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Enjoying the Festival

Within the hustle bustle of the festival, a dense crowd has formed itself around a certain game stand. However, it wasn't the colourful banners or the cute prizes which attracts their attention. It was the players – well, one player to be exact – currently playing the game.

Contrasts to the stand's main aim which is to attract male customers considering the fact that it is a shooting game, the player everyone is focusing intently on is a female instead, having platinum blonde locks flowing down to her back in the form of a braided ponytail and a pair of dazzling sapphire-blue eyes that are shielded by a pair of reading glasses. The elf has pressed her luscious lips together in hard concentration and her elf ears twitches cutely under the lowest frequency of sounds.

Though it is a bit impossible, her pale skin seems to emit a soft glow under the sun rays. It almost made her look like an angel rather than elf. A unique trait which some of the female spectators are totally envy with.

Currently, the elf woman is leaning her upper body on the table surface of the stand with the intention of getting a better aim of her target. Unaware that she was providing the public behind her a good view of her rear. Fortunately though, the males of United Sanctuary are very polite and immediately look away shyly in an act of modern-day chivalry.

Salome didn't say a word throughout the whole time; her attention is focused solely on the target in front of her. Nothing else matters at the moment and she'll be damned if she fails this. She has calculated the wind speed, the weight of the cork stuck onto the barrel of her puny toy rifle and the air pressure released by it. She has taken note of literally everything that could possibly hinder her performance.

Finally, the moment of truth has arrived and the elf slowly and ever so slowly pulls the trigger while still keeping an eye on her desired aim.


"AND WE HAVE A WINNER, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" The gamekeeper declared loudly while waving his hand bell left and right. True to the gamekeeper's words, the cork succeeds on hitting it's mark and was physically proven by how the target quietly fell backwards from its standing position.

The whole crowd immediately bursts into cheers, as if they are witnessing one of Spike Brother's greatest National Rugby League rather than a simple shooting game. Salome smiles to herself though it seems it was more towards of her accomplishment rather than the cheering crowd behind her.

Blaster Blade was actually stand beside her the very whole time and has an amused smile on his face.


"Is there something funny, Blade?" Salome asked as she clutches a wide variety of cute plushies in her arms, ranging from a kitten-like Leo Pald to a brooding chibi Blaster Dark Revenger and last but not least the Illuminal Dragon plushy she had just won a while ago. "You've been smiling for quite a while now."

"Oh it's nothing; it's just that I never knew you're into adorable things."

"Oh, does it make me weird?" Salome asked worriedly.

The Liberator gently shook his head. "Not at all, if anything it makes you look cute."

"I-I see." She said as she uses all her plushies to cover up the faint blush on her face.

The two walks continue to explore around the festival. They've been there for about an hour now, probably more. The original plan is to simply look around the festival, admire the scenery then head back home. Well, that WAS the plan until Salome took notice of the game stands.

Throughout the whole journey, Salome's eyes were fixed onto the cute plushies each game stands have to offer as prizes. It was only when she saw an extremely adorable looking Soul Saver Dragon plushy on a certain stand did she lost her willpower and immediately heads there with the intention of claiming the doll as her own.

Blaster Blade raised an eyebrow when he realized what she was about to do but chose not to comment anything about it. After all, playing a game or two won't hurt anyone or anything.

...that's what she said

Before he knew it, the Jewel Knight has explored every possible game stands existed in the festival and has acquired dozens of plushies as a part of her possession. Her actions seem to have attracted quite an attention from other couples within the festival but Salome was too happy snuggling with her prizes to even care about them.

"Shall we stop by for a while for some break? We've been walking around for quite a while now." The Liberator suggested. While he is indeed tired himself, the Sealed Hero is more concerned about Salome instead since she had helped him with the grocery duties not too long ago.

Salome thought about this for a moment before she nods her head in agreement. "I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn't tired." She honestly replied before looking around for any suitable place for the two of them to sit at. Her eye sight then fell on a small yet infamous cafe nearby. A long forest-green neon sign was planted right between the ground and second floor of the shop, having the name of the coffeehouse which is Royal Bucks Coffee along with the symmetrical logo of a familiar-looking sun goddess.

