Kurt landed on the bed with a bounce, thunking his head on the way down.

"Ow! Blaine, what is with you? Suddenly you're all Captain Caveman."

Blaine climbed over him and gently rubbed his head while he kissed him.
"I'm sorry, does it hurt bad ?"

"No, it's fine, it's not like you haven't rammed my head into a
headboard or two before." He pulled Blaine down into him for another

"You nearly split my skull on the door handle of my car." Blaine mused
between kisses.

"That was your own fault! I told you we should wait until we got home
but it was 'so romantic in the rain'."

Blaine slid off of Kurt and lay on his side next to him, facing him. "It
was romantic, wasn't it?"

Kurt smiled at the memory and ran his hand down Blaine's arm, "it really
was. Right up until Mercedes saw your car and pulled up to see if we
wanted to go get burgers with her."

"Mercedes Jones, legendary cock block." Blaine sighed. "She doesn't know
where you live does she?"

"Door's locked anyway, we can pretend we aren't here. I'd find new and
horrible ways of dismembering anyone who even thought about making me
share you today." He spent a minute just looking, making sure Blaine was
really here with him and not one of those frustrating dreams that were
always so disappointing to wake up from. "I get so tired B, and all I
want to do is come home and put my head on your shoulder. I can't wait
until you're here all the time."

Blaine loved these moments, infrequent though they were. Having the time
and privacy to laze in bed, half dressed and just touch and flirt and
cuddle, knowing they were building to the more physical intimacy and
would have more time after to sleep wrapped in each other's bodies.

When they were apart it was those times that held Blaine over. Here he
got to see the Kurt no one else did anymore. He was still sarcastic and
headstrong but he was emotional and loving too. It reminded Blaine of
the boy who showed up at Dalton just looking for someone he could make
any type of connection with. In the years since he'd watched Kurt become
more guarded with his heart but more confident with his body.

It meant the world to Blaine that he was the witness when Kurt would
admit to needing anyone.

"It's good to know you miss me." Blaine smiled softly at him.

"Just because I get too busy sometimes to do anything but work, study
and sleep doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you. I actually get mad at
your side of the bed sometimes for being empty."

"It's not empty now, its full of ideas." Blaine nibbled at Kurt's
earlobe making him giggle.

"Idea's and presents unless you lied to get me into bed."

Blaine's face went a little red, "Okay, so, uh, like I said, I was
thinking about how, how you might be getting worried that we were going
to get boring. So while I was on my walk I did a little shopping. " He
leaned and pulled the bag from his side of the bed. He held it back
from Kurt's hands to let him know, "If, I mean, I don't even know...if
this isn't something you want to..."

Kurt's reach was better than Blaine's so he snatched the bag away
triumphantly, "Oh B, let's just see what you got already!"

He glanced into the bag and looked back at Blaine, who was adjusting
himself on the bed and trying not to watch Kurt's face.

"Blaine! I can't believe you did this!" He was laughing and excitedly digging through the purchases.

"Good, yes, how would you even put this on?"

"The guy explained, I was lost."

"You asked for help?" Kurt kissed him quickly before returning his attention to unloading the goodies. "You are so much braver than I am."

"So, not freaked out then?" Blaine leaned in to help spread things out.

"Amazed and awestruck. How did you even find a place to get this stuff?"

"Siri now thinks I'm a perv."

Kurt held up a pair of butter soft leather restraints, "She's not wrong, not that I'm complaining. These could not have been cheap."

Blaine took them from him and held onto his arm. He brushed his lips against the inside of Kurt's wrist. "You bruise like a peach, there was no way I was getting those hideous hard plastic things."

Amused Kurt raised his brows, "Oh really, what makes you so sure I'm the one who'll be wearing them?"

"You pin me, I'll wear em." Blaine challenged.

"You don't think I can?"

"No, in fact despite this, perfectly sculpted body, I know you can't." He smiled a bright, cocky smile.

"Is that right? Oh Anderson, you're going down."

"Bring it."

They both went in for the attack.

Blaine had been confident he could take Kurt but considered letting him have the win after a struggle. What he hadn't been prepared for was the strength coiled in those new muscles or Kurt's determination. He got knocked off balance quickly and Kurt almost had him but he rallied.

They grappled, Kurt managing to remove Blaine's tee shirt roughly in the process but Blaine knew he was in real trouble when Kurt got one foot on the bed and half stood launching himself on top and thus proclaiming himself victor.

Both boys were panting but Kurt managed to plant a rough kiss half on Blaine's mouth between gasps for air, "Haaa, surrender pal, you're all mine to have my nefarious ways with."

"This was not the plan AT ALL" Blaine groaned and made a last ditch effort to buck Kurt off of him.

