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A large marine fleet is approaching the Deadman's Island. Someone onboard has dashed out of the ship and he landed perfectly on the land at sight.

He chuckled as he proceeds towards the explosion across the island's town.


Luffy was walking in a carefree manner. He has eaten his bento box but he felt hungry again. While enjoying walking and exploring, something caught his eyes.

"Uwah! MUSHROOM!" He is astounded at how mushrooms can be in many different colors. He swoop down and ready to munch the mushroom.

Suddenly, strong big hands took hold of his back head and smashed down his face hard, causing a large dent on the ground.

Luffy abruptly stood up to face him and pouted angrily at him.

"YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT GRANPA! LOOK!" He pointed at the fallen and crashed mushrooms. "YOU WASTED MY FOOD!"

Garp smirked at him, "I can do whatever I want with my grandson and that.." He pointed towards the large dent on the ground "is just an example!"

Luffy tilted his head when Garp sat down on the ground. The rubber captain mimicked what his grandpa did.

Garp looked at Luffy and grunted.

"ARE YOU THAT IDIOT?!" He jabbed Luffy's head.

"What?" Luffy asked nonchalantly.

"Didn't one of your crew inform you? Aokiji even went here to-"

"What was it?" Luffy stared at him.

"DON'T YOU!" Garp swiftly bent down and kicked Luffy's head to the ground. "INTERUPT WHEN I AM NOT YET FINISH TALKING!"

Luffy pouted.

"You have been reckless.. This island is a trap; Akainu is on his way here."

"WHA—" Luffy was speechless. He was shaking with rage and his clenched his fist tightly trying to control himself.

"You have to think and act carefully or else you'll also lose your friends.."

'CHOPPER!USOPP SANJI! ROBIN FRANKY! BROOK!" He shouted as loud as he can. "ZORO!NAMI!" Luffy calls out his friends.

"EVERYONE!" He stood up and began running hoping to stumble upon everyone.


Nami was tending Zoro's open wounds with some dirty torn fabric from his robe. He sighed as she finishes and lays his back against the rock wall.

"So what happened?" He looks at her while she takes a sit next to him.

"I..Well.. Leon told me everything.." She begun to tell him what Leon told her.


Nami staggered to stand up by herself but she wanted to try and stop being a burden to Leon.

"So what is it that you're going to tell me?" She told him.

"Ahh..That.. I have to tell you this Nami because I can't keep a secret from you anymore.."

Nami looks at him patiently waiting and hoping that this is not about love.

"You see.. I am Leon Edynight now Nami," He begun and spread his arms while he turns himself around. "This.. Everything that is happening and everything that you are seeing is part of my plan. It is all mine and yours! Edynight is my true name and the name Leon; I have used it to cover myself from marines. You see, every night when Arlong would be in control, he would use my devil fruit abilities to kill innocent people just for searching you. But it is all going to be finished now for I am going to let myself be killed and you will be the one to inherit everything I possess here and you could have the chance to live without those haunting nightmares.."

"Wh..What do you mean?"

"This whole island and every treasure in it are all yours! I give it to you as a symbol of my love for you..." He kneeled down on the ground and covered his face with his dusty arm. "But.. I have accidentally placed you in my trap.."


"Yes.. This Grand Pirate Race competition is part of my plan. Everything is part of my plan. Even I am the one who told Akainu that Luffy is here." He saw Nami's face is in horror.

"When the first time I saw this island, it was very secluded from the world but the villagers are very kind. I helped them in everything so they can be a prosperous community and we all became friends and I know you will like it here. There may be eerie things lurking around here but it is part of the island's nature. The black shadows! They are the tribes who used to live here and now they are helping me! I thought Nami would enjoy this; I even build the mansion and lived there. I imagined ourselves getting old here…."

Nami looks down on the ground.

"Don't get me wrong Nami. I lured Akainu here so he can kill me.. I have to do this so I can stop myself from hurting you. Arlong is controlling me and I have tried to stab myself but nothing happened and I saw how powerful Akainu is and his magma and his ability to kill merciless will help me to die. If I die on his magma then my body will not function anymore. I even tried to cast my body in the fire but Arlong took control and went out of the fire. If I die, Nami, your nightmare will be gone.. You will live without any guilt and you can enjoy it to the fullest! A strong opponent who is as evil as a monster can be our only hope."