"How about we go to the cafe over there? They make excellent coffee."

The Liberator followed her line of sight before he shrugged his shoulders. "Fair enough."

Just as how they agreed on, the duo head there while having small talks which mostly consist of swords and combat. Obviously it's a bit odd for a male and female to be talking about such topic but the duo seem to enjoy it either way. Upon entering, the two were greeted with the aromatic fragrance of coffee bean which instantly made both of them salivate. The Liberator and Jewel Knight in disguise never actually took notice of their own empty stomach until now.

The coffeehouse has a classic theme to it. The walls are covered in wallpapers of natural brown colour and are further enhanced with paintings and artworks concerning coffee, forest and other things related to it, the floors are made up of lacquered wood and perfectly reflects the lights above, illuminating the shop as bright as outside. The furniture available indoors are mostly simple yet are made from the highest quality of wood Cray could ever offer. Overall, the whole place feels very inviting.

"Nice place." He complimented. Fortunately for the Liberator, the place is vacant minus for them so Blade doesn't have to worry about having their cover blown or anything.

"Is this your first time here?"

"Yes, how did you know?" Blade answered a bit shock.

Salome chuckled. "That was the look I gave when I first stepped here as well." The two arrived at the counter situated at the depth of the store and Salome pressed her palm on the bell, causing it to ring and to alert the employees of their presence. While waiting, she decided to help herself to the list of menu prepared firsthand on the surface of the counter.

"Welcome Miss, how can I help you?" A feminine voice said from behind the counter.

The Leading Jewel Knight's eyes are still fixed onto the menu and did not realize the employee was there until she spoke. "Ah yes, I would like to order a—huh?" The elf knight abruptly stopped mid-sentence when she realizes who the person behind the counter actually is. "...Monaca?"

Sure enough, the Battle Sister is indeed standing behind the counter, clad in her usual icy-blue custom-made nun garb which perfectly suits her icy cold demeanour to everyone. The only difference is that she has a green apron over her outfit with the Royal Bucks Coffee logo stitched at the centre and she does not have her signature katana, the Hanekirihabaki within her possession...or perhaps it was hidden from sight so as not to intimidate the customers from approaching her. Then again, her glaring scarlet-red eyes are already enough to scare adults away which probably explains why the coffeehouse is empty.

Monaca let out an exasperated sigh. "Yeah, yeah, I'm Monaca of the Battle Sisters alright. Now your order, Miss?" She repeated once more.

"…you don't recognize me?"

"No, should I?" The former bounty hunter replied back sarcastically, now sporting an annoyed look. "Are you going to order or not?"

Salome sweatdropped at her remark. Her attitude reminds her of Tiffany somehow. Fortunately, she didn't have to answer her question when the back door suddenly opens and another familiar Battle Sister comes out.

"Is there something the matter?"

Monaca snorted to herself. "Yes, there is, Cookie." She said before turning around to face her. "Why am I stuck with the cash register duty!? You knew full well that I'm not suitable for this job!"

Blade and Salome glances at each other, they both knew they're standing in the middle of a wrong crossfire here.

"Would you prefer if I were to put you in charge of washing dishes at the back?" No respond. "I thought so. Besides, consider it as a part of training."

The Battle Sister looked like she has more to say in this matter but it disappeared when she noticed the blonde elf. She slightly furrowed her eyebrows at the elf. She looks awfully familiar but Cookie just couldn't put a finger to whoever this person may be.

"It's been a while Cookie, how have you been?" Salome greeted her politely.

Cookie suddenly gasped, the truth finally dawned on her. That voice. It can't be. "Salome!?"

Monaca's eyes became wide at the sudden revelation, a look of pure disbelief evident on her face. "Huh…what...why…when…"

Ignoring her subordinates' pointless stuttering, Cookie went around the counter and gave the Jewel Knight a hug who happily returns it with equal gesture. "It really is you! I haven't seen you since the War! How have you been?"

