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"normal speech"


'jutsu thought'

Demon speech

'demon thought'

The night air was heavy with mist, large beads of condensation formed in clumps on the already soaked orange jumpsuit of a fleeing blond boy. Naruto darted between the alleyways of Kahonagakure, also known as the village hidden in the leaves. This blond wasn't running for sport. He was running for his life. He ran from an ever growing mob of drunk and aggressive villagers. Naruto flew threw another group of villagers gaining many insults and flying objects that, by now, after years of neglect and repeated abuse he had learned to expertly doge.

The blonds goggles began to fog up as the sky became darker. He wasn't sure how long he had been running. It had to have been around early evening. His stomachache grumbled from hunger, he had to lose these villagers somehow. You'd think they would have grown tiresome of chasing him. Yet every time he tried to stope to catch his breath there they would be running around the corner. After what seemed like the hundredth corner gathering a few more persuaders to the already dozens. Naruto suddenly had an idea. Using his newfound determination to fuel his resolve he jumped high onto a near by roof top. Once on top he sprinted towards the walls of Kahona. If he couldn't lose them inside the city then he would just have to hide out in the forest until they had forgotten about him or simply believed that he was never coming back.

A group of six low level ch√Ľnin ninja, three males Tarou, Daiki, and Kaede and three females Kamiko, Marise, and Nyoko were walking along the south west wall looking for something to do. The group debated on weither they should go training or go shopping for Supplies. Tarou, the tallest, had long black hair that went down to about the middle of his back. He wore standard ninja clothing. He had a lose black combate sweatshirt on with a mesh shirt underneath. On the back of the shirt was the large orange spiral of Uzushiogakure. He wore grey slacks and had His left leg taped and the opposite side arm taped. He wore a hip pouch and his headband was laced around his belt. He had two long katanas straped across his back in an X.(picture Neji then take away his hyuga byakugan and make him a swords ninja.) He suggested they just check in and see if there were any low ranked missions avaliable. ( I will not be describing everycharacters outfit in detaile)

"Jeeze we still cant agree on something...what a boring day." Marise sighed brushing a few strands of red hair out of her face. She was stood about average height for girls at 5"3' and she wore a tight black flak jacket and matching black tight pants that went to her knees showing off all of her curvy figure. On her feet were the standerd ninja sandels. Kamiko the only blond in the group nodded her agreement adding/

"Its also sooo wet outside." As if on cue the clouds above them let loose a strong downpoor. Nyoko who had Short chines styled brown hair squealed as her already tight and damp white shirt became instantly soaked exsposing more of her larger than average bust makeing the other girls more annoyed and the guys a little excited at seeing there comrades full size. They quickly ducked under a nerby houses veranda. There moods officialy dimmed. Untile Daiki the shortest of the group pointed at a figure dressed in bright organge running across the rooftops straight for the wall.

"Look at that...who is that?" Daiki weezed in his raspy voice. He reajusted his armor back into a confertable positon.

"What atrosiouse clothing." Kamiko laughed.

"Yeah...Wait I've seen those cloths before" Tarou spoke softly catching the others attention. "Only one person wears those clothing...that person is non other than the demon boy..naruto, Naruto Uzumakie." at hearing this Kaede got a glint in his green eyes. Tarou as if predicting what he might say sighed and turned to leave.

"whatever your planning Kaede I'm not particapting." He said over his shoulder before walking away from them into the still heavly pooring rain. Under his breath he added " I dont want the guilt and i dont want to see the pain."

The others watched him walk away everyone but Kaede had a confused look on there faces because they did not know what was goin on. Until Kaede voiced his unspoken insperation.

"You guys said you wanted to do something fun right?" he questioned the others. They looked at each other for a few moments then shrugged and nodded for Kaede to continue. "Well how do you feel about playing in the rain..." he trailed off hopping that they caught what he was saying.

