Written on my ipad, the autocorrect on it drove me insane. Crossover with marvel, specifically spiderman/venom. More notes at end.

Harry sighed tiredly. The first task was only a few days away and he still had no idea. Sure, hermione had helped him learn the summoning charm and he was okay at it but maybe the dragons were related to snakes he prayed.
He saw a book on dragon morphology. Definitely a hermione word, he thought with a tired smile. Picking it up, something flashed as he opened it and a sliver of motion and blurring rushed towards him. Cold covered him then a voice spoke to him inside his head. Greetings.
"What the fuck?"
Shhh, we're in the library, Harry? Think it.
Uh, yeah, I'm Harry, who-what are you?
Well, about six hundred years ago I was an invisibility cloak. Then I spent centuries soaking up magic and developing a rudimentary intelligence and knowledge. Once I developed motility, I began absorbing the knowledge of the tomes here. I'm glad to see you like knowledge but why do you let your less intelligent friend have so much influence on you? You can do all your duties and still learn as much as your mate hermione.
Mate? he thought nervously.
I'm not in your head but I can see your thoughts about her. You're emotionally and physically stunted from your home life. We need to fix that Harry. Especially if we're gonna be together.
Be together? He queried even more nervously.
Don't worry child. I'm not like the diary. While I do need you to help keep me alive, we'll be a true symbiotic organism. You'll provide me with phenethylamine-one dark chocolate frog a day will do-and I'll help you. I can teach you everything in this library-except the dark art knowledge. I can see how you dislike it. But I'll help you learn because, wow, your life is not normal. And you're a very good person. Do you want my help?
I do. But-
But the diary. I don't know how I can convince you I'm not like it. It was a horcrux I'm sure. In fact, I think you are as well.
A what?
The night your parents were killed. Riddle was going to kill you and use your death as the sacrifice for another horcrux.
What are they though?
Oh, I do apologize. A horcrux is an item that is created by the splitting of the soul and casting a piece of soul into an item, creating an anchor for the remaining soul. I don't know how they're made but I do know they're dark, dark magic and obviously damaging to the soul.
Harry sat down heavily. Is-is that why I see things?
Yes. But we'll start you on occlumency. It's a skill to reorder your mind and create shields so that other mind artists can't read your thoughts. Once you have good shields, you shouldn't see things from him. I still will though and keep you updated.
Why do you want to help me?
Because you're good. You're a shining beacon of light. And you need more friends. And I need one too.
Harry heard the sadness in the voice and his heart broke a little. He was so used to that sadness in his own life. But he didn't want it in anyone else's. I'm still worried though.
About what Arthur said? The voice replied.
I quite understand. I can reside in your trunk but if I'm on you all the time I can instruct you in your sleep. And I can help you out. Watch.
Harry's clothing shifted and he was wearing a beautifully tailored suit. Then a track suit. And more clothing. Harry watched in amazement. I can be anything. I can also do away with your pointless stuff. I can keep your father's map and cloak with you at all times and keep your wand ready and in your hand when you want it there. Heck, I can even watch the map for you at all times.
Harry hooded, stroking the 'cloth' he was clad in. Feels like real silk, he thought.
It is. I'm very good at transfiguration. Now, the first task. Your flying plan is good. But you need sleep Harry. I'll think about the task and see what we can do that might be safer.
Harry gathered up hist stuff. It's already three in the morning?
Yes. I'll wake you at ten 'til eight?
Hermione was surprised to see Harry smiling as he sat down across from her the next morning. "How long were you in the library last night?"
"Threeish. I have a new plan but I'm likely going to still use the summoning charm." He put his hand over hers. "Thank you. For the help. And being my friend."
She smiled as she looked down at their hands. Harry initiating contact was new. But very welcome. "What's the new plan?"
"Tunneling potion. The dragon'll never know I'm there. I'll have to summon it from you or maybe further away."
She smiled. "That's a wonderful idea. How did you think of it?"
