out of Hogwarts, she had expected maybe a month or two to accustom herself to usual life at the Rosier Manor, that was not to be though, she would only have mere weeks for there was no way she could refuse such an offer. Their parent had long since agreed to the marriage it had only been a matter of Cygnus asking her.

Her parents had almost forbidden her from saying rejecting the man who now stood before her. They had used many more words to explain the situation to her but the main idea of their entire talk had remained the same no matter how they filled the subject with flowery words that were close to sickly sweet. The Black family had the means to destroy the Rosier family after all. No one wished to risk that.

Salazar, the man was not particularly pleasing to the eye. Cygnus happened to be one of the unfortunate Black males who seemed to have fallen off the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down. His personality was never received in his favour either. Cygnus was a lazy, demanding and very prideful man, traits that did nothing to endear him to her. She had quite the opposite reaction to him should she be able to react freely. That was an unnecessary truth that need not be spoken aloud nor indicated to anyone.

They were in the garden the Rosiers were ever so proud of. The vast area was carefully crafted to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The garden had always calmed her. She had always been able to clear her head with a walk through the flowers or elaborately entwined vines that formed a canopy above the pathway in some areas. Everything was so natural and calming. The fact that they were in the garden was the only reason she was able to hesitate, using the time to carefully suppress her first instinct of distaste towards the very idea and show only the expressions that were expected of her in this situation

There was not much choice left to her. The Blacks were a wealthy family. They could and would support the Rosier Line with her marriage. Her marriage was more important than her, and perhaps her happiness could be sacrificed for that because her first loyalty was always to her family. It always had been and always would be. She had been trained well in that regard, perhaps too well.

"If you wish."