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As the motorcycle sped away down the lonesome road, Daryl's mind went to thinking. Wondering what would away them once the gates were drawn back and his friends saw whom he came riding back with. As far as he knew, Rick was the only one aware of what had happened. Whether or not the others put two and two together was up to their own discretion, but it was a can of worms waiting to be opened once they all would settle down at the council table stewing over the prior events.

He felt the pressure of her at the middle of his back where she was huddled against. She was strong. He knew that better than most people gave her credit for. Daryl could only hope that strength played a role when they finally got all the council members together to discuss what was to become of her. The words that came stifled down by the wind as they continued on down the road gave him some ease of mind, but it could only do to give him so much before it flickered out.

Daryl didn't say anything. He gave Carol his silent nod keeping his eyes trained on the road as he dipped around the fallen bodies and abandoned vehicles left behind.

In the distance, he could see the pointed roof of the guard tower just barely creeping out atop the crop of trees. They were only moments away from entering the prison. It was do or die now.

The wheel hit the gravel he felt his breath hitch in his chest as it was only mere seconds away on down the road. The gates clinked as they swung open, Maggie and Glenn already pulling at the chain of the pulley before letting go as it released back into its shut position. Idling for a moment, before the actual chain link fence was drawn back, Daryl reached down gently touching where Carol's hands were wrapped about his middle.

Taking off before the questioning could begin, his foot let off the ground and he was back into first gear hauling itself up the path and back to the prison yard. Finally making it back to the main block area, he came to a slow crawl and killed the engine turning the handlebars a bit as he swept his foot back to bring the kickstand forward. Waiting on Carol to clamber off, he swung his leg over and stood on both legs looking over to the silver-haired woman. "C'mon, we got some explainin' t'do," he replied gesturing for her to follow along.

Taking a deep breath, he led her along towards the block area— back home.

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