"One of the books you were reading mentioned dragons having their eggs stolen by a burrowing creature and there's a potion for tunneling through rock. I sent Hedwig off for the ingredients already. Does the bank have a branch here? I'm out of money."
"They do. But I can loan you some. How much do you need?"
"I decided to start a new diet and I'm cutting out sweets except for dark chocolate frogs. One of those a day."
"So, a galleon?"
He nodded. "I can pay you back next Hogsmeade. Or, since I can skive off, I could just go into the village now," he said with prompting from the symbiote.
"Come to classes," she requested. "And don't skive off. I'll happily lend you the money."
She slapped his hand playfully when she said don't skive off then pulled the galleon from her pocket. More than enough to order enough frogs.
They were discussing how much of the potion he needed and the artifact required for its use when Ron came down. Harry glared back at him then said, "Do you think you could tutor me in runes and arithmancy? I'm going to ask professor mcgonagall about dropping divination and taking those classes. With you teaching me, I'm sure I'll be ready to join the classes next year."
Her eyes widened and she nodded happily. "Of course I will, I'll get my notes from last year and once Hedwig is back we can send her home for last year's books and send an owl-order for the self-study packets I used." She continued blathering on and Harry barely resisted chuckling at her. "You're cute when you're this excited about things."
Hermione flushed and stared at him. "I'm cute?"
"Yes. Classes."
As they were walking out Malfoy began to approach. No one noticed the sliver of movement on the floor that snaked out, grabbed the young sociopath's leg, then slammed him forward onto the ground before he could try to insult the two Gryffindors.
Snape was there in an instant, hissing abuse and insults at Harry, accusing him of attacking the Slytherin.
"You are incredibly blind," Harry snapped. "We turned after we heard him trip. Why don't you make sure the clumsy git is okay instead of being a disgusting bully?"
Harry turned away and heard Good Harry. Now, transfiguration. It's too early to hold her hand but let yours brush against hers a couple times as you walk.
Harry did as ordered and tried not to grin too foolishly when he saw her cheeks tinge pink the first time his hand brushed hers or the smile that made her lips constantly twitch.
Hermione looked around the classroom Harry had found. "How did you find this place?"
"The twins use one near here for their work. They couldn't open this door so I looked up a new unlocking spell and gave it a try. It's kathekleidi. The Greek spells are so powerful. I'll give you the scroll," he told her before she could ask, grinning at her.
The two set to work, Harry preparing the ingredients while hermione enchanted the three trowels they had borrowed from the greenhouses. She wanted to make sure she got it right.
"So each vial does six feet of digging and reinforcement, right?" She asked. He rolled his eyes but gave an affirmative. She knew this already.
"So we need at least ten to twelve. We have enough ingredients for forty vials. And once I'm done, I'll teach you the point me spell I learned. It'll let you know which way north is so that you can maneuver underground."
"What's the incantation?"
"Point me." She described the wand movement.
He tried it a few times and every time his wand pointed north. "Point me hermione." His wand spun and aimed at her. "Wow."
"How did you do that?" She explained she had created the spell based off an older one that always pointed towards Mecca. Then she explained the point of that spell.
"It seemed like a good idea to try. Point me Hedwig." It aimed towards the south where Hedwig was on her way to Oxford to deliver the letter to her parents.
He slipped his wand away as the symbiote whispered she was brilliant into his mind. Harry couldn't help but agree.
It was late when they finished and Harry pulled his cloak from his shoulder bag-in fact the symbiote had had it layered between two thin layers of itself and had spurted it into the bag-then wrapped it around the two of them.
Hermione tried not to shiver as Harry wrapped his arms around her from behind, holding the map in front of them as they moved through the halls.
Inside the common room he squeezed her a bit then whispered "pleasant dreams hermione."
"Y-you too."
She watched him head up to his dorm and grabbed at the railing. His breath in her ear and his scent of grass, spearmint, and chocolate with a hint of the potion they had made-which had smelled faintly of cherry coke she had decided-had made her weak in the knees. This more confident Harry was going to do three things she hoped. One, win the tournament. Two, ask her out. And three, kiss her pleasantly until she combusted.