"Baka!...what do you mean play.." Kamiko started raising her gloved hands ready to strike him until Marise grabed her freainds arm and whispered into her ear. Kamiko had a look of confusion on her face at first but then an evil smile cracked across her face.

"Okay...Im game" she said after Marise finished the exsplanation.

"Alright then Follow me." Kaede smiled, with that the group ran up and over the wall to track a certan orange dressed boy.



Naruto sat panting against a tree in the forest surrounding Kahona. He was as far as he could bring himself to be, in his current state away from the village. He could just make out the side of the faces on hokage rock. He finally collasped in exaughstion and from hunger. He awoke a little afterwords. The rain had passed and the sun was casting orange and red rays across the tree tops as the cool evening came too. Naruto stood up, then fell down emidiatly after in the featle position holding his aching stomach. He was so hungry he would eat just about anything at that moment. He waited untile the pain ebbed away befor standing up. The sun was lower know casting smooth shadows across the forest. He sloached from physical exaughsten. He may have the best stamina but today he reached his limit. He was heading back twords Kahona walking from tree to tree for support as his body was to weak at the moment to support Itself.

'Ill show them.' Naruto thought to himself, 'I'll show them all when I become hokage...I'll be the greatest hokage they have ever seen. Then they'll have to acknowledge me.' suddenly that sense of danger he had devoluped over the years flared pushing adrenalin threw his body. He jumped to the side through a bush as three kunai logged into the tree that he was leaning on. Fear regripped his heart and without a single thought he stood up and ran back twords the village.

He didn't make it far when a foot connected with his chest and he flew threw a tree into a small clearing. Five figures Jumped into the clearing, Naruto coughed up blood rolled over onto his arms to support himself...they waited as he slowly and shakingly stood up. He looked at the figures that surronded him with eyes full of pain and unspoken pleading. The group was made up of two boys and three girls. One boy had spiky black hair and green eyes. He looked down in threatning at Naruto. Beside him was a Blondie that refused to make eye contact with him at first but then she straightened herslelf and withdrew a Kunai from her pouch. Next was a rather short and chubby ninja. He had short brown hair and redish brown body armor with kahonas symbole on the front. There were two more girls one had red hair and tight clothing and the other had kneak length brown hair.

"w..wh...what..ddd..do want?" Naruto wheezed stumbling slightly and holding his chest as he stood there. He was in so much pain. They were obvioulsy ninja for they all had kahona head bands.

The mean looking raven haired boy spoke answered withdrawing a few kunai knifes of his own. "where just hear to have a little spar...come on itll be fun."
Naruto's eyes filled with horror. He stumbled backwords slowly reatreating from the five ninjas. From there strong chakara signature he guessed they were probably chunin.

"Im...im not interested." Naruto wheezed again as he slowly began to recover and heal from the kick to his chest. The raven boy only smirked and took a step forward causing Naruto to take a step back.

"You didnt have a choice." He groweled. At this threat naruto turned to bolt but was stopped by the chubby ninja. Who had used chakara to increase his speed so he could cut Naruto off. He delivered a visouse round house kick to Narutos face, dislocating his jaw while sending him back twords the remaining four.

"TEAM TORIN BOLD STAR ATTACK SEQUANCE" the raven haired shouted befor gathering chakara in his legs and jumping high into the sky. Narutos flight was cut short by a rising the rising knee of the blonde Kunoichi that conicted right in the middle of his spine causeing him to stop and spin bolt upright in the air. Befor gravity even began to pull naruto back to the ground she unleashed a lethal barrage of quick and powerful punches then ending with a side kick sending him flying tword the red Kunoichi who gave a similir barrage of attacks lodging a kuni into his leg. They stood in a trinangle formation and they continue to send naruto around for repeated abuse.

