Emma heard something as she walked into the house and went to check Hermione's bedroom and Harry's guest room. He had come to stay before their fifth year began and she had realized the two weren't just friends even if the two hadn't realized it yet.
When she didn't find them in either place she realized the sound had come from the open window.
Stepping into the kitchen she smiled. Harry and Hermione were sitting cross-legged, facing each other, Hermione reading a book, seemingly quizzing her friend.
"Oh, Harry, remember how you hugged me for my birthday? Because you forgot to buy me present last year?"
"I didn't forget!" he swore vehemently. "I lost your gift, I had to order you a new one!"
"Anyway, since you ended up giving me two presents at Christmas, he's the hug back." She put the book aside and hugged him quickly.
Harry rolled his eyes. "No, take it back!"
He hugged her.
She rolled her eyes and hugged him back. "No, I'm returning it!"
"No!" he said and hugged her. "Keep it!"
"No!" She gave the hug back.
"Hermione!" He squeezed her tightly.
"Harry!" She squeezed him back.
Emma grinned excitedly as she watched his interplay. The two teens hugged back and forth another dozen times, protesting the return and regift of the hug until Daniel walked in and looked over Emma's head. "What's going on?" he asked softly.
"Hermione tried to return Harry's hug he gave her as a birthday gift. Harry won't let her and keeps giving it back."
Daniel bit his tongue so he couldn't laugh. "Do they not realize hugs can't be-" Then he stopped talking. Harry had just kissed his daughter. She was going on sixteen and a woman in her own right but she was still his little girl and the thought of her as a sexual being angered him.
"No!" Hermione said and hugged him back, kissing him.
"Take them back!" Harry said, a hint of annoyance entering his voice as he hugged and kissed her.
There was a half a dozen hugs and kisses then Emma couldn't handle it anymore. It was too cute and she realized she liked the idea of Harry and Hermione. Perjaps too much because what came out of her mouth shocked everyone. "Oh my god, Just fuck already!" Emma yelled.
Then went deathly pale as her husband turned to stare at her and her daughter and Harry's faces turned purple in their fright and embarrassment at what Emma had said.
"MOTHER!" "MRS GRANGER!" "EMMA!" They all ejaculated at the same time.