Leon was shock when Nami all of a sudden slapped him.

"So meeting me and getting onboard the Thousand Sunny is your plan.. So proposing to me is just another of your plan.. So everything is just your plan.."

"No..Nami.. I" Leon leaned closer to her so he can look straight in her eyes but before he can, he was slapped again really hard.

"YOU ARE SO SELFISH!" Nami shouted.


"YEAH! YOUR MENTOR SABO IS RIGHT! NO WONDER HE DIDN'T AGREE ON YOUR IDEAS BECAUSE YOUR IDEAS ARE USELESS, STUPID AND IDIOTIC!" She practically screamed in front of him. She jolted back when she saw how what she said had made an impact and hurt him so much. She can see right through his eyes.

"Nami.. "

End of Flashback.

Nami felt herself can't breathe due to overflowing emotions inside of her but Zoro's silence seemed to unexpectedly comfort her.

"Sorry..I lied.." Nami confessed.

Zoro scoffed. He knows what she meant.

"Leon took back his proposal so we.." She shyly looked at him.

"Yeah.. You don't have to explain. I know the story already." Zoro hissed.

Nami pouted at him.

Zoro looked at her and saw that her body is covered with bruises and scratches. There are also deep cut wounds and purple marks on some parts of her exposed skin. He tsked and sighed irritably.

Nami looks at him confused and quite annoyed by Zoro's uttered impatience.

She was surprised when Zoro swiftly covers her with his green moss robe.


"Cover your bruises and exposed skin. You may catch a cold or something." Zoro immediately looked away from her clearly hiding something from her.

But she grinned at him when she caught a faint hue of pink on his cheek.

"Thank you Zoro.." She told him.

"Uhm..Hey, Is it me or you're becoming strong.." He said out of nowhere completely obvious he is changing the subject.

"Hmm.." Nami thinks thoughtfully. "No, it is not just you. I am really becoming strong!" She stuck her tongue out at him.

He chuckled.

She pointed her fingers at him with high and mighty poise.

"So be careful you might fall in love with me!" Then she laughed hard like it was a joke to her.

Zoro abruptly caught her pointing hands.

"I think you are too late to say that.." Zoro look straight in her eyes.

Nami was in panic. She didn't know what to do. All she knows is that Zoro has indirectly confessed to her.

Zoro can't believe that he has already told her what he feels. He thought that confessing should be that 3 words but now he was far more satisfied by what he said. He gulped slowly when his eye can't seem to stop staring at her lips now.

Nami saw his eyes were staring quietly at her lips and this made her to look down at his thin lips.

She gulped and breathes hard when Zoro was slowly leaning down at her. Both their eyes were half closed and staring directly at each other's lips.

Nami closes her eyes as she felt strong arms made its way to her back and soft thin lips crashed on hers.

They both felt melting and now Nami was fervently praying that this would not end.

Zoro then have found a new resolve and a new goal to attain.


The dark Leon finished telling his two opponents of what Leon's plan is.

Leon stopped abruptly from attacking the two. He kneeled down and coughed some blood and spit it on the floor.

Law and Smoker saw the sudden change in the man's posture, voice and eyes.

"Go now.. While I still can control him.." Leon gestured for them to go out.

The surgeon just stood there and the vice admiral lightened his cigar.

"AKAINU! AKAINU WILL BE HERE! YOU'VE GOT TO PROTECT EVERYONE!" Leon shouted at the two making them jolt back and slightly tremble at the mention of the name.

Smoker frowned and was about to punch Leon for planning this things in the first place. But he was stopped by a strong lean hand of the surgeon.

"You should have your brain checked." He told Leon.

"And you!" Smoker grunted at Law and pulled his arms away from him. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Smoker ran to exit the mansion.

Law just glared at Leon and turned around to follow the vice admiral.

'Whatever you all think, I don't care and I will never change a thing just because of your opinions.' He stubbornly thought while he regained his footing and started running out of the mansion.


A few rustle and bustle of bushes and some sort of random explosions and screams made the two newly couple jolted back and break away from kissing.

Zoro leaned forcefully against the rock wall and looked up. He tilted his head confused while unknowingly still having a faint blush on his cheeks.

Nami chuckled when she also noticed his ears turned red. She followed his gaze and looked up in the sky.