In her dorm room she cast a silencing charm and locked her curtains and slipped her knickers off, thinking about how Harry had been rubbing the small of her back during Care of Magical Creatures. She imagined his hands moving elsewhere and sighed softly at the thought of his hands upon her body.

Harry's clothing shifted to a shirt as the symbiote congratulated him on his skill at preparing the ingredients. With the time spent together, the symbiote had given Harry dreams of how to do many things while giving him the movements required for spells, giving him muscle memory of a sort. It had worked quite well and he had picked up on his charms and transfiguration class work lately. Even the professors had mentioned it. Both Flitwick and McGonagall had held him back and praised him for his work ethic and recent improvement. He had credited it to Hermione's tutoring then mentally apologized to his new friend. The cloak had laughed in his mind. No worries my friend.
As he fell into bed, the symbiote asked, have you decided on a name for me?
Well, kind of. You remember the comics I mentioned?
Yes, from Marvel. Perhaps we could ask hermione to ask her parents to pick up some? The character intrigues me, even if I find the characterization morally reprehensible.
I don't like serial killers. The next week or so of dreams will be vocabulary and spelling.
Harry chuckled.
Did you want to know about what hermione was feeling as you two parted tonight?
Not yet. So. The name. I like dagger. Thoughts?
Ah, from cloak and?
Hmm, We shall sleep on it. Well, you shall, I don't.
Harry chuckled again then rolled over, hugging his second pillow. What was she feeling?
Her pheromones indicated she would not have been adverse to a kiss goodnight.
Harry flushed at that.
When Harry woke the next morning he felt like he had been reading the dictionary all night.
Sleep well? the symbiote asked, already knowing the answer.
Yes. Did you have fun doing what you do?
I did enjoy processing the chemicals I leach off of your skin. How do you feel skin wise?
Very clean actually.
"Morning Harry."
"Morning Neville. Showering before breakfast?"
"Nah, I did before bed last night."
They walked down the stairs and hermione smiled at Harry and Neville. He winked at her and she grinned nervously. "Morning," hermione said. "Tomorrow's the task want to practice the summoning charm some more during meals?"
"Yeah. Let's grab some sandwiches and go."
They made some toast, eggs, bacon, and sausage patties into sandwiches then walked outside with Neville tagging along. He helped out by grabbing pine cones and throwing them for Harry to practice summoning.
Hermione wished she could think of a third way to do the task but was so proud of Harry's summoning and potion idea.
Harry heard a pssst and moved to the tent wall. Hermione came in and hugged him. "Be safe, Harry!"
He kissed her cheek. "I will."
When the flash went off Harry's wand was in his hand and the camera rocketed towards him with a hastily snapped summoning charm. Harry opened the camera and hit the film with an incendiary hex.
Cedric clapped. "Nicely done Harry. Ten points to gryffindor."
"You're a prefect?" He asked, surprised.
He nodded as hermione hit him and chastised him for not noticing the prominent badge on his robe.
Dumbledore walked in just as Harry tossed the camera back. He told the reporters to leave as the rest of the officials walked in.
The dragons were apportioned and Harry got the hardest and fourth dragon. Sighing, he sat and waited, blocking out the commentary by having the symbiote block his ears while it listened for someone approaching.
You're up.
The blocked ears were no longer blocked and the official showed him out. Harry summoned the satchel of potions and the trowels and tried to ignore the commentary.

Albus dumbledore was somewhat shocked to see what Harry was doing. It showed he had previous knowledge but cheating was a major component of the tournament.
He couldn't help but smile as the ground raised up. He recognized the potion. He had used it himself to create two of the school's secret tunnels: one to help Remus as a child and the other the tunnel from the kitchens to the grain storage vaults.
Two minutes later he saw the tunnel angling upwards and then two arms grabbed the golden egg. A half minute later Harry appeared where he had started and held up the egg.
"Five minutes for Harry potter, the fastest time!"