Naruto was had already stoped screaming in pain for the lose of his voice so he suffered in silence as his body was battered. Finally the chubby ninja delivered the final kick scooping low to the ground then using his upper body and arms to sharply lift his lower body under the still hovering body of the blond haired boy he deliverd a painful kick to narutos chest again causing several ribs to break. While screaming.
"DAIKI RISING KICK." Naruto flew upwards turning in a tight spiral flipping into a platform position. The Raven haired boy who had used chakara to jump at the begging was waiting for him and unleashed his secreat air fighting technique pounding naruto the whole 5 feet back down and when naruto was no more than a foot from the ground he delivered a powerful ake kick to the boys gut.

Narutos impact as gravity finaly had a chance to catch up with him caused a massive shockwave threw his body makeing him black out momentarly from pain. The impact caused small crater in the ground around his body. Slowly filling with blood streaming from the blonds mouth, nose and kuni wounds. He lay there in a crumpled beaten mess unable to move a single muscle in his bodie. His Voice too horse from screaming earlier to cry. His mind to shocked from pain to think.

The group looked down at there work only a few felt guilty and one felt absolutly disgusted with herself.

"You dont think..hes dead...do you."Nyoko whined. "Omygawd Kaede what have we done...If we...Oh no what if the Hokage finds out someone finds him like this...We shouldnt have done this...We overdid it.." her rant was cut short by the raven haired boy she was addressing as Kaede. He walked over and slapped her across the face.

"Shut up..hes not human hes a monster and were probably doing the village a favor so what if he dies. You think anyone would care...but i do feel bad..maybe ill put him out of his miseray so he dosnt have to suffer...He should suffer but ill be genarouse and end it now." Kaede said turning back twords naruto while pulling out another Kunai. He charged the crumpled figure. The blood had lessened as the Nine tails supplied chakara to the boy. Kyubii roared inside naruto in fury at what the boy had gone threw because of him.

If Naruto dies I die with him. YOU SCUM! IF I WERE OUT OF HEAR I WOULD TEAR YOU LIM FROM LIM! The kyubiis rant went unheard even by Naruto for the fact that he was sealed inside of him. A feeling of dread washed over Naruto as the chunin named Kaede rushed tword him Kunai drawn, he realised that he was finally gonna die...so soon after makeing his vow to become Hokage. Tears welled in his eyes, he couldnt move he wouldnt have even if he could.

The kunai glint in the dim light as it came arching down, Naruto shut his eyes waiting for the sharp tingle of the blade pearcing his flesh. Instead he heard metal on medal and in a rush a wind Kaeda flew backwards.

"Tarou!" The others called in surprise at there freaind. They were about to say something more but a wave of killer intent poored from Tarou as he looked at his freainds in utter disguast. Naruto opened his eyes to his newfound saviour. He looked up to see a tall young man with two Katana sheaths crossed on his back that were empty. He had long black hair that stuck to his cloths from being wet.

"You guys discust me utterally." Tarou spat at his commarades,"Nyoko Mosakato I am truly astonished by your actions. The five of you ganging up on a boy. That is truly unbecoming of a Ninja." the Nyoko, the short brown hair looked down in shame as her crush scolded her.

"Tarou we were just.." Kaede started but was cut off with a look from his friend.

"I do not want to speak with any of You leave hear...NOW!" He shouted the last when they had not moved. Ashamed they all shushuned away. Tarou sheathed both his Katanas and looked back down at the broken figure that was slowly healing. He was so young yet the world was so cruel to his unchangable fate. He didnt choose to be the one to house a demon neither was he responsible for the creatures actions. He flet bad for this boy. He needed a friend someone needed to step out for him. Tarou bent down and pick up the still limp boy and pushing as much chakara in his legs as he could he jumped rushing back to Kohona. He was going to get this boy treatmeant even if he had to threaten the nurses. Befor leaving the clearing though he spoke loudly to the unseen Anbu ninja.
"If you refuse to protect this helpless boy...Then..I WILL. Your refusal to action is degrading of a Ninja also. I will be reporting this straight to Lord Third." As Taruo speed twords the Hospital naruto slowly started to fade into unconchessness. Befor he went completely under he whispered three words that Taruo smiled at.

"Thank you Tarou-san"


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