"You know.. We can go up now if you want to.." Zoro told her nonchalantly.

"Let's go.. I kind of heard Luffy screaming something.." She swooped towards her Clima-tact and made a milky road using thick sea clouds to create a path. The milky road went way up on the hole.

Zoro whistled his amazement. "Nice!" He complimented afterwards.

"Thanks!" Nami winked at him.

Slowly but surely they stepped and made their way up out of the hole.

Nami grinned and stretched her arms up in the air. "Ngh!WHAT A NICE DAY~!"

"What are you doing here? What do you want?" Zoro asked the party crasher.

The navigator lowered her arms as she look closely towards Zoro and what he is gazing at.

'He's talking to a tree?' Nami thought to herself. She gasped when a woman came out behind of the tree and revealed herself.

Tashigi frowned angrily towards the swordsman. She is breathing erratically the more she stares at Zoro.

The navigator twitched in annoyance and jealousy at what is happening in front of her. 'What the heck is with this woman?' She thought as she taps her foot constantly.

The marine captain jolts back when Nami seems to make a move and approaches her. She was clearly panicking as the navigator leaned closer to her.

Zoro knew Nami is going to nag that marine captain so he went over and was about to catch Nami's arms but his hand was violently slapped away instead.

Nami was speechless as well as Zoro, when Tashigi slapped his hand.

She immediately tightly hugged the navigator in front of her and looked over at the swordsman.

"AAAHHH~!" Nami reacts seductively at the tight hug given to her.

"I WON'T FORGIVE YOU IF YOU LAY A HAND ON HER!" Tashigi shouted the swordsman.

"What?!" Zoro was now confused than ever.

The marine captain looked up at Nami making the navigator tensed up.

"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE THIS CRANKY OLD GREEN MAN?" Tashigi gave Nami a look that she was about to cry.

"WHAAAA-" Zoro gaped at the scene happening in front of him.

"Don't you worry my marine-chan~! I didn't choose him, he was actually one of my stubborn suitors.." Nami caressed Tashigi's hair and squeezed the marine captain in a tight hug on her bountiful chest.

"OI!" Zoro was furious than ever. "Darn woman!"

He didn't know why but he also feels a little jealous. He never experienced that kind of hug.

He walks towards them and held Nami and Tashigi on the shoulder.

Both women were surprised and confused and in a violent manner, he tried to separate them away from each other.

But Tashigi held on more tightly.

"SHE'S MINE!" Zoro shouted at the marine captain.

"NO! SHE'S MINE! I SAW HER FIRST!" Tashigi glared at him.

"Oh really?" Zoro smirked and gave Tashigi a smug look.

The marine captain sweat dropped quickly realizing that what she said is completely wrong.

But before she can come up with a clever come back, Nami reached for the captain's head and caressed it in a motherly way.

"Shhh…" Nami's was the most soothing voice Tashigi heard in her entire life. "Don't fret too much on that my cute captain.. Don't mind him, he's just jealous.." She snickered.

"WHAT THE HECK!" Zoro grunted at the navigator. He clenched his fist as he did his best not to interrupt Nami's fun time with the marine captain.

But he still didn't give up on sending heart stabbing glares on that Tashigi.

"What are you doing Tashigi?" The low voice of the vice admiral had her tensed up and stood straight in a military fashion.

"N..Not.. Sorry Vice Admiral!" The captain bowed her head low to emphasize her apology.

Smoker just grunted at her.

Law, after seeing the scene, was doing his best to hold his laughter. He constantly looked at the swordsman and smirks. This is clearly adding more to the present irritation Zoro is having.

Nami caught both men and Tashigi's attention when she approaches the vice admiral.

She beamed him her brightest smile and he just nodded back at her. The bystanders around them gawked in shock except for Law, who knew Smoker has done a large part in helping Nami when they were inside the mansion.

"WE BETTER HURRY NOW.." Smoker told them as they began to walk in a large forest clearing. "A MUCH MORE STRONGER AND EVIL OPPONENT IS ON HIS WAY HERE." Everyone nodded at him as they stood in an offensive stance.


Luffy and the others waved back at Zoro and Nami as they all take their positions for battle. Hundreds of marine infantry went recklessly charging towards them, thought the marines' faces is a mix of battle rage and of fright of something that is behind them.