"I'm well, thank you very much." Salome answered back with a smile. "What about you?"

"Same as how you are." Cookie replied back. "How is Lady Ashlei following? Is she alright?"

Salome's smile dimmed a bit but it soon disappear before anyone could even take notice, everyone except Blaster Blade that is. "Lady Ashlei is fine now."

"Ah that's good to know, send me my regards to her."

"I will."

It was then she noticed the second person standing behind her. "Oh, and who might he be?" The Battle Sister asked, directing the question towards Blade.

Blaster Blade gave her a quizzical look. "You don't recognize me at all?" The former knight of Royal asked, a bit hurt from the question.

Cookie shook her head, earning a sigh from the undercover Liberator and Salome automatically giggled at this.

"See Blade, I told you already." She replied. "Your disguise is simply too good."

"Wait what, Blade? Blade as in the—" Monaca said. "BLASTER BLADE LIBERATOR!?"

Blaster Blade cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention which was not necessary since everyone is already focused at him. "Yes, I am Blaster Blade Liberator."

For a moment, the whole café was engulfed in an awful pin-dropping silence. Way more quiet than it was before.

Then under a silent cue, all hell broke loose.


"So let me get this straight, Blaster Blade is doing the grocery errands of his fellow clan members and you decided to help him because Lady Ashlei suddenly gave you surprise vacation and you have no idea what to do now that you have one. Then after you both do the shopping, the two of you came to this festival because you have some free time to spend before heading back to base." She said as she twirls the teaspoon of her Americano.

"Yes, that sums pretty much everything." Salome replied as she took a sip of her own Americano.

"…I see. Well then, that explains everything." Salome spared a glance at Cookie. Though they're just recently became friends, she could tell solely from her tone of voice that the Battle Sister is unsatisfied by her answer.

"What about you then? What are you and the Battle Sisters doing here?"

"Part-time job." Cookie replied as if it would answer everything. She waved her hand when Salome gave her a blank look. "It's a long story really but the best I could say is that this is what we Battle Sisters do when we have no task at hand."

"Oh, ok then." Salome is still puzzled but she dropped the subject.

Cookie gave her a gentle smile…which soon turns into a mischievous one. "In any way, are you sure you and Blaster Blade came here just to do some grocery shopping?"

At the mere mention of the Liberator, Salome instantly surveys around her surrounding for the spoken person. She then saw him sitting on one of the coffee tables nearby the window, happily chatting with a group of Battle Sisters surrounding him. Apparently, the news of their arrival has spread around the cafe like a wildfire in a matter of seconds after the shocking revelations and the Battle Sisters immediately gather to meet him once more.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Salome asked as she turned to look back at a still smirking Cookie. She's definitely missing something big here, alright. There was something about her gaze that makes Salome go a bit wary of.

The Leading Jewel Knight didn't have time to ask about it when a ring bell chime came from the counter. "Ah, that must be your order. No need to stand, I'll get them for you."

Salome watches as the Battle Sister rose from her seat to pick up her order on her behalf. It was unfortunate that she was not aware of the mischievous grin Cookie sports once she turns her back on her.

"Um e-excuse me Lady Salome…"

Salome glanced to the source of the voice after drinking her Americano and was greeted with the sight of a flushed-looking Monaka.

Salome got a gist of what she wanted to say but she asked anyway. "Yes, can I help you?" She asked sharply, acting like she was upset about something.

Monaca winced and bit her lower lip. She glances at Blaster Blade behind her who nodded in respond before looking back at the Jewel Knight. "I-I would like to apologize for my rudeness a while ago. My…oral skills with other people aren't exactly that good and I hope you can find a way to forgive me for it."

"What makes you think I'll forgive you that easily?" Salome replied in mock seriousness, making Monaca's eyes went wide. She kept her facade for a good five seconds before she burst out laughing, causing Monaka to look at her with a puzzled look. "I'm just joking. It is alright Monaca, I forgive you. In fact, I already forgive you earlier beforehand."

