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My life through the Camera

"Heyo Mayo! It's Maka, aren't you guys excited?! In just one week I will meeting BlackSTAR, Symmetry_Kid and SharkBoy in the flesh for the first time at Anime L.A!" I exclaim in a cheery tone in front of the camera.

"As you know I have been working on my Chi cosplay for the past few weeks. I just finished the dress and headband and my hands hurt from all the sewing!" I laugh, holding my hands up to the camera to see all the band aids covering my fingers.

Then I take the camera and show my cosplay costume I have been working on for the past weeks.

"Isn't it gorgeous?" I pop my head into the camera view. "I will be wearing white flats with this and I'll have extensions in my hair because you all know I hate wigs."

Lights up on Washington Heights up at the break of day I wake up and I got this little punk I gotta chase the way...

I hear my phone go off and I grab my phone to see that Soul (SharkBoy) has requested a Facetime.

"Would you look at who wants to snap chat me? It's SHARKBOY!" I yell to the camera.

"What's up Pigtails?" Soul asks and I hold his face on the phone to the camera.

"Nothin much, you're just interrupting my filming." I say, sarcasm dripping from every word.

"HI MAKA'S FOLLOWERS!" Soul holds up his hand and waves to the camera.

"You can hear the fangirls screaming!" I joke as I set the computer back on my little tripod.

"I think I can!" Soul laughs and I find myself laughing.

"Can't wait to meet you and the others in person."

"Same, I want to see if you are as pretty as you are in real life." Soul flashes me a smirk and I feel my face going beat red.

"I think our connection is bad, I'm gonna have to go!" I hit 'END' and I lock my phone.

"That's all for today, bye, see you tomorrow!" I quickly stop the video and shut off my camera.

Now for a few hours of editing.

~1 hour later~

"I really need a coffee." I yawn.

I get up and throw on a light grey jacket and slip on some black flats before grabbing my bag and keys before locking my apartment door, heading towards the nearest coffee shop.

Joe's Coffee shop was only a few blocks away from my house so the walk wasn't to bad.

"Hey Maka, how is it goin?" Joe asks as I enter the small coffee shop.

"Good, just finished some filming and editing and I am dead tired." I explain as I hop up on the order counter.

I heard the little ring of the bell at the front of the coffee shop as someone walked in.

"Would you look who it is, never in the light of day would I imagine meeting you here." I turn around at the sound of a familiar voice.

My eyes go wide at the sight of who I see, Soul Eater or SharkBoy.

"Oh my PewdiePie!" I hop off the counter and jog over to Soul. "It's really you!"

"Am I even cooler than I am on the computer?" He asks jokingly.

"I don't know, am I prettier in real life?" I reply, joking as well of course.

"Yes you are."

He takes my hand and presses his lips to the top of my hand. I knew my face was as red as a tomato and I could feel it growing redder.

"You gonna cut me out of your video?" He asks.

"No, I'm sure it will get the subbers excited about the convention and hopefully a few more people will subscribe."

"Does a few mean a few hundred?! You have 1,567,800 something followers!"

"1,570,864 followers last time I checked."

"Damn I thought I was getting close to beating you, I have 1,562,400 something followers."

"You guys gonna talk all day or are you gonna buy something?" Joe yells from the counter.

"I'll take one premium roast coffee, black!"

"I'll have a iced coffee with whip cream, caramel and chocolate syrup."

"Got it!"

Soul and I head towards a booth in the back corner of the coffee shop.

"So tell me a little about yourself."

"Well I'm 21, you already knew that, I work for youtube and drama teacher for In the Limelight Theatre Company and a director when I have time. I love to read, watch Anime, play video games and obviously make videos for youtube." I answer.

"COFFEE IS READY!" Joe yells, I start to get up but Soul stops me.

"I got this."

"No, I'm not gonna l_"


"Fine." I huff as Soul heads over to the counter to pay for our coffees and grab them.

"Here you go my lady."

"Why thank you kind sir, now it's your turn to tell me about yourself."

"Well I'm 22, I teach Piano private lessons and a I work for YouTube. I love skateboarding, playing piano, acting and making videos for YouTube." Soul says, taking a sip of his coffee. While he isn't looking I take a picture of him and I upload it to Instagram.

'Look who I met at Joe's Coffee Shop! SOUL EVANS (SharkBoy) He doesn't know I took a pic of him. sharkboy #wefinallymet #mcm #mancrushmonday'

"You didn't." Soul groans a few seconds later.

"Oh yes I did."

"At least I am your man crush Monday, all cool guys are cute chicks man crush Mondays." Soul starts flexing his arms.

"Stop being such a show off."

He continues to flash his 'Guns'. "Is the gun show that way...or is it that way?" He jokes.

"Stop it!" I laugh as I slap his arm.

Soul's POV

Oh my god, she is even more gorgeous in real life. Her eyes are a lovely forest gorgeous, and her skin isn't a disgusting tan. Even though she has tiny tits it's totally made up by her butt and legs. I never knew someone could look so beautiful in skinny jeans and a loose black racer-back tank top.

"Soul...earth to Soul!" Maka roughly grabs my shoulders and starts shaking me back and forth, snapping me out of my daze.

"Oh sorry, I gotta go to the bathroom be right back." I quickly got up and headed towards the bathrooms.

Once I enter the Men's restroom I walk over to the sink and splash some water in my face.

"What is wrong with me?! I just met the freaking girl and I already have a crush on her!" I groan as I bang my head on the wall. "This isn't cool at all."

When I get back to the booth Maka is sitting there reading a book.

"I'm back Bookworm."

"Oh shut it GRANDPA!" She snaps her fingers in a 'Z'.

"Don't try to act cool, only I can be this cool."

"In your dreams." Maka laughs, taking a sip of her almost finished iced coffee. "Well I have to go, I have about another half an hour of editing, bye." Maka gives me a small wave as she walks out of the coffee shop.

"Wait!" I yell, running out of the coffee shop after throwing a tip on the booth.

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