This plot bunny just wouldn't leave me alone. I had to write it. Anyway, it's a sequel to Implications, but it could probably be read as stand-alone, as well.

To be honest, I don't think this chapter has come out as good as I wanted it to.

"You really suck at video games, Froggy."

Addressed teenager narrowed his eyes at the older male before throwing his X-Box controller at the blond. "At least I don't throw tantrums when random people over the internet say stupid things me, you big sook."

Hidden eyes glinted with annoyance as Belphegor got to his feet, looking down at the teal-haired boy sprawled out on his black beanbag. "Well, fuck you, too."

"Sorry." The younger shrugged. "I have a boyfriend, senpai."

Bel's lips curled into a grin at these words, a soft chuckle escaping. He couldn't help but feel his anger die down; his Froggy was far too cute for his own good. "Ushishishi~ What time is it, Froggy?"

Fran glanced at his wristwatch, squinting slightly in the darkness of Bel's bedroom. "Three in the morning, senpai."

The taller male yawned as he nodded, walking over to his plasma TV to turn it off. "Bedtime, Froggy. Sleep with the prince?"

Fran nodded, too tired to bother going back to his own room - even if said bedroom was just across the hall. He followed the older male over to the king-size bed tucked away in the corner of the room, pulling back the blood red comforter. He crawled in after Bel, resting his head immediately on the silk-covered pillows, having not realised how tired he was until now.

Bel wrapped his arms around the younger boy and pulled him close, resting his face in shiny teal hair. His fingers curled into the green frog-print pyjamas the younger wore, and he sighed happily, feeling peaceful enough to fall asleep almost immediately. Fran followed after within seconds.

Down the hallway, a loud, constant meowing could be heard from Xanxus' and Squalo's bedroom.

"Goddamnit, boss, shut your fucking cat up!" Squalo hissed, pulling his pillow over his head. He was trying to drown out the loud screeches Xanxus' new kitten was making from under their bed, frustrated that his sleep had been ruined.

"Go pick him up, trash," Xanxus growled, having not opened his eyes once during the five minute long ruckus. "He probably knows Lussuria isn't here."

"Voi!" Squalo kicked out at his boss' legs. "It's your fucking cat! You deal with -!"

"Do it, trash." Xanxus pushed Squalo from the bed, rolling over to rest in the middle of the large mattress. "While you're down there, make me some fucking steak."

"Make your own fucking steak!" Squalo reluctantly crawled to the underside of the bed, reaching underneath it for the white kitten they had just brought home a few days ago. "Fucking hell, Bester - get your ass here."

"Don't talk to him like that." Xanxus already was showing more care to his kitten openly than he would anyone else - and that pissed Squalo off immeasurably - they had been fucking lovers for twenty years, and that cat just got its furry ass here.

Dodging the alarm clock that had been aimed at his head, Squalo resurfaced with the cat that was digging its claws into his hands. "Here's your stupid cat - do you smell that?"

"Smell what?" Xanxus, who had already ran out of things within reach to throw at his lover, growled.

"It smells like something is burning." Squalo gave the cat to its master, moving instead to the bedroom door. He opened it, poking his head out. The burning smell was stronger, and it sent a sense of dread down the man's spine; this wasn't right - there shouldn't be anything smelling like it was on fire...

"Go check it out, trash." Xanxus, who was now sitting up in his bed and cradling his kitten, rolled his eyes.

"...Will you come with me...?" Squalo knew he sounded pathetic at these words, but he couldn't help it - the thought of something actually being wrong and... and losing Xanxus... It sent him into a panic.

The dark-haired male knew his partner was distressed. If it were any other occasion, he would have said no and gone back to sleep, but he hadn't seen that scared look in Squalo's eyes in years.

With a grumble, Xanxus got to his feet and walked towards his lover, his dark eyes full of annoyance. He held the struggling kitten against his chest as he growled, "What are you? Six? Grow a fucking pair."

"Asshole..." With that said, Squalo pushed the bedroom door open. The two men stepped out into the second-floor corridor, following the smell to the staircase.

The kitten's meows were louder than ever as its tiny paws scratched and batted at its owner, seemingly desperate to get away. Xanxus paid the kitten no mind, trying to find the source of the smell; surely it wasn't a fire - none of the smoke alarms had gone off.

By the time they had gotten downstairs and nothing had been found, they were starting to wonder if it were just their imagination, until -


What sounded like a large explosion sounded seconds before what seemed to be a giant fireball flew past them, leaving angry red flames in its wake.

Squalo's eyes widened as he watched the staircase start to burn, knowing there was no other way to get back upstairs and wake Fran and Bel. Xanxus, who could sense the younger's distress, grabbed his shoulder and started pulling him away from the fire.

"Let me go!" Squalo shouted, struggling to remove the stronger hand from his person. "Fran and Bel are still upstairs!"

"Nothing we can do." Xanxus' voice was cold, but the silver-haired male knew he was just as worried as he was. "Get out before I drag you out."

Squalo knew not to resist Xanxus - especially when their lives were in such danger. Reluctantly, he followed the older man out of the house, wishing desperately he had grabbed his phone so that he could try and ring one of the younger males and warn them.

"Get the car," Xanxus demanded, pointing to the garage connected to the side of their mansion. "We'll use the neighbours' phone and call someone."

Squalo nodded, knowing there was nothing else they could do.

~~Inside the mansion~~

Bel's eyes opened as he heard a loud bang accompanied by Squalo's shouting. He could vaguely make out his and Fran's names being mentioned, but a loud roaring noise was making it hard to hear anything.

Climbing over the peacefully-sleeping Fran so that he could get off the bed, Bel sleepily made his way towards the bedroom door. He tried to flick the bedroom light on, only to realise there was no power - was that what Squalo was shouting about? What had made that bang?