Harry saw his score was so-so, enough to give him second place but only a couple points ahead of fleur. They had docked him for going underground. He rolled his eyes at that. His primary plan would probably have got him killed. But krum had been docked worse and Cedric had used some good transfiguration it seemed.
Harry was only half-listening until the symbiote told him to pay attention. Since it had been taking his notes for him and it was a theory heavy day he'd let himself wool gather.
He blinked as the professor announced the ball. He debated ignoring it completely until the professor held him after class and informed him that as a champion he had to open the ball.
"I don't dance."
She smiled tightly. "You do now, mr potter."
I'll teach you. Wait, no, hermione will. Go ask her to the ball.
Harry flushed but smiled.
"Will you be my date? For the dance? And for the rest of the hogsmeade weekends this year." He asked her as he sat down beside her at lunch.
She hugged him and murmured yes. "You'll need to teach me to dance," he whispered.
"What do your robes look like?" She asked. "I'll have to make sure mine are coordinated. What else do we need?" She took out a sheet of parchment and a self-inking quill as Harry ignored the look of hatred from Ron. Ever since his jealous tantrums and expectation of a return to best mates after the dragon Harry had been resisting the urge to hex him to death.
He told her his robes were green and little different than his school robes. Then said "but they have a color change charm so get whatever you want and I can change them," on his symbiote's prompting. He wouldn't be wearing the robes mrs weasley got got him when he had a shifting chameleon always with him.
He chuckled aloud and hermione looked up from her parchment. "What?"
"Nothing, just thinking about my robes turning orange," he lied. He had actually been thinking he was technically naked and sitting in the great hall. The symbiote chuckled as well.
You still want to see it I can do the things Venom can do? it asked.
Harry gave an affirmative. Not the organ eating thing. But a black suit with spider webbing and crazy teeth and tongue? That'd be so cool. Almost as cool as animagus training.
We'll work that in. Let's see, there's free spots on Sundays, want me to add the dreams for that there?
Sounds good to me. Have you thought of a name? Harry asked. Dagger hadn't passed the cloak's muster.
Sadly, I am still bereft of nomenclature. Perhaps we should just call myself Venom? You were correct, the character is quite interesting.
Fine with me. Good reads too. Venom for now, maybe it changes, maybe it doesn't.
"Tomorrow is hogsmeade, shall we go then?" Hermione asked.
Offer to buy her a corsage.
"Should we select a corsage?" He asked softly.
She smiled. "They don't really do those but maybe a flower to put in my hair? I'll need a bottle of...," her voice petered out. Harry started to ask why then Venom informed him she was most likely about to mention sleakeazy, a potion for dealing with unmanageable hair.
"Oh, hair reminds me. There's a potion I want to make. It creates a substance that will supposedly tame my hair. Do you think we could try to make it?"
"Sure, where did you read about it?" She queried, curious as usual.
"Library. Picked up a book someone left on the table. Full of hair care tips for stubborn hair like mine."
Since they had a free schedule after lunch she dragged him to the library to find the book. It was in the small housekeeping section and hermione find the potion he had mentioned, a thin wax that would tame his hair and next to it a stronger variant of the sleakeazy product. Both were fairly easy looking and their potion supplies wouldn't be hard hit to make either.
After classes that day she dragged him off to the room.
As hermione made the potions, he tried not to think about her in the costume one of the Symbiotes In the comics had worn. It didn't work and he spent the next half hour imagining her shifting through dozens of outfits. He could hear Venom chuckling in the back of his head. Harry had quite an imagination and an appreciation for lingerie-his only erotica up until this year had been lingerie catalogs.
It might be possible to make another of me, Venom thought. It would take weeks or longer of magic being fed into another cloak-not yours, I believe yours is the archetype and it needs to be cared for.
Oh, yes, it slipped my mind, you're mundane raised. They both disliked the term muggle and its derivatives.
The cloak of which you bear is THE cloak of invisibility. The first. Not just any invisibility cloak. The first one either given, by death himself, to one of your ancestors named ignotus peverell or created by him along with the elder wand and the resurrection stone by his two brothers.
