Dean woke to the soft feeling of a mattress beneath his aching body, the feel of sheets twined around his bare legs and resting lightly over his waist. Which was strange because he distinctly recalled being outside. With Cas. In the scrap yard.

Holy shit! He and Cas had sex on the hood of the Impala!

Dean's eyes snapped open as he flailed to sit up, only pausing when he noticed an equally naked body as his own, lying contently beside him and watching his every move.

Dean's panic extinguished itself as he realized he was in the spare room at Bobby's.

Dean gazed casually down at Cas who was smiling softly up at him. Dean plopped himself back down on the bed, preferring to ignore his momentary floundering, rolling to face Cas and smiled in return, "You know, still a little creepy when you watch me sleep, Cas."

Cas chuckled, "I don't care."

Dean raised his eyebrows, not being able to help it when his grin widened, "Really?"

Cas nodded seriously, "Yes, Dean. Really."

Dean went to Cas willingly as the Angel drew him in for a soft kiss. Their lips working each other's open gently.

Cas traced his fingers over Dean's face after he drew back, lightly outlining his eyes, nose, his cheekbones. Cas' eyes grew miserable as he continued to gaze at Dean, a lump coming to sit in his throat, and Cas had to look away.

Dean reached for Cas' hand, bringing it up and pressing his lips to the backs of his knuckles softly. "We'll fix it, Cas," Dean said calmly, seeing straight to the heart of Cas' distress.

Cas gulped down a swell of emotion, "How, Dean? I have ruined so much."

Dean shook his head, "Doesn't matter. Not now. We'll find a way, figure it out, we always do."

Cas looked back to Dean's eyes seeing nothing but confidence behind his words. Dean believed they could do this, so maybe they could.

"I don't deserve this Dean. You. Your forgiveness. None of it."

Dean's small smile didn't falter, "Too bad Cas, you have me. And although I could try, I don't think I'd quite be able to stay mad at you forever." Dean squeezed at Cas' hand reassuringly, "We've all made mistakes Cas. Me, Sam, Bobby. Everyone. We'll work it out."

Cas didn't respond, preferring to snuggle down further into the bed, leaning to press his face into the crook between Dean's neck and his shoulder. Dean wrapped his strong arms around Cas' back, holding him close.

They'd get through this. Him and his Angel.


Jensen was so far past content with just the simple luxury of being able to wake up in the safety and comfort of his own bed, Misha's body wrapped around his just like it was supposed to be. They'd spent the majority of the night before swapping stories – they both had specific points to tell that definitely stood out, although Misha had to admit that he probably didn't spend as much time in mortal peril as Jensen did – before moving together like they'd done countless times before.

Misha was pleased Jensen was ok, so much so that he couldn't fathom the concept into words, settling for the press of his mouth and the neediness of his touches. Jensen could tell that he was also hopeful that he'd been able to do some good for a universe that wasn't their own. Not that Misha would ever admit to something as troublesome as meddling.

Limbs were still wrapped firmly around each other, tight enough that it was hard to decipher where one body ended and the other began.

"I don't think you understand how much I'm never letting you go again," Misha spoke into Jensen's shoulder, clutching at his back.

Jensen chuckled, his breath moving the dark tufts of hair under his nose, "You weren't that worried."

"Never. Letting. Go." Misha interspersed the words with presses of his open mouth to whatever part of his husband he could reach.

"I was safe. I told you, Cas was – Cas was very sufficient at keeping us out of harm's way."

"At the same time as terrifying you."

"You would have been scared too," Jensen poked playfully at Misha's side. "Seriously – just- surreal, you know?"

"I told you before. I know."

It took some effort for Jensen to be capable of extracting himself from Misha's clinging hold, but he managed, smiling to Misha happily as he pressed their mouths together, "I'll make breakfast."

Misha followed down the stairs after he grew cold enough to be uncomfortable, dragging a pair of boxers up over his hips as he went.

