Eddie shrugged his shoulders lining up his cue stick

"So, Basil is on the case" Eddie said cracking the balls as they bounced around

"You're 100% sure that was Basil?" Fidget asked shooting

"I can sell him a mile away" Eddie said knocking a ball into the pocket

"What know?" Fidget asked drinking his mug

"I need you to give him a little help" Eddie said pulling out a golden mouse sized pocket watch whispering into Fidget's ear

"Yeah, I can do that" Fidget said leaving the table

"I'll meet you at back at the base" Eddie said getting up to the entertainment stage approaching a white mouse in a blue dancing outfit

"You Kitty?" Eddie said calmly as she nodded drinking a glass of water

"Can I get a moment with you in private" Eddie asked as she smacked him across the face

"What do I look like, a prostitute?" She asked splashing the water in his face as he said something to her Fidget couldn't hear

"Oh, why didn't you tell me, of course" the white mouse said as they walked into a room. Eddie turned around giving Fidget a glance which he interpreted as a "move now" as Fidget left the bar as he wondered around finding Baker Street knocking on the door as Basil answered shocked

"What the hell are you doing here?" Basil asked surprised

"I'm only here to help, I mean you no harm" Fidget said

"Why do I disbelieve you?" Basil asked sarcastically

"Just hear me out" Fidget said as Basil opened the door

"You have 5 minutes" Basil replied

"I saw you and your tubby friend at the Rat Trap, talking about that little mouse girl" Fidget said as Basil gained interest

"Do you know where Olivia is?" Basil asked trying to read Fidget

"No, but I know something, every night I wander around town from sundown to sunrise, I walked by the Flaversham Toy store and I saw a figure leaving carrying a burlap sack" Fidget said

"Did you see this figure"? Dawson asked

"Yes, I mean no, I mean I did but I couldn't identify him" Fidget claimed

"And you're telling us because?" Basil asked Fidget for his motive

"Look, I've done a lot of thing I'm not proud of, but I want to turn my life around, when I hear of your case I couldn't help but feel my chance" Fidget said

"Anything else you can tell us?" Dawson asked

"Yeah, I almost forgot the figure dropped this watch" Fidget said handing Basil the watch

"Die cast, gold plated fairly old and hello" Basil said seeing engraving on the watch which read P.R.

"P.R. Where have I seen those initials before, what I've seen this watch before" Basil said in a moment as he rushed to his fireplace pointing at a portrait

"Padraic Ratigan" Basil said showing the same watch

"Who keeps a portrait of the ex-archenemy on his fireplace?" Fidget asked

"Basil is strange that way" Dawson said

"Ok, but didn't Professer Ratigan um Die" Fidget said

"He Might have survived" Basil said puffing his pipe

"Survive, pardon me, but didn't he fall off of Big Ben, what rodent could live thru that" Dawson asked

"Supposedly Professer Padraic Ratigan" Basil said