TITLE: Dark of Winter
AUTHOR: Lord of Kavaka
CHARACTERS: Kate Beckett/Richard Castle
TIMELINE: Season 6; Post-Disciple (6x09)
STORY TYPE: Angst/Romance/Drama/Crime
SPOILERS: Anything from Season 1-6.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own them, and I make no profit.
SUMMARY: Coming out of World War II, the song had a hopefullness to it. Now, it held an omninous dread for her. And it just kept coming back again and again to taunt them. 2013/14 Winter Ficathon Entry. Rated M for violence and mature sexual content.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: So I got peer-pressured into joining the Winter Ficathon fun by a friend. Prompt 3: The following person, place and thing must be included in your story: Tyson, Mexico City, Castle's "Casino Royale" copy with notations in it.

Dark of Winter – Chapter 1

She could feel his hands on her. It was magical, the way he touched her. No man had ever worshipped her body the way he did. He was the only one who'd ever taken the time to thoroughly explore and find all those little hidden places that made her squirm and quiver with delight, always ensuring that it was as good for her as it was for him. But it wasn't just her body that he touched. No. It was also her metaphysical being… her soul. He'd taught her that it was okay to risk her heart again, and be loved. She could be free and open with him like never before. No longer was she keeping one foot out the door. She was all in with him, both feet firmly planted.

It was as simple as that.

He loved her, truly and completely, like no one had before. She'd spent so long believing that such a thing was only a dream, a fantasy of a little girl wishing her life would be like fairy tales and end in happily ever after. He opened up that possibility—once dormant, hidden in the darkest recesses of her heart—to her again. And it was amazing. Just his presence alone was enough to calm her troubled soul and let it sing.

Speaking of which, she felt like singing right now with what his talented hands were doing to her. With a lazy smile plastered on her face, Kate opened her eyes to grace him with an appreciative gaze, but when she looked for him, she was startled to find she was alone in bed. She knitted her eyebrows together, justifiably perplexed. Rolling over onto her side, she stretched her arm out across the other side of the mattress, finding it disappointedly empty, confirming the fact that she was alone in bed.

Kate frowned, now beyond confused. She could have sworn that his talented hands deliciously roaming her body had been what had woken her. But apparently it had all been her imagination. With a shrug, Kate tossed back the covers and sat up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. It wouldn't be the first time her mind had conjured up lewd and detailed images of a particular mystery author doing wickedly naughty things to her. For the longest time, all Kate had were those dreams. But not that they were together, she preferred the genuine article over her imaginings, no matter how titillating those were.

Yet, when she stood up, Kate discovered that not everything from her dream had been part of her imagination. Her arousal was real… very real. She pulled her lower lip under her teeth and arched her body to glance down at herself, stunned at just how wet she was. Her little gray sleep shorts were soaked. If she didn't know any better, she would've thought she had peed in her sleep.

Kate awkwardly stood there for a moment, her breath coming in heated pants as she fought the urge to rub her legs together and generate some much needed friction. She looked over at the empty side of the bed, knowing that there was a much more satisfying method of relieving her desperate desire.

Swallowing, she brushed her hair back from her face and glanced about for signs of her bedmate. His navy blue robe was missing, as were his slippers, which meant that he'd gotten up, but hadn't yet showered. Kate wrung the hem of her pink pajama jersey in her hands as she thought of where he could have gone so early in the morning. No one could say that Rick Castle was a morning person. So, when there was no body drop or case, it was rare for him to get up so early, unless…

"Nikki," Kate murmured under her breath, eyes going wide with how obvious it was. Nothing could lure Castle away from bed with his favorite detective and fiancée unless it was his writing.

Ignoring her robe, which had been haphazardly tossed onto a nearby armchair last night, Kate strode around the bed and towards the doorway leading into Castle's office. And there he was, just as she thought, sitting at his desk, typing up a storm. The glow of the screen illuminated his face, providing Kate with a view of his ruggedly handsome features in the otherwise dark room.

Smirking mischievously, Kate padded through the threshold and tiptoed over to the desk. She danced her fingers along the hard flat plane, before she found what she sought. And then, with a flick of her wrist, the small lamp on the edge of the desk winked on, startling Castle out of his intense writing haze. So absorbed in his writing, he literally shrieked in fright and almost toppled out of his chair as he jumped back.

"Jesus, Kate!" he gasped, placing a hand over his heart, his chest rising and falling in quick succession.