Everyone launched their attack to those who attempted on challenging and assaulting them. Zoro scoffed at the weaklings and decided to help Nami with the fight.

He stood in front of her and took on a protective stance with his three swords in place ready for some violent clash.

Nami who was behind the swordsman twirled her staff between her fingers as she slowly but surely creates a fog using her tempo and then in a second she shifted her staff to form a tornado tempo and a cyclone tempo all at the same time.

The whole battle stage was set. Marines are trembling with fear as a huge dark cyclone covers the cheery blue sky.

Suddenly thick fog came out of nowhere. Screams of pain and defeat are heard from everywhere. A tremendous tornado followed after that. The marines went in one corner just to avoid the murderous tornado but were blocked by Kidd who is irritated at his fight with the Surgeon of Death.

"ARRRGH!" He screamed his frustration.

Jinbei with Luffy where side by side each other combining technique to infiltrate more marines as possible.

But one thing is for sure, everyone noticed that Luffy was tensed and alarmed for some reason.

Law and the other Strawhat pirates try to defeat the unending attacks of marines.

"This seems endless! I think I needed to rest for a bit.." Usopp told everyone and went to lean on one of the trees on the side.

"OI! GET BACK HERE LAZY-ASS!" shouted Sanji while he was busy kicking some marine ass.

"I'm getting tired too.." Robin sighed as she went to sit beside Usopp to read a book she brought with her.

"Ah~! Just rest there Robin-chwan~! I'll defeat as many as possible so you won't need to fight~!" Sanji cooed.

"Thanks.." The archaeologist smiled at the cook.

This made Sanji fell upgraded and strengthened.

'Pfft…' The sharpshooter thought.

Law was startled when he was almost hit by a gun shot.

'I can't move…' He was anxious that this is Doflamingo's doing and yes he was right as the crazy man revealed himself. But the crazy man titled his head as he tries to control Law but it seems that he wasn't allowed by something to do as he please.

Law looked over at the approaching figure walking casually in the midst of chaos. It was Leon and it looked like he was in control of his body again. Leon nodded at him and the surgeon looked over to Doflamingo and saw that black shadows blankets him stopping and straining his every movement and preventing him from using any of his devil fruit techniques.

The surgeon sighed as he felt his body able to move freely again. He nodded back at Leon to show gratitude. They both ran towards all the chaos on the battle field.

Smoker and Tashigi stood very still in the middle of the chaos with Garp standing between them. It looks as if they are waiting for something dangerous and big to happen.

Luffy landed coolly in front of them and looks towards the direction the trio is looking at. Jinbei then approached them and stood side by side with them. Law stood beside Luffy with a hot-headed Kidd on his side. Leon decided to stand beside Tashigi. All of a sudden, Aokiji appeared and stood with them and went to whisper something that only they can hear.

"He is coming.."

Luffy tensed up and is beginning to let rage control him as everything that happened in the past with Ace, came rushing back to him.

Garp looked at his grandson and looked back again in front of them.

"YOU SHOULD RETREAT NOW LUFFY!" Garp shouted at him.

"NO!" Luffy growled at him which startled everyone.

His grandpa slowly calmed down.

"You know you are not that strong yet!" Luffy looked at Garp with disbelief at what his grandpa is saying. "Are you going to waste what Ace gave you? BECOME STRONGER AND DEFEAT THIS MAN!"

With that, Akainu appeared in a speed of light. He composed himself and looked at the opponents he was about to face.

Luffy nodded at Law and they ran towards the other Strawhats. Akainu smirked with amusement as he rushes forward to attack. He was startled when Garp and Smoker blocked him and punched him with a dying blow.

"EVERYONE LET'S GO!" Luffy shouted at his crewmates. Everyone nodded and was on their way to huddle themselves as they meet Luffy halfway.

'Are you going to let your friends have the same fate as Ace?' Luffy clenched his fist as he remembers what his grandpa told him earlier.

Akainu chuckled when he saw the huddled people on the side. He turned to wave magma. Jinbei rushed forward with the black shadows to stop him. He was too strong and the merman tries his best to stop him. Little by little his speed is decreasing and the black shadows are slowly preventing his devil fruit but there is still his fist which was full of magma.