Bel opened the door a crack, curious as to why the hallway seemed to be illuminated by an oddly red colour when the lights weren't working.

Opening the door further, the blond could make out the crackling of a raging fire, flames crawling up and engulfing the red carpet of the hallway.

Bel's heart thumped painfully against his chest as he realised what was going on; his home was on fucking fire, and he was caught in the middle of it.

"Froggy!" Bel ran back to the bed, skidding to a stop just before it. He snatched the still-sleeping boy into his arms, fumbling with the items sitting on the bedside drawer. Grabbing the asthma pump that belonged to Fran, he ran back to the door, knowing he had to get Fran out of here before the fire consumed them both.

"B-bel-senpai...?" Fran, who had no idea what was going on, stirred in the older male's arms. His tiny hand reached up, gripping the blue crown-print pyjamas tightly. "What's going on...?"

"The mansion's on fire." Forcing Fran's head into his chest, Bel explained, "Use my clothes to block out the smoke - we don't need you having an attack."

Fran nodded. He could hear Bel whimper and cry out as the older male ran through the corridor, braving the flames that were only ankle high at this point, and he could only imagine what was happening - he was honestly too afraid to move his face from the comfort of Bel's chest.

"B-bel-senpai..." Fran's grip tightened on the stronger male's pyjamas, feeling as if he were weightless - he had never been in such a frightening position before.

"It's okay, Froggy," Bel promised, holding one hand against the back of Fran's head while the other supported the boy. He was terrified to see that the staircase to the ground floor was already smouldering while the rest of the corridor burned ferociously, leaving only the stairs for the third floor. He knew it wasn't the smartest idea, but there was nowhere else for them to go; the fire was building in intensity with each passing second.

Moving up to higher ground, Bel ran to his right, knowing that the fire wasn't as bad on this side of the house - if they were lucky, it would buy them some time before the fire got to them.

The older male could sense how panicked Fran was, and he himself was just as scared; he could hear the boy's breathing take on that ragged, strangled strength, signalling an asthma attack. For several years now, his asthma had been dormant - now of all times it had to make an appearance.

"It's going to be okay." Bel himself was choking on the smoke that seemed to follow them into Xanxus' office. He used his teeth to pull the cap off the inhaler, shaking it before placing it at Fran's lips. "Breathe, Froggy. It's okay. It's okay. Breathe."

Fran tried his best to inhale, but it was no good - having ran through the fire had left his already-weak lungs full of smog. He coughed and choked, feeling himself get weaker and weaker.

"No..." Bel felt tears prick at his eyes as he realised Fran was losing consciousness. He himself wasn't doing well at all, stumbling over to the window behind Xanxus' desk. He leant out of the window, looking at the hard cement beneath them - it was too dangerous to try and climb out of the house, and there was nowhere else they could go.

Falling to his knees, Bel bit his lip as he shook Fran, begging for the other to stay conscious. He was coughing, his own lungs full of smoke, but he didn't feel as if he were about to pass out - he instead pulled one of his custom-made knives from his pyjama pocket, examining the steel blade with tear-filled eyes. He could see teal eyes following the blade, an almost frightened look in them, almost as if their bearer believed the knife was going to be used on one of them.

I should end it here... Bel ran his thumb over the serrated edge, drawing his own blood. He bit his lip as he placed the knife instead against Fran's throat, knowing he could end it with just a flick of his wrist. Make it quick for him... He doesn't need to suffer...

Fran was silent at this action, his eyes closing. He let out a few more coughs, but he seemed resigned to what Bel wanted, almost as if he didn't care if that blade ran across his throat or not.

Through the open door, Bel could see the flames following them into the office, cornering them ever-so-slowly. Pressing the blade harder against Fran's throat, he trembled.

Should I do it...? He won't be in pain... He doesn't need to die this way...! ...But he doesn't deserve death at all... He's my Froggy, and I love him... I... I can't kill my Froggy...

Removing the knife from the younger's throat, Bel wiped at the droplets of blood he had drawn, tears slipping down his cheeks. Hunching over the boy he hugged desperately to his body, he begged for their deaths to come quickly.


Squalo had never thought he'd lose his home to such a devastating thing - but no matter how painful it was to watch everything go up in flames, nothing hurt more than knowing that Fran and Bel were still inside the building, and with how fast the fire was spreading, their chances of survival were slim.

Xanxus was sitting in the car beside him, his arm wrapped around the long-haired man's shoulders as he stared down at the kitten in his lap, unable to watch what was becoming of everything he knew - what about the two boys? Would they make it out alive...?

"Xanxus, Luss just pulled into the driveway," Squalo spoke, his eyes having shifted to the rear-view mirror as he noticed headlights flash in it. "Stay here, okay? I'll talk to him."

The dark-haired man nodded. He silently reached out, placing his hand on top of Squalo's for several seconds before he pulled away, busying himself with smoothing out Bester's fur.

"You must have known this was going to happen..." Xanxus whispered to the kitten after his lover got out of the car. "If we didn't have you... We'd probably be dead..."

Squalo, who was running towards Lussuria's car that had stopped behind his own, could see the shock and devastation on the flamboyant man's face as he took in the sight of several firetrucks trying to put out what was his home.

"Luss..." Squalo didn't have it in him to shout, or make a fuss - he was too tired, stressed about the younger males' fates. He accepted the hug Lussuria gave him, pressing against the older male in exhaustion. "...Luss, Bel and Fran... They haven't made it out yet..."

Squalo - for once in his life - didn't mind that Lussuria was death-hugging him. He didn't even mention the fact that Lussuria was crying into him like a little girl. The only thing that mattered was whether or not they would ever see Fran and Bel alive again.