Harry potter happily mused on his day with Hagrid, gathering his supplies, gaining his new familiar, and meeting so many new people who didn't treat him like a delinquent while he paged through his new textbooks.

It was a stroke from 11:59 PM when it happened. His room's light went put and the room was cloaked in darkness. Then there was light from the eyes and tips of cigarettes and cigars of dozens of small, green creatures with large, feral grins as they looked at the boy.

"Step aside you ponces!" A voice said and they moved aside so an ancient looking one of the creatures could step forward and look at the frightened Harry Potter. The creature let the book he held go and it floated in front of hi. Harry thought he saw a human face's holes on one side of it. "Worry not master. We are your servants. We cannot harm you."

"Who-what are you‽" Harry whispered.

"I am the Keeper, the Master of The Tome! We," he said, setting down the tome and gesturing to the others, "are Darklings. We are part of your family's legacy. Sadly, we never got to serve your father. We might've saved your father's and mother's lives but they died hours before your grandfather did who held our allegiance. With how they were hidden, we could not go to them due to our having to stay hidden from the one who betrayed your family."

"Someone betrayed them?"

The Keeper looked sad but his face was so grizzled Harry wasn't sure.

"Yes, the keeper of the secret-different than the keeper that I am-was one we couldn't meet, therefore we couldn't be told the secret. Had the other been the secret keeper, we could've been there to save them."

Harry asked what he meant and the Keeper explained that Sirius Black, the purported Secret Keeper had been switched and while Black would have been able to see and converse with the Darklings, the one used, Peter Pettigrew, was weak in spirit and body and would have been unable to see them.

Harry wasn't sure about this secret keeper thing but decided to leave that for now, scribbling it into the margin on his page on the goblin Kittenstrangler.

"How are you my legacy?"

"Since the year 1234 when the eldest Peverell daughter married the youngest Potter at the time our kind has been bound to the potters due to a confluence of a protection ritual, the lunar solstice, a lunar eclipse, and her defloration-"

"Her what?"

"Her virginity was taken."

Harry flushed bright red. "Oh..."

"No need to be embarrassed, she's long dead and she'd be incredibly amused at your embarrassment."

The Darklings all nodded. "She was a bright one," one said. "Kinda pretty for a human too."

"Prettier than me‽" a slightly feminine looking, at least Harry thought it was a she, Darkling asked.

The others ignored the question save for some violent looking shoves.

"As I was saying, since that night, we have served the first born male of Clan Potter. We are your foot soldiers. Our lives are yours to spend for we are eternal." They all spoke in unison. "Legio mihi nomen est, quia multi sumus."

He was afraid his relatives would come and he shushed them.

"Do not worry those things can not hear what happens in this room. We have much to teach you of how to must effectively use the darkness and its powers. It is not like that wand you gained. That is a focus that allows your magic to be shaped in the world. The Darkness is the magic of the world at your command. First we shall show you how to shadowwalk."

For the next hour they had Harry stepped into shadows, willing himself into invisibility, then showing him a mirror. He didn't exist in the mirror.

Harry lasted another hour of learning to shadowstep from one shadow to another before he was too tired to stay up and fell asleep still clothed.

The Darklings watched him through the night, plotting his rise to power. While the Potters never used them to their full potential like others had, they had still been very good, if a gray, line of Masters through the centuries.

Harry was taking a walk through the neighborhood when he saw violet and green eyes staring at him from shadows. The violet eyes winked then both pairs disappeared and he wondered if they could only appear in shadows.

That night when they appeared again, he asked the query.

"Yes. As your mastery of the powers grow you will intuit how to make shadows so we can assist you during the day. For now, let us begin working on shadowsteps again. When you are ready, you will be able to step from one shadow to another, even if they're around the world, as long as you've been there before."

"What about seeing a place on the Telly? Would that be enough?"

They looked confused and he had to explain what a television was, using the broken one in his room.

They were intrigued by the idea and he made a note to show them the device downstairs.

They continued his tutoring in shadowstepping, clapping as he stepped into a shadow in the hall then reappearing in his room.

It was august 31 at nine pm and Harry was lying in bed, trying to sleep. One of the Darklings offered some head trauma to knock him out, holding an ancient looking cast iron skillet. Harry declined the offer and fought the urge to giggle when another Darkling grabbed the skillet and smacked the first on the head, sending him into unconsciousness with a cartoon lump and a ring of whistling birds. He had fixed the Telly with magic wholly by accident and now his Darklings spent all day watching it.

He thought about everything they had taught him. His abilities to use the darkness to protect himself be it to disappear, shroud himself in armor, or even create/summon more darklings (he was still unsure if they were really immortal creatures or just constructs of his subconscious), though he was sure it was leaning more towards summons since they were a lot more violent than he ever thought about being. He hated his relatives but they constantly discussed the many ways they'd deal with them in quite permanent ways.

Dawn had barely started to brighten the sky when harry was shaken awake by a darkling. They told him how to summon the Knight Bus and within a few minutes after changing into his most presentable clothes, he was outside holding his wand up after leaving a note on his door.

Three minutes later he jumped back and almost fell over his chest as he marveled at the dark purple triple decker bus.

"Off to hogwarts alone?" A pimply faced young man asked.

"Umm, yeah. My family doesn't have time to take me," he lied.

"Im Stan." He went into the spiel as he helped harry aboard then harry gave him his fare and they were off.

They picked up three more people and dropped off the six that had been aboard before dropping off harry at the train station.

A pair of red eyes appeared in a shadow then a finger pointed at the wall. "Right there master. Just walk on through, run a bit. Next year you'll be able to shadowstep right there."