"Leon?" Nami called out a little hesitantly but she cannot deny that she is worried for her friend.

"Goodbye my dear..Nami.." He smiled at her.

Everyone huddled together and Law spread his arms to cover everyone.

The magma fist is just 2 cm before it touches Luffy's back but in the nick of time, Law had managed to make them disappear and teleport elsewhere.

Everyone fell down on their back as they landed on a wooden floor. They all gasped when they realized that they are now in the coated Thousand Sunny submerged underwater.

"KYAAAAAAAAAA~!" A piercing shriek of a woman was heard by everyone making them look to see whoever it was. Sanji turn in delight hoping Nami was in need of his protection.

"Oh. So it's just you." Sanji changed from love mode to nonchalant mode when he saw it was only Usopp.

Usopp pointed his fingers up in the sky. They all looked up and saw that Dark Kraken is above their ship completely covering them.

Luffy was about to punch the monster away but was stopped by Nami when she realized that it is not what they think it is doing.

"Wait Luffy.."

Luffy blinked at her and tilted his head in confusion.

"I think it's doing something.." Nami nodded at Chopper. Chopper went closer to the kraken and the kraken growled and grunted.

The reindeer went back to Nami and the others.

"He said Leon ordered him to hide everyone underwater so that the monster marine, which I think he is talking about Akainu, will not gonna be able to find and reach us here." Chopper told them.

"OH! THANK YOU KRAKEN!" Luffy shouted and the kraken just scoffed at him.

"I think we should wait here until we are sure that Akainu is gone." Law suggested

"Yes.. If we make a move now to escape he will only find out and follow us and with that possibility it will be very hard to escape his grasps again." Nami told them.

In silence they all looked up on the sea surface listening to the explosions from above.

Nami was startled when someone grabbed her hand.

She smiled as Zoro gently caresses her hands. Then they both looked up on the unseen battle above.


Multitude of tornado and thunder were hurled towards Akainu. He grunted as his magma weakened by the wet weather thrown at him. He decided to launch an attack towards the weather man but was stopped by a thin steel of the marine captain Tashigi. She jumped away from him and Jinbei went in front of him to attack with Haki.

Akainu was smashed down on the ground and Garp went up in the air to do a final blow on Akainu's head forming another bigger dent on the solid ground.

Everybody is panting in exhaustion as the battle seemed to be endless.

But they were all off-guard as the fleet admiral swiftly went towards Leon. He changed into wave magma and smashed his whole magma body on top of Leon. In time Leon managed to release ice shards and spikes out of his hands scraping Akainu's neck and slightly piercing it forward. But slowly as the fleet admiral shouted in pain, the magma melted on Leon's body, slowly dragging him in the pits of hell.

A haunting and terrifying piercing scream of pain was heard throughout the entire island and at the bottom of the sea.

"Leon!" Nami shrieked. But Zoro held her close to his chest tightly trying his best to comfort and stop her from attempting something carelessly and impulsive.

On the battle field Leon still can't stop screaming. Kidd punched Akainu's magma body away from the weather man. Leon's scream slowly died down as he felt himself on the brink of death.

In one corner of his eyes he saw the old man and old woman of his village; the two who acted as his father and mother figure when he had none. He saw they were about to make themselves known to the fleet admiral and rush to attack but he looked at them in the eye and shook his head and smiled at them.

The old man and woman looked hurt as Leon told them not to attack. But they still continued to walk slowly towards the forest's clearing. They caught Smoker and Jinbei's attention and was about to stop them but was surprised when a lot of people came out behind forest trees and revealed themselves. They all looked solemn but there is this undying will in their eyes as they all stood together in front of Leon as if defending him from the fleet admiral.

Akainu stood up and frowned as if having second thoughts.

"If you kill these innocent people," Smoker added "Then your so-called justice is no different from criminals.."

Akainu grunted at him.

"HEY!" Leon called at the fleet admiral. "It is Strawhat… You are … looking for..right? You..are being..left behind.."

Akainu saw the small figure of the Thousand Sunny drifting away from the horizon. He scoffed and called out his marine soldiers. He boarded one marine ship and went towards that direction.

'I thought he won't fall for my mirage..' Leon chuckled. And at that he rested with peace covering all of him.


There was no sound.. Not even the sound of breathing and hearts beating for that moment as the marine ship went past above the Thousand Sunny. They waited patiently for him to pass.

