Summary: What happens when a mech awakens from permanent stasis and is forced to take a faction? Will he become a Decepticon? Or will he battle with the Autobots in the millennia long war that ravaged their planet to destruction. Only time will tell with this unknown mech as he battles with his surroundings, and, himself. OC Neurotoxic, Pairings: Neuroscream, Toxiciron

Disclaimer: I own nothing except Neurotoxic and the plot of this story

Chapter 7: Strange Awakening

Ironhide rushed back into the medbay quickly when he heard the old medic's shout as the power cut. The automatic door shoved open, the quick pedes of the medic rushing to stabilize the mech.

"Ironhide! Activate the generators, right now!" The medic panicked as he continued to plug wires and tubes into the Acura.

Ironhide quickly moved through the small medbay to find the generators in the far corner, he flicked the switch and the dim overhead lights flickered on. A sigh from Ratchet let Ironhide know that the striking mech was going to be fine.

Ratchet then took a step back in shock, standing in front of Ironhide, obscuring the black autobots view from the strange mech. Ironhide stepped around the medic and looked to the older mech's source of shock, glowing purple optics boring into the black mech's soul when he was visible.

Looking to the medic, Ironhide whispered, "How is he online? How are you online?!"

The mech chuckled but winced lightly in pain at the obsidian mech's questioning, both autobots shocked at the Acura, Ratchet soon regained his composure and walked up to the mech on the birth, his cyan optics glowing dimly, examining the mech.

"You shouldn't be online yet. Not with the damage done to your circuitry and lines." His sharp optics looking over the damaged mech before he met the flickering pools of violet. "You will remain here for some time, after all you are injured."

The mech nodded and spoke, his vocalizer lined with static, "I, understand." He looked down at his clawed servos with a sigh. Admiring the chrome pattern on his servo, he ignored Ironhide who started speaking.

Ironhide looked expectantly to the chrome slashed mech and was about to repeat his question, but a large blue and red flamed mech came in. Optimus,, the leader of the Autobots and the last living Prime.

"I see we meet again." The Prime rumbled as the Acura nearly gaped at the flaming mech, two familiar black eyes boring down on the sleek car-former, the clean beak opening to let out a crying screech, immediately flying off of the Prime's shoulders and onto its masters chest, putting itself as close to the injured mech as possible.

The hawk nested itself on its masters' neck and it started rubbing it's head on the chrome chin. The Acura pet the feathers on its wing and he looked to the Prime.

Neurotoxic POV


"Indeed, Optimus Prime." Neurotoxic muttered, not moving since he didn't want to disturb his feathered friend. The Acura purred lightly as Nythik relaxed at his masters' touch, and Neurotoxic looked back up to the Prime, noticing that Ironhide and Ratchet were leaving the room, the large flaming mech spoke when the door closed.

"What is your designation?" The ancient mech spoke in a smooth baritone, his voice echoing slightly through the small ward.

"I am Neurotoxic, and I presume that Squishy has told you his name." The silver slashed mech gestured to the organic against him with a clawed servo.

"Neurotoxic, do you know what the Autobots fight for?"

"I may have an idea."

"What is your thoughts?"

"What I know about the autobots, they fight to protect those who do not deserve their protection and risk. You willingly risk your spark and content to make sure these organics are safe. While they are using you to their advantage, like machines. Slaves even."

The Prime looked thoughtful for some time before his cyan optics met Neurotoxic's violet ones. A wordless was of the Prime saying the small black mech was right, that is was true. "I have seen goodness in them. I would protect them with my spark even if I couldn't see their potential, because, freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

"Hn, inspiring words Prime, but if you wish to recruit me, you will have to convince me of their, as you say, goodness."

The large mech walked to Neurotoxic's berth and undid the painful bindings, earning a surprised glint in the violet optics. Neurotoxic sat up slowly, Nythik easily climbing onto his shoulder before moving close to his master once again. He pushed himself off of the berth and disconnected the wires and tubes the medic attached to his frame.

"Neurotoxic, I cannot tell you what to do. But your skill would be very much welcome in the Autobot ranks."

"What is the organic saying? Simply said? No, I decline the offer Optimus. You have earned my respect, but not enough to spend my days as a protector. Instead, I will offer you my sword, assistance in which I can help you, though I will not be an Autobot. It isn't my style."

Nodding in understanding, Optimus backed away from the small mech and his companion and opened the medbay doors. "You are welcome here Neurotoxic, and at any time you may return if you change your mind."

"Change my mind?"

The Prime chuckled, "Human saying, If you decide to join us after all, we will be waiting."

A smirk crawled onto the Acura's faceplates, "You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Comm me if you need my assistance, otherwise. Farewell Optimus Prime."

The black and chrome mech then left the Autobot base, wandering outside of civilization as he scouted for his own base of operations.


AU: Hello guys! This is the last chapter of this story… I will probably make a sequel! Hope you guys enjoyed this story as much as I did making it. XD When the sequel is started, I will post the summary as CHP 8! Thanks so much for reading and bearing with me XD (I take requests for sequel! XD)