Rizzoli & Isles – I certainly don't own them. I give a lot of credit to the people that do and thank them for letting me mess about with them for a bit. The story and any original characters that might crop up belong to my addled little brain.

Originally posted to Tumblr up to Ch 8 as an ongoing writing exercise. Posting it here to have it located in a quick place for people to reread if necessary after my hiatus.

So writing exercise...This means no beta, short 'chapters' and it's a write and post immediately situation :) usually the point is to fine tune something I'm working on elsewhere or to amuse myself. I usually don't go back and rework so expect a few rough edges.

Edit to add: CharlietheCAG has offered to Beta - this means a cleaner story from ch 10 onwards BUT this is still a writing exercise. Warning still stands... AKA this is something that wouldn't normally leave my computer. You have to read it with that thought in mind - it's more bonus filler reading for those of you who don't mind a "rough" read and it isn't written with an audience in mind like most of my work on here.

She knew that knock.

Jane stopped scrolling through the channels on her TV with a sigh before she stood up. At least it wasn't her mother.

When the door opened Maura inventoried Jane from the tips of her bare toes, up along the worn yoga pants and over the BPD softball team t-shirt with the hole in the seam of the shoulder. The haphazard ponytail with the escaped lock of hair finished the look. "I can see by your choice in clothing that you never intended to meet us for a drink after work."

"I was going to text you." Jane stumbled backward when a brown paper grocery bag was shoved in her arms. "I didn't feel like dealing with any shit from the guys and you were stuck autopsying Lee's case anyway so it's not like you were sitting around waiting for me."

Placing the other grocery bag and her purse down, Maura surveyed the small kitchen. "I was going to have you make the salad but can you please go load your dishwasher so I have room to move in here?"

"Well aren't we the bossy one tonight?" Irritated, Jane dropped the extra grocery bag next to where Maura was pulling items out of the other one. "Come on in. Make yourself at home." At Maura's glare she rolled her eyes and went over to the sink. "You know, you could have called and let me know you were coming. I would have ordered something or cooked for you."

Maura shrugged as she pulled pans out and considered her options before selecting a sauté pan. "I could have done that yes. But I've been eating out most of this week covering the extra cases for Dr. McKearn's vacation and I was in the mood for one of my favorite dishes." Setting the pan over low heat, she unwrapped the sea scallops. "Pizza does not qualify."

With the last of the dishes loaded into the dishwasher Jane shoved it closed hard enough to hear the glass rattle inside. "I said I could have cooked something." Turning around she crossed her arms over her chest. "What is it with everyone assuming I can't manage simple domestic details lately?"

Maura glanced over her shoulder, noting the furrowed forehead, crossed arms and glare directed at her. Frost had been correct. "I don't assume anything Jane. You know that." She looked back at the stove before sprinkling some olive oil into the pan. "I was going to cook this dish tonight with or without your presence. When you disappeared I thought I would come over here and make it for both of us."

"Isn't that assuming?" Jane leaned against her counter.

Fingering the edge of the white paper holding the shellfish, Maura felt her face gather heat. "You're right I did. I'm sorry. I should have called first." Turning away from the stove, Maura moved back over to the counter and picked up her purse. "I'll see you tomorrow at work."

"Wait, what? No!" Bounding the few steps across the kitchen, Jane grabbed Maura's forearm. "I didn't say I wanted you to leave." She squeezed the arm under her hand lightly. "Please stay? I'm sorry I'm being an ass." She chewed her lip lightly while Maura seemed intent on studying her. "Really. I mean it. It was a rough day and I'm taking it out on you. And I love your cooking. You know I do."

Maura took a deep breath before giving a slight nod. "Would you please put together the salad?"

For a while they worked in silence, with only a smile slipped between them when Jane brought over the asparagus, prepped the way she liked it to be steamed. It wasn't until the food was plated and they were seated that Jane broke the quiet.

"Do I look like a dyke to you?"