Jensen began speaking absentmindedly when he heard Misha enter the kitchen. Going over for what had to be the hundredth time how he thought he'd literally gone insane and every miraculous thing that happened after that point. Misha plucked the coffee cup Jensen was holding out of his hands with ease, sipping at the warm liquid before squinting his eyes, "At some point, I am going to need to stop hearing about how awesomely terrifying Cas was."

"You cannot complain, seriously – you fucked Dean. It's not like I did -"

"You would have too, don't deny it."

"Shut up," Jensen strode into the lounge, reclaiming his coffee as Misha followed closely on his heels.

"How about we just don't talk about it anymore," Misha suggested.

Both men plopped themselves at opposite ends of the couch, arms folded over chests and frowns dipping along their foreheads. It didn't take long for Misha to be chuckling softly and Jensen couldn't help the smile that was so determined to grace his lips in return. Jensen slid along the couch till he was closely pressed against Misha's side, arms twisting out to wrap around his waist and a sigh of contentment falling past his lips as he felt Misha's mouth press against the top of his head.

"Suppose we've got it easy when you think about it," Misha murmured softly.

Jensen snorted lightly, "We went through our crap too Mish."

"There was less fighting for our lives."

"I don't know, you've come up with some pretty crazy shit."

"Shut up," Misha huffed a laugh.

"It's an experience we don't need to repeat."

Misha was silent for a few beats, tracing his fingers along Jensen's side and drawing him closer when he shifted. "I don't know. I could think of one or two more possible circumstances that would be worth crossing dimensions for."


"What do you mean no?"

"Just, whatever you're thinking. Just, no." Jensen said with a laugh, his eyes sparkling as he glanced up to the blue gaze above him.

"Come on Jen."

"No way. Not budging."

They were both chuckling as Misha tackled his husband back against the soft cushions. The sounds falling from their mouths soon becoming muffled as their tongues tangled around one another. Misha was still grinning as he pulled back, successfully seeking the spark of life in Jensen's gaze.

He figured he had pretty good chances – maybe he'd be able to convince Jen of just one more adventure.


Dean spoke to both Bobby and Sam thoroughly before telling them that Cas was here to stay and that Dean would be helping to fix whatever had been broken.

Both Sam and Bobby shot each other knowing looks, which Dean pointedly ignored, before they agreed to help in whatever way they could.

It took some time, heavy loads of research on ancient weapons, help from numerous Angels who thought that Cas stood for the right thing, and a hell of a lot of luck. But somehow, miraculously, they had caused Raphael to desist.

The Arch Angel had vanished, leaving not even a trail of traitorous Angel corpses in his wake.

Dean knew that he'd probably reappear one day. That they still needed to be prepared for when that day came. But for now they had other problems to attend to.

There were monsters out there still trying to crack open Purgatory.

Crowley seemed more hell bent on the idea than ever since Cas had reneged on all their deals and left the demon out to dry. Crowley was shaping up to be the next big issue, they all knew it, but he could at least wait for one more day.

Dean just wanted one day without research, or planning, or hunting. He just wanted one day for himself and Cas. Where they could spend their entire time not moving from the bed, taking it in turns to fuck into one another. Someplace without interruption where they could talk about random meaningless crap until they grew tired of it. One day where he could just enjoy the idea of him and Cas, his Angel, together, finally.

What they had wasn't perfect. Probably because this wasn't yet an ending.

Although it certainly wasn't their beginning, that had taken place years ago now, when Cas first laid his grace to Dean's soul in the darkness of Hell.

This was just a step in the right direction. A step spurred on by an eccentric man with an enthusiasm for life that couldn't be topped, no matter what universe he was interacting with.

Who knew where their story would eventually lead, but as long as it was the two of them, with Sam and Bobby helping along the way of course, it couldn't end in the wrongplace.

This was merely the middle of their story. And it was enough.