Even after he passed them, they still waited for the marine's ship to be completely gone within sight.

Zoro tightened his grip on Nami's hand as slowly their ship emerged from the water surface.

The ship's coating popped out the moment they are on the surface.

Everyone sighed in relief.

Nami ran towards the commotion in the middle of the battle field. She excused herself and kneeled down beside Leon's lifeless body. She covered her gaping mouth.

"L..Leon.." Tears suddenly flowed down her cheeks. Every one of the Strawhats stood away from her for it seems that she needed to vent all her feelings out. But Zoro still chose to be beside her, he knew she needed someone beside her.

Zoro sat quietly next to her. He looks at her and saw that she was already wiping her tears away.

Nami, with her most apologetic and sad look, looked at the villagers surrounding Leon's body. She was shocked at how they were all smiling, satisfied and calm about this.

She stood up to talk to them.

"I.. Uhm.. Sor..—"

"Don't.." The old man told her. "Don't feel sorry for yourself. This is what he wants and we know this is what is best for him. We know he is really happy that he was able to save you from further nightmares." Every one of the villagers nodded and some shouted in agreement.

"You see, he has taught us a lot of things and had us prepared for this time to come. He would always say 'When there are bad things happening in front of you, remember the good things that happened so that you won't be side-tracked and you would be able to regain strength to move forward.' "The old woman told her and was about to cry but tried her best to restrain.

Nami nodded "Yeah, that sounds like what Leon would actually say.. "

"So don't be that sad.. Show him that he had accomplished his purpose."

Nami showed everyone her biggest smile while she unknowingly let some tears run down her cheeks. Then with that, every one of the villagers, including some kids, cried to their hearts content but still with a smile on their lips.

Luffy and the others bystanders just smirked at the beautiful scene happening in front of them.

Later that afternoon, Leon's body was buried and had a proper funeral beside the mansion he used to live. Everyone including pirates attended the ceremony.

And after the ceremony they all had a feast as a celebration for Leon and the successful turn of events.


The next morning, Chopper and Brook woke up early and saw Nami talking to the villagers.

They approached them to hear more.

"I have decided to give Leon's inheritance to all of you.." She told them

"But why? This is Leon's treasures and it is all for you!" One villager said.

"No..I cannot accept it.."

"Uwah! I didn't know Nami has a good side?" Usopp whispered jokingly over to Brook and Chopper.

"I have a dream to fulfill. You see I dream of traveling around the world and draw a map of it and it will really take long.. So I will leave all these things to you.." Nami decided.

"We know.." The old man and old woman told her.

It took a long conversation for the villagers to accept Nami's offer but they were eternally grateful to Leon, Nami and the Strawhats and those who helped everyone.


Everyone decided to set sail in an hour and so they said their goodbyes.

Franky with Robin went over to Jinbei to thank the merman. Nami approached them and thanked him also.

Garp talks to Luffy and constantly jabs the rubber boy's head with his undeniably strong fist.

Kidd just grunted and decided to walk away quickly out of their sight.

"I'm going to miss you Miss Nami~!" Tashigi crashed her body unto Nami's and hugged the navigator tightly.

Everyone was shocked.

Nami sweat dropped and pats her head. "Yeah! I'm going to miss you too cute Tashigi~!" She cooed at her making the marine captain blush deeply.

Tashigi jolted back as she tried to compose herself. Nami just smirked at her.

In the corner of her eyes she saw Law and Smoker. She went to run towards them and grabbed them in a tight embrace.

Law covered his face to hide his blush while Smoker tried his best to still act high and mighty. Nami lets them go so she can have a closer look at them when she thanks them.

"Thank you Law for all your effort.." Nami said.

"Don't thank me, I just figured out Ica Stones are not in this island." He acts professionally as he mentions the Ica stones. "But.. Your welcome.." He shyly added. "Isn't allies supposed to do that?"

"I don't know" She answered back.

Before Nami can walk away from him, he grabbed her hand. Nami turned around to face him and both of them were startled by their close proximity.

"ooooooooooohhhh~!" Brook cooed making the two pull away their hands from each other.

"Nami-ya!" He called out to her and when she turned to look back at him again he smirked coolly at her, "Let's see each other again.." and he grabbed her hand and placed something in it. She looked at it and saw a vivre card.