Uhh, then I should be a lot more careful with it.
Yes, keeping it with us at all times is likely for the best. I am attempting to create a pocket so that all your most treasure items will be with us at all times and we can leave your trunk for your less useful items. Perhaps we should just expend some money to purchase a quality purse and pouches then allow your girlfriend to cast undetectable extension charms on them?
Sounds like a plan to me. And buy her a nice bag, or maybe a custom. I had an idea for one. He showed the mental image and the symbiote took over, drawing a rough sketch on parchment so he could take it and have it made.
"What are you drawing?" Hermione asked.
Harry hid the sketch. "Your Christmas gift. Don't look."
She smiled and held out a small glass bottle with the wax in it. "Try it."
A minute later his hair was tamed and hermione bit her lip as she held up her compact. "Well?"
"You carry makeup?"
"My mum gave it to me, it was hers when she was my age and my gran's before that," She muttered, embarrassed. "For when I get zits. She forgot we have better remedies."
"I wasnt teasing, I was just gonna say I never realized you wore makeup, you must be really good at putting it on, you always look clean faced but really beautiful."
She smiled at the compliment then leaned forward and kissed him softly. "I just wear a bit of lip gloss," she admitted.
"Would you be mad if I said I wouldn't mind seeing you only wearing lip gloss someday?"
She blushed deeply. "Maybe someday," she whispered so softly he barely heard.
Hermione kissed him once more then turned back to the hair taming potion for hair like hers.

That evening, hermione washed the potion out of her hair. It had worked so effectively she would need to water it down. Only a dime sized puddle had turned her hair as straight as a ruler. She'd never really realize just how long her hair was. It had reached her bum.
She decided to water it down in a 10:1 solution and added it again to her hair. Perfect. The curls in her hair would last at least 24 hours if the directions had been right. She decided to sleep with it in and pulled in her pajamas, one of Harry's quidditch shirts and a pair of scandalously short and threadbare shorts she very much wanted to wear in front of Harry.
As she settled in bed, she mentally composed the rebuttal she was sure was winging its way northward. She had sent her parents a letter informing them she was staying at school once again, this time due to the Yule ball since she was Harry's date. Her mother had sent back a joyous congratulations interspersed with disappointment over another separate Christmas.
She was positive this would color their reaction towards Harry coming home with her for the Easter holidays.
She sighed and rolled over, wondering if Harry would be offended if she raped him. That made her laugh aloud and lavender groaned. Hermione apologized then silenced her curtains and bed.

Harry sighed.
What's wrong?
I can't take care of myself.
Wha-oh. I'll sleep in your trunk tonight. But I'm sure someday you'll be comfortable enough. It's not like it doesn't touch me occasionally. And since our two biologies are so incompatible, me touching it is the same as you scratching Hedwig's beak. It means nothing.
Harry tried to blot that thought out as he closed and silenced his curtains to block out Ron's snoring after silencing the trunk. He knew the cloak didn't sleep but doubted it wanted to listen to Ron all night.
It didn't help. As much as he wanted to think of hermione or fleur or Angelina and Katie teasing him in the showers, the cloak intruded. Sighing he gave up and rolled over to sleep, wondering how badly she'd hex him if he asked for help getting relief.
The Yule ball has been a lot of fun, Harry had been shocked to find out. He had expected to do his duty and sit around but spinning around the floor with hermione all evening with a few dances with the quidditch teammates and fleur-he had been surprised she had asked to cut in-who had been the only girl to dance with Harry that hermione has been annoyed by.
Harry had assured her that while he knew she was beautiful, he wasn't particularly attracted to arrogance and rudeness. That had garnered him a kiss on the dance floor which had been talked about every day since by the gossipy hens of the school.
The second task was coming up and the cloak and Harry and hermione had a number of plans. The cloak had implanted memories of swimming and a couple spells, hermione had helped him master the same spells which she had also found in her own research, while dobby had awoken him the day of the task holding out a enough gillyweed for an hour underwater.
