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The weather was beautiful, the sun shone turning the fountain to liquid crystal as we waited expectantly. I looked around at the other guests, Peter and Charlotte who had made the dress. Emmett and Rose who had done a lot of the organisation for the wedding. Charlie and Aquene who had married soon after we got back from Italy with Messou. She had been very nervous about becoming a vampire but with our help made the transition almost smoothly deciding to be happy with Charlie was even better than finally letting her body die now her task was over. Marcus, Caius, and their wives, Marcus had found love again in a new vampire Greta who had come to the Volturi seeking shelter from her sire who wanted her for himself. Plus most of the guard including Felix who stood at the back, alone, arms folded across his chest like a granite statue but smiling just a little. Missing were Edward and Heidi who hadn't been invited although I think he knew better than to be in the same room as Jazz! They were living in one of the Volturi villas and Graces gift still meant he had little to say. I had to wonder if Carlisle would ever realize that his silence was as a result of him having nothing constructive to say and not because he was permanently gagged. Alice and Blake had gone, deciding to make a life for themselves well away from Volterra and us.

The music started and I gripped Esme's hand tightly. Carlisle standing the other side of me and looking as proud as anyone smiled and winked at me and then I saw them. Our daughter the beautiful bride, tall and slender with her honey blonde hair cascading down her back over the white dress and clutching Jaspers arm as they walked slowly down the aisle towards the minister and her beloved Messou. He was tall and slender like her with black hair tied back and wearing a beaming smile as he looked back at Grace. It was painful letting our daughter go but it was time, we had some wonderful memories of her childhood even if it were a short one, we were relieved that she stopped growing and ageing at the maturity of an eighteen year old when only ten human years old. We had wondered if Messou might continue to age and ask to become a vampire too but Aquene explained the part of the legend the tribe had that the Volturi didn't. When Messou found his mate he would grow only until she stopped then halt too. He was the reincarnation of their god and would never leave his heart's desire. I hardly heard the words of the minister spoken in the courtyard of the Volturi citadel. My mind wandered back to where it had all begun in Forks Washington when I first set eyes on the Cullen family. Had I been able to see all that would occur as a result of my dating Edward would I have acted differently? No, because it brought me such joy in the love of my mate Jasper and my daughter. I was content and all around me were happy too. Grace was embarking on a new chapter with the love of her life and the couple would bring with them peace for both our worlds.

The End.