Chapter 4: Lost friends, painful past, and a bright future.


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Well without further a due Chapter 4

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"normal speech"


'jutsu thought'

Demon speech

'demon thought'

Naruto sat on his favorite swing, which was located under a large tree not to far away from the ninja academies outside training ground. The blonde boy swung on the swing across from the academy training grounds. He was depressed after losing his big brother figure and his second friend after Iruka sensei. Even though he was grieving he knew that Taruo would not want him to lose heart in his dreams. Naruto stood up his mood completely changing. He thrust his hand in the air screaming

"Taruo I swear to you I wont lose heart in myself. Im going to become stronger. I'm going to become Hokage and surpass all Hokage before me. You just watch and see."


(gonna skip all the stuff with the team assigning we all know how that went.)

Today was an important day for Naruto. He was gonna show his new Sensei exactly what he was made up of. Although he could have gotten paired up with better people. Or so he thought. Sakura was cute and everything, but he figured her obsession with Sasuke would really hold the team back in growth. Also Sasuke was way too stuck up and independent. It just ticked the blonde off. He was not going to shown up by Sasuke today. They were instructed to meet at the practice grounds early without eating any breakfast. Naruto couldn't stand the thought of going without breakfast, so he instead ate a quick little snack before heading out around 7:00. That way he would technically be following the instructions. 'Sensei never said anything about having a snack before training'. Naruto thought to himself. Before leaving Naruto grabbed the short Katana Taruo used and a small scroll of summoning tools. He checked himself one last time in the mirror grinning as he tightened his head band. Fifteen minutes later Naruto arrived at the training grounds. It was a warm slightly cloudy day. There was a soft breeze that brought temporary relief from the heat. He found, unsurprisingly, that Sasuke was already there. He was standing under the shade of a large tree that marked the entrance to the training grounds. Naruto noticed the Pink haired Kunoichi staring up at him with stars in her eyes. As soon as she noticed Naruto approaching her demeanor changed. She jumped to her feet, putting both hands on her hips and in a scolding tone she yelled, "Naruto BAKA. you're five minutes late".

Naruto didn't know why but he felt a little happy that she scolded him. 'At least she acknowledges my existence'. He found himself thinking. Naruto shook his head 'I couldn't have feelings for Sakura….no….could I?' . the boy shook his head again ridding himself of that thought. He put on his mask, "Hiya, Sakura-chan" He grinned, rubbing the back of his head.
"Don't speak to me so naturally baka." Sakura cringed at the suffix Naruto put after her name. Naruto ignored this,

"Kakashi Sensei isn't here yet so I don't see what the problem is." Naruto pointed out. Sakura didn't respond with words she just glared. Sasuke, who had been watching the two, just snickered in disgust of the pair. 'These two deserve each other' he thought 'how did I get stuck with the worst excuses for ninja as my team mates.'

The three had sat there waiting for 5 hours before Kakashi showed up. Upon arriving he received a unified complaint from the trio. To which he made a lame excuse.

After they had settled down and moved to the middle of the training grounds Kakashi began his instruction.

"So you all are here because you think you have passed the test to become Genin. Well Im here to tell you that your test isn't over just yet. In-fact the real test starts now." Kakashi said "Let me warn you that no one has ever been able to pass this test before." This caught there attention. Sakura began to panic, Sasuke just smirked at the challenge while Naruto thought about what he was being told. Obviously they were going to be tested, hence the reason they were out here in the first place. He glanced around real quick and took note of certain land marks. 'Forest to the left, three tree stumps near the back, and a pond lined with rocks to the right.'

"So this is deal I have two bells," Kakashi presented two sleigh bells " If you can get a bell from me that person will pass, If one of you gets captured you will fail, If you can't get the bells before the time is up you will fail. You have three hours. Only those who are able to get a bell will be able to eat lunch." They all noticed that there is three of them and only two bells. Sasuke and Naruto suspected that there was a catch to all of this while Sakura just thought about getting a bell for her and Sasuke so that Naruto fails. That way it would be just Sasuke and her. The thought of a three cell team escaped her thoughts as she could only think about Sasuke. Kakashi tied the bells to his ninja pouch and then pulled out a yellow book that read Make out paradise. Naruto threw a Kunai at him and he caught it with ease.

