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Words fell on deaf ears when he'd come back to the prison. He had finished trying to save his neck from the biters to bring back the medicine when Rick had come up to him. Daryl watched as the sheriff kept averting his attention to the ground as he spoke, fingers hooked into his belt loops as he toed the ground. He understood why it had to be done, but he didn't want to accept that it was just that easy a decision to make without consulting anyone else. Daryl pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes running them back to his temples as he paced, chewing the inside of his cheek. This seemed like all too much like an unnecessary headache.

He stopped his pacing to glare at Rick, before nodding his head. "Fine. Go fetch 'er myself." He groused slinging his crossbow over his shoulder stalking off to grab his jacket. He'd find her and bring her back. No way a single decision like that would be so easily delegated as such.

Daryl shrugged into his leather jacket, draping his poncho over his shoulders. He secured his crossbow to the chopper, buckling his saddle bags down before swinging his leg over the seat. He placed the key in the ignition, revving the chopper to life. He let go of the clutch slowly as the bike took off slowly. He'd switched gears riding out of the prison and down the road. From what he knew Rick had gone to the nearest neighborhood which wasn't for another 20 miles. He'd start there, maybe find something.

He'd find her. He'd have to.

Carol kept a hold of herself for several miles before her tears were pooling in her eyes and made it impossible to see the road in front of her. She was so hurt and empty inside. She lost her whole family after one misguided slip of judgment. She'd been doing what she thought was best. She really thought it would contain the virus and that it wouldn't spread to anyone else. To the children… She choked back a sob as she heard Rick's words echoing over and over in her head. She laid her head on the steering wheel and took several deep breaths.

She had to get herself together. She was truly alone now. She would forever be because she wasn't going to ever allow herself to get that close to anyone ever again. All it did was cause pain. And then and there for a single moment, she entertained the idea of just stepping out of the vehicle and feeding herself to the walkers. She didn't want to live without her family. She didn't want to go on without Daryl, Lizzie, and Mika.

But she was too weak for that. Her hands tightened on the wheel and for a second she stared at the stretch of road ahead of her. She'd need somewhere quiet to sleep. She'd have to find shelter soon enough. So she put the vehicle in gear and started rolling forward. She didn't once check the rearview mirror. You couldn't look back anymore. Life had to keep moving forward. She'd face this and anything else that came along by keeping her eyes forward.

The miles seemed to fall away behind her, and it was closing in on dusk when she finally saw a place to pull the car into and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before the walkers spotted her. She'd just have to make do with whatever food was in the back. There would be no getting out to forage for food or water in the dark. Never in the dark.

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