Nami was about to put it in her pocket but it was snatched by strong big hands.

Zoro tore the vivre card into very small pieces and throws it in thin air.

Law strides fast in front of Zoro and violently grabbed the swordsman's robe. "Aren't nakamas supposed to stop flirting with one another?"

The swordsman grunted and frowned at the surgeon and abruptly grabbed Law's coat. "Aren't allies supposed to keep their hands to themselves?"

They both twitched in annoyance with one another but Nami caught their attention as she approached the marine vice admiral.

She was in daze when Smoker's hand made its way on top of her head and pats her very gently like she was the most fragile thing he has seen.

"Good to see you alive, woman." Smoker told her nonchalantly.

She repaid him with her brightest and most alluring smile and she was startled when the vice admiral swiftly placed something on her head. He turned around and waved back at her as he went towards the marine ship.

She grabbed the thing on her head and looks at it. It was a gold vintage lighter and in it is a small image carving of a compass and on the lower side is Smoker's name.

She smiled dearly at it and felt like it was a sentimental token that should be cared and treasured. She waved back at him.

Smoker was eventually followed by his marine captain, who also waves back at Nami as they boarded the marine ship.

"I will come see you again sometime Miss Nami!" She waves back and shouted at her.

"Okay~!" Nami waved back. She finds it cute that the marine captain is admiring her.

"IT'S OKAY! YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEE HER AGAIN! DON'T STRESS YOURSELF IN COMING BACK!" Zoro shouted with a smug look on his face.

Tashigi hissed angrily at Zoro. She was in rage when Zoro rested his arms at Nami's shoulders and pulled her in a tight hug.

"ARGH!" The marine captain lets out her frustration.

" Tashigi! Compose yourself!" Smoker ordered making her stood straight right away in a military fashion.

Law swiftly placed another vivre card inside Nami's hands and smirked at her. A small den den mushi called out to him and it seems that his crew informed him of something urgent as he excused himself and shouts his goodbye to everybody.

"See yah!" He mouthed inaudibly at the navigator.

"Oh my~! It seems that you have attracted and gained new friends Miss Navigator!"

"AHH~! ROBIN!" Nami jumped and launch herself towards the archaeologist and gave her a tight hug. They walked towards the ship as they tell each other stories about their experiences and some girly stuff.

When he was gone, the Strawhats waved goodbye at Jinbei and Garp as they went separate ways.

On the deck, Zoro snatched the vivre card out of Nami's hand. When he saw that Nami looks at him with a smirk, he gave it back to her which made the navigator confused.

"There may come a time when you will need that man's help.." Zoro told her.

This greatly worried Nami.

"I don't want you to die.."

"I will not die without you because I still need to bring you to hell myself."

They both snickered.

"HEY! LET'S PARTY FOR ANOTHER ADVENTURE THAT HAS PASSED!" Luffy screamed at the top of his lungs and everyone celebrated.


That night after the party, Zoro woke up and realized that he is holding an empty sake bottle. He was about to stand up to grab another one when he saw Nami's head was leaning on his shoulder.

He smiled at the sight of her and took of his green-moss robe and covered her with it. He carried her and placed her gently on her bed.

He went out of the women's room and stretched his arms up in the air as sleep is already calling him.

But something from the figure head caught his eyes.

Luffy was sitting on it. His captain was there staring blankly at the horizon in the middle of the night!

It worried the swordsman and he decided to approach Luffy.

When he let his presence known, Luffy turned around his head to smile at him and turned to continue staring at the twilight.

"So.." Luffy began "You and Nami are.."


Luffy frowned and clenched his fist tightly and this didn't go unnoticed by the swordsman.

"I WON'T ALLOW IT." Luffy looked at him straight in the eyes. But Zoro didn't falter.


Luffy sighed. "You must prove to me and to everyone that you will never make my navigator cry!"

"I understand." Zoro told his captain, though deep inside he can't seem to understand the growing pain inside of him.

He walked towards the lawn deck and decided he would just do some work outs in the crow's nest. Before he climbs the crow's nest, he gave a one last look at Luffy but his back was on him as the captain continued to stare at the twilight.

When Zoro entered the crow's nest, "SHISHISHISHI~!" Luffy snickered playfully.