"B-But I was being disrespectful to you."

"True but that's because you couldn't recognize me due to my disguise." Salome explained, adjusting her fake glasses onto place. "Now go on, if I remember correctly you have a cash register duty to do."

The former agent of revenge nodded at that and gave Salome a slight bow before begrudgingly going back to her work post. Blaster Blade took this moment to approach her.

"I don't suppose you're the one who forced her to apologize to me just now, are you?" Salome joked.

"No, she wanted to apologize to you on her own will; she just needs me to help what to say. For a second there, I thought you might chase her around with your sword the same way with what you did to Tiffany a few days ago."

"Well, unlike Tiffany, she apologizes for her mistakes." Salome retorted back.

"True and I think it's time we leave now. We've been here long enough."

A perfect time too as Cookie returns back and puts two paper bags carrying the Golden Bucks Coffee logo on the table. "Here's your order!"

"Alright then." Putting a hand into the handbag she carries around, Salome was just about to take her purse out when Cookie raised her hand to motion her to stop. "There's no need for you guys to pay a single gold actually. It's on the house."

"Are you sure about this, Cookie?" Salome asked worriedly. "Wouldn't lady Amaterasu be upset if she knew about this?"

"It will be fine, I am sure milady will understand." Cookie replied back as she put the paper bags on their respective owners. "Just do me a favour though..."

Salome tilted her head at that. "A favour? What would that be?" She asked suspiciously, knowing the fact that the Battle Sister rarely asked for a favour.

Cookie gave her friend a sweet smile. "Have fun in the festival."


"Well, that was kind of her." Blade commented as they joined the crowd of the festival once more.

"Agreed, Cookie seems to be acting much stranger than usual." Salome replied, repeating back the last sentence Cookie just spoke over and over again within her mindscape. She knew there was a hidden message to it but she just couldn't figure out what. "Almost as if she is hiding something from us."

"...then again all the members of Battle Sisters are unique so I'm not entirely surprised by this."Blade took the moment of opportunity to take a sip of his Mocha Latte and was taken aback by how tasty it is. "This is really good." He complimented incredulously before taking another sip of the nectar-like drink.

"I already told you, did I not? Here." She said as she took a Cinnamon Roll out from her paper bag and extends it to him. "You said you never been there before right? If that's the case, have some of my cinnamon roll. It's really good."

"No thanks but I'm not hungry." His actions betrays his words however as his stomach let out a small and distinctive growl. Something Salome can hear due to their close distance.

She giggled. "There was a sound coming from your stomach just now." It wasn't a question

"I'm having a stomach ache."

The Leading Jewel Knight raised an eyebrow at that. If it's one thing she learned today, it's that Blaster Blade is not a good liar. "Blade, you better eat this or else I'll force you into doing so." She warned sternly.

The Liberator was hesitant at first but soon gave away when his stomach growled in protest once again. "Alright fine but I'll eat it later, my hands are full right now as you can see." Salome extended her hand so that the pastry is directly near to his lips. "Um...what are you doing, Salome?"

"Feeding you the Cinnamon Roll." She replied back casually. "You said your hand is full for you to do anything so I'll be feeding you instead."

Blade was sceptical about this but the stern look on the Jewel Knight's elegant face tells him she will not accept no as an answer. Finally, after a few moments of intense staring contest, the Liberator sighed in defeat and slowly, ever so slowly leaned closer to get a small bite of the Cinnamon Roll. Now that he thinks about, the Leading Jewel Knight has that one same attitude as his former healer, Elaine does. Stubborn

The Jewel Knight tries to hold back her laughter. Salome often sees the might Blaster Blade Liberator as a brave, strong and independent not to mention good-looking Paladin knight. Hell, she even considers him as a perfect role model. And yet, here she is now, feeding the Sealed Warrior a small Cinnamon Roll all because his hands are all helplessly occupied but nevertheless the elf is just grateful that she is able to lend him any assistance.

By now, the delicacy is half of an inch close to the Liberator's face and Blaster Blade has unhinged his jaw wide enough to take a small bite of the cinnamon roll when...