Planting her hand on the edge of the desk, Kate leaned against it provocatively, knowing that he loved the sight of her bare shoulder, especially when she was wearing the pink-tee she was at present. "You shouldn't stare at the screen with the lights out," she said, adding a hint of allure to her voice and batting her eyelashes. "It's bad for your eyes." She fixed him with a smoldering glare, causing him to hiccup in surprise.

"I… I'll keep that in mind," he fumbled out, clearly out of sorts, unintentionally letting Kate know that her seduction was working.

Slowly, so very slowly, knowing exactly what it did to him, Kate drew her bottom lip under her teeth as she rewarded him with a small smile. He gulped, his eyes darting back and forth between her eyes and lips, before settling back on her eyes.

"So, what are Nikki and Rook up to?" Kate asked, as nonchalantly as she could, waving a hand in the air like whatever it was was nonconsequential.

"Ah…," he pursed his lips and grinned, as he stared up at her in understanding. "I see what this is," he gestured at her seductive posture and come-hither expression. "You just want spoilers."

Kate chuckled and shook her head, taking delight in the befuddled expression that flashed across Castle's features. "Nope," she declared, punctuating it with a saucy wink. "Try again."

Castle's brow creased adorably as he concentrated on what other reasons she would be interrupting his writing and talking to him so enticingly. She watched with what she believed was extreme patience as he took his sweet time coming to the correct conclusion. Yep. There it was. He finally hit upon it. His eyebrows shut up and he turned to her, pursing his lips together and giving her a boyish smirk.

"If only this book was entitled In Heat, then this little encounter would be very apropos," he murmured, his voice smooth and confident.

She rolled her eyes, and gave him a little glare. "Really? That's what you're going with? Wanna try again?"

Castle's jaw dropped open and he squinted his eyes in thought. "Nope… that's all I got," he said with a shake of his head and a contrite expression for messing up their banter. "Sorry."

"Oh… that's okay, Castle," she told him, giving him a salacious smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows. "You can make it up to me."

His confidence returned, along with his swagger, Castle bounced up from his chair—after properly saving his chapter and shutting his laptop—and stepped around his desk to join her. Kate turned into him and slipped her arms around his neck as he gripped her hips with his hands, holding her closer.

"I'm always more than happy to make it up to you, Detective," he purred, leaning forward to capture her lips in a slow and lingering kiss, leaving her thoroughly dazed and humming with approval.

He pulled back far too soon for Kate's liking, leaving her to nip at the air where his lips had once been. She growled in frustration and squeezed her arms tighter around his neck, tugging him back for another kiss. She rammed her mouth against his, shoving her tongue between his lips when he gasped in surprise at her zeal. His fingers gripped her hips tighter and he pulled her lithe slender body flush to his large broader frame.

"Oh God," she groaned into his mouth when she felt the solidness that was her fiancé. Castle was never going to be ripped like some of her past lovers, but he had skill and innate talent that those others lacked. Above all that, he had love. He loved her, and she loved him, and together they just clicked, fitting together perfectly. When he made love to her, she was transported to another world.

"Kate," he moaned, panting hard as his hands maneuvered around to cup her ass, pulling her hips to his. He smirked smugly when she gasped as the sensation of feeling his arousal pressed so firmly against her.

"I want you," she declared, breathy with want, the flames of desire having never once diminished since she'd awoken from her salacious dream. She nipped at his chin, ghosting her fingers down his chest to wrap around the knot around his waist. She deftly tugged the tie loose and parted his robe, slipping her hands inside to touch his bare skin. "Right here… right now."

"Bed?" Castle rumbled, his head lolling as her fingers roamed up and down his chest and stomach.

"No," she shook her head, decisive and certain, leaning up to brush a quick kiss to his lips. "Here… on the desk."

Castle wet his lips with his tongue and nudged his nose against hers, his eyes fluttering closed. "You sure you wouldn't prefer the bed? It's much more comfortable."

She bobbed her head, resting her forehead against his, bringing her hands up to rest on his chest, above his heart. "Yes. I'm sure," she assured him. "It's not like we haven't done it before."

He smirked, his eyes twinkling with the memory. His hands squeezed her rear tighter and she let out a yelp of delight as he dipped his head down, latching on to her neck and doing wondrous things with his tongue along her pulse point. She arched her neck, giving him more access to her neck and shoulder, closing her eyes as she basked in the knowledgeable ministrations he provided her with.

Moaning as he bit down into her shoulder, soothing it with his tongue, Kate raised her hands and brushed the robe off his shoulders. He smirked, stepping back and allow the barrier to pool on the floor. Her eyes skidded down, mouth watering at the sight of the bulge straining for release against the fabric of his PJ bottoms. But before she could do anything else, Castle was grabbing her by the waist and hoisting her up, planting her ass on the hard surface of the desk.

