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Chapter 1

What the Hades?

Ella sat on the wooden bench in Central Park, swinging her feet. She was bored, and secretly, she wished she was half-blood again. Her gaze fell on the simple, unadorned black-and-gold ring that hid her staff of power. Sighing, she picked up her little notebook and started writing a song.

„Guess who?" a man's voice said as darkness descended on her eyelids.

„Apollo!" she exclaimed, batting his arms away and twisting so she could see him properly. He was dazzling as usual; brilliant as the sun hanging over their heads.

„Ells, come on", he whined. For the umpteenth time he was begging her to let him visit his sister's Hunters, but she flatly refused.

„Apollo, if you go there, Arte won't be your biggest worry", she said with a dark hint. He gulped and nodded, remembering the last time he tried to flirt with them. Ella landed him in an infirmary for a month, and rode sun chariot instead of him.

„All right, all right", he said sadly, but then he perked up. „Pops called you up on Olympus."

„He did? What's wrong?" Her half-brother Zeus(long story!) rarely called her without an emergancy.

„I have no idea, but let's hope it's not bad."

She walked in the throne room, and found all six of her siblings there. They were all arguing sans Hestia, but even she looked worried.

„For the last time, Poseidon, your son will be completely safe!" Poseidon, her half-brother and father-of-sorts snorted.

„My son and safe shouldn't be put in the same sentence!"

„That, I agree", she voiced her opinion, and everyone turned toward her. Ella continued.

„Anyway, what's all this noise about?" Demeter spoke up.

„Hecate visited us, and requested help for her world."

„Witches and wizards, right?" They nodded, and Ella blew out an exasperated breath.

„Let me guess: Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico and me are selected for the job."

„Are we that predictable, sister?" Hera asked with an amused face. Her smirk gave away the answer.

„You're correct", Hades grumbled. „You will be transferring there and try to help them in any way possible." Poseidon caught on and resumed.

„However, there's an extra task. You'll not only have to go in the school there, but you'll have to, with Nico's help, find that annoying mortal called Tom Riddle and finish him off." Ella swore aloud, and Hestia reprimanded her.

„Sorry, 'Tia, but I heard about him in the Underworld. He's mass murderer, and according to Thanatos, he created Horcruxes." Now Hades muttered a string of colorful curses, only to be slapped by Demeter.

„What are Horcruxes?" Zeus and Poseidon asked. Ella sighed, and launched into an explanation:

„It's an object, created to protect a part of person's soul. It's usually heavily guarded by protection spells, but for creation, you need to commit a cold-blooded murder. Soul during that act splits, and wizard can put it into an object. The main purpose of creating such abdominations"(„Damn right!"), „is to cheat Death." Now all three brothers swore.

„Now I see why you were so angry" Poseidon commented to Hades.

„Who wouldn't be?" Hera asked incredilously. „Anyhow, go to Camp Half-Blood, and prepare your quest-mates for this."

„What about foreknowledge?" daughter of Kronos wondered. „We can't just waltz in without knowing anything."

„Owl Head took care of it", Poseidon said nonshalantly, waving his hand and conjuring five packages. „In here are all books you'll need." She nodded, smiling.

„Good luck Ella, and don't let any toad put you down." Goddess of Time raised her eyebrows, then devilish smile appeared on her face.

„Don't worry; if anyone goes down, it won't be me."

„Annabeth, Percy, Nico, Thalia!" Chiron called over the noise. Campers just started their activities, so he had a perfect cover. Children of Big Three and Athena ran over to the porch.

„Hey, Chiron", Percy greeted. „Anything new?" Old centaur sighed.

„You're needed for a quest." Demigods exchanges glances.

„What is it about?" Thalia asked. Answer came from behind her.

„Hold your eagles, Thals, I'll explain", Ella said shimmering in existance.

„Ella!" Percy exclaimed and hugged her tightly.

„Hey, Algae Brain", she countered. He let her go and looked at her.

„Come into the Big House", Ella said gravely. „There's a hell to explain."

After an hour-long explanation and questions, four questers accepted their quest.

„Ella, how'll we blend in? We know next to nothing about Hogwarts", Annabeth asked, ignoring Percy's and Nico's snickers.

„Don't fret, your mum sent us books to help us with studying. They're on Greek, so there'll be no problem with that part. But, we have another problem: wands. You need to cover every spell they've done in last four years."

„It sounds like a lot of work", Percy groaned. Ella smiled.

„Don't worry, they're very easy: you'll ace them without a problem."

„What about our magical heritage? We don't have any", Nico piped in.

„Oh, but you have! All Titans were versed in magic, and so are their children and grandchildren."

„Perfect!" Thalia concluded. „So, tomorrow, next to my pine tree, at the sunrise?" Ella nodded.

„We don't want any unnecessary attention. Oh, and Nico? Go to Rachel, you still need a prophecy."

„Why me?" Nico whined.

„Cos you're getting on my nerves, now go before I throw you over there!"

„Why always me?" son of Hades murmured grumpily, entering Rachel's cave. „Rach?"

„Nico! Anyone in need of prophecy?" Oracle of Delphi said running from around the corner, paintbrush in her fingers.

„Yep. We're going to Hogwarts", he managed to say the name of school without succumbing to laughter, „to help the world created by Hecate."

She smiled pleasantly, then closed her eyes in concentration. Green mist enveloped her, and voice of Oracle took over her host.

Two children of prophecies shall unite,

To cause misery or salvation.

As children of darkness and heaven resurrect forgotten love,

Worlds will collide, nothing will stay same.

Nico stood gaping at Rachel as she retook her conciousness. Did she just said love? He will resurrect love with child of heaven, possibly Thalia? He cursed, Thalia 's Hunter, it wasn't possible! However... His heart fluttered at the thought. He had crush on Percy for quite some time, but thinking about Thalia made him all fuzzy inside.

„Nico, you don't have to impersonate a goldfish", Rachel said jokingly, and Ghost King snapped out of his trance.

„Whoops, s-sorry", he stuttered out. She smirked.

„Is someone in love, Nicky?" He flushed angry red.


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