"Look mommy, the couple is trying to feed each other."

With eyes as wide as saucers, the duo snapped their heads to the source of the voice: A nine-year old kid with his mother beside him.

"Hush Lawrence, what did I tell you about prying on other people's business?" The mother hissed to her son as she hastily drags him away from the so-called 'couple'. "Excuse us."

The two fell into a deep silence as they try to digest what the child had just said. Once it permanently clicked within their mindscape, their faces instantly became as red as tomatoes and the two immediately looks away from each other out of embarrassment.

"A-Anyway, like I said, I'll eat it later so you do not need to worry about it." Blade stammered, an unusual yet obvious blush sporting his cheeks.

"A-Alright." Salome replied meekly.


While the two were doing their 'bussiness', the 'couple' are oblivious to the fact that they are being spied by a group of suspicious-looking individuals hiding not too far away. 'Hiding' is a bit of an exaggerated way of explaining it considering the fact that all they did is simply hide themselves near the corner of a building with only their heads exposed in order to peek what is on the other side.

Cookie flicked her fingers in disappointment. "Curses, that kid ruined the perfect moment." She commented as she stared at the now awkward-looking couple. "It was so close too."

If it weren't for their deadly serious gaze and the weapons some of them possessed, it would have been a comical view seeing several heads of the Battle Sisters horizontally protruding from behind the wall.

"Hey sis, are you sure we are doing the right thing here?" Cream asked to her older sister above her.

Cookie glances at her little sister below her; a worried expression adorns her cute face. "Of course we are, Cream." Cookie replied back, abusing her older sister's voice tone. "We are simply looking out for them, it's not like we're disturbing them or anything. See? Even Monaca is here."

Sure enough, Monaca is indeed joining the fray and has the usual glaring expression people often see her with. "I'm only here because I don't want to take care of the cash register, no more no less." was what she said though her body language says otherwise as she too is staring intently at the pair with her scarlet-red eyes. "Remind me again why we're doing this pointless thing?"

Cookie did a 'tsk tsk tsk' sound and shook her head to Monaca's question as if she caught a child doing a bad deed. "My my Monaca, I see that you're still as clueless as ever." She mused to herself with a smirk. "Keep this up and you'll never get married in the future.

Monaca was flabbergasted, her mouth was gaping wide like a fish but no sound came out. "Wha...wha...wha...married!? I'll never get married, you hear me! I will not and will never get married! I'll—" Monaca continues on with her ranting to make her point clear but every members of the Battle Sisters have already mastered the art of droning her voice out and therefore ignore everything she had just shouted.

"Why do you think Lord Blaster Blade and Lady Salome are coming here together, huh?" One of the Battle Sisters curiously asked to her fellow allies of the Church, totally ignoring beet red-faced Monaca ranting at the back.

"Isn't it obvious, my fellow Sisters?" Everyone diverts their attention to their senior Battle Sister, Cookie who has her eyes closed and her arms crossed in a detective-like manner, even Monaca stopped to hear what she is about to say. "Visiting a town with no one but each other with the alibi of doing grocery errands, wearing disguises to protect their identities from the public, playing the games here at the festival despite what they had just said about doing errands and going to the the coffeehouse after finishing their 'errands' when they should've went back to their base…there's only possible explanation for all of this."

Cookie then opens her eyes, revealing her dazzling eyes. "They are secret lovers."

For a moment, no one said a single word. Then in a perfect sync, the Battle Sisters let out girly squeals to each other. Excitement is evident within their sparkling eyes as they converse about this false news among the others. Thankfully, there was not a single civilian around them to witness such uncharacteristic act and they were sensible enough to lower their voices down.

"But why must they keep it a secret from the public? Surely, the Paladins are not forbidden from being in a relationship with each other."

"I am not entirely sure but there is only one way to find out." Cookie said as she took another glance at the oblivious couple with a predatory gaze. The Battle Sisters mimicked her action, finally getting what she meant by that.

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