Kate let out a startled gasp and gripped his shoulders as he stepped between her parted legs, hands coasting up and down her thighs. A shiver ran up her spine as he slanted into her, kissing her deeply, nearly pushing her back down flat on the desk. But she pushed back, reciprocating the kiss, giving as good as she got. Hands flew everywhere, as neither could not not touch one another. Kate yanked at his black-tee, and he leaned back just long enough for her to pull it up and over his head, carelessly tossing the shirt to the floor before tugging him back in for another soaring kiss.

Her name was like a prayer on his lips as he breathed against her cheek, eyes smoky and black with heated desire. Kate closed her eyes and panted heavily, losing herself in the sensations his lips caused across her neck and bare shoulder. He was soon dipping further south, grazing his teeth against the exposed portion of her collarbone. One hand darted up and cupped her breast through the fabric of her pink-tee. His fingers expertly kneaded the soft flesh, as he continued his assault on her creamy shoulder. Kate keened into him, clutching at his hair in tight fists as she felt her gray shorts grow ever wetter with more of her arousal.

Castle's nose twitched, as if he could smell it. He rolled his hips in the bracket of her legs. Kate moaned throatily, grabbing his biceps to keep her grounded in the present, the friction alone was almost unbearable. She needed him so desperately that she was a hair's breath away from falling over the edge.

Kate growled out in need, silencing Castle by devouring his mouth as she slipped her hands down around his large frame, hitching her fingers under the waistband of his PJ bottoms and drawing them down to his knees. Gravity took care of the rest, and soon he was stepping out of the garment and kicking it away. As soon as his PJ bottoms were gone, his erection sprang forth, and Kate let out a cry of glee, smiling at him as she reached for it. Castle groaned, his eyes widening as she wrapped her fingers around him. She grinned wickedly, raising a coy arch of her eyebrow before stroking him with learned expertise. Just as he'd taken the time to discover all the little kicks she enjoyed, so had she with him.

"So good," he moaned, slanting his head against her, his breath hot and moist against her bare shoulder. He pressed a gentle kiss to her skin, before leaning back and grabbing her hands, pulling her away from his throbbing arousal. "I think it's time I make up for my earlier blunder."

Kate bit her lower lip, her heart pounding in her chest as she bobbed her head in agreement. "I think so too," she concurred, arching her hips up to lift her bottom up off the desk. Castle's hands swooped in and pulled her soaked sleeping shorts down her long legs. He knelt down as he guided the garment past her ankles and feet. Now fully divested of the last barrier between them, Kate wiggled her hips and legs, pleading for Castle to come back to her.

He skimmed his fingers up her bare legs, following up with his lips as he teased her with butterfly kisses up along the inside of her thighs. Kate let out an embarrassing whimper as his tongue flicked out and encircled her most sensitive spot. "Please," she begged, unashamed of her need for him.

He obliged, swiftly standing up, claiming her mouth in a deep kiss, running his hand through her hair as she arched up into him. He silenced her moan as his other hand snaked down between them and his fingers played with her wet folds. His thumbed flirted around her sensitive nerve bundle and she cried out with pleasure as he slipped one finger inside her. He massaged her inner walls with knowing ease, his eyes watching her face for her tells.

"Oh God, Castle!" she moaned, bucking her hips into his hand as he slipped another finger past her folds. His thumb continued to rub her and she felt the coil beginning to unravel. Panting into his shoulder, Kate felt a warm pooling in the pit of her stomach. Her inner muscles began to tighten around his fingers, and she squeezed her legs around his middle, keeping him in place as she approached oblivion.

"Come for me, Kate," Castle whispered into her ear, voice firm and commanding.

And she did. She closed her eyes tight as she came undone, clutching onto him as she rode out the waves and waves of sexual release. The build-up with her dream, and then all that followed only served to intensify her release. It was like a supernova had exploded inside her, leaving her all dazed and bedazzled. Her cheeks flushed hot as she basked in the glow of her orgasm.

Castle gripped the side of her face with his free hand as the fingers of the other continued to pump in and out of her. He commanded her to open her eyes, and grudgingly she obeyed, staring up at him, completely at his mercy. The pad of his thumb caressed her cheek, and he gazed back at her with lust and love. She licked her lips, coming down from her high, feeling the urge to tell him just how much she loved the way he loved her when Castle silenced anything she might have said by kissing her hard.

