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Note: This takes place in Sailor Moon R right after
Episode 69. This explores the possibility that
the Ginzuishou can remove memories as well as restore
them. It also explores some other things as time progresses.
Please give me ideas on this interesting story.

*** 01 ***

Usagi's day went well. Although Haruna-Sensei made Usagi
stand out in the hall because she was late, other
than that the day went well. Usagi ran down the street in a
happy tone, but the serenity of that happiness was about
to be shattered. As she was running, she ran into Mamoru
and she fell to the ground and landing on her back.


She groaned as she rubbed her head. Then she saw Mamoru.
He was about to speak to her. She picked herself off the
ground and looked at Mamoru.

"I been wanting to talk to you."

Mamoru started.

"About what?"

Usagi asked. She knew whatever it was it most likely wasn't
good. And Usagi was right about that. Mamoru spoke again.

"Usagi, I don't want you trying to follow me anymore
and try to make up and restore our relationship. So,
please do me a favor and not come around me anymore.
I don't love you anymore. The string of fate has been

Mamoru told her. He thought about those weird dreams
where Usagi is struck by misfortune. He had to protect
her. He looked at her. Usagi looked at him. She shed
no tears.

"If that is what you wish. So be it. But know this
Mamoru, you might regret it one day..."

She replied to him.

"If you try to come near me and try to make up, I'll
pretend I don't know you."

Mamoru told her in a very cold tone. Usagi looked
at him and spoke again.

"Very well, may our paths never cross again."

Usagi replied as she ran off from talking to
Mamoru. Mamoru looked at her. He felt sorry that
he was cold to her. She was the world to him. He
had to protect her.

"Usako, please forgive me."

Mamoru spoke softly as tears flowed from his face.
Usagi ran home and went in and shut the door.
Luna wasn't there so it made it easier for her
to cry and shed her tears so if anyone came over
she could keep a straight face. Then she thought
of the Silver Crystal and wondered if it could
heal and recover memories, she wondered if it
could do it in reverse to cause someone to forget
certain memories of others. Then she took off
her brooch from her school uniform and opened it.
She looked at the brooch and thought about Mamoru.
Maybe if she used the Silver Crystal to make her
forget all about Mamoru, she'd be better off.
Tears flowed from her face. She didn't want to
forget Mamoru, but at the same time she was tired
of all the heart break that she had experienced
over the last several weeks. The more she looked
at the Silver Crystal, the more she thought she'd
be better off without Mamoru, Tuxedo Kamen, or Prince
Endymion. So, she decided that forgetting him would
be best for her. So she picked up the picture
of her and Mamoru and placed it in the trash can
near the door and got back on the bed. She picked
up the brooch and spoke.

"Moon Crystal Power! Cause me to forget all memory
of Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Endymion,
and the Moonlight Knight. Please erase him from
my memory!"

She cried. The Silver Crystal powered up and caused a
white flash and it covered Usagi and in a flash,
Usagi was covered in white light from the Silver
Crystal and in another flash the crystal powered
down to a dull shine and a dull shine covered
Usagi and she collapsed on the bed in a trance
like state with her arms spread out from her body.
She was unable to move or do anything. The picture
of Usagi and Mamoru that was in the trash can, the
image of Mamoru vanished only leaving Usagi in the
picture. At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei looked at the
picture of Usagi, Mamoru, Ami, Minako, Makoto, ChibiUsa
and herself included. Then a silver light covered
the picture frame and then the light vanished and
Rei noticed that the image of Mamoru had vanished.
Rei looked shocked.

'What happened? An ill omen?'

Rei thought. Then Rei decided to forget about it
until Ami called her on the communicator.

"Rei, did you witness what I witnessed?"

Ami asked.

"Yeah, the image of Mamoru disappeared from mine."

Rei answered. She wondered what the image of
Mamoru meant.

"Yes, so did mine."

Ami announced.

"What does this mean?"

Rei asked.

"Maybe we should gather Luna, Artemis, Usagi and
the others and discuss this."

Rei suggested. Luna and Artemis gathered the others.

"Where's Usagi-Chan?"

Artemis asked.

"We tried calling her, but she didn't respond."

Ami replied. She thought something had happened, but what?

"I see. Let's let Usagi-Chan be for now. Tell
me what happened when the image of Mamoru disappeared?"

Luna asked.

"A silver white light covered the picture and the
image of Mamoru vanished."

Rei explained. Luna and Artemis thought for a moment.
Then Luna spoke again.

"This might be the working of the Silver Crystal."

Luna thought. That was her first instinct.

"But, we aren't certain that it was the Silver
Crystal. maybe we should try to reach Usagi-Chan,
she might know what happened."

Artemis suggested. Luna and Artemis knew something had
happened, but they weren't sure of what.

In Usagi's room, Usagi was still in a trance like state.
Her eyes were completely blue. She was breathing normally.
But Usagi couldn't move at all she was totally immobilized
and after sometime, the Silver Crystal returned to
it's normal shine. Then Usagi fainted from the overwhelming
power that came over her. Her communicator beeped every
thirty minutes, but the others couldn't reach her.

"This is bad. She's not answering."

Ami spoke in a concerned tone.

"We should go over there and see if she is okay."

Rei agreed. She became concerned about Usagi. She knew,
that the answer might lay with Usagi. She had to go
and find out what happened with her. What will happen
with Usagi now? Is her memories of Mamoru gone?
Find out next time!



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