He tucked it into the pouch on his waist and dropped his robe on the ground, revealing four months of training from his cloak having turned his lean quidditch frame into a muscled swimmer's frame with only an hour or so of actual swim time. Venom had shifted into an Olympic style swim uniform for men and he could actually hear gasps from a few girls including one shockingly loud "mama want!"
He cast the bubblehead charm, wondering what hermione was gonna say about that.

He was the second to arrive at the statue and was shocked to see hermione, some blond girl, and a dark haired boy with krum's features. He assumed a little brother. Cedric must have arrived first.
When krum arrived, he was half-transfigured and the shark head hitting the statue damaged it. Harry was shocked to see it begin to crack and he raced forward, the tendrils of his cloak ripping forward, cutting the two females free before the statue could harm them.
He was swimming upwards, badly encumbered by the two when he finally broke the surface. Both forms turned to splashes of light and softly sang that he had saved them both but they were never truly in danger.
When he swam back to the barges where the students were, he saw hermione, and the three other hostages dry, four crystals that looked as if they had been in them.
Hermione helped him out and told him they had been in the crystals which sent their form to the statue. None had truly been in danger but Harry received 45 points. He was now in first. Durmstrang gave only half points while fleur was effusive for saving her sister even if she truly wasn't in danger. The blonde turned to hiss at krum for endangering the girl while Harry found himself for the first time affected by fleur. Her swimsuit was briefer than his, tighter, and her nipples had pressed through the top.
"The chieftain says your severing charms were impressively fast."
Harry nodded nervously at the headmaster as hermione put a second blanket around him then put his robe on him.
The headmaster patted his arm then walked off, happy to see how Harry had turned around the dangerous tournament to his advantage. The young man seemed to be devouring the library along with his new lady friend. He was especially glad to hear of his return to classes and his interest in runes and arithmancy. While both were unlikely to truly be of help in the short run, should the young man survive the oncoming storm, they would serve him well.

The little blond girl ran to Harry and hugged him, chattering in French. Venom informed him she was informing him she loved him and would be his bride as soon as she turned seventeen if he wished. Or just his mistress.
Hermione looked turn between snatching the little girl bald and laughing.
The girl was pulled away and fleur invited both Harry and hermione to visit their chateau that summer.
Harry watched the train slow and snickered at the chihuahua dancing between his and hermione's legs. Sirius had used Harry's wand to self-transfigure himself into a chihuahua since his grim form was known.
Hermione scooped him up and asked "can we keep him like this? He's much easier to handle this small, even if he seems more hyper."
He yipped at her incessantly.
"Snuffles, stop or get fixed."
The chihuahua cowered as hermione laughed.
When they stepped out into the train station, hermione shouldered her transfigured purse where Snuffles was stowed. "How do you want to get there?" They could take the train to oxford from king's cross or take a fairly expensive taxi. Her parents had to work due to a procedure that couldn't be rescheduled.
"Day bus."
She furrowed her brow as he dragged their trunks out then she jumped back after he raised his wand and the day bus slammed to a stop in front of them.
"Oh," she gasped, still surprised.
They boarded the bus once Harry had paid and hermione gave an address a few blocks from her place after Harry whispered to her.
"Why did I say blocks away?"
"Hermione, do you really want some strange wizard knowing your home address? He could be a death eater or a sympathizer."
She shivered.

The two were sitting on the couch, watching an episode of Doctor Who while Sirius was in the backyard, getting some sun when Hermione's parents came in. The two teens stood and hermione moved over to hug her parents. "Mom, Dad, you remember Harry?"
"Of course. But it's been a while," her father said, shaking Harry's hand. "You've grown a fair bit."
"My godfather says I'm smaller than my dad was at his age but that's due to my guardians."
"Okay, proper intro: mom, dad, Harry. Harry, my mom Daniella and my dad Emmett. They're dentists as you remember. Parents, Harry is a wizard."
