Sakura woke with a gasp and the acrid tang of electricity in her nose.

A splash of cold water on her face washed away the sweat. A swish in her mouth washed away the taste of vomit.

You look pale. She turned her face at different angles in the mirror then, sighing, hung up the towel. Everyone looks pale now.

Shrugging into her uniform, she realized no one noticed her switch from a skirt to pants. Who fights a war in a skirt? She snorted. Ino would. A smirk. And she'd do it with style.

A vitamin, a hunk of bread, and a little smoked meat was breakfast. You need to eat more. She shook her head and walked to the Medical Unit's tents where chaos reigned with a bloody fist. She plunged her hands into someone's guts, her brow creasing as she carefully patched and wrapped and shipped them out. She set bones. Healed burns. Closed flesh. Sent them out to fight another day.

Stepping off the dizzying carousel of wounded for a moment's rest, her head lolled on her shoulder.

"I'll do anything you ask."

Hot breath on her neck.

"I don't want any regrets."

A hand shook her awake. "I need an assist here, Sakura."

The biting smell of ash and sparks lingered.

"Yes, Senpai."

Around and around she went until it was dark. Then back to her tent to stay awake for as long as she could—less sleep meant less dreaming.

The distant echo of her own voice.

"Lee, Kiba, Sai…I'm so sorry for tricking you."

A low bow of contrition.

"This is a teammate of Sasuke's. She was injured, but I've stabilized her."

The girl, still unconscious.

"I was wrong."

A fake smile.

"And I never did find Sasuke-kun."

Sakura woke with a gasp and the acrid tang of electricity in her nose.

Slipping into her uniform pants, she struggled with the button…then broke down crying when it wouldn't close. With squeezed shut eyes, the memory sprang to life.

The musk of sweat. The coppery fragrance of blood.

"I'll do anything for you."

She held him tighter. His fingertips sparked as he gripped her waist.

"I don't want any regrets."

He groaned, his bliss illuminated in clear, blue light.

"I'll do anything…"

He was gone with the rumble of thunder.

"No regrets."

Sakura put on a lab coat and went to the supply tent for a larger pair of pants. How much longer do you think you can hide this? She shook her head and rested a hand on her stomach.

"No regrets."

I found this in my files while avoiding writing. *sigh* Maybe it's the season, but I can't seem to finish anything that I start lately! Anyhoo, I wrote this for SSM 2012, but spruced it up a bit before posting. Back in 2012, Paige gave it the Unicorn Stamp of Approval, but she is not responsible for any errors in this updated version. Hope you enjoy!