After one month.

Seeing each other and cuddling was decided by Zoro and Nami to be a secret between the two of them. So every night they would sneak in places where they could hide and do whatever they want.

But tonight, they can't hold back anymore.

When Nami was finished reading some navigational book under her tangerine trees, she decided to get some sleep but her face was pinned against the wall by her swordsman.

He grunted as she turned her head at him and looks lustfully at him.

"N..Nami.." He growled at her ear.

"Zorooooh~!" She can't help herself to say it out loud as she shivers when Zoro slowly licked her nape. He grabbed her hand and slowly sucked in his mouth her index finger.

Nami turned her body to face him and feel more of him. She slowly slides his robe out of his shoulder. She swiftly untied his robe and let it fall on the wooden floor.

Zoro lifted her up and Nami crossed her legs around Zoro's waist as he slowly walks her off while they play with each other's tongue.

"Where?" He murmured.


He looked at her and saw her face flushed as he slowly unzipped her pants.

"Wom..Wom's quarters.." Nami tried her best to voice is out as she felt her mind blur in pleasure when Zoro reached forward to lick her cleavage.

Zoro nodded and then he opened the door to the quarters.

He lowered her down and pushed her gently at the wall. He leaned forward to place a gentle kiss on her lips and his head lowered down to her neck to smell her addicting aroma. Nami chuckled loudly as his spiky hair brushed against her ear and her neck, accidentally tickling her.

Zoro smirked and tried to brush his hair on Nami's exposed belly, earning him the cutest laughter he heard. He chuckled while he takes in her beautiful smiling face.

They both sighed in satisfaction from laughing as Nami wiped some tears from laughter.

"YES!" Both of them were startled when Luffy sat up from his bunk and looks at them irritably while the others lazily sat up and looks at them. Luffy then continued "GOOD JOB ZORO! SO… CAN WE SLEEP NOW!?"

Both Nami and Zoro nodded and dashed out of the men's quarters.

They both chuckled and Zoro lifted Nami again and laid her under the tangerine groves.

Zoro went under and lay beside Nami.

"Up until now you still got lost on our own ship?" Nami looked at him quizzically.

"Well.." Zoro gave her a sheepish smile.

"You're smiling again.." Nami was shocked.


"Ever since you encountered Mihawk in Baratie you have become snobbish and aloof.. Especially after that two years you have become very cold.." Nami pouted at him "I wonder what changed you.."

"Well, maybe because my goal now has changed."

Nami was confused.

"You see someone has told me that there is something more in life than becoming strong. Someone also had made me realize something that made me change it."

"So.. What is your goal now?" Nami waited patiently. She saw Zoro coolly covers his face with one hand but then looks at her straight in the eyes while shades of pink can still be slightly seen on his cheeks.

"My goal is to become the strongest so I can protect you and our crew."

Nami was in pure awe as she felt her heart skip a beat.

Zoro laid on top of her and added, "I might not be good at this kind of stuff.. But I will do my best.."

Nami understood what he is saying and what exactly the context of that.

She smiled as she tries to stop, with her hands, the tears running down her cheeks.

"You are an*sob* idiot Zoro.. so stupid…*sob* Zoro ..dummy.." She playfully punched Zoro on his chest.

Zoro grabbed her hand and kissed it gently.

"This Navigator is mine.." He whispers. Nami thinks of an escape to stop him for further seeing more emotions out of her.

"HEY! You are still responsible to pay off your debt!"


Nami chuckled mischievously while Zoro just smirked at her.

That night under the stars and the forming twilight and under that tangerine groves, sweet laughs can be heard..


"Na..Nami.." growled Arlong as he was lying on the ground with much graphic bruises and wounds, was clearly being defeated. There was a large whole on his chest just beside his still beating heart.

"DON'T YOU EVER TRY TO GET NEAR MY SISTER AGAIN, UNDERSTAND?" The man didn't wait for a reply from the merman as he dusted off his top hat and reached for his golden bo staff.

"COME ON NOW! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" One man from behind shouted at him. "THE MARINES ARE COMING!"

"TCH.." The man smirked as he jumped and ran away to hide himself from the marines.

But even the brim of his black top hat with blue goggles, which defeated Arlong with a bo staff, didn't successfully hide his trademark smile: a missing tooth.










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