The weakness began settling in. Fox could feel his days ticking away, his physical body decaying. It wouldn't be much longer at this point; perhaps a month. Krystal wasn't ready for him to leave; she clung to him, spent every waking moment with him. She was not sad anymore, but she'd miss him. That much was clear.

Marcus seemed…..detached. Fox deduced that this was his first challenge from fate; his actions following Fox's death would be crucial. Fox kept stressing this to his son, making known what he needed to do. Marcus continued to answer in short, choppy sentences.

"Yeah, Dad…"


Fox never knew how large of a mental crater he'd left on Marcus. He knew they were extremely close, but Fox thought Marcus would be able to handle himself when he passed away. Clearly this wasn't the case. Perhaps Marcus was trying to figure out how to handle it; that would explain his silence.

Fox sat at his desk- a common sight- writing. Krystal was sitting on the couch as she had been for days, watching Fox's last moves. Many words came to mind.




He seemed sad. Why?

When I was young, I had so many things that I took for granted. I had love, but I avoided it. I had passion, but I hid it. And I had freedom, but I did not wield it. Many things would happen before I held all three in my hands like a sword. My weapon against fate, against the suffering of life's activities. This suffering had passed, leaving me content with what I have now. Time. I love this world, I love the life I have lived, and I love, most especially, you, Krystal. My dearest, my light in the darkness. When I was amongst the rotting piles of bodies, wounded and decaying, you came and decided that I should live. I love the galaxy we live in, all the wonderful things that keep us guessing.

Forever Yours,

Fox McCloud

Fox looked up from his last writing. He gazed towards Krystal. The room ceased to be. All there was….was her. Who was she, this strange woman, the last survivor of a race deceased? Why, by the cruel hands of fate, did she choose him? Perhaps these questions would be answered soon. But not in this life.

Fox McCloud died that day, February 26th, at the age of 54. His family did not grieve; that had passed long ago. They knew it was his time. Marcus returned to the Great Fox, armed with the knowledge necessary to find his own Great Unknown, to find himself. Marcus would live a long, prosperous life, having three children of his own, and treating each the same as Fox had treated him. He served as leader of Star Fox for 31 years, establishing a large base for the mercenary squad in Corneria, as well as expanding it's operations to artillery units, infantry units, vehicular units, and special operations units.

Krystal died shortly after Fox at the age of 62 due to old age. She never seemed to stop caring about the world, even after Fox died. In fact, she seemed happy at the world. Some of Fox's writings will never be read by any other sentient being. Perhaps these hide the answers.

Though she was not sad, she missed him; the nervous, silly grin he had when trying to be sexy, the way his ears flattened down against his head and his face turned into a tomato. His serious, emerald eyes, always searching, always thinking. He'd truly given himself to her; his life was her life. It was shocking how similar the two really were.

And what of Fox? Were his philosophies correct? Did he discover death? One cannot tell. All that is known is this; He lived as he was. A man beaten down by fate that rose up against it, fighting for the feeling of joy. The stain on Fox's mind is on everyone's mind. The stain is the stain of knowledge.

The End

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