Moaning into the kiss, Kate arched her back into his, delighting in the feel of his hand slipping under the hem of her pink jersey shirt and cupping her breast, teasing her nipple and massaging the mound of flesh with his fingers. He pulled his other hand up from between her legs and Kate let out a whimper of disappointment at the loss, but there wasn't enough time to come to terms with their loss, when she felt the tip of his hardness brush up and down her moist folds.

Kate quivered and squirmed her hips in desperate need to have him buried deep inside her. She glared at him, when he pulled back, teasing her. She reached down to grab his side and pulled him back into her, using her parted legs to her advantage, securing her hold on him.

"Don't you dare," she warned, voice all rough with sex.

"I wouldn't dream of it," he replied with his trademark cockiness, before he positioned himself at her entrance and plunged in without preamble.

Kate moaned, loudly, running hands all over him as he pushed further into her, burying himself to the hilt. Her head dropped forward as she inhaled deeply, letting herself relax and adjust to the welcome intrusion. And then he started to move, thrusting his hips slowly at first. Kate clutched his face in her hands and they locked eyes, staring at one another as they both joined the dance, moving as one. Her entire body was alive with sensations sparking throughout her as Castle sped up the pace, pounding into her with such force that he nearly had her raising up off the edge of the desk. She was vaguely aware of the rattle of things falling over, but she was too consumed by her connection with Castle that she paid little attention to anything other than his warm body melding with hers.

Their wet flesh slapped together as they devoured each other, mouths fused together as hands wandered and lingered in all the right places. It wasn't long until Kate once again felt that hot pooling between her legs and the coil deep in her belly began to unravel. Castle's thrusts started to get sloppy, a sure sign that he was close as well. She nudged her nose against his and kissed him quickly, telling him with just that gesture that it was okay to finish it, that she was ready too.

Gritting his teeth, Castle pumped his hips quicker. Kate squeezed her legs around him, feeling her all her muscles begin to tense up. Her breath came in halting gasps as she rose higher and higher to the pinnacle. Castle groaned and rammed hard into her, hitting her at just the right spot and she shattered, crying his name. Castle followed soon after, his hips jerked to a stop as he buried himself as deep as possible inside her. She shivered in pleasure as she felt the warmth of his release spill into her.

Castle breathed heavily and claimed her lips in a fierce and passionate kiss, riding out their mutual releases together. Kate let out a hum of delicious approval as he leaned back and nipped at her nose, gazing at her with a lopsided grin. "Was that good for you?" he asked with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Kate rolled her eyes at him, but smiled just the same, biting her lower lip while her cheeks blushed a bright red as she pulled him back in for another kiss, answering his question in a decidedly non-verbal manner.

When he slipped out of her, she whimpered in displeasure at the loss of their connection. Castle soothed her with a sweep of his hand along the side of her face and a quick kiss to the lips. He winked at her and stepped back, turning around to look for his pajama bottoms, giving her a brilliant view of his delicious backside.

And then the moment was ruined when her cell let out a shrill ring. She groaned, scrubbing a hand down her face as she hopped off the edge of the desk. Kate let out a sharp gasp, surprised at the pleasurable ache between her legs. She pursed her lips and shook her head. Glancing back at the desk, she nearly let out a loud laugh at all of Castle's knickknacks scattered in disarray all across the desktop. Apparently it had been a while since they'd gone at it that hard. She had no complaints though.

The cell continued to ring, oblivious to the post-coital desires of its owner. Gritting her teeth, Kate padded back into the bedroom and snatched her phone off the nightstand.

"Beckett!" she answered curtly. Turning in place, she watched Castle enter the bedroom with their discarded clothing. He winked at her and she smiled back as he deposited their used clothes into the laundry basket. "Uh-huh," she responded to the dispatcher. "Right, okay. I'll be there in twenty."

She hung up and glanced over to Castle as he raised his eyebrow in question.

"We've got a body drop," she informed him.

"Do we have time for a quick shower?" he asked, giving her a suggestive look.

Kate narrowed her eyes at him and shifted her legs, feeling a thrumming need still burning between her legs. She bit her lower lip, flicking her gaze down below Castle's waist before meeting his eyes with a mischievous smirk. "If you're up for it… sure, why not?"

*AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: My friend, who convinced me to join Winter Ficathon, wanted Caskett sex in the first chapter, so I obliged. This opening chapter is slightly deceptive-though there are some subtle foreshadowing lines hidden within-as this story will not be that fluffy, however I will guarantee a happy ending for Caskett.