"My win, my rules ." Kurt answered while he wrapped one restraint around Blaine's wrist. "Do you want a safe word?"

"Safe word? What exactly are you planning here?"

Kurt ignored the question and locked in the other wrist.



"That's my safe word."

"Idiot."Kurt laughed. "Comfortable?"

"As can be expected."


Kurt rummaged through the new toys but didn't find what he wanted so he went to his dresser.

"What are you doing?"

"Please hold all questions until after the performance."

"You're a little too happy right now, what have I gotten myself into?"

Kurt returned with a scarf. He again straddled Blaine and doubled the scarf before covering Blaine's eyes.

"No fair! I wanna watch."

"Then you better hit the gym."

"Don't be so smug , I let you win."

"Uh-huh." Kurt wasn't buying it. He managed to remove Blaine's jeans and boxers with a minimum of fuss and shed his own pajama pants quickly.

There was something about seeing their clothes together in a messy pile on the floor that did things to Kurt.

Smiling to himself at the view he climbed back to the bed and found the edible lube. Blaine had gotten a variety pack of flavors and Passion Fruit was the closest so Kurt went with it. Snapping the cap open and squeezing it onto his palm before taking hold of Blaine and stroking him so slowly he groaned loudly and thrust into his hand.

Kurt took his hand away and replaced it with his mouth. The flavor was okay, a little bitter but interesting.

Digging his fingers into his skin hard enough to feel the bones in Blaine's hips he licked and kissed but did not cover him with his mouth.

It was delicious to watch Blaine, so eager to move on. His mouth would open each time Kurt came close to his tip, then his chest would heave with the release of a deep breath when Kurt again refused the suction he waited for. His entire body twitched, fingers clenching when Kurt turned his attention to his balls.

The tongue ring had been a very good idea. Blaine made a mental note to share this with Kurt when he again felt capable of putting words in an order that made sense. He made a noise of annoyance when Kurt broke connection just as he was getting close. Truly unable to see, it was a weirdly scary moment when Kurt just disappeared and the room was silent.

"Kkurt?" He stuttered quietly.

He felt hands on his ankle before the gentle request. "Put your feet up."

Kurt helped him into position then disappeared again for a second before Blaine found himself being deeply kissed. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I don't like it when it feels like you disappear though."

"I'm not leaving the bed, don't worry. I'm gonna try one of the new toys, okay?"

"Mm hmm." Blaine didn't bother asking which, he knew Kurt wouldn't tell him.

He again grabbed the lube, covering his fingers and the new purchase. He teased at Blaine's ass softly, letting the lube drip there, then easily slid a finger in. "Someone's been playing solo lately."

There was no need to stretch him, Blaine had clearly been active on his own. He inserted the first bead and kept an eye on his face. It was the smallest on the long black rod of graduated beads and slipped in without a problem. Blaine fidgeted a little, obviously wanting more, Kurt complied with one more bead and Blaine hummed a little.

He chanced one more and earned a groan as the width gave Blaine a little more stretch than he was anticipating.

Leaving the toy in place he returned his mouth to it's earlier work, this time giving a little more of what Blaine was now desperate for.

As he worked and Blaine began to mumble things that weren't all that coherent he quickly took hold and pushed two more beads inside.

"OH! Oh fuck!"

It was a good exclamation from the way Blaine's toes curled. He struggled against the restraints a bit, out of habit, wanting to be able to touch Kurt.

Kurt fooled with the positioning a bit, never losing contact with his mouth and found the spot he was looking for.

"Fuck, Kurt, shit, oh my God!"

Blaine didn't swear a lot, it was immensely hot to hear him huff out a string of expletives when he was clearly losing control.


"There's more? I...fuck...maybe."

Kurt tongued around his entrance as he pushed one more bead in. He was still a few beads away from having the entire thing in but decided then this was as far as he's go now.

Another verbal barrage of epithets and nonsense as Kurt slowly twisted the beads and then gently worked them in and out a little. He finally left them up to the largest bead they had tried and then went to suck Blaine until he felt his balls tense.

"Kurt, babe. I can't..."

"It's okay, go ahead." Kurt continued to suck and as he felt the first warm, salty drops on his tongue. Then he began to slowly remove the beads. By the time he came Blaine was screaming so loud Kurt thought people on the street might hear.

He moved the toy to the side and made no attempt to clean up before laying himself over Blaine and removing the cuffs. He left the blindfold on while he kissed Blaine, letting him lick into his mouth to taste himself.

He pulled Kurt closer still and didn't bother even trying to get to the blindfold. He was spent.

"I'm so glad you won."

It was the last Kurt heard from him before he was snoring beside him.