Harry looked dubious but decided to trust the darkling. While they might've been violent with each other, his well being seemed to be their highest goal. When one accidentally cut him, the others were halfway to quartering him with four very frightening horses before he could stop them.

On the opposite side he found a nice looking cafe and an almost empty platform with a few people coming out of a fireplace. He remembered that as the floo by his darklings' descriptions.

He put his chest with other chests then walked to the cafe and ordered a large belgian waffle with caramelized peaches and whipped cream, patties of sausage as thick as his hand, three huge slices of ayrshire bacon, a mound of potatoes that he was sure took all that were harvested in idaho to make, and two eggs that covered a plate of their own. He had no idea how he was going to eat it all but was game to try, especially after his first bites of each. It was all the best tasting food he had ever had save for the potatoes.

When the witch came by to ask if he wanted more tea, he nodded then handed her a sheet of parchment. "This is my recipe for potatoes. I thought your cook might like it. Everything else is the best I've ever had!"

He was taking his last bite of sausage when a wizard came put and walked to him, holding the recipe. "This yours?"


"This recipe is brilliant! What's your name, kid?"

"Umm, harry potter."

The wizard blinked then realized he was looking at a hero of the wizarding world. "You have anymore recipes?" He asked hopefully.

The wizard joined him as harry wrote out his favorite recipes he'd developed.

When harry left to get on the just arrived train he missed the witch replacing the menus with new ones advertising eleven new dishes named Harry Potter's Famous _ or a small sign going up in the window 'By appointment to Harry Potter.'

He was stretched out on a bench, dozing on when the door opened. He cracked an eye and saw a pudgy looking boy. "Dp you mind if i join you?"

"C'mon in," harry said.

The boy hesitated then identified himself as neville longbottom. Harry identified himself and the other boy looked at his forehead then took out his toad and introduced him.

"Did you bring a pet too?"

"I did but i sent her on ahead last night. I figured carrying an owl cage through the station would be strange."

"You came in from the muggle side?" He asked, shocked.

Harry nodded and told him he lived with muggle relatives. Neither noticed the frog escape until a bushy haired girl looked in a few moments later. "May i sit here with you? All the other compartments are full of rude older students or are too full."

Harry nodded and helped her get her trunk under the seat.

When neville's toad was noticed as missing, the girl who had just finished introducing herself as hermione granger, suggested asking one of the prefects to summon it.

"I'm harry potter," he told her.

"Are you really? Well you must be if you said so, and you have the scar. I've read all about you in four different books. I even paged through some ridiculous childrens' books about you."

A few minutes later as she paged through one of the books, showing him what had been written, Neville returned. Harry explained that aside from his name and the scar's shape, nothing else was right. He hadn't known anything about magic due to his bigoted relatives.

Hermione looked scandalized and neville looked horrified.

They were disrupted by the train's whistle then a red haired boy barged in and they scrambled to make room so he could maneuver his trunk under the seat.

He introduced himself as Ron and they introduced htemselves. When harry did so last, ron stared at his scar and asked if he remembered anything of that night. Neville and hermione were shocked at him asking that question.

He told them he remembered screams and a flash of green light and that was it.

A few minutes later, Ron and Neville were teaching the others how to play exploding snap when the woman with the snack cart came by. Harry bought out three or four of everything when he saw they didn't have Mars bars and when hermione told him that that much sugar was bad for him, he shrugged. "I cant know what i like if i don't try it all."

He separated out one of every item then gestured for the others to try something as Ron suggested he eat the choccie frog first.


"Mostly i hope you might get Agrippa."


"Witch. Oh, right, they come with trading cards. I have all but five or six."

He pulled it open and the frog almost got away before he snatched it away from the window as Ron warmed him they were jumpers.

He looked at the struggling frug smearing chocolate on his hand. "It's not real, is it?"

"Nah, just magic. Who did you get?"

Harry popped the dark chocolate frog in his mouth and was a little surprised by the rich ganache filling. Nonetheless it was the best chocolate he'd ever tasted, not that he ever got much he reminded himself.

He idly mused letting the darklings kill his relatives and a darkling appeared in the corner of his eye holding a sign saying PLEEEEEASE‽

He chuckled as he checked his card. "Sorry, i got Dumbledore."

He read the back then flipped it back over and exclaimed over the wizard being gone. Ron chuckled and told him he had other things to do.

The exploding snap game was restarted as hermione exclaimed over the tooth flossing stringmints. "How can i order some of these to send my parents? Theyre dentists, they'll love these!"

Ron and neville had to have what a dentist was explained then Ron told her how to owl order things then neville reminded her that she should remind her parents the candies couldn't be shared with other muggles.

They were playing a new game when the door opened and the boy harry had met in the robe store walked in.

He sniffed disdainfully at the three then looked harry over and went into a spiel about certain people being superior and others being lesser.

"Yes, you do seem a superior specimen of pomposity," harry said at the prompting of his darklings.

This ended up starting a long argument until a prefect appeared and ran off the blond and his bookends who were still trying to figure out what the girl had meant when she called the blonde boy their catamite. Only harry had gotten the reference and he still was chuckling over it.

Hermione left to change in the restroom while the boys pulled the shades and changed in their compartment.

"What did she call him?" Ron asked.

Harry giggled again. "Umm, a, uh, a catamite is the, uhh, catcher of a sodomite?"

Hermione returned just as harry had to explain it in simpler words. "She said that draco gets it up the bum from both of those boys."

"What?" Ron asked again, still confused.

"She said they stick their c-cocks in draco's arse," neville explained. He had caught on after hearing Sodomite.

Ron was bright red as he laughed.