'Some one is inpatient I see, I haven't given you the order to begin yet.…Now BEGIN!" Kakashi commanded. All three of the young ninja jumped away and hid. 'promising start' Kakashi thought.

Naruto had been observing him from the top of a nearby tree for a couple of minutes now. 'Is he really gonna just stand there and read that book.' he thought. It really annoyed him how nonchalant Kakashi Sensei was acting. Then another thought accrued to him 'this would be the perfect opportunity to show up Sasuke.' With that he reached into his tool pouch and withdrew his tool scroll. He jumped from the tree biting his right thumb in midair to draw blood. 'Its time to put all of my training and Taruo ni-chans teachings into action'

Upon landing Naruto opened the scroll with his left hand while dragging his right thumb across the words that were written in the scroll. Without breaking stride he threw the scroll high above Kakashi Sensei's head and screamed "RELEASE!"

The scroll spun faster then exploded in a puff of smoke shooting Kunai knives in every direction around Kakashi, who had glanced up from his book for a brief second out of curiosity. He didn't exactly expect this kind of performance from Naruto, Sasuke yes but Naruto. This was quite the surprise.

'perfect,' Naruto thought '20 Kunai placed out perfectly, and I have 20 Shuriken and Kuni in my pouch. Lets do this.' With a shout he unsheathed his katana while rushing at kakashi from the left and leaped in the air. Using his forward momentum he went into a bending is left leg closer to pick up speed. He went to land a powerful side kick to Kakashi's head. It was blocked with ease by Sensei's left forearm. Again in perfect time Naruto leaped back and dashed forward again. This time though he applied a little chakra to his feet to boost his speed. He went for a swing at Kakashi's side, his blade blocked by a Kunai. Without losing rhythm Naruto jumped and spun horizontally to put more force behind his next strike at Kakashi's right shoulder. Sensei simply side stepped from the attack and with incredible speed spun into a side kick aimed at Naruto's chest. The attack connected sending Naruto flying back a few yards.

It was a painful attack but Naruto recovered in mid air and landed on his feet. Kakashi was truly impressed with the blonde. Naruto's attacks has made him have to re read a paragraph more than twice now.

The blonde exhaled, calming his mind. 'when faced with a tough opponent it is best to fight them with a clear mind' Naruto remembered Taruo say once during training. He entered his first stance. raising the katana to about shoulder hight and placing his middle and index fingers on the side of the tip of the blade. Squatting down for a brief moment then exploding forward in a chakra dash. "Uzumaki style: dancing blade!" Naruto assaulted Kakashi with deadly Katana strikes mixed with some form of martial arts that Taruo had taught him, called Yokai fist style. The exchange lasted for a few minutes than just when it looked like Naruto was going to land a hit Kakashi Substituted behind Naruto. He closed the book he was reading and made three quick hand signs. Ending with Tora he stuck his fingers (still in tora form) in Narutos rear.

"one thousand years of death!" Kakashi shouted. Naruto froze for a second in confusing shock then the effect of the Jutsu hit and sent him flying high into the sky. He wasn't sure what kinda jutsu that was. But it hurt.

Sasuke, who had been watching the two from a tree since the beginning was astonished at Naruto's sudden display of skill. He was still below him, he thought. He wasn't sure what to think of this Jutsu Kakashi just used on Naruto.

Sakura, who was hidden under the bushes, could only think of how stupid Naruto was for charging Kakashi Sensei alone. Whatever Jutsu was just used on him, she thought he deserved it.

Naruto ended his decent in the water, Somewhere along the way he had lost his Katana. He was really annoyed now, Making a single cross hand sign he leaped from the water followed by 20 shadow clones. They landed around kakashi picking up the Kunai that were placed in the begging. "Uzumaki style: Endless assault" His clones attacked From all sides in a star formation. Kakashi dispatching one after the other with ease, until he hit the real Naruto and sent him flying into the trees. Knocking him out.