"A very powerful, famous, and rich one," a voice said and they saw Sirius walking in, smiling. "Of course I'm much more famous and powerful than my godson. Sadly, he's richer," Sirius said, smirking. "Sirius black, escaped political prisoner and godfather to the prat."
They laughed. The story had been told to them with dumbledore's assurance it was true.
"are you sure you two will be okay sharing a room?" Emmett asked. "My office has a pullout."
"No worries," Harry said. "He'll sleep in his dog form."
Sirius demonstrated it and they turned to their daughter. "Can you do that‽"
"No. In a year or two I'll be able to turn myself into animals but the animagus form is a specialty where no incantations are needed, it's an instinctual ability one can harness."
Sirius nodded. "I gave them my notes on the process this summer in hopes they'd work on it but with Harry in the tournament, they don't have time."
"Actually, sundays I'm putting an hour or two towards it before bed," Harry admitted. "Hopefully next year I can dedicate my time to magic fairly exclusively. And, erm, dating."
Hermione blanched as Sirius snickered.
"You better devote time to me," hermione glared at him.
"Wait. How rich am I?" Harry asked.
"You don't know?" Daniella asked.
He shook his head as Sirius said, "your grandparents lived on point oh five percent of their monthly interest."
"Wait. That's like four thousand galleons a month, right?" Emmett asked. The galleon had .1 oz of gold and was about thirty pounds to exchange for one.
"That exchange would be about right but they actually lived on about fifteen hundred galleons a month due to medical issues and their charity work."
Harry's eyes blanked as his symbiote told him what that amounted to: 300,000 galleons a month in interest‽
"Why the hell am I living with those abusive degenerates when I have access to that kind of wealth? Couldn't dumbledore have found someone better?"
Harry walked out of the house and stood in the backyard. Hermione came out and hugged him from behind.
"I'm not going back there."
"What happened there?"
He sighed then started at the beginning.
"No, you're not," she told him when he was done.
Sirius held back the growl that threatened to explode upon hearing what had happened to harry.

"Hows your occlumency coming along?" Harry asked.
Hermione shrugged. "My memory palace is awesome but there's no way for me to test it unless you're a legilimens?"
"I'm not but maybe Sirius is?"
They went to find him and found him and hermione's father having beers as they watched a match on the Telly. "Yeah, Bambi?"
Harry glared at hermione. "Thank you so much for that!' They had watched Bambi and Harry had Immediately gained his marauder nickname without ever finishing his animagus training.
"Are you a legilimens?" He asked.
"I can cast it but the trace tracks magic used, not specific wands."
"Is there another way to test occlumency?"
Sirius shook his head then explained the two disciplines for his host.
"Dumbledore can do it passively but I can only do it active. We could try it in diagon alley if you really need to test yourselves."
Harry nodded and Sirius shifted to his dog form, barking and Harry groaned then held the beer bottle so Sirius could lap up the rest.
"When will you be back?" Emmett asked.
"An hour, maybe two?" Harry thought aloud.
"We'll stop and pickup dinner," hermione said. "Curry pizza?"
Her father nodded while Sirius looked quizzical.

"Hermione, your shields are good. They'll hold against most. Dumbledore could tear them down but I doubt he would," Sirius told her. "Harry, yours are, well, wow. They're like trying to dig through a granite Mountain."
"How are yours?" Harry asked his godfather.
"Pretty good, they're what made animagus training so easy for me and your dad. Why?"
"After the tourney I have some stuff to tell you two. I don't want to tell anyone else yet."
When they got back to oxford and ordered the pizzas, hermione called for a taxi and it arrived a few minutes after their pizzas were done.
The five sat down for dinner at the grangers and Daniella asked "Emmett and I have no patients tomorrow, how about we go see Eddie Izzard? He's supposed to be hilarious."
Harry was the first into the maze.
When he came to the first dead end, he raised his wand and cast a topiary spell. A few moments later a stargate had been cut into the dead end and he jumped through. Nice choice venom. They had watched the movie at the grangers and venom had loved the premise.
The symbiote wriggled in pleasure at the effusiveness of Harry's thought.
