After fighting through a horde of bee assasins, Nick and Desomnd arrive at the warehouse the Animus was stored in.

"That was a bee-autiful escape" sayd Desmond, laughing. "Those guys really sting-k, why don't they just buzz off!"

Nick fractured Desmond's nose with a swift, decisive punch to the face.

"Take that, fuckhead!" laughed Cage. "you think one subway battle and I'll let you steal the declaration of idenpendtce! Only I steal the declaration of indepenance! I do what I want, when I want, how I want! WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME DAD?"

"I thought we were friend," squeaked Desmond as he crumpled to the floor and fell into a deep sleep. He began to dream of horses. Pretty, pretty horses in better times, long ago. He was tired of having people break his face. He was tired. In his dream he cried and rode horses while pretty girls refused to kiss him and made fun of his bad hair.

Nick leaned over and kissed Desmonded tenderly on the head, for reasons of honor. He looked kinda cute, crying and unconscious and bleeding all over.

"Always follow the Samurai code" Nick whispered to himself, as he thought of Mr. Miyagi. This is what he wouldve wanted. Nick found that, in anticipation of the kiss he had made his lips overly moist, and wiped them off with his fist.

He turned and saw the animus. The red, velvety folds of the time-travel-chair-machine-capsule beckoned to him, like a siren, except instead of a mermaid it was a chair, and Nick Cage was no sailor. He sad town and the machine whirred to life.

It was time, to travel in time!

Cage woke up in a field. A man was facing him. The man also had a face facing him. Body language indicated that his attention was fixed on Nick.

"Hey Nick, you okay?"

"You know my name?" puzzled Nick.

"Of course I do! I know many thing!" the man wore a blue pinstripe suit, and had thick luscious blonde hair cropped tightly, as was the style of the time. The Beatles had not yet crossed the pond and turned the world of men's hairstyles upside down. It was a simpler time.

"What year is it?"asked Nick.

"Why, it's one year before the great depression, my good man." said the eloquent rich man in the suit "So let us drink and be merry and live in excess, unaware that our days of frivolity are numbered. These truly are the halcyon days of the american dream. Let us dance in the gaiety of the times and drink the fines of wines as we bask under the golden sun in these most wondrous cities of men."

Nick had to strongly resist the urge to break this man's nose. He missed Beans.

"Okay, whatever, I dont care. Im just here to steal the declaration of independence."

"Jolly good, old chap. This promises to be a rousing bout of fun, full of piss and vinegar! We shall play as theives most craven and foul and delight in the pilfering of artefacts most priceless-"

Nick Cage broke the man's nose, but quickly realized that he didnt know how to get anywhere or where he was, so he just waited for his new frend to wake up from his dream of horses. the man goggily came to a start.

"where am I?" he asked as he waoke.

"hey, my name is nick. we are going to steal the declaration of independence. "

"Okay. My name is Jay, but you can call me.. the Great Gatsby!"

The owl eyed man gasped.