Summary: What happens when a mech awakens from permanent stasis and is forced to take a faction? Will he become a Decepticon? Or will he battle with the Autobots in the millennia long war that ravaged their planet to destruction. Only time will tell with this unknown mech as he battles with his surroundings, and, himself. OC Neurotoxic, Pairings: Neuroscream, Toxiciron

Disclaimer: I own nothing except Neurotoxic and the plot of this story

Chapter 1: Sharpening the Sword

He glared at the towering black and white mechs that dragged him into the silver room. One dared to look at him with pity in his baby blue optics. But their attention was diverted from him as faint clicking of a femme's heels were heard. His optics glimmered with surprise with the familiar sight of the aqua femme, her bright green optics full of grief and sadness as she turned towards him with a syringe. Guilt marked into her normally cheerful face.

"I am so sorry, I really am. I don't want to do this, but you caused it. Goodbye Tox." She mournfully whispers to him as she stabs the needle into one of his main energon lines, optics darkening and filling with static, then all he saw was the blue-optic mech grabs his frame and put him in a stasis-pod, He slurred out a refusal before everything went blank.


Beep, Beep, Beep. The sound hit Neurotoxic like a bullet, wreaking havoc on his returning systems. The fogged door of the pod opened and as Neurotoxic walked out, he slipped and fell, picking himself up with a few more scratches on the black and chrome paint. Onlining his optics, he saw the grime filled room, and he walked out the room.

Looking around the collapsed building, Neurotoxic wondered what happened in this place, and how he got there. Ping. His HUD light up as a message was sent to him. "Decepticons. The Alspark is lost, but we can reclaim it. Go to these coordinates. Transform and fly up!"

Neurotoxic observed the linked coordinates. He had nothing else to do, so he decided to go to them. Outer stellar travel was always fun, although, it would be difficult. Neurotoxic did a full systems scan, and all he saw was red warnings, dismissing the unimportant ones, the more important ones could easily be repaired as well with his medical skills.


Quickly clamping down the ruptured energon lines, he welded the cracks shut, and made sure his armour was correctly attached. Stellar travel is difficult, and long. Large amounts of energon were needed, and if you didn't prepare properly, you would either die in the travel, or in the landing. Looking up to the rusted looking sky, the sky of a dead planet, his home. 'No, not my home. This place hasn't been my home since I was caught by the security.' Neurotoxic jumped, transforming into his flight mode and left Cybertron.


Megatron was outraged. His second in command had failed him again. Getting himself discovered by the Autobots. All he was commanded to do, were find an energon source, and keep hidden. The rest of the Decepticons hid from him for this time, sighing, Megatron walked to the rec room. Grabbing a cube, he got a strange ping. A neutral, informing him of his to be arrival to Earth, except it was a response, to his calling together of the Decepticons. Over 100,000 years ago.

Looking into the profile signature of the mech, and Megatron realized he had no idea who this mech was. Every mech's profile was on his HUD, but this mech was new. Unknown to Megatron, smirking slightly, he decided to await the strange mech's arrival, which should be in about 13 orbital cycles on this planet.


A burning pain shocked Neurotoxic out of his stasis. Building-like structures coming closer with an immense speed. Earth, the word filled Neurotoxic's thoughts as the Constant wave of information flew through the air. Just before the impact hit, he maneuvered his frame so the impact would hit his armour, but failed. The crushing his frame with the powerful gravity. Neurotoxic painfully transformed out of his travel form and looked around, small fires rose up from the crumpled debris, smoke floated into the blue sky. Earth's sun shining brightly and he disengaged his optics from the sight.

Continuing to survey his surroundings, Neurotoxic looked at the stalk-like brown things with green feathered on top. Linking himself to the Constant information wave in the air, he searched the strange growths. 'Trees' were the first thing that came up. He started walking closer to the growth named a tree, but froze as he heard the familiar sound of transformation.

"Frigidus!" The strange language rolled off of the tall, blue and red flamed mech easily, but Confusion only hit Neurotoxic, chirring and whirring, Neurotoxic questioned the mech over twice his size. Only getting a surprised look, then an answer "Who are you?" He questioned.

Whirring in response "Neurotoxic" He looked away from the mech and towards the strange planet, a winged creature landed on the branch, and screeched at him. Surprise filled Neurotoxic's faceplates, but the large mech simply chuckled, and spoke to his followers in the strange tongue. The feathered creature then flew up, and Neurotoxic outstretched his arm, the creature landing on it and looking him in the optics. The gaped looks from the colourful mechs made Neurotoxic chuckle softly as he examined the small thing.

The large mech chuckled and chirred to Neurotoxic, "I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. That creature sitting on your arm, it's called a bird, specifically a red-tailed hawk."

Optimus looked to the small mech, his jet black armour rough, a few scratches on it from the landing, dust clung to the mech's joints. Slashes of chrome on the mech's armour would shine brightly if it were to be cleaned and buffed. And the hawk, it was also a wonder. Much larger than the average red tailed hawk. It sat comfortably on the mech's armour on his arm. Optimus assumed it was about 3ft tall, half the height of an average human. Optimus admired the strange mech, and hoped that Neurotoxic will come to base with him.

"Neurotoxic, the Autobots would be…" Optimus spoke swiftly, but was interrupted as the roar of jet engines overpowered the Prime's words and he stepped in front on Neurotoxic, prepared to fight. His followers stood by the Prime, leaving Neurotoxic to walk around them and step in front of them, Confusion in his optics until he heard a shout from behind him.

Eyeing the two jet-formers as Neurotoxic turned around, he knew that these were the people who sent the ping, his purple optics glowed as he sent the message back to the mech.

The larger mech looked down at the mech in shock, but quickly recovered and aimed a shot at his nemesis, the Prime. Then he gestured the small mech to come with him as he turned and walked away, Neurotoxic in tow with a smirk to the Autobots, a specific black Autobot looked shock, and outraged at the same time.

Neurotoxic smirked at the outraged bot, and the black coated Autobot huffed and aimed his cannons, 'Impressive' Neurotoxic thought, but grinned, knowing that the bot didn't have much more to show, but he certainly had firepower.

The red hawk perched on Neurotoxic's arm cawed a taunt at the Autobots, the bird then flew off of Neurotoxic's arm, getting a glance from the small mech, and landed on his shoulder, becoming a pet for the robotic being.


AU: Alright, to keep it short and simple. Constructive criticism welcome! English assignment. Need help making sure it is good. And what you see Neurotoxic as so I can make sure he is as characterized on paper as he is in my mind! Thanks!