Sasuke had had enough of waiting. After Naruto had been knocked out he lept from his hiding spot. Kakashi turned to face this one. 'Now lets see what this Uchiha is made of' he thought.

"I wont be like that loser," Sasuke explained, 'Your gonna want to put that book away' thinking that second part. Sasuke charged. Right hook, left hook, hammer kick, upper cut. everything the Uchiha tried was easily countered. He leaped back and summoned a Demon win Shuriken and threw it. Kakashi dodge only to meet a fist coming for his face. He ducked under the attack chopped down on Sasukes neck and side kicked him away. Sauske sprang up from the attack. Forming his own hand signs Mi, Hitsuji, Saru, I, Uma, Tora. "Fire style: Fire ball Jutsu!" Sauske screamed taking in a deep breath and forming a ring with his right hands index finger and thumb he blew a massive ball of flames at kakashi. Who dodged the attack. The fireball hit the pond causing a huge steam cloud to form. Kakashi took this time to dash into the woods. He was content with the two boys performance. He wanted to see what the girl could do too. Sasuke seeing Kakashi leave from the corner of his eyes, followed after him

Sakura watched in amazement 'Sasuke is so cool!' her inner self shouted. The steam had cleared and revealed an empty field. 'Where did they go' she thought. She slowly creeped from her hiding place….then dashed into the tree tops. She didn't travel very far when she came a crossed a badly beaten and bleeding Sasuke.

"S……" Sasuke whispered in pain reaching out for her. Sakura freaked out and passed out from shock. Sasuke exploded in a cloud of smoke reviling Kakashi. "That was much too easy" he sighed tying the girl up.

It was late afternoon Naruto had awoken and found sakura and finally found Sasuke. They were huddled in a tree that was a few yards away from the clearing. From there postion they could easily see Kakashi Sensei.

"Alright you guys" Naruto said " We are obviously not going to get those bells alone. So we are going to have to work together" Sasuke reluctantly agreed and Sakura glared at Naruto for saying what she wanted to say first.

"Sakura you be the distraction, and Naruto and I will go for the bells" Sasuke offered. Sakura accepted without a single thought since it was Sasuke that asked her to do so.

"Alright then lets do this" Naruto said confidently. They each got into position. Sakura lead the charge. Throwing a few Shuriken in advance. Naruto went to flank left and Sasuke went to flank right. Kakashi smirked, he blocked the shurikens and countered each of the boys leaping into a tree.

Naruto saw one of the bell come loose and out of excitement he leaped after it. Not paying attention to his surroundings. If he had been he would have noticed the rope trap before he got caught in it. He found himself upside down and as he dangled the timer went off.

Naruto was tied to one of the tree stumps. Sakura and Sasuke were on each side of him eating their lunch. They were instructed not to share with Naruto. If they did they would fail. Naruto was annoyed with himself for falling into that trap and because he was hungry. He knew that he had failed Taruo. Finally fed up with Narutos growling stomach Sasuke offered Naruto some of his food.

"No Sasuke, if you do that you will fail and be sent back to the ninja academy." Sakura explained.

"Well we cant just leave the idiot like this" Sasuke shot back in annoyance. Sakura sat for a second

"Fine but let me give him some of mine instead, that way you wont get in trouble." Sakura insisted.

"I don't see what the point is behind that. I mean you cant have a one man team we are all going back anyways." Sasuke steamed. 'If only i hadn't been placed with these two.'

There was a puff of smoke and Kakashi appeared in front of them.

"You pass" He grined. (or at least it appeared that way. Cant really tell with that mask of his) The three ninja looked up in surprise. " You pass because you put your comrade above your orders. Your team is the most important thing when out on a mission. So team work and taking care of each other is very important. Since you were able to do that you pass."

There was a brief moment of shocked silence, then Naruto and Sakura shouted in joy while Sasuke smirked a little.

'I did it Taruo' Naruto thought 'Im finally on my way to becoming a ninja. And someday becoming Hokage. You just watch me.'


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