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"Okay, before we begin, some rules. Number one: no interrupting, let us finish. Number two: if you don't believe us, don't say it aloud. Consequences can be rather nasty. And number three: don't say we didn't warn you. This secret can kill you. No, I'm not joking", she directed it toward Weasley twins. Percy chuckled quietly, then stepped out.

"Let us begin. Do you know anything about Greek mythology?"

Chapter 7


Hermione raised her hand first.

„It's a body of myths, created by Greeks in ancient times to explain forces of nature, like lightning and earthquakes. But, that's what they are, myths", she finished. Lightning grumbled in the distance, and four demigods rolled their eyes.

„Dad, no need for that!" Thalia lazily said. Percy and Annabeth chuckled.

„Well, what if I told you that all those myths are real?" Nico questioned them. Silence engulfed Hall.

„What nonsense are you sprouting, Mister Di Angelo?" Umbridge simpered in her fake sweet voice. Annabeth tsked.

„What have I told you about not believing us? Nico, you are allowed to start." Nico grinned manically.

„On it", he said and slowly lowered his arm down. Shadows started creeping in, and various girls and boys screamed. Harry rolled his eyes: those shadows were creepy, but no need for dramatizing.

„Honestly, are all of you lot afraid of dark?" Thalia questioned them irritably.

„Pinecone Face, they can't tell the difference between lie and truth, what did you expect?" Percy said humming lightly. Toad stood up angrily.

„Detention for you, Mr. Jackson, and twenty points from Gryffindor!" Nico just sighed.

„Miss Toadface", he began slowly, as if she was retarded, „you are not our teacher, so we are exempt from the whole point-and-detention system. Let us finish before Annabeth transfigure you into a toad you are." Teachers and students laughed rasciously, happy that someone put her in her place. Before she could continue, Annabeth slammed her dagger into her shield that she carried around in bracelet, and everyone went silent.

„I told you I will not tolerate interruptions. Percy, you and Thals are next." Two cousins smirked at each other.

Thalia raised her palm, and blinding arc of light leaped into her hand, creating a bolt, and Percy summoned the water from Black Lake creating crests of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter.

„Whoa", Weasely twins breathed out. Four American smirked, and Nico started their introduction.

„Nico Di Angelo, Son of Hades, God of Dead and Riches, Ghost King." Spectators' jaws dropped down.

„Thalia, Daughter of Zeus, God of Sky, lieutenant of Artemis, Goddess of Hunt", Thalia continued, openly laughing at wizards' faces.

„Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy, Architect of Olympus", Annabeth said her grin visible.

„Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon, God of Seas and Earthquakes, Saviour of Olympus ", Percy finished twisting the hourglass on the chain Ella left them.

„Ella Anderson, Daughter of Kronos, Titan of Time and Harvest, Goddess of Time and Wards, Princess of Tartarus", disembodied voice floated through the Hall, echoing.

Students and teachers were shocked. Children of gods? They were housing an immortal goddess for a short time?

„Liars!" Umbridge yelled. Percy turned around sharply.

„Haven't you seen enough?" he demanded. „Do we need to call our parents here? I sure hope we don't because they don't tolerate disrespect. I know that from personal experience."

„Don't we know that", Thalia and Nico muttered together.

„Quiet!" Daughter of Athena snapped. Her ire was growing, and not even Percy was crazy enough to ignite it. „I'm sure you have questions, so ask away!" Hermione's hand shot up the moment Annabeth stopped speaking.

„How is that possible?" she demanded. „Hadn't the gods faded long time ago?" Nico answered.

„No, they didn't. Their children were still around even after the fall of Rome, and they kept them alive and well." Michael from Ravenclaw raised his hand.

„How are they in America now?" Before demigods could answer, Ella's voice sounded again.

„Gods move with the flame of the West. You know of the Western civilization? It's not just an abstraction, it's real. They move to the place with most influence. They stayed here in England from 18th century till WW1." Some of students' jaws dropped down. Luna raised her hand next.

„Are the monsters from your mythology real?" she asked surprisingly serious. All demigods scowled.

„Yes, they're quite real", Thalia replied.

„And they're all after us", Percy finished. Annabeth snorted.

„Only after you, Seaweed Brain." Percy pouted, but didn't comment.

„How you stay away from them?" Harry wanted to know. Annabeth smiled.

„We go to camps that have magical borders: they keep monsters from storming it. Currently there are two: Camp Half-Blood for Greeks, Camp Jupiter for Romans." Teachers looked impressed.

„Have you met the gods?" Ernie yelled. Demigods snickered.

„Of course!" Percy exclaimed. „You met Ella, we've met the whole Olympian council plus Hestia and Hades."

„AND we have a god as a camp director", Nico added with a smirk. „Old sot." Percy, Annabeth, Hermione and Ravenclaws laughed, while thunder grumbled.

„Oi, Mr. D, just admit that you are an old sot", Thalia yelled to the sky.

„Mr. D?" Ron asked.

„Names have power in our world", Annabeth answered seriously. „You fear saying the name of Dark Lord, but if you say nothing will happen. Us, on the other hand..." she trailed off.

„We'll get 'a visit'", Percy said, his voice heavy with sarcasm, „from the person or monster whose name we'd spoken." Everyone gulped.

„Oh, they're just exaggerating and lying", Draco said to his posse. Much to his misfortune, Daughter of the Sky heard him, and sent mild lightning bolt at him. He yelped and slammed into the wall.

„That", she hissed, „is what you get for calling us liars." Percy laid his hand on her shoulder.

„C'mon Pinecone Face, we're having a demonstration", he said with a wicked smile. „You need to blow off some steam." She returned the smile and exited with him.

„What are you waiting for?" Annabeth asked the student body. „I for one don't want to miss Thalia and Percy fight. Their battles are epic."

„Yeah, and they destroy anything in ten-meter-radius", Nico snorted. „But it's amusing seeing them squabble over such small things." Students rose unsuredly and followed two children of gods outside.

„Look at the lake!" Weasley twins shouted, pointing at Black Lake. True to their word, lake was churning, waves crashing and spraying two dark shapes. Lighting flashed, revealing two cousins standing five meters apart, grinning like Cheshire cats.

„Finally", Thalia said. „I missed kicking your butt, Fish Breath."

„Don't be so sure you'll manage to do it, Sparky", Percy taunted. With a battle yell, Thalia attacked, her spear ready for piercing. Percy slapped his wristwatch and Tyson's shield spiraled out just in time to stop Thalia's onslaught. His trusty sword Riptide was out, and he feinted to the left forcing Thalia to shift her stance, giving him an opportunity to slam his shield into Aegis, knocking it out of her grasp.

„Why you little…" she cussed and electroshocked him. For retaliation, Percy dropped at least ten galleons of water on her.

„Enough you two! If you continue, you'll destroy the whole castle!" Annabeth screamed. Son of Sea and daughter of Sky stopped.

„Shake your hands", Annabeth ordered. „Now."

„Whipped", Nico coughed. Three demigods gave him a glare, and he cowed.

„You wanna get whipped, Death Breath?" Thalia asked dangerously. Percy cleared his throat.

„Lightning Bug, let's shake hands; you can kill Zombie Dude later, and I don't want Annabeth's dagger on my throat again."

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