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Jessie sat for a long time, or at least seemed like a long time, debating her answer. Yes, was the first thing that came to her mind. But she really needed to
think it through.
Even if she had the device removed it didn't mean that her father couldn't find her. It would just make it harder. Maybe she would just be able to avoid him
for a big longer and then maybe take him to the authorities. But she was pretty sure that wouldn't be a smart bet. Her father would get out of that somehow.
And she had to consider Riddick and Jack. Their safety meant a lot to her.
But she wanted so badly to be as free of her father as she could... She looked back into Riddick's calm expression.
"You can do it?" she asked finally.

Riddick watched the emotions cross Jessie's face. Fear, hope... Hope won out. He nodded slowly in reply to her question. "Yeah." He paused a moment
before offering the down side to it. "But I can't promise that it will not hurt like hell."
He watched a small smile cross her face. "I'm used to hell," was her only response. He knew what she meant. He'd felt that way more than once, that his
whole life was being spent in a perpetual hell, with no way out.
"Hopefully we can get you out of there."
She gave a wistful smile rubbed her arms as if she were chilly and he suddenly became aware, again, of her attire. The pale skin of her shoulders and arms
was a lovely sight, especially the way her hair brushed over them when she moved her head. He thought of how she'd looked with her longer hair, that would
have been a beautiful sight to see...
He shook his head to clear the thoughts. He needed to stay focused on the task at hand and that was to help her find a better life.
He cleared his throat. "I'm gonna see if Jack's got any alcohol we can use for sterilizing."
She just nodded in reply. He walked out into the hall and shut the door behind him. He headed toward Jack's room but saw her in the living room on the
way, talking to some guy at the door. He frowned, he hadn't heard anyone knock. Jack seemed to know the guy though, she was leaning forward,
flirtatiously, allowing the guy a good view down her shirt, which he was taking advantage of. Hearing Jack's laughter, Riddick let his frown lessen. He knew
the girl could handle herself and pitied any guy who thought she couldn't.
But when the guy ran his hand along her bare thigh Riddick decided to make his presence known, he cleared his throat and Jack turned, a smile still on her
"Hey, there!" she was ever cheerful. The guy, Riddick happily noted, had dropped his hands into his pockets. "I didn't hear you," Jack continued. She
grabbed the guy by his arm and hauled him into the room. "Alan, this is my brother Richard," she introduced the guy to Riddick. Alan extended his hand,
Riddick stared at him for a moment before taking his hand and shaking it, perhaps a little tighter than was required, but made his point. Happily watched
Alan flinch slightly. "Hi. Jack can I talk to you?"
"Sure. Alan was just asking me out to dinner, but I told him I had plans with you and Jess, but if it's cool with the two of you I invited him along."
Riddick's frown returned briefly. The last thing he wanted was this sleaze with his hands on Jack all night, but he had made a promise to Jessie. He had to
remind himself that Jack was capable.
"I don't think Jess feels up to going out to dinner and I think I'm gonna keep an eye on her, so I guess he gets his wish. I just need to know where you keep
that first-aid kit. Jess cut her foot."
Jack frowned a moment. "Ouch. Here, I'll get it for you." She walked to the bathroom and grabbed it from under the sink and was handing into him in a
She must like this guy, Riddick thought.

Jessie slid off the bed when Riddick walked out and pulled an oversized sweater on with some loose pants. She was freezing. She was sure that some of it was
due to how nervous she was. She was sick at her stomach. What if Riddick couldn't do it like he thought he could? What if he messed up? She was trusting a
lot to this man. But he'd already proven that he'd take care of her life, her health should be a given, right? She hoped. Her hip was stinging from the cut
she'd made. She was holding a cloth over it. The wound had already stopped bleeding. She wasn't sure if that was a good thing since she was going to have
to cut it again, or Riddick was, whatever.
Her mind suddenly went to wander how his hands would feel against her skin... He was so strong.
She was brought back to reality with a knock on the door. "Come in," she called.
Riddick stepped in with a first aid kit and a pretty wicked looking scapel. She briefly wondered where he got it, but then he was very resourceful.
"Hey," he said softly.
All Jessie could do was offer a weak nod in reply. She was starting to feel very nauseous. She wished she wear stronger, like Jack.

Riddick watched the fear in Jessie's eyes, but admired the strength behind it. She swallowed deeply and sighed. "I guess we just do this?" she said. Riddick
himself wasn't sure how to begin, so he understood the questioning in her voice. "We can. But we don't have to hurry it." He was trying to be as
understanding as he knew how. He wasn't always good at that and he knew it. But he'd gotten better over the years. Jack had helped him.
"Ok, well, what do I do?" she asked.
"Just lay back and relax," he offered. She nodded and went to the bed. She laid down slowly, looking very nervous.
Riddick sat the first-aid kit out on the table next to the bed.
"Jack went ahead and went to dinner with a friend," he said to make a little conversation. He hoped it would calm her, the calmer she was, the easier it would

Jessie was trying to keep her breathing calm and even. She was starting to panic. She trusted this man completely, but it was hard to completely erase the
fear she felt with men. She'd never been in a bed with a man around and not had to panic.
She appreciated that he was making conversation. "I'm glad. I would hate to ruin her evening. I'm sure she wasn't thrilled with the day. I hate causing so
much trouble. I'm sorry for taking up your evening too, and for the day. I still feel so bad about your arm-".
"Jessie." Riddick interupred her.
"Yes?" she asked. She realized that she had started to ramble.
"It's ok," he said, smiling down at her.
She laughed a little. "Sorry, I guess I'm nervous."
"That's ok. You have every right to be."
She nodded. "I guess we should just get this over with." She rolled the waistband of the pants down to reveal the bruise on her hip.

Riddick handed the nervous girl a towel to hold just below the hip, to catch the blood. He was hoping that it wasn't too deep.
He disinfected the area and the tools with the alcohol.
"Ready?" he asked. As Jesse nodded he made the first small cut into her hip. The admiration he held for her heightened when she made no sound at all. He
knew that it had to hurt, but she stayed silent.
After what seemed like hours, but he knew was only about 20 minutes, he had the device in his hand. He sat it down on the table and started to dress the
After it was all over and he was sitting side by side with Jessie on the bed as she toyed with the device in her hand. Neither had really said anything yet.
"I can't believe this," Jessie finally broke the silence. "I mean I can't really believe that I've had this embedded under my skin for so long or the fact that I
actually have a chance to be free of my father. Either situation is surreal. Freedom..."