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From far away, a light as bright as a star can be seen in the middle of the ocean but closer, soft music can be heard, hard laughs are in the air and happy vibes are evident in our dear Sunny. Franky started shaking something with his arms making it look like a silly dance as it turned out that that something are colas attached in his arms and immediately it burst open resulting to angry faces, cola sticking to the Strawhats' skin, and Luffy calling it "Mystery Cola Rain" (because he reasoned that colas are not sticky for when he drinks one his throats are not sticky and now it is "Mystery" because it is sticky.)

Robin just laughed at the scene, but Nami finds this the most irritating. Now her expensive dress is ruined and she's all sticky including her orange locks which she had spent 2 hours doing and was only finished because of Robin's help. Soft hands that made its way to her shoulder blades quickly massaged her to relax her. "Thanks Robin, I really needed that." Nami winked at the chuckling Robin. Nami was about to explode but Robin saves the idiots lives again. After all, this is really a time to relax now. No need to be the kill joy for once. Nami then gave Robin a knowing look which resulted them giggling.

Luffy runs around with Chopper and Ussop on his trail as he tries to tease them and joke around. When Brook came out of the ship's quarters, he motioned for Franky. The cyborg then pushed a button on his butt, which made Sanji cringe at the sight of the action done in front of him. Sunny's platform opened and out came a black grand piano. The dramatic entrance made everyone excited, even Luffy tried to push some keys but as Brook starts to sit down and play some music everyone just stared in awe. He started with very soft keys of melody and then shifts to a happy tone which made everyone dance with joy. Sanji offered the two female with sparkling drinks.

"Nami-chwan~! Robin-chwan~! " Sanji offered the drink with nobility.

"Thank you Sanji~kun!" Nami flirted as of Robin just nodded with a smile.

Zoro, who was seated in a corner, eyed their drinks and decided he wanted sake. "OI! CURLY—"But before he can finish he was thrown with a bottle which he did catch pretty well. As he turn the bottle and saw what it is, he was quite pretty content and satisfied at every sip he have.

Franky placed a machine in the middle of the ship next to Brook's piano and as he works on it, it turns out that it is indeed a Candy maker (which practically makes any candy you want) "Just tell the machine what candy you want and it will make you one" as Franky explained; it was not a surprise that Chopper tried to reach for it to voice out his candy request.

"COTTON CANDDDYYY~!" Chopper excitedly screamed.

"NYAWAHAHAYHAYWAHAY CANDYY~!" Luffy screamed with Chopper. Everyone sweat dropped and Nami decided to join the commotion and plant a large lump on his head. Franky having proud with his invention started doing his signature pose.

A large shake and rumbling sound came from the candy machine that made everyone turned to it curiously. Before Franky can warn them, Luffy stretched out his rubbery arms and caught Nami, Chopper, Ussop and Franky in a tight hug with the candy machine. In a soft tick sound, the machine exploded with unrecognizable fluffy but sticky candy. Now sweetness from candies covered the unfortunate victims of Luffy's impeccable timing for hug. Zoro, Sanji, Robin and Brook are lucky as they used their incredible skills to cover themselves from getting sticky sweet.

Nami screamed at the top of her lungs. Ussop covered his ears to prevent ear damage from the scream. Luffy and Chopper enjoyed eating the candies that sticks them together. Franky scratches his head.

The sight of the funny five made the other uninvolved Strawhats to smile at the scene and enjoy the moment.


It was already 2am when they finished partying (party without any reason or occasion though) and Sanji started to clear away and clean the dishes. Robin on the other hand helped Franky carry the others to their respective beds; though they leave other two behind. Zoro on the corner with his booze are best to leave in the same spot after a hangover. Nami, as Robin and Franky saw, is under her tangerine trees sleeping and decided to leave her there. Robin looked at her sleeping form and Franky smiled but as he turned to look at Robin, he was quite surprised to see her smiling but in a sad and solemn way. She definitely knew something that all of the men don't. He wanted to ask Robin about it but then decided that time will tell and doesn't want to push Robin to satisfy his curiosity.

As they went to their own rooms, Nami sat up straight looking at the ocean ahead from under her precious trees. She then started to sing softly and in a hush tone. Little did Nami know that Brook was there to see it all and to hear it all. As she barely finishes her singing, a tear made its way to her flushed cheeks. Nami was about to use her fingers to wipe her tears away but Brook decided to offer her his handkerchief.

"There will be no reason for you to cry if only you knew how perfect you are. Yohohoho!" Brook said in a charming way after adding, "Well, it was from Robin's romance books—" Nami punched him hard on the head. How the hell did she even think that the skeleton is capable of coming up with such words? She cursed herself.

"DON'T TELL ANYONE!" She hissed at him after realizing that a hidden talent of hers that she has been hiding for almost ten years is now discovered. She has done any possible way to hide it and then now it was discovered like it was just a coin found in a pocket. Brook went defensive mode. "Okay~! But.. Can you let me see—" Nami kicked him overboard. Instinct and guilt kicked her hard, as she then jump to the water to save the drowning skeleton. The moment she caught his flapping hands, she threw him at the ship.

Meanwhile,Usopp woke up a little thinking he heard a splash or two, he listened for a while if he was hearing right or just the effects of candy hangover, but damn it was quiet and decided to get back to sleep. Nami and Brook now laid on their backs on the Sunny's platform, panting heavily and soaking wet.

"But Nami-san, Can I ask a favor?" Brook asked in a nonchalant way. He knew he has been subjected to being highly debt by this navigator but at least it cannot be compared to the swordsman's. Brook's debt to the navigator, like the rest of the men, is like a small dot of dirt when compared to Zoro's enormous unimaginable unnameable debt.

"You can ask. But not about panties." Nami is depressed inside. She knew placing a high debt to this idiotic skeleton won't do the trick. He can inform others about her secret singing with just a slip away. So she was thinking deeply about a plan without too much registering what Brook was to ask of her.

"Please perform with me on Christmas day." It was not even a question.

"Okay….What? WHAAAT?" Nami was hysterical. "Perform where? What perform?"

" I cannot understand your question." Brook said and was received again with another punch.

"I WON'T!"

"There is a price though, and a lot of pirates and even marines will join."

Nami thought for a second, if there are a lot of people who will participate it means this is something that shouldn't be ignored. Just that and she already have a plan.

"You will be singing what I hear you sang earlier."

But Nami didn't answer brook for she was so busy thinking of a plan. It was best to bit this pervert skeleton on telling the crew. She decided that it will be best if she herself will reveal to the crew about her talent before this idiot does. She even thought of calling a general assembly to discuss this contest to the crew. She was so excited. Her thief sense is tingling again.

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