It was growing back almost before he was through.
Point me, he thought. His wand kept aiming forward. He kept on using the same spell to get through the walls, using the spell to avoid the animals to venom's bemusement.
When they arrived at the sphinx, Harry sighed. Venom wasn't going to help on this. You're smart, you can solve this, the symbiote chided.
"You cannot see me, hear me, or touch me. I lie behind the stars and alter what is real, I am what you really fear. Close your eyes and I come near. What am I?" The sphinx asked.
What I really fear, Harry mused. I don't think I fear death. Or if I do, not like riddle does. Heh, riddle.
He could feel venom roll his non-existent eyes.
Oh, he thought, as his eyes closed in thought. "The dark."
The sphinx stepped aside, patting his head as he walked past. He chuckled at the touch. With venom being on him at all time and hermione being much closer to him, he wasn't so adverse to touch anymore, it wasn't always pain.
Venom hissed at that. Like his namesake, he wanted to eat the spleens of Harry's relatives. Harry wondered why specifically spleens. Venom had informed him about the many uses of offal in the culinary fields.
Harry heard a scream and went through a wall to find fleur down, krum standing over her. He sent off half a dozen hexes, slamming krum to the ground, petrified, confounded, temporarily blind and deaf, and the nerves on his skin registering ice and fire in sequential bursts. Harry summoned their wands then cast the red sparks.
He made it to the cup and the acromantula guarding it at the same time as diggory. Harry debated between grabbing the cup and helping for only a split second. His severing charm cut off two leg tips of the acromantula and it screamed in pain as diggory banished it away.
"Go on Harry. You were closer before me."
"Together," Harry told him. "For hogwarts."
They shook hands and reached for it together.

Harry's scar exploded in pain. Venom took over the body, moving a stone marker in front of the killing curse. As diggory fell backwards, Harry/venom cast an overpowered stunner and hit both Pettigrew and the bundle in his arms.
The pain stopped and Harry was back in control. He thanked the symbiote then asked, "are you alright?"
"Who was that? How did we get here? And yea I a-"
Harry yanked him backwards and pointed at the massive snake. They both hit it with a number of severing charms, cutting it into seven pieces. It's death scream rattled both of them.
"The arse that tried to kill you was Pettigrew. The bundle in his arms was someone who wants me dead. Hang on. I have an idea."
Harry asked diggory if he could do human to person transfiguration and the older boy nodded then turned the traitor into a popup book. Looking apologetic he said he'd been babysitting his cousin a lot during the summer.
Harry summoned the baby after hitting it with the same hexes he used on krum then grabbed the snake's head on venom's suggestion. He found the horcrux and stuffed it and the head into his pocket along with riddle's wand.
"Okay, let's hope the cup is still a portkey, otherwise it's a log bus trip back to school."
"Ugggh, I hate the knight bus," diggory agreed.
They grabbed it at the same time and reappeared to find the staff in an uproar.
Cedric started to change the book back but Harry stopped him. Then put his wand to his throat. "No, because fudge will just cover this up to protect himself like he always does."
The minister glared at Harry and started to yell. Harry glared at him and turned to the headmaster. "Riddle, his wand, a destroyed horcrux, and the real betrayer of my parents are with us-EXPECTO PATRONUM!" He snapped when the dementors fudge used as bodyguards approached.
Fudge started yelling louder while diggory just looked Impressed. "You're teaching me that."
Dumbledore took the child and the wand. "Excellent job you two, come, let us discuss this away from the noise."
Harry was almost bowled over by hermione who had finally gotten past all the adults to hug him.
And here's where I wrote myself into a corner.

This is basically the outline of the story idea. THe real story would be darker with Harry occasionally battling for control when people like snape or Draco confront Harry due to venom wanting to protect Harry proactively.
Dumbledore would find out about the suit about the third task I think. Hermione would find out in the summer and would be somewhat freaked out until she realized just how much it helped Harry. She'd eventually accept the symbiote Harry creates and it helps even her put some.