Return To Baker Street

It was 1890 in London England as a train pulled into the station as a group of passengers got off

"We should Visit Scotland again sometime" A kid said to his mother

"We'll see junior the father said as all the people got off as a group of mice got off

"That was a fun trip Daddy" A young mouse said wrapping a scarf around her neck, it was winter and it was lightly snowing

"It most certainly was, I can't wait to get back to the shop dear" her father said wiping his glasses. This was Hiram and Olivia Flaversham. They walked back to their family toystore, which was still a wreck but it was home*

"I'm going to clean this mess up Olivia, why don't you go into town and get some fresh groceries" Hiram said handing her a few Mouse Pounds*

"Yes Daddy, I was wondering if I could go to Baker Street and see Mr. Basil" Olivia said

"You know how I feel about you going off alone" Hiram said concerned for his daughter's safety

"I'll Be fine, plus I'll be with Basil" Olivia said looking at him with her eyes as widen as he couldn't say no to her

"Ok, But be back by sundown and here, to defend yourself" Hiram said handing her a dagger, which was really a thumbtack as she put it in her petticoat and left smiling as she walked thru town. She stopped by a market called the Cheese Wheel*, which sold cheese as she picked up a small wheel and rolled it to the counter

"That will be five coins" The vendor said as Olivia took out five small coins from her pocket and hand them to the vendor as she walked off smiling as she searched the street, she stuck out her tongue to catch snowflakes as she found the building she was looking for

"ah, There it is" Olivia said looking at a sign which said 221B Baker Street*

* The Store Is a wreck because it's been untouched since Fidget abducted Hiram in the movie

* Mouse Pounds are the currency that mice use similar to the pound

* The Cheese Wheel was The only name of a market I could Think Of

* 221B Baker Street was Basil's